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21 Runaway

3 moshpits in 30 seconds = epic song live. I wanna runaway... and never say GOODBYE!

22 Points of Authority
23 Lost In the Echo

Listen to the Summer Sonic performance


Very underrated song, very good live, too bad Linkin Park did not release this on a studio album.

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25 The Catalyst

Ever heard The Catalyst live? A completely different song, but still awesome.

Check out The Catalyst live performance. It is just pure awesomeness.

26 Wish

So cool with Chester singing it and Linkin Park guitars on it! My best LP live song is either this, or It's Going' Down. - savajevtic

27 No More Sorrow

Hey buddy, I think you forgot this one.. Its just awesome live

It's an awesome song live and in general

28 The Little Things Give You Away

Listen this song as they perform in the Projekt Revolution Concert. For me it was the best song of the event.

Simply the greatest display of chesters voice... Ever!

29 When They Come For Me

This song is just awesome live.

30 In Between
31 Wretches and Kings
32 Shadow of the Day
33 Rebellion
34 Hands Held High
35 Easier to Run
36 High Voltage

Actually, not my favorite song just a really good one from them. But live, it is close to perfection.

37 It's Going Down
38 Valentine's Day
39 Forgotten
40 In Pieces

Just listen to the lyrics... ah good!

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