The Top Ten Prettiest Keeper of the Lost Cities Characters

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1 Biana

Hey, our Biana has evolved so much from that annoying pretty-face popular girl. Look at her now! She's become one of my fave characters! And it's just so sad what Vespera did to her! I mean, sure, for a while she covered herself up to hide her scars, but then, she began to accept herself. Now, she has become a brave, noble, and confident girl. Okay, back to the subject—she is also glamorous!

Oh, I LOVE Biana. She is not only beautiful, but has so much character development. I really wish she could stop wearing makeup. Also, I'm a HARDCORE Tam x Biana shipper, I ship it more than I ship Sokeefe, and I LOVE Sokeefe. But off topic, she's lovely, and has a beautiful characteristic as well!

UM? She is our QUEEN, ya all! She's literally more than just a pretty face, she's an icon for all girls!

Definitely the prettiest!

2 Sophie

Sophie, well Sophie is our special moonlark. It would take FOREVER to write how she changed. Anyways, she is also pretty. And yeah… to be honest, she is AMAZING and BRAVE and SO MUCH! And she's been through so much! She's Fostered (hilarious Keefe term from Legacy) a lot, but survived! Quick note: I ship Sokeefe. DOWN WITH THE FITZPHIE! I HATE FITZ! Okay, concluding, Sophie is great. All there is to it!

Sophie is definitely BEAUTIFUL but I wish she could stop pretending she isn't because its kinda making her into another Mary Sue and I REALLY don't want that.

Even though Sophie said that in her elephant costume, Biana still looked ten times better than anyone else in the room, Shophie has many, many boy on her. I also Kind of don't like Biana...

How does Sophie think she doesn't look pretty because other elves are better? OH HA. Your cousin, your Cognate, your Best friend all have a crush on you, and you say your not PRETTY? SOPHIE! Also, even though I am a DEFINITE Sokeefe shipper, other Sokeefe shippers make Fitz sound like some sort of devil spawn. I don't think he has the best characterististics , but that does NOT make him so horrible. Sure, he could be better in SO many ways. (still a Sokeefe shipper however!) BUT OMG, SO OFF TOPIC! Sophie is absolutely beautiful brown eyes or not, I still don't understand why she fails to see that!

3 Della

Della has the skills, beauty, and power! She's pretty cool! DËLLÆ ROÇKŠ! And I love how at first everyone thinks she's just a pretty , delicate, flower, but she is a very sneaky attacker! Go Della!

I love how one minute she can be like super gentle and kind and the next second BAM she's totally awesome

noice pretty girl over here -savage

4 Linh

Linh's fine. I don't LOVE her, but yeah, she's cool. I mainly chose her because of her looks.

So much people feel so bland about Linh because even though she is a main character, she never gets much focus.
But I LOVE her.
First of all, she is definitely more pretty than Sophie. Second of all? She's sweet, nice and friendly who's silly with her overprotective twin brother and has a cool and dangerous ability. Her parents LEFT her so EASILY because of it.
What's not to like?
OFC I like Sophie better. But I LOVE Linh, you can NOT change my mind. And she is BEAUTIFUL! I mean, Black and white! Gorgeous!

Linh is so pretty she looks like an actual korean popstar but nicer than most.

5 Edaline

I like her a lot, she really is a great person and would make an EXCELLENT Empath. Not to mention she is GORGEOUS! 🌟

6 Maruca

She's fine…. But very, very beautiful!

7 Marella

Marella is another one who really evolved. I personally think that being a Pyrokinetic is really legit. And she's pretty! she's great! And beautiful!

OH MY GOSH MARELLA SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE! SHE IS LITERALLY GORGEOUS! I rly wish her and Sophie were still friends. I rly hate her new group with Stina and Maruca and Linh and wish she was part of Sophie's group still.😭😭😭

8 Livvy

Livvy is pretty cool. She has her very own pretty style, and she's a great healer. The Mardi Gras mask part is PRETTY funny…

9 Cyrah Endal

She's pretty…. anyone noticed how young she looks in the photo?

10 Juline/Squall
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11 Lady Gisela

Don't even get me started. GISELA IS THE WORST! SHE IS TERRIBLE! MURDERER! Okay, back to the topic…. I hate to admit this, but she's also beautiful. I CONFESS, okay?!

We all know it. She's gorgeous, but she doesn't deserve to be.