Top 10 Best Loudspeaker Brands

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1 Bose

As they say "small speakers, big sound" it really is true.

The sound is just lifelive from its system the balanced audio with rich vocals awesome

Can’t believe this @#$& is on top! Just shows how marketing pseudo-technology overrides what your ears tell you

Bose is a brand that is there to rip you off. I have a set of Bose Companion 3 series II 2.1 PC Speakers. They sound absolutely horrible! Dirty bass, poor midrange and dull highs. A pure waste of £300 when I bought them five years ago. I know they are going to break soon because the subwoofer is buzzing loudly even when I turn the sub volume to minimium and the sound cuts out when you even breathe on the remote Should have went for Klipsch Promedia 2.1 or Logitech Z-2300 speakers. My cousin has a set of Logitech X-230 PC Speakers and they blow the Bose Speakers all the way to USA Do not buy Bose products or you will get ripped off. Buy Other Stereo Equipment or elso you will have a Bad Or Sad Experience. If your speakers sound like £2 headphones in a tin can, they must be Bose. No Highs, No Lows it Must be Bose!


Great sound quality and one of their speakers sold in the USA for over 3000$. for one speaker.

Its may be a good sound company it really found anywhere and best product

Best portable speakers

Woodstock, Abbey Road, Recording studios, cinemas, thanks, concerts, Grammys...much, much better than Bose. Biggest mfgr. in the world. Just the Best Loudspeakers!

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3 Cerwin Vega

Funky Looking speakers and loud too. they have put a lot of wattage in their bookshelf speakers. the VE-5M has a 5 inch woofer and is rated at 8Ω and 125w max (RMS. ) Cerwin Vega speakers are great value for money due to the loudness and slimness of their speakers

Buy the VE-15F floorstanding speakers. great value and loudness for money.

4 Harmon Kardon

Very nice clean design on most of their speakers and crisp sound quality.

5 Behringer

Great sound quality and loudspeakers too.

The best sound in the world..

6 Wharfedale

Great speakers and sound quality almost all of their speaker cabinets are made from wood. Many of their speakers are great for home theatres and bands.

7 Peavey

Peavey are not famous just because of their guitars but also their P.A. Equipment. Peavey had been around since 1965 and have been famous from that time.

I just got a peavey sound system and once you adjustit to how you want it it sound like GOD

8 Rcf
9 Bowers & Wilkins

Where this list developed from, I have no idea. The only deserving brands to be on a top ten list are b and w and may be Wharfedale. There are a hundred speaker companies that could be on this list. Certainly Bose should never ever be on a top speaker list unless it is for gross sales volume. Brands like Polk are decent inexpensive consumer product but in no way a top contender. Where are even popular brands like Vienna, Focal, Sonus Faber, quad, Martin Logan. Or high end like a Wilson Audio or Linn, mob etc?

Super linear speakers

10 Klipsch

Out of this top 10, these would be the best for stereo or surround sound.

Very clear sounding speakers. buy the ProMedia 2.1 PC speaker system off of Amazon for 139.99$ + Free shipping

The Newcomers

? Dynacord
? Yamaha

These are the one of the best speakers, especially there Sound bar range is awesome.

The Contenders

11 Jamo

Should be in the top 10

Jamo d266 awesome speakers

Sound clear with powerful base

12 Realistic

I know their company is quite old but you can get their speakers off Ebay. The wood on the Optimus 1 and Nova 7 is strong. however the only part that is cheap is the woofer frame. But if you take care of them they will last.

13 Logitech

I don't own any Logitech speakers myself but my school has 3 sets of small computer speakers made by Logitech. they are USB ones.

Swap this with Bose because Logitech speakers blow Bose speakers away.

I had one Logitech and it was very good

Most of their speakers are very loud and last a long time without problems. for example the Z-2300 2.1 PC speaker system is 200 watts altogether (RMS power alone! ) and the music power 400 watts, it is also thanks certified. and if you want surround sound upgrade to the Z-5500!

14 Altec Lansing
15 QSC Audio Products

Awesome speakers

16 Ahuja Group
17 Corsair
18 Electro-Voice

One of the best and most reliable brand of the past 10 years. A variety of passive and active speakers, with great sound quality.

19 Motorola
20 Boston Acoustics
21 B-52
22 Advent
23 Onkyo
24 A Plus
25 Polk
26 Royal Flush Audio

New company great speakers
“ The Sound of the Future “

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