Top Ten Possible New Jobs in the Future

Spanning from the next few decades to a century (and potentially further) as technology slowly continues to advance, brand new jobs could start to exist and some could possibly become relevant in the future. Here are some new jobs that could possibly be relevant in the future. Note: These are just predictions, and are often highly inaccurate and not meant to be taken too seriously.
The Top Ten
1 A.I. Robot Maintenance

During the birth of machine learning and automations, there could be plenty of obstacles to face in the rise of artificial intelligence. Glitches could probably occur and thus various robots will malfunction in ways some may not understand. These workers in the career field are responsible for fixing broken robot parts, getting rid of unnecessary data, or fixing and updating code. Possibly in the next three decades, this job could be the main trend among first world countries.

2 Asteroid Miner

Asteroid mining is expensive, and most of all extremely risky, and it could be not worth it unless we consider alternative usage of fuel and materials. Precise planning is also required to effectively gain benefit from this job in order to catch an asteroid, but it is still a possibility. If the issue of space junk cluttered around the earth has been resolved, asteroid mining could soon be the trend in the next several decades or so.

3 Disaster Predictor

This could be important for the far future, but we are still so far away since weather prediction can be often inaccurate, although it can be accurate at times, but it's not precise. In the next century if we have a technology necessary to predict various disasters like earthquakes and volcanoes, these people in this career field will write out stats and educated guesses of when will that disaster occur. If done correctly, this will assure people will be safe and evacuate at the right time, thus preventing casualties.

4 Drone Management

As drones are slowly climbing up the top, this could be the rising trend soon, possibly in the next decade and so on. Drones are slowly covering multiple purposes, and could be the assistants on city services soon. Drone Managers will be able to control multiple drones, but will mostly control air traffic and initiate commands and directions.

5 A.I. Instructor

In the case if robot intelligence isn't enough or doesn't seem to perform properly, AI instructors may provide various specialized tasks for robots in order to gather necessary data in order to achieve maximum efficiency. This pretty much functions as a teacher although for teaching robots to perform the best.

6 Fossil Resurrector

This may seem impossible at this current decade, but it could be possible some time somewhere around the next century. I can't explain this one precisely, because we still don't know enough about fossils, especially the dinosaur-age ones, and there could be still plenty of fossils to discover. Eventually, scientists could find a clever way to resurrect previously extinct animals, and this job could be very important in the far future since various wildlife that are necessary for the ecosystem are likely to be extinct.

7 Smart City Manager

In the next few decades, "smart" apps, homes, and various devices are widespread throughout the urban cities and countrysides. The most important city services could be also automated and could be operated digitally. Smart city managers/analysts are responsible for observing digital data circulating around the cities and ensure that nothing's going out of the ordinary.

8 Rewilder

In the next century, plants, animals, and trees would be scarce and less diverse due to pollution, overpopulation, and expansion of civilization, and there could be pollution remnants laying around on the air, water, or soil lasting for years. Rewilders will be able to solve this major problem by cleaning harmful pollutants, help reconstruct nature and biodiversity for wildlife, and replant the trees that have been long lost.

9 Robot Emergency Dispatcher

If robots and drones were to be widespread, this could potentially replace firefighters, policemen, and other emergency services, although not entirely, but reduce some of the number of human emergency service.

10 Space Tour Guide

Space travel seems fun at first glance, but it is risky due to various obstacles such as radiation, space debris and asteroids, plus the amount of fuel we have to put in for space travel. If space travel becomes possible (likely close to the next century), this could be a fun job (only to those who can tolerate the unfortunate effects of motion sickness). It's similar like a travel guide, but it's (of course) based on space and you could potentially earn a blast from this career.

The Contenders
11 Organ Harvester

This seems like an orthodox job but following the recent trends this would be possible with harvesting of animal organs with xenotransplantation in mind.

12 Space Junk Recycler

Space debris has been long an issue, and it definitely needs to be fixed in order for space travel to be safe. However, this is a dangerous job, requires plenty of planning/strategies and it's not for the faint of heart. Alternatively as machine learning becomes more prominent, they could possibly develop specialized robots in order to clean the space debris wandering around our earth, but it should be consistently and realistically planned or else these robots could possibly collide with the space debris thus creating more debris around the earth.

13 Air Traffic Police

Th idea of flying cars is possible therefore we will need an air traffic police

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