Top Ten Jobs that Could Survive in the Future

From the next several decades or to the next century, almost every currently existing jobs could possibly be automated. This includes more than half of the common basic jobs in the entire world. Fortunately in the long run, some jobs could survive in the far future and will stay for at least several centuries or even more. Note that these are just predictions, and they could be inaccurate as the time passes more so.
The Top Ten
1 Dentist

Maybe, or maybe not. Machines may require intricate precision to brush, clean, or extract teeth without human guidance. While basic cleaning procedures could be automated, this career should survive for quite some time.

2 Healthcare Worker

If you unfortunately encounter an accident leading to physical injury, it would be scary to see robots handling most of the surgery. It's notable that robots aren't 100% perfect. Even with intelligence higher than humans, misdiagnoses and other errors can still occur frequently. A portion of the healthcare workforce could likely be automated, but at least this would give doctors more free time.

I'm a carer for the elderly. I couldn't imagine a world without support for the sick, disabled, vulnerable, and aged.

3 Babysitter

This may be one of the few low-paying jobs that could survive far into the future. Robots generally aren't capable of raising a baby or small child. A human babysitter should observe and care for the child so they can develop properly, both mentally and physically.

4 Farmer

In the next few decades, heavy machinery, vertical farming, and automated crop farming may become the norm, but I doubt robots will be able to care for livestock. Animals can be unpredictable, and caring for a sick animal could be tricky for robots. Someone will always have to oversee the farm.

5 Actor

I doubt a robot would have the same personality as a human actor, so this career may last long enough.

The first season of Whatever Happened to Robot Jones? used robot voice actors, but other than that...

I will not watch movies with robots as actors.

6 Therapist

Replacing therapists with automation likely won't be effective, as robots may not relate to people's problems. People face a range of issues, whether mental health or other trauma. Even with intense machine learning, it wouldn't work out since individuals would probably feel uncomfortable interacting with a robot. This also applies to other mental health careers.

7 Scientist

Science is a broad field, so let's focus specifically on neuroscientists and chemists. Even in the next few decades, the brain will still be mysterious in how it works. Even with human-equivalent machine learning, automation wouldn't fully grasp the brain's complexity.

8 Youtuber

No one is really interested in watching YouTube channels with monotonic, steel-built personalities, or maybe just a few people are. This career likely won't be entirely automated - sorry, future cyborgs.

9 Politician

Even in a few decades or a century, robots probably won't be able to handle political discussions and might not have the rights to participate in human politics. It's highly likely that politicians will continue to be necessary.

10 Surgeon

Becoming a surgeon requires good precision and dexterity. Like dentists, this career will likely survive for several decades or even a century.

The Contenders
11 Author
12 Soldier
13 Management

In the next few decades, machine learning could be likely, but robots may not be smart enough to manage a large company. Who knows for sure?

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