Top Ten Worst Things About Being Sick

Being sick? Ain’t nobody got time for that! The common cold, the flu, food poisoning, and all the other interesting things that get thrown our way, caused by cold and flu season, winter, poor hygiene, poor food handling practices, and our extra small world makes the sick go around, and there’s not much you can do to stop it. Getting sick is inevitable, it seems. Even the most cautious person can get the stray sneeze at a restaurant, or the pen that sickie used last at the bank. It’s almost enough to make one a hermit. Matter of fact, if this list doesn't seem very good, it's because I'm writing it sick!
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1 Feeling Crappy

Yeah, I agree. Nobody wants to catch the cold/flu, throw up, have high fevers, etc.

True that was me today it sucked

I feel like we should get this out of the way right away. No one likes to feel bad, that’s it. We spend our entire lives trying to avoid pain and discomfort, it’s in our nature. No one wants a stuffy nose, or a cough, or diarrhea, or a headache, and no one ever wants to throw up. It sucks to feel crappy!

It wastes a day or two of your life because you can’t do anything except lie there moan and groan and scream in pain and sleep all day

2 Missing Appointments

This is one of the harder parts about being sick, in my opinion. I already feel like crap, I’m not myself, but I really, really need to go to the gym so I don’t lose my training sessions, or my lip waxing appointment so I can get done before Christmas photos, or whatever. But, there’s the fix that a lot of people get put in, lose my appointment slot, have to reschedule, or lose my money altogether, or just go to my appointment, and hope for the best. Unfortunately, I think most people take the former action, and then your lip waxer, or your trainer, or your therapist gets sick, and then they either miss out on work, and have to reschedule all of their people, or risk getting each and every one of their clients sick. It’s a tough decision to make, especially depending on the appointment, but people, please just cancel!

3 Being So Sick That You Can’t [Blank]

You start to think about all the things that you could be doing if you weren't sick

Eat or drink properly...I had to drink medicine I had food poisoning when I was a kid. arggh

I'm so sick I can’t even enjoy anything.

Being sick already sucks, but, if you are so sick that you can’t even watch your favorite movie, or so sick that you can’t even sleep, or so sick that you can’t even drink water without feeling sick, or whatever you can’t do, it’s a bad day. Being sick is already a bummer, but when you can’t get even the slightest relief or enjoyment, it’s like life’s giving you the short end of the stick.

4 Being Gross

So, no sick is pretty sick. That’s just a given. Even if it’s just a cold, you have a puffy, red nose, and a gross, stuffed up voice. Don’t even get me started on the flu, or food poisoning. Snotty noses and coughing up crap is the least on the list of gross. And just hope you’re sick around someone that loves you no matter what. I know if I don't love you, and you're throwing up, you're going to be on your own.

5 Having to Work While You’re Sick

Same when you go to school when your sick, and you can't find a way to go home sick

This happens a lot. Way way more than it should, for these are the people spreading that sick to you, whether they mean to or not. Sometimes you have that boss that simply doesn’t care that you're sick, and doesn’t care about who else will get sick, and if you want to keep your job, you’ll come in. And of course, you do. Then there’s the few people that work voluntarily while sick, because they either don’t care about cross-contamination, or they simply can’t lose a days worth of pay. Unfortunately these days, your boss doesn’t care if you're sick, they care about their bottom line, even if the bottom line makes Everyone sick. All of that is aside from the fact that you have to do your job while not feeling like the good you. It’s hard to care about customers, or quality of work when you’re head is in a fuzz, having to blow your nose every 3 minutes, or whatever your particular ailment happens to be.

6 Having to Just Wait Through it

AKA, the common cold. You think you’re patient zero, and that you surely have dengue fever, and should be put on antibiotics, but really, all you can do is wait. Let it “run it’s course”. Who doesn’t hate hearing that? I’m dying, I’m sure of it, I’ve been sick for a week and a half, and I just have to let it “run it’s course”?! Bah!

7 Missing Work

Although it may be nice to just lay in bed, even that is tainted when the reason why is because you’re too sick to go to work. That equates to; lost paid time off, lost pay, and potential backup of work, and more work when you get back. If you don’t have a job that someone else can fill no problem while you’re gone, expect double the work when you’re back. Even if someone Could do your job, they won't.

