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161 P****, Money, Weed

Ah! great songs wid great lyrics And yaah you all will surely like the calm flow of this song!

Possibly Lil Wayne's best song on love. Period. Even though it may swear a little bit, (don't all of his songs? ) it's still amazing.


Best Lil Wayne song ever! And I think he is the best rapper alive

One of Wayne's best songs EVER! Love this no other version of this song can compete! His metaphors and word play in this song can not be competed with another!..

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162 Knockout

Lil Wayne and nicki are the ultimate rap couple. The tune is really catchy

I love that song so much

Ah f888 it
Gimme that damn bucket
When I throw this p8888 you better not start duckin
Oh yah
Hit hit with a blow
Look out in the crowd and everybody yellin now
123 I tell em 123

Sing along if your a Wayne/Nicki fan

163 I Don't Like the Look of It

I really like this song. I had it on my phone and happened to hear it and was like whoa this is really good. Probably one of the best Lil' Wayne songs I've heard in a while. And to the guy talking about how Lil' Wayne being better than Eminem your absolutely wrong. Sorry no one is better than Eminem.

164 Y.U. MAD

Really AMAZING beat, all verses done well, and it's a song you'll probably listen to all day!

165 Ym Salute
166 Spitter
167 Novacane
168 Take It to the Head
169 Push
170 Me and My Drank

How is this 128th? This songs pretty deep Wayne talking about his love of sizurp!

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171 This Is the Carter
172 Earthquake
173 Grown Man
174 Shine

How is it that this song is not included AT ALL on the list? Not even in the top 100? I would hope it would at least be in the top 25 personally. This song went hard and is one of Wayne's best songs of all time in my opinion.

175 Snitch
176 See You In My Nightmares
177 Revolver
178 Banned From TV V 1 Comment
179 Yuck!

This song is amazing! Seriously great lyrics, you definitely need to listen to this song!

180 Faded
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