Worst Things About Tumblr

Tumblr isn't as bad as most people think it is, but there's still crap that goes on there, much like DeviantART.
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1 They threatened a girl into near suicide because she drew a character wrong

That is just wrong of them trying to drive someone into suicide. That isn't right. Hope the poor girl is okay.

You know what, artists have the free will to draw whatever they want and each and every of them have their own style of drawing. Not everyone is going to have the same style. For example, if someone wants to draw Samus with HUGE BOOBIEZ, then let it be. It's not going to hurt anyone, as the artists are only drawing fictional characters, not real people.

Wow, I just heard about this...and that's horrible. I just saw a few of Zamii's drawings and I love them! All these hardcore 'fans' or whatever you call these people, need to bite a rock. Like, you almost ended the life of a human-being. How could you live with that on your conscience. I would imagine that that'd haunt you for the rest of your life. But I don't know.. I hope that this girl is okay and well.

(After seeing this list, I'm getting off of Tumblr x'D)

2 Feminism/Meninism

Modern politics are really sucking these days... I stand for equality for both genders, not just one, thank you very much.

Feminism is ruined nowadays, Meninism was made to mock it because of the worst feminists nowadays who ruined it.

3 White knight arguments and flame wars
4 Social Justice Warriors

Many users will threaten you, name-call you, and tell you that your opinion doesn't matter because you are straight, white, male, American, or not disabled (to be clear, only the straight male part is right about me).

Worse than that, Tumblr allows users to identify as so many genders, kins, and other tags. This makes sense inside a community that promotes acceptance and tolerance. However, when you question their identity, such as asking why they believe they have the spirit of a wolf inside a human's skin or why they call themselves they/them (for the record: I did not know about gender-neutral pronouns until I logged into Tumblr; I live in Israel, where nobody refers to themselves in that way), you receive a lot of hatred. Sometimes users may even block you because you support something or believe in something that they don't.

An even more disturbing aspect is the acceptance of pedophiles, self-harm, and even serial killers...

5 Shippings that make no sense

There is a tumblr fandom full of teenagers who want to get it on with the two men who did the Columbine shooting. Very disrespectful for the victims of the tragic shootings, and very disturbing too.

Also people ship incest and weird stuff like that

I'm not sure if this is on Tumblr or anywhere else, but one example of a disgustingly stupid shipping would have to be, wait for it, I'm not joking, Shadow x Shrek... this is one of the main reasons I hate the Sonic fan base.

Yes this is the worst possible thing Tumblr has ever spawned. Crack ships are positively destroying modern society as we know it. Someone call the military.

6 Fandoms
7 Self righteous people
8 Hipsters
9 Crossover shipping
10 Pornbots somehow always find your profile and follow you

Damn this got me, like even you are inactive for like YEARS they still follow you, so be safe, block em, done!

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11 Incest ships

Anything like that is stupid, making a character slightly skinnier is bad but this is OK?!?

12 Making up genders

Sorry to break it to you, Swellow, but all of those are valid identities. I think Tumblr can be insane, I don't participate in anything there, and I never go out of my way to visit it. I really do think it has some of the worst people out there, crying about how all men should die and how straight people, cis people, and white people are all bad. None of those make up new genders; they don't involve anything that is not male or female. Agender is the same as having no gender, and agender people don't identify as male, female, or anything else. They don't identify as any gender, so therefore it is not a third gender. Genderfluid does not involve anything that doesn't involve male or female. I'm a genderfluid therian, but I disagree with many things Tumblr users do. I think things like stargender are ridiculous, as well as bizarre pronouns like fog, bun, sky, and fire.

13 People that glamorize eating disorders, depression etc

They also glorify shoplifting. Google "tumblr lifting."

"Lifting" communities can either refer to shoplifting OR bodybuilding, so all these innocent bodybuilders have to be lumped in with shoplifting teens. It's sad.

I Googled "tumblr lifting" and saw: "~$600 ultra and walmart haul" in the results.

okay, that is legit disgusting and also extremely disrespectful to those who actually suffer from mental illnesses and other disorders. depression, schizophrenia, etc can ruin lives and tear families apart yet there are fools who think that it's sexy to have? what the hell! I think I lost my faith in my generation the moment I heard about people romanticizing chronic depression

14 People who are obsessed with racial diversity

Who cares about race? Why is everyone fixed on that?

15 People who glorify their sexuality and berate heterosexuality for it

No sexuality is better than the other.

16 NSFW content on every topic

It is impossible to find something clean when the safe search is off. Even the most innocent topics, like Rottweiler or even animal pictures, there is porn for it. I know Rule 34 but it should be on another website and not a website which teenagers can easily get exposed.

Rule34 has its own website, so why on Tumblr?

17 It makes people suicidal
18 Serial killer fandom
19 Safe mode is on

And yet you still can see porn on search results. How strange.

20 Overly sensitive people

I'm not talking about people who don't like ad hominem criticisms on discusions, but those who overreact towards the slightest bit of negativity that isn't even directly hurled against them.

Get the hell over oversensitive people! They'll always exist no matter what!

21 Indie game booms
22 Genderfluids

Nope. There is nothing wrong with being genderfluid. It is a valid identity. It's not just a Tumblr thing.

23 Trans headcanons

like these two comments above, I honestly agreed. I've seen people doing stuff like that back when I was on a old small fandom I used to be into...

24 People who start drama for no reason
25 Teacher crush community

Relationships between adults and minors are illegal and can lead to abuse of power, so why bother trying to get into a relationship with your teacher?

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