Top 10 Most Beautiful Wings of Fire Characters

Which Wings of Fire characters are the most beautiful? Well, check out this list and vote below! Please only talk about the appearance of characters, if you can help it.
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1 Glory

Glory is so beautiful! The choice of colors for her was great! Blue, orange, red, yellow, pink (on her back in the graphic novels), and of course, green. Her wings and ruff look like a sunset or sunrise. She also has cool yellow stripes on the cover of her novel and blue spots in her graphic novel. All the RainWings should be at the top. They are naturally the most beautiful tribe, with no questions asked. Other tribes are okay, but they are mostly plain and boring, while RainWings can be any color, whether in the rainbow or not.

She's pretty inside as well. Glory has green eyes and brilliant, color-changing scales that are dull and mousy in comparison to those of other RainWings. She has soft wings, feathery ears, a long body, tail, neck, and a long, delicate snout. She is often considered very beautiful and elegant.

Unlike most RainWings, Glory tries to keep her scales from showing emotions. Therefore, she is usually seen with dark emerald green scales and flares of orange around her ears and the underside of her wings. This is because she likes them to match the leaves around her and the rainforest she lives in. Glory is the most beautiful dragon ever! - Jaguar the RainWing

2 Moonwatcher

Have you SEEN how pretty she is in the graphic novels? It's honestly amazing. The teardrop scales never fail me, and her black, purple, and moon-white scales are pure perfection.

I can see why Glory is first, but she's kind of overrated, okay guys? I think we all agree that all RainWings are pretty, but what about a dragon that CAN'T change their scales whenever they want? Moonwatcher should be number one, and Glory a close second.

I may not like her plot device, but I sure do like her silvery green-black scales! She is truly beautiful with all the deep purple and midnight blue and dark green, and don't get me started about the stars and her teardrops. Even though she looks like one of those spoiled rich kids, she still is super pretty! I know why she has so many ships now, like WinterWatcher and Moonjou and Turtlewatcher.

-Moondance of the RainWings and IceWings

3 Sunny

Sunny is pretty internally and externally. She has a beautiful personality, and beautiful golden scales and eyes.

I like Sunny. She is really beautiful on the outside and the inside.

4 Peril

I agree, Ravensong. No matter how much I really like you, Sunny, I think Peril is prettier, with her amazing copper scales and stuff.

- Casting Shadows (NightSand Hybrid)

Peril's fiery copper scales match her personality. Very pretty.

Coppery, fiery scales. Also, one of my favorite dragons.

5 Tsunami

PERFECTION!!! Love her deep blue scales blended into the pale green colors, and how they all melt together. Clay described her looking like sapphires and leaves and oceans and emeralds in the sunlight, and Tsunami has freaking lights and patterns on her scales. Also, don't forget her pearl necklaces and stuff, while Glory just has dull orange and green scales. Sorry, Glory.

-Recklessly and Sincerely, Moondance of the RainWings and IceWings.

I really like Tsunami. She is bossy, but she also loves her friends and family. I also like that she risked her scales for Auklet.

6 Whiteout

Seriously, do I have to explain myself? Well, Darkstalker mentioned that everyone thought she was the most beautiful dragon back in the legends! And I'll have to give her points for how she never got what she wanted, and her life was pretty sad and unfair, and her ships are so cute!

Also, is it strange that I ship Clearsight X Whiteout more than any other ship?

I would imagine she is really pretty, with the striking blue eyes that could pierce your soul with one gaze, the grey-blue horns, the black and sapphire blue color for her primary scales, and, oh, don't even get me started about the wings! The pristine blazing cool white complimenting the (I think lavender? I mean, like, I'm 99% sure she has lavender on her palette) and the jet black freckles.

Whiteout is truly amazing and interesting, her description (and everything else too!) She is a cinnamon roll inside and out, and she gives you the message to keep being you!

-Moondance the RainWing IceWing

7 Cricket

Glasses. Do I need to explain myself?

Yeah, I guess I do.

She has warm and fiery gold-orange scales with ink blot-like black freckles and feathery deep brown kind eyes. Her scales are like the sun and give off some kind of palette like that.

And did I say something about her glasses?

Also, Blue doesn't deserve Cricket :) (Sorry Blicket shippers (if there are any?) but I will have my opinions and you will have yours)

-Recklessly speaking, Moondance the RainWing IceWing hybrid.

She has beautiful orange-gold scales and green-blue eyes. She has beautiful splotches of black like scattered paint. What's not to love about this character? She and Blue are the beautiful ship.

- Frost the Icewing.

8 Luna

I'd rank Luna at first. Have you SEEN her book cover?! She's so shiny.

Do I really have to say anything?

She is just such a great character, and her design is quite unique and beautiful.

9 Hazel

One of my favorite dragons. She deserves more personality and maybe a winglet.

