Top Ten Lists Watchmojo Should Never Make


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1 Top 10 Reasons Why 3 Doors Down Is Hated

I would lose my faith in humanity if they made that list. - Croy987

2 Top 10 Most Hated Anime Characters

They better not add Pikachu on that one. - Croy987

3 Top 10 Doorknobs

That would be just plain ridiculous. - Croy987

4 Top 10 Songs Between Nicki Minaj & Nirvana

They never made this. - ParasN2000

5 Top 10 Worst Bands
6 Top 10 Reasons When You Saw a Class 4 Ghost
7 Top 10 Best Disney Channel Shows

They did that on MsMojo. And come on guys, Disney still has good shows. - 445956

8 Top 10 Blood On The Dance Floor Songs
9 Top 10 Most Annoying YouTubers
10 Top 10 Anime Cowards

The Contenders

11 Top Ten Best Almost Naked Animals Episodes

Bleh! Can you name at least a singular amount of Almost Naked Animals that is sufferable at worst?! I didn't think so. If only "Top 10 Most Hated Anime Characters" had Chris Thorndyke, Sakura Haruno, Serena from Pokemon, Shou Tucker and etc on that list. Also, screw Austin Plaz! He better be a lot more appreciative towards Linkin Park!

12 Top 10 Suicides

Now, make it Top Ten Saddest Suicides in History, I think that would be a little more acceptable... right?
(Please don't hate)

That would be downright disrespectful to those who committed suicide. - Croy987

I would kill myself if they made this list

13 Top Ten Reasons Why Teen Titans Go! is Better Than Teen Titans

Yeah, WatchMojo would be dumb enough to make this list.

I hope they don't do the- Oh it's going to (bleep) happen, because the channel is that stupid! - Gehenna

If they do that, then I will scream

14 Top 10 Anime Boobs

YouTube would immediately age restrict it - Croy987

It takes more than big breasts to make humanoid females sexy. - SuperMario64ever

15 Top Ten Reasons Why to Hate We Bare Bears
16 Top 10 Video Games That Aged Badly
17 Top 10 Booty Songs

They sadly already made that. - 445956

18 Top Ten Absurd Tendencies Marching Band Members Have
19 Top Ten Letters
20 Top 10 Reasons people hate the DCEU
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