Top Ten Weirdest Skills to Master

If you want to take an odd approach to impressing some of your peers, you could get a grasp in one of those weird tricks.
The Top Ten
1 Make a mini whirlpool

Basically, you wiggle your ring finger a few inches underwater first to make a small whirlpool. If you want to make a large one, you will have to propel your palm under the water first. The water needs to be calm first, and it requires constant practice to master.

2 Moonwalking

Well, it's not really like walking on the moon literally. Moonwalking is a kind of dance move that involves the illusion of walking backwards while appearing to walk forwards. How this works is that you shift your foot a little bit forward than the other, and then slide your other heel back, then shift your other heel up and the other down at the same time. Rinse and repeat.

3 Clapping with one hand

When you are too lazy to clap with two hands so you only clap with one hand. A clever way to mildly impress people. How this works is that you tilt back and relax your hands but your fingers loose, flail your hand back and forth and try hard enough to slap your fingers on your palm.

4 Make your tongue curve in different shapes

You can apparently tilt your tongue in a 180 degrees and even fold your tongue. Heh, try making a clover leaf tongue.

5 Beatboxing

Beatboxing has similar elements to hip hop, but it's basically making beats using your mouth and nose, simply imitating the sounds of drum beats. Quite an easy skill to grasp, but hard to master.

6 Talk backwards

This seems like a ridiculously hard skill to learn at first. If you find this intriguing and willing to start, begin with the very simple words such as cat, dog, etc. You can also install a reverse audio software to help you pronounce the words backwards. This will take a while, and people will look at you thinking as if you talk like a strange alien.

7 Spinning a drum stick

If you are a drummer and want to look more cool for some reason, learning how to spin a drum stick is a pretty cool skill to grasp. It may seem hard at first but it is easier once you get the practice. Put the drumstick at the middle of your middle and index finger, and push the stick backward and wiggle your fingers forward and backward. There are several techniques to doing this, but suit what's best for you.

8 Walk on all fours

We aren't really developed to walk in all fours. You want to mimic most mammals? Apparently, there is a guiness world record dedicated to a man named Kenichi Ito who ran 100m in the span of 15 seconds by just running all fours.

9 Writing with your toes

Similar as to writing with the usual hands, but can you write with your toes? This requires insane coordination and could take really long to grasp.

10 Moving your hair without touching it

Unless you are capable of wiggling your ears, you could be able to touch some of the hair strands, but talking about moving your hair itself without any movement of your other body parts, that is extremely hard.

The Contenders
11 Opening a random page on a book with no page numbers and guessing what page it is

A really specific skill, but then if you somehow manage to master this, then you are a wizard of some sorts.

12 Twerking
13 Solving a rubik's cube blindfolded

No, really, there are a few people who actually mastered this skill in the hobby of speedcubing. It requires insane memorization and it's more than just speedcubing skills.

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