Top Ten Jobs that Could Disappear in the Future

In the next century, almost every currently existing jobs could possibly be automated. This includes more than half of the common basic jobs in the entire world. Cashiers, Transportation, Print Writing, Delivery and practically any creative occupations, etc. would become obsolete. Thanks to advanced AI, robots will do most of the household chores for us, and most of everything will be just a click of a button. Note that these are just predictions, and they could be inaccurate as the time passes more so.
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1 Postal Delivery

In the next few decades or so, newspapers will become obsolete as the internet of things become widespread on all countries. Or if newspaper still exists, mailmen are replaced by flying drones or any similar form of those robots that arrive in your house for the daily mail, but why should we read newspapers when we have easy access to online articles as of that time?

2 Author/Writer

Even creative professions could be replaced by AI. In fact, there are some story generators on the web that you can use for free. In the next century, you don't even have to write a book anymore, whether it's a short story or a novel, AI can just do that for you; be it a short horror story, a essay, an article, or even a 50,000+ word long novel if possible. All you have to pick is the genre, protagonist, story length, and other elements of a story or any form of writing and the AI would just write for whatever literature you wish, in an instant. We would just sit there enjoying our self-generated books instead of having to manually write or even buy any book. This could also apply to almost any creative occupations including music.

3 Cashier

This job is slowly declining since the COVID-19 pandemic and the widespread of online buying. Eventually in the next several decades, cashiers/retail workers could be obsolete and be replaced by AI and high-tech maintenance robots, at least in the first world countries. There is already a self-functioning grocery store powered by amazon without checkout registers, where customers will walk in to the store, choose what things they want/need, and then walk out without the presence of any cashiers. The only thing you need is an amazon account with some money on it, and then you're done.

4 Teacher

Since teaching in person-to-person has declined since COVID-19 pandemic, many schools are turning into homeschooling now, and online learning has become prominent. In the next decade(s), there could eventually be websites or other digital forms of teaching powered by AI that potentially could teach students most of the information necessary for everyday life provided from kindergarten to even college level, thus making this job almost obsolete. In the event where AI has become more intelligent than humans, we now have to rely on robots sharing their knowledge to us.

5 President of the United States

I doubt there would still be presidents watching their countries in the future as they could be replaced by a world government.

6 Fast Food Worker

This goes the same as for the retail workers and cashiers. Eventually, machine learning would be equal (or almost) to human intelligence and, to the point that they have the ability to follow basic cooking procedures. This goes the same for restaurants, or any building that serves food. With enough machine learning, of course, they would be a lot of Gordon Ramsays hanging on the bar station, in robot forms.

7 Taxi Driver

This goes along with other transportation jobs. Considering there are already self-driving cars although very limited, this job could go obsolete as self-driving becomes widespread. In the future, you can could call out a nearby car that picks you up, tell what destinations to some sort of bot you wish to go, and AI will do the rest of the driving for you.

8 Janitor

Robotic vacuum cleaners exist, and they have the ability to clean floors without human control, and which are more quieter than manual vacuum cleaners, but however struggle with issues to this day. In the next century or even less than, self-functional advanced cleaning robots could replace the job that are extremely efficient and could have the capability to mop stained walls, and even ceilings if possible.

9 Editor

We already have advanced grammar correcting apps such as Grammarly, and there is already auto-correction built in smartphones. In the next fifty years or so, more intelligent grammar apps will be widespread throughout the digital world, and editing grammar errors in articles and books would just be a click of a button. The downside is, people won't be able to exercise their language skills due to the sheer reliance of this technology.

10 Customer Service

Should we need a call centre in the 2100s or so on? Nope, advanced AI would cover that; chatbots could be able to solve even the most complex problems for a customer, without reaching up to a person. There are some intelligent chatbots that has the ability to answer basic customer questions, and serving the role in customer service as of today, and that could become widespread in the next two decades, even less.

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11 Garbage Man

Maybe in the future, we could just throw our trash into the digital world, as if you're putting your useless files into the recycle bin if you know what I mean.

12 Maid/Butler

This could become obsolete in the next decades, and a bit later in some southeast asian countries. Either automated household items, or "maid/butler robots", or a combination of both will replace this occupation. Considering everything is automated, you don't even have to do basic household chores, or seldomly at least.

13 Judge
14 Truck Driver

Same goes for practically every transportation job.

15 Priest

It is possible, assuming that religion will fade in the future due to domination of future technology.

16 Factory Worker
17 Soldier

Traditional warfare (sending soldiers/sailors/marines to fight in a combat zone) is less common than it once was due to the declining prevalence of war and due to technological changes, namely cyberwarfare and drones.

Most of the best military powers now rely on said technology and many military officers/experts have stated that robot soldiers will be the future of the military as being a soldier/sailor/airman/marine is simply such an unpleasant job that it cannot be made desirable. Human officers will always be needed as military officers are required to think critically and often have degrees in science and engineering though the nature of their jobs will be very different.

18 Miner

Mining has to be one of the worst jobs of all time but luckily, manual mining is very much a thing of the past and robotic mining is on the horizon.

19 Secretary
20 Catholic Nun
21 Career Counselor
22 Referee

There is currently something called VAR so it could eventually change

23 Police Officer
24 Principal
25 Guidance Counselor
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