Top 10 Best Loudspeaker Brands

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1 Bose

The sound is just lifelive from its system the balanced audio with rich vocals awesome

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Great sound quality and one of their speakers sold in the USA for over 3000$. for one speaker.

Its may be a good sound company it really found anywhere and best product

JBL is an American audio electronics company currently owned by Harman International. It was founded in 1946 by James Bullough Lansing. Their primary products are loudspeakers and associated electronics

3 Cerwin Vega

Funky Looking speakers and loud too. they have put a lot of wattage in their bookshelf speakers. the VE-5M has a 5 inch woofer and is rated at 8Ω and 125w max (RMS. ) Cerwin Vega speakers are great value for money due to the loudness and slimness of their speakers

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4 Behringer

Great sound quality and loudspeakers too.

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5 Wharfedale

Great speakers and sound quality almost all of their speaker cabinets are made from wood. Many of their speakers are great for home theatres and bands.

6 Peavey

Peavey are not famous just because of their guitars but also their P.A. Equipment. Peavey had been around since 1965 and have been famous from that time.

I just got a peavey sound system and once you adjustit to how you want it it sound like GOD

7 Harmon Kardon

Very nice clean design on most of their speakers and crisp sound quality.

8 Realistic

I know their company is quite old but you can get their speakers off Ebay. The wood on the Optimus 1 and Nova 7 is strong. however the only part that is cheap is the woofer frame. But if you take care of them they will last.

9 Klipsch

Out of this top 10, these would be the best for stereo or surround sound.

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10 Logitech

I don't own any Logitech speakers myself but my school has 3 sets of small computer speakers made by Logitech. they are USB ones.

Swap this with Bose because Logitech speakers blow Bose speakers away.

Most of their speakers are very loud and last a long time without problems. for example the Z-2300 2.1 PC speaker system is 200 watts altogether (RMS power alone! ) and the music power 400 watts, it is also thanks certified. and if you want surround sound upgrade to the Z-5500!

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11 Bowers & Wilkins V 1 Comment
12 Rcf
13 Corsair
14 Jamo
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