She's pretty nice. Her personality and color too.

Pretty, smart, kind, and altogether wonderful.

10 Kinkajou

I love the pink-purple-bright gold shades! She is one of my favorite characters, and according to colors, she stands out with her eye-blistering neon scale palette. I imagine her with bright green-orange eyes, bright yellow scales, pink and purple secondary scales, with iridescent blue-green flickers on the wings and a vibrant red ruff!

- Moondance the RainWing IceWing dragon.

The fades and solid colors are perfection. Her wings are like a sunset that turned pink, like a winter sunset. Kinkajou also has pink triangles going along her sides, and her main (and favorite) color is yellow.

Kinkajou's scales are typically kept at bright colors, such as pink and yellow. She has a long neck, gigantic dark pink eyes, tiny claws, and a diamond-shaped snout. She is small and is the same size as Anemone, despite being slightly older than her.

- Jaguar the RainWing

The Contenders
11 Clearsight

Honestly, this doesn't need an explanation. In book 10, when Fierceteeth is transformed into Clearsight, she is described as thin and scowling while Clearsight is sleek and beautiful. She is the perfect character: kind, beautiful, smart, and described as brilliant. I love how she is able to track the futures that well.

Clearsight is definitely pretty, according to Moonwatcher. Darkstalker made Fierceteeth turn into Clearsight, and Clearsight was said to be sleek and glossy.

She's really nice, elegant, and smart. She sacrificed her "husband" to save the world.

12 Anemone

I love the light pink on her wings. I actually painted my room that color because I like it so much! I also love the turquoise color her scales are! I love that she is the younger sister of Tsunami, my favorite dragonet of destiny.

Why is Anemone not right behind Whiteout? She's amazing.

I like her coloring. I feel like the colors really go well together.
Princess Ashworth of the Silkwings

13 Snowfall

I love her. Her personality and her looks. She knows how to wear jewelry, girl. Her book is by far my favorite.

Princess Glimmer of the IceWings

14 Sundew

She should take Sunny's place and put Sunny here! She's way prettier than Sunny!

15 Io

Her colors go well so beautifully.

Her personality is great, and the green really stands out on the purple.

16 Blue

Blue has gem-like azure, bright morpho butterfly blue, and lavender-purple scales. He has purple scales on his back, quiet lavender scales on his arms, azure talons, and a purple snout. His body glints with purple and aquamarine like buried Jewels. His wings shimmer purple and bright cerulean blue, resembling sapphires and violets tumbled together. Before his wings fully developed, his wingbuds were small and tightly curled, displaying an iridescent violet color, a brighter, more purple shade than the rest of his scales. He has glowing embers under his wrist scales due to being a flamesilk.

He is fairly small, but larger than Cricket. His and his biological parents' initials are carved into his right palm, forming a triangle. The larger "B" stands for his name, and a smaller "B" and "A" stand for Burnet and Admiral. Cricket considers him to be the most beautiful dragon she had ever met. Fritillary described him as being a midget and scrawny. Io once said that Blue would not be the type to join the Chrysalis. - Jaguar the RainWing

17 Blaze

Blaze is my favorite one out of the three sisters.

Beautiful woman, my sixth favorite character.

18 Queen Coral

I think Queen Coral is majestic and beautiful, in my opinion, of course. Okay, she is bad sometimes, but that doesn't mean she isn't beautiful.

- Casting Shadows (NightSand hybrid)

19 Glacier

Super pretty and underrated! I think Queen Glacier would be beautiful, with all the shades of pale blue, white, and silver. Prince Winter also described his aunt to be the most pretty and elegant queen, but Winter might just be bragging. And the treasure would be super duper mega pretty too!

Also, could someone tell me where the heck Glacier came out of?! I mean, the ship is pretty cool and I'm fine with it, and it's cute and all, but it seemed kind of random because they never thought or said or showed that they were romantically attracted to each other, just little side characters and alliances.

-Moondance of the RainWing IceWing hybrids

20 Thorn
21 Jewel

She has emerald eyes that stand out from her pale yellow scales. She does look like a jewel.

22 Willow

I agree, Ashworth! She is so pretty she should be in the top tens! - springtail the leaf/hive hybrid

Why is Willow not higher up on the list? She's such a pretty character! She reminds me a lot of a doe (probably because of her doe eyes), and she is Sundew's girlfriend! Come on, Sunlow shippers! Make Willow higher!

- Princess Ashworth of the Silkwings

23 Blister

I think she's the most beautiful character in Wings of Fire. Though Blaze was the pretty one, I don't like Blaze because she's stupid. So, by far, Blister is the pretty one.

24 Swordtail

Underrated. Also, he is described to be strong-bodied and handsome, so why not? Also, the gleaming white, dark blue, and sunset orange would complement each other. Luna is a lucky girl.

- Moondance

25 Katydid
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