8 Not Being Able to Sleep

You need more sleep when you're sick, but so often, being sick and sleeping aren’t friends. If you have a cold, your nose drains down your throat, and then you get a sore throat, or you have a cough, and every time you lay down your cough starts up afresh, but you can’t fall asleep upright, or you wake up every hour to throw up, or pee if you’re staying hydrated… I feel like the list goes on and on, but really all you want to do is sleep until you’re better.

I kept waking up at 4 feeling like I’m dying because I couldn’t sleep cause I couldn’t breath

9 Friendly Sick Advice

People always mean well in this, but it's inevitable that when people find out you're sick, the friendly advice starts pouring in. Now, I've got to disclaimer that some of it is good advice, and sometimes a nugget we didn't know, but most of the time, it's crap like, "stay hydrated", or "spray sea salt water up your nose". Not that staying hydrated is crap, it's not, but if you haven't figured out by now that water makes everything better, I'm not going to tell you. But please don't tell me to chew on a raw cinnamon stick while drinking copious amounts of orange Tang. Thanks.

"Tiger Balm!" -Every Asian parent ever

10 Going to the Doctor

Yeah waiting in the waiting room is so boring and long

Flu shots *shudders*

Chances are when you’re sick, everybody is sick in waves. So often, that means crowded waiting rooms, and crazy wait times to get into a doctor just to be told it’s viral and has to work it’s way through your system. If it’s not, you’re looking at expensive and often uncomfortable tests, and then equally expensive and awful medications.

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11 Vomiting

Oh god, don't get me started on this! last night somewhere around 1:00 AM I was feeling dizzy, really dizzy. My mouth tasted weird, my brain was turned off, and my stomach was cramping a lot! Then, it happened! I started vomiting when I least expect it. I called my mom and dad and they came into my room. My sheets had to be washed and I had to take a shower. Thank god it didn't come out of my nose because that would be really painful

It is such an unpleasant feeling. And I hate it when I can't vomit but feel like I have to. The only good thing about it is that you feel better afterward

I got in trouble for vomiting all over the bathroom floor when I was about 11 or 12. I couldn't reach the trash can in time. My mom yelled at me for it.

I Vomited Last Night Somewhere Around 12:00 AM. I Had To Get Up And Have A Shower TWICE!

12 Stuffy Noses

What's worse is runny noses

This is torture!

I have up in order to keep my nose boogers from leaking! It’s so annoying and you can’t even taste which is worse! You have to wipe it off and soon it will hurt like a cut it’s just plain terriblr

13 The Pain

The pain's really like you're dying, that's why I not friend with disease, I really hate it, but normally we all have to be part of that, my body's in pain right now 😭. I don't do no medicine, someone tell me what to do, I have I really bad cold.

14 Missing School

This is the best part

Not when you have to go back to school and finish missing assignments but

Not going to school is nice

15 Diarrhea

I nearly fell asleep on the toilet in the middle fo the night several times because of this

This is the worst for me

16 You Feel Like You're Gonna Die
17 Sore Throat

I dunno what it is, but I HATE sore throats. This is inconvenient considering the many ways you can get one; allergies, cold, flu, dry throat, air blowing on you at night, stress, spicy food, yelling too loudly, coughing too much, exercise, the list just goes on.

I have one right now and it is annoying. You have to take a huge gulp to swallow your saliva and it hurts your throat. It hurts even more to eat or drink anything.

When I get sore throats I usually get sick then end up losing my voice for a while

18 Happens at the Worst Times

I got sick on Chinese New Year AND the American New Year several years ago (but not on the same year) and my dad got sick on CNY this year. What a way to start off the new year!

19 Nobody Believes You

My mom always didn't believe me when I complained I feel sick, she said, your fine, don't worry about it, she didn't know how I felt

20 Having to Take Uncomfortable Medicine
21 Cold Chills

Even 2 vests, 2 blankets, and the heat is not enough!

22 When You Have a Sore Throat, but You Aren't Sick Enough to Stay Home from School

I usually get sick after a sore throat due to my tonsils. Since it is rare I don't need to get them taken out. The worst thing is that after getting sick form a sore throat sometimes I get laryngitis and I end up losing my voice for a few days.

23 Runny Nose

Especially when it's coming out like a faucet. A box of tissues a day

24 You Could End Up in Hospital

I was told that I was hospitalized with pneumonia as a kid. I don’t remember it, but it must’ve been scary. Kids die from it. I was one of the lucky ones that have made a full recovery.

25 Headaches

Mild ones are OK but the worst ones are the ones that make you nauseous and indigestion and it makes you feel like you're going to throw up

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