Best Little Mix Singers

The Top Ten
1 Perrie Edwards Perrie Louis Edwards is an English singer and a member of Little Mix who won the X Factor 2011. She is known for her strong and deep voice who inspired everyone during Little Mix's X Factor performances and during their Salute Tour. In Little Mix's songs: Move, Turn Your Face, Good Enough, Secret Love more.

It was a very tough decision between Jade and Perrie, but I have to honestly choose Pez even though Jade is my favorite. Listen to something about that boy, where I think she SLAYS the most. Like she does in every song, but in this song, she brings the house down. She's a powerhouse. A real icon.

In vocals, Perrie is totally the best! Not that she only sings with her strong vocals, but also she can sing with low tone! She can sing any tone literally! But her high-note is the thing that makes her vocals so special! Love you Perrie!

She is so amazing she hits the best notes like it is nobody's business however it is a tough call between perrie and jesy because she has a really nice voice and she can rap well as well. So for me its either one of those two but leigh-ann and jade are good too is just that I think perrie and jesy are better

Petrie Edwards voice is the best I have heard by far. Her high notes, mixed noted,head voice and middle register are on point. Her low notes are very good and are improving. Her singing is exceptional good. Her technique is excellent. She is the vocalist of the generation.

2 Jade Thirlwall Jade Amelia Thirlwall is an English singer and a band member of Little Mix that won the X Factor UK 2011.

Jade has a very versatile voice. She can go low, and high. She helps Perrie's notes sound higher than they actually are. She stands out to me the most, my opinion. She sings with such emotion, and it's makes me feel the emotion. If she sings with anger, I feel the anger. If she sings with sadness, I kinda wanna cry. When she sings happily, it brings a smile to my face, and makes me want to dance. I can always point out her solos in songs, and identify her in harmonies.

Jade definitely has the talent. If anything, I do think Perrie is the best singer, but I prefer Jade's. She can hit the low notes and the high notes and has a very passionate voice. She is also my favourite. Love you Jade!

I love her voice; it has a very appealing tone and is quite unique. For this reason( even though Perrie may be more powerful), she is ( in my opinion) the best singer in Little Mix.

She's the best . I mean singing high doesn't mean you have the best voice. But if you have a unique voice or voice control that would be it

3 Leigh-Anne Pinnock

Her voice is amazing. She can sing low and high, so she should be at the top. Also she is pretty. She should be at the top, then Jesy, then Jade and then Perrie. They are still all good singers and beautiful.

Leigh-Anne has a very angelic voice and a versatility that leads her to be able to rap, to sing using the high notes, the belts and a head voice.

Leigh- Anne has the voice of an angel and she does not get acknowledge enough. She has a pure voice and never needs auto tune.

She honestly just sings like an angel.
Plus she wrote their To The One I've Been Missing
My favourite Christmas song

4 Jesy Nelson

Jesy is NOT the worst vocalist in the group! None of them are bad, I think Leigh-Anne struggled a lot in the beginning but is just as talented as the other girls now. Jesy has such a rich, unique voice and I wish people saw that!

All of them are good. Perrie has an amazing voice at singing low beautifully, Jesy has this amazing voice which sounds so nice, Leigh-Anne's voice is good too and Jade is pretty good at singing low and high and changing he'd voice. Their songs are amazing. They have a lovely friendship and it looks like fun because I have seen them play games. I wanna do it with my cousins. When they talk they sound so different than they sing- you can't realise it is them singing the awesome songs. On the plane o get bored bad I found their albums, so I listened to that. Keep it up Little Mix!

Every singer in Little Mix is fantastic. Perrie has a great deep, low voice, Jade's voice is always clean and sharp, Leigh-Anne's voice is always on pitch and pretty, but to me, Jesy is the most talented and has the best voice. She has a huge range, bigger than any of the other girls', a stunning high voice (listen to "Secret Love Song") and she's always beautiful and on fleek!

Jesy's voice is always full of emotion. I can always understand her through her singing. Her vibrato is just the best. She hits all the high notes and all the low notes.