Top 10 Creepiest Audio Recordings

Normally, when visualizing a sense of horror and dread, we would picture it. What I mean is thinking about a 3D gruesome scene as a metaphysical display, such as a dead body or the sudden appearance of a monster. But what about Sound?

Sound is a very instrumental part in showcasing dread and the feeling of being unable to feel secure and feeling weak and horrified. While some tragic or mortifying acts and events in history aren't caught on camera as images or videos, they can be caught on audio tape, allowing them to live on as recordings that would be available on the internet via YouTube or somewhere similar.

Many of the events or acts here are years old, so that's a good amount of events caught in this. Which one do you think will rob your sleep?
The Top Ten
1 Jonestown Death Tape

"Take our life from us. We laid it down. We got tired. We didn't commit suicide. We committed an act of revolutionary suicide protesting the conditions of an inhumane world"

This is what Jim Jones, Founder of the People's Temple and Jonestown, Guyana, recited as he delivered a dark last speech about his beliefs, whilst simultaneously committing one of the largest mass-suicide/mass-murder ever. After a shooting at the Port Kaituma airstrip by People's Temple believers which killed five people affilited with investigating Jonestown including congressman Leo Ryan, Jones made a speech towards about 900 people, question how capitalism was evil and how the world was in ruins. He was in an argument against a Temple member Christine Miller about needing to be rid from this world via suicide. In the middle of the speech, grape flavored Flavor Aid, laced with Cyanide, Valium, Chloral Hydrate and Phenergan was bought in to be fed to the residents and believers in Jonestown, many of which were children. Those who objected either had the poisoned drink forced into their mouths or shot dead and the poison would take effect in 5 minutes.

The entire speech was recorded and is over 40 minutes long. The argument between Jones and Christine Miller can be heard midway. But what is truly scary is the amount of applause Jones receives from the Jonestown population with Miller being booed, despite Miller being far more logical. The most upsetting part is when the tape is nearing the end, with Jones making a "revolutionary speech" while children are crying about the taste of the Kool Aid, unknowing of the fact they would die withing minutes at first and later sobbing after realizing they were doomed. In the end, Jones, with a speech, killed 900 people, all of which were following his "beliefs". Jones himself was killed by a gunshot wound to the head, although it is unknown whether it was suicide or a deliberate kill. What does remain is a speech, that remains mortifying and... more

2 Operation Wandering Soul

During the Vietnam War, The United States Army decided to study Vietnamese culture to devise a plan to terrify and distract their opponents in an effort to defeat and conquer them. Americans studied that Vietnamese believed that if the deceased were not buried in their homeland, their souls will wander aimlessly where they died, moaning and screaming in agony. So the US army caught and altered many sound recordings in Vietnamese language in an effort to develop a scare tactic to mentally and emotionally attack Vietnamese soldiers. The US army used the altered sound of "dead" Vietnamese souls wailing in anguish and muttering about their loved ones via using well-set audio players and (at times) helicopters, effectively distracting and scaring the opposing forces. However, the Vietnamese did exchange firing back at US soldiers. And of course, the audio recording is authentic as it is terrifying, reminiscent of watching a horror movie.

3 Anneliese Michel's Exorcism

The exorcism of Anneliese is probably the most famous, given its origin, controversy and being a proof of evidence that demons and supernatural horrors do exist. Anneliese sadly died in 1976 due to starvation likely caused by malnutrition, isolation and the exorcism. The audio recorded during one of her exorcism attempts is haunting, terrifying and upsetting, given the mortifying situation Anneliese went through

4 911 Call by Kevin Cosgrove

This phone call occurred during 9/11. Cosgrove was a business executive who was trapped in the South Tower during the attack. He called his wife first before contacting 911. He mentioned struggling to breathe and referencing the appearance of the room he was in, alongside three people, seconds before the South Tower fully collapsed. Cosgrove's scream of "OH GOD! OH! -" was recorded before the line was immediately cut.

5 Castrato

"Castrato" is a combination of two words: Contralto and Castrate. A Castrato is an adult individual who speaks with a high pitch and sings with the voice of a little child. Not to mention that Castratos were ACTUALLY CASTRATED during their childhood. before puberty. Apparently, should their singing potential be realized, boys were castrated in an effort to keep those voices intact. Fortunately the practice of Castratos was finished by the 20th Century.

There are solo recordings by an Italian singer named Alessandro Moreschi, the last known Castrato singer and the only one to make solo recordings. He does present a sound of anguish judging by his singing, which does feel upsetting and haunting at times.

6 Sound of Saturn

The Cassini-Huygens space probe was able to reach Saturn around 2002, where they picked up intense radio emissions around the planet, which were then converted into sound. What it sounds like is pretty much like a sci-fi horror movie. If you don't want to go to Saturn, this audio record will remind it.

Played this and Pluto at the same time
It was absolutely horrifying

7 The Weepy-Voiced Killer

Paul Michael Stephani was an American serial killer who murdered 3 women and attempted two others as well between 1980 to 1982. What's disturbing is that whenever he made a kill, he contacted the police, seemingly sobbing heavily as he confessed to a murder he (then) recently committed, even getting into detail, such as using an ice pick and mentioning one of his victims. Very odd, yet mind-numbing when a police operator gets to talk to a serial killer on phone.

8 The Original Night Stalker

"The Original Night Stalker" was the alias of a serial killer and rapist in California who killed 12 people and rape about 50 women between 1978 to 1986. He was sadly never caught. An audio recording was caught where he contacts what appears to be one of his (then future) rape victims, constantly breathing and muffling "Gonna kill you".

9 Lisa's 911 Call

A six year old girl named Lisa Floyd made a 911 call sobbing uncontrollably. She spoke to the operator about her stepfather severely beating her and later her little singer and kept urging her to send the cops. Years later, Lisa is now an advocate for Childhood Domestic Abuse, using her experience to build up a better character and help others who underwent similar situations like she did.

10 Sounds of Pluto

In my opinion, they're creepier than Sautrns. In fact, they're the spookiest in the solar system
Saturn's is just winds
Venus is scorching hot
Neptune's is just wind
The Sun is powerful energy
But was is PLUTO?

The Contenders
11 11B-X-1371

Honestly, the more I learn about this, the more unsettling it becomes.

12 The First Human Recording

In 1860, French printer and bookseller Edouard-Leon Scott de Martinville invented a device known as the Phonoautograph, which did seem revolutionary for its time, considering it was able to record sound via a visible medium, despite not being able to play it back. Edouard-Leon sung "Au clair de la Lune" on the Phonoutograph. It wasn't until 2008 when the audio recording was obtained and submitted to the internet. It does seem pretty creepy once you get to hear it.

13 Bear Attack Recording

This is what happens if you are too devoted to dangerous things, I know Crimson already knows about this one. some guy was devoted to bears and lived with some or something, and wasn't prepared when he was inevitably attacked

14 Chicago Tornado Siren
15 Sound of Jupiter

So strange an chilling
Seriously, Jupiter's scary enough, we don't need sound making it worse

16 Lost Cosmonaut
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