Top Ten Worst Things About Older Siblings

I am the youngest of 3 children, and I have to deal with these EVERY DAY. While they can give advice, these can ruin what you like about them.
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1 They always think they're superior

My brother acts like he is better at everything then me. I'm 14 and he's 17. Yes, his math and science is better, but my English and geography is better. He refuses to ask for help with anything from me because "I'm the stupid younger kid" (His exact words)

Well they're not. The parents are. Why do oldest sisters act like moms? And it is very annoying when they takeout the anger on you and makes you angry.

My Sister always thought she is the superior in our family and she thought I am just an adopted child who's raised by no one. She never cares about me.

2 They think they know everything about you

My older sibling is so bloody annoying. He thinks I'm scared of the dark just because I slept with the light on by mistake!

I have an older sister who tells me I'm not slick, even when I'm not doing anything wrong. Ugh! So annoying!

Trust me, as an older sibling, I quite often have no idea what my brother's doing when I'm not around.

3 Sharing a bedroom

I'm glad I have my own room to myself so I'm better off without any roommates. Whenever I'm at hotels on trips and vacations, I had to share bedrooms all because of the danger and strangers everywhere. I don't like being forced to share bedrooms. Which is what I hate about trips and vacations.

4 Playing music you don't like loudly

I only have experience with a younger brother, and he does this deliberately to annoy me. I play loud music too, but not things that I know he can't stand. That is, unless I decide to outdo his blasting with louder sound.

I have an older sister who is currently in college right now. When she used to live at my house, she would put on really loud music at night. I could hear it coming from my room. Thank god that's over!

YES! I have an older sister and she plays music so loudly in her room and laughs so loud whenever looking at stupid posts. All. The. Time. It's SO ANNOYING!

5 Living with them

My sister is obviously emo. For example:

1. She wears all black band T-shirts, black ripped jeans, and checkered shoes (which used to be mine, but she stole them!).

2. She applies black around her eyes when putting on makeup.

3. When we were getting our hair cut, I got the usual: brown highlights and short hair (though the short hair was a new thing I was trying). She sat in the chair and showed the stylist what she wanted. I was getting some texture added to my hair, but she came out of the chair with black hair (she previously had blonde hair) and the stylist gave her the bangs she wanted. My mom started screaming, and my sister responded with "Relax, don't be such a buzzkill, woman." Woman... WOMAN!?

4. She blasts music in her room. I've lost count of how many times I've heard "Crawling in My Skin!"

5. She also never hangs out with the family anymore. I miss my older sister who was funny, kind, and sweet. When we were decorating, she insisted on adding a skull to our tree and threw a temper tantrum when anyone suggested removing it. I wish she could realize how rude she's being and how much strain she's putting on Mom and Dad. I hope she realizes it soon.

6 They don't let you borrow something they never use

My brother does this ALL the time.

7 Altercations between siblings

It's just not fair that annoying, overshadowing sibling rivalries just had to be famous, not infamous.

8 Hogging up your stuff

So true…sorry older sister but I was going to use that. Older Sister: Sure you were, I got here first. Mom: Just let her use, I'm sure it what be that long. Me: What!? So ya…happens to me a lot

9 They tattle-tale on you

This is my younger sister I only tell on her when she tries to pick fights with me

10 They can be really mean

My older sister nagged me to stop cleaning and wanted me to become lazy. She thinks I can stop cleaning even when I'm cleaning. She is lazy and refuses to help around the house. She wants to leave the house even though she's not allowed to until she's an adult. My parents don't let her leave the house until she's 18. She will not get to drive if she keeps talking to her ex named Bryan and other guys. If my sister continues talking to her ex named Bryan, she won't get a license and a vehicle. Once I turn 16 or older, I will get an ID and my own vehicle. I will get my own place once I get older. I hope I never see her again after my parents allow me to drive at 16 or older.

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11 They think they rule over you

To quote my sister (shes 15 I'm 13):

"Ok well I'm older than you so I get to use this because I need it more for school and stuff..."

She literally said that right after using the computer to use instagram for an hour and look at her school stuff for like 5 minutes, and she always makes me do things for her and she never does anything for me even when I ask her, the only reason I do them is to stay out of fights

I hate it when my older sister does this. She thinks she can tell me what to do. She needs to know that I'm a growing girl and I can make my own decisions. Just because she's older, that doesn't mean she can take over my life

12 Expecting you to be just like them

Seeing the path my older brother's life has gone down, his whole expectation of me makes no sense at all. He's also such a moral crusader who likes to talk to me about when I'm rude when he's just as rude if not a trillion times worse.

My older sister keeps comparing my interests and decisions to hers and how I should be like her when I'm her age. Well, guess what? That's not gonna work for me

Bit late for me to expect that of my younger brother. I have no control over his life choices.

13 They're bossy
14 They think they're better then you because they're older

Exactly. I am the tallest in my family, and also the youngest. In car rides with the 5 of us, I am forced to sit in the middle because I'm the youngest (they need to remember I am taller, so I need the space).

My sister thinks she's a lot better than everyone! She never shuts up about it.

Nah, my sister thinks she's better than me because she's younger

15 They think they can take control of you because they're older

My best friend is blackmailed by her sister. "Charge my phone for me or I'll ban your Animal Jam account! "

16 They treat you like a loser

Two of them do this. Boys can like art, politics and learning. Have ADHD and see weird stuff. Not be on sports teams and do pong and hike and tennis instead. Welcome to the 20th century,thank god for the other three

I don't do this as the oldest daughter...

17 They make fun of you for things they compliment others for
18 They think they are smarter than you

If they're older enough then this is usually true. They have more schooling and are usually wiser in their childhood then the younger sibling.

My sister takes pride in this and always tells others how she's smarter than I am, yet she screwed up her A-levels and cannot get into the university she wanted

19 They are hypocrites

She always says I talk back and don't admit my mistakes. Well, I'm just exactly following her example. Older siblings are our "role models", aren't they?

Yes that's what my sister is. She acts all gentle and friendly to people and saves her worst behaviour for me

Followed by denying that they're hypocrites and putting all of the blame on you.

20 They can't take a joke
21 They act like another parent

Older sisters act like moms and older brothers act like dads! What the heck (frowny face)

22 They can be metalheads

I hate pop, and don't care for metal, and I am the oldest sibling.

23 They always get shotgun
24 Beating up on younger siblings

Every time I don't listen to my annoying brother! He keeps on saying "I'll beat you", even his stuff breaks but I'm not the one who did it he will beat me :'c

25 They move away for college

My sister moved away in August (which was 2 months ago) and I was actually happy that I got more freedom from being pushed-around so much.

When I found out before my 9th grade year ended, she told me she was leaving for college in August. in my head, I was like... "When that day comes, it'll be the best day ever! "

Really if you're going to leave me what was the point in the first place and the worst is when your left with another who's an awful older brother. Sigh, he'll get it eventually

I thought this was a list about bad things about older siblings.

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