Top 10 Most Beautiful Wings of Fire Characters

Which Wings of Fire characters are the most beautiful? Well, check out this list and vote below! (Please only talk about the appearance of characters, if you can help it)
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1 Glory

She should be 1st! She's every color, but her formal colors are emerald greenish blue with a pale green underbelly. She has a long, curly tail. She has a dark sapphire blue head, those circles around her eyes are royal blue, and she has MAGNIFICENT blue eyes, and bright sapphire-navy bluish green eyes, and blue spots coming up to her neck. The insides of her wings and scruff are sunset orange to red. She's beautiful inside, too! She's tough and sarcastic on the outside but sweet and loving on the inside. She's prettier than 10,000,000 blossoms and better than 2,000,000 Tsunamis and Moons (characters). Go Glory!

I just love Glory's amazing personality, and think she's a really pretty dragon.

Glory is the most beautiful!

I have no words for her

2 Moonwatcher

I still don't belive that the picture is her but she's still nice. I've googled who moon mates with and it says" Moon(watcher) picks Qiubli over winter but I vote Qinter!

Moonwatcher is such a quite and beautiful dragon! She ahs a silver tear drop and at the beginning of Moon Rising didn't it say when she hatched she look so perfect? She is also different then any Nightwing! #moon forever!

To have two boys fighting over you, you must be pretty. But moonwatcher doesn't deserve either of them. Go Qinter!

Moon isn't the prettiest, Glory's still alive, but she's one of them! She has shiny, smooth purplish black scales with silver teardrops and dark green eyes. She's beautiful, inside and out! She's elegant enough for two boys to come after her. She should be 2nd.

3 Sunny

Sunny is pretty internally and externally. She has a beautiful personality, and beautiful golden scales and eyes

I like Sunny she is really beautiful on the outside and the inside

4 Peril

I agree with ravensong as well peril's really pretty buuuut sunny's AWESOME how could you not love her ? Also she ran away because she knew her friends wouldn't notice her if she flew back and got them AND her friends don't respect her.

I agree, Ravensong. No matter how much I really like you Sunny, I think Peril is prettier, with her amazing copper scales and stuff.
- Casting Shadows (NightSand Hybrid)

She is WAY prettier than Sunny! She has copper-coloured, fire red, bright gold, orange and yellow scales with blue eyes! Blue eyes and fiery scales! Isn't that beautiful? Peril is my sweet, lovable, perilous fire dragon. GO PERIL!

Peril's fiery copper scales match her personality. Very pretty.

5 Tsunami

I really like Tsunami.. She is bossy but she also loves her friends and family... I also like that she risked her scales for Auklet.

6 Whiteout

Whiteout is absolutely amazing, and here are some reasons before all of you people start hating! Firstly, she's absolutely crazy! It makes me feel like I'm not the only one. Seriously, though, I come from a LONG line of weirdos, so she makes me feel so much better about it! Secondly, she's a savage! The way she just went after Listener's crush, Thoughtful, just made me want to scream! But in a good way. She knows what she wants and goes after it! Thirdly, she has a heart of gold. She had to put up with dragons calling her "Wierdout" and the harassment. Ugh! Luckily, Darkstalker was there before any dragon could do some REAL harm. She saw the good in Darkstalker when others didn't! And let's be honest here, she's pretty funny! - Lavender the RainWing

Whiteout is a very obvious hybrid. She looks kind of weird. But she's pretty too.

I love this character. She should be first place. She's gorgeous.

I haven't read a book with her in it yet but she is gorgeous!

7 Cricket

She has beautiful orange-gold scales and green blue eyes. She has beautiful splotches of black like scattered paint. What's not to love about this character? She and Blue are the Beautiful Ship. - Frost the Icewing.

I love her ink blot scales and her glasses! Slay all day, Cricket!

Smart, beautiful, kind.

She is beautiful. 19/20

8 Luna

I'd rank Luna at first. Have you SEEN her book cover?! She's so shiny

Do I really have to say anything?

She is just such a great character and her design is quite unique and beautiful

9 Hazel

One of my favorite dragons. She deserves more personality and maybe a winglet.

She's pretty nