Top 10 Live Linkin Park Songs

These are the Linkin Park songs that sound the best live. Either sounding like it did in studio or its just a great performance.

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1 Breaking the Habit

Perfect every single time. Chester puts more heart into this song than any other of his songs which makes for a great performance. - lukestheman4

A place for my head is not at the top
Haven't you heard it live! Its louder than 1 step closer, best live ever made by Linkin Park...
Breaking the habit is 2nd best

It's so sad that half of these comments are people crying that their favorite song isn't up here. Stop being so self-absorbed, Breaking the Habit is amazing live.

Nah Nah Nah! This song does not relate to me in any way! Brun it down should be here!

2 In the End

it is the best song of LP
it should be on the first rank

I really like this song 😀

The greatest hit of linkin park

In the end song so perfect

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3 Waiting for the End

This song showcases how great of a singer Chester Benningtion really is!

One of the most mesmerizing song I have ever listen. JUST AWESOME. Beautiful lyrics, compose, and WHAT A MUSIC. JUST YO.
And their dance beat with the song in the stage, very nice.

Love it! The greatest and the reason why the fusion music is so wonderful the solo makes me reach to heaven and my mind goes up even if the song ends

Every performance of this song is just as good or even better than the album version.

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4 One Step Closer

Loudest live song ever. Don't interrupt me... Shut up when I'm talking to you!

Just Listen To The Project revolution, Live In Texas And Road To Revolution Versions... AWESOMENESS! - ABD33

The hell? 7? It's the best live and that's the bottom line! SHUT UP WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU.

This should've been #1 - Th3Zm0nst3r

5 Pushing Me Away

The live piano solo Chester does sometimes is whats on here. Both versions sre great but the piano version truly sounds amazing live.

The live piano solo sounds much more intimate. It makes it hauntingly beautiful.

The nu-metal version is way better!

6 New Divide

LP is only one of a few bands that play really well live and new divide is an awesome song that they play live. I have seen them play this song live and make the crowd go WILD!

This Should Be first Why Breaking the habit is always number 1 on all lists -. -

The sound of the crowd made myself to hear it on loop.. Even though I hate their thousand suns, I searched this song on internet in live performance... Such a great song.

Best song ever heard

7 Numb

Best song of Linkin Park.

This is best forever

8 Papercut

Mike and Chester's necking's become a tradition

Best Perfomance in Road to Revolution: "Arms up who is with Linkin Park since Hybrid Theory? " Crowd gets mad!

Makes me go crazy when he screams like that! O! Just makes me so happy, makes me fall in love with Chester! <3 he probably makes girls go crazy, when he screams. So sexy! +this song.

9 Faint

This should been #2 and one step closer #1 - Th3Zm0nst3r

<3 faint... Enough said

10 Crawling

here chester roaring voice is awesome

He combines 2 songs and it's awesome!

The Contenders

11 From the Inside

this is just awesome... it should be above crawling at least - neeraj270494

12 A Place for My Head

I'm nog exactly surprised that people would pick their most mainstream songsa s the top ones. Those are probably the only ones they know. And if you think New Divide or Breakjng the Habit are the best live performed songs, then you must be mad. The Live in Texas show is definitely their best live performance and they perform superbly on every song. The list should be:
1. Place for my Head (Live in Texas) tied with Faint (Live at Rock am Ring with the extended outro guitar solo and screaming)
2. Qwerty (live version on LPU 6)
3. One Step Closer (with the Reanimation bridge
4. Given Up (with extended outro)
5. Wish (a Nine Inch Nails song but LP's live version of it in Camden is much better than the actual original song)

THIS IS NOT FAIR! A place for my head should be much more on top, after In the end, because there is much excitement for the fans in the "GO AWAY"part!

I love it when Mike raps, and Chester screams at the same time in Texas

I can say only one thing here... Live in Texas 2003

13 Given Up

The extended live outro is pretty rough

14 Lying from You
15 Leave Out All the Rest

Great song, they usually do this as a group of ballads now though with shadow of the day and iridescent.

Leave Out All the Rest 99.9999999999% is really awesome live, the 0.0000000001% is because the intro sometimes is too soft (Not lyrically, instrumentally)

Best song in the world. Beautiful lyrics. Beautiful music. Best Linkin Park song ever

Perfect song

16 What I've Done
17 Bleed It Out

You all must be mad!
Bleed it out deserve the 1st place! Every Linkin Park fun knows this. Just look some Live performance like Road to Revolution!

It is one of the best songs ever!

That's fckng right! Come on people! LP fans where you are? Just look Rob's drum solo from RTR - it's just unbelievable!

18 Don't Stay
19 Somewhere I Belong

I can't understand this at 21,
Why this is not at the top tens

I never heard it live but it is good ethier way

20 Iridescent
21 Castle of Glass

This is the best song of lp. It is the best live song

22 Lost In the Echo

Listen to the Summer Sonic performance


Very underrated song, very good live, too bad Linkin Park did not release this on a studio album.

The live song is better than original... '-'

24 Burn It Down Burn It Down

How on 22? First listen to it

The lyrics are awesome

25 The Catalyst

Ever heard The Catalyst live? A completely different song, but still awesome.

Check out The Catalyst live performance. It is just pure awesomeness.

26 The Little Things Give You Away

Listen this song as they perform in the Projekt Revolution Concert. For me it was the best song of the event.

Simply the greatest display of chesters voice... Ever!

27 When They Come For Me

One of my favorites of all time and 20 times better live! - Rathernotbenamed

This song is just awesome live.

28 In Between
29 Shadow of the Day
30 Wretches and Kings
31 Runaway

3 moshpits in 30 seconds = epic song live. I wanna runaway... and never say GOODBYE!

32 Wish

So cool with Chester singing it and Linkin Park guitars on it! My best LP live song is either this, or It's Going' Down. - savajevtic

33 No More Sorrow

Hey buddy, I think you forgot this one.. Its just awesome live

It's an awesome song live and in general

34 Guilty All the Same
35 Rebellion
36 Hands Held High
37 Easier to Run
38 High Voltage

Actually, not my favorite song just a really good one from them. But live, it is close to perfection.

39 Points of Authority
40 It's Going Down
41 Valentine's Day
42 Forgotten
43 In Pieces

Just listen to the lyrics... ah good!

44 Wastelands
45 Until It's Gone
46 P5hng Me A*wy
47 By Myself
48 Nobody's Listening

47 because nobody is listening to this song :/

49 In My Remains
50 I Have Not Begun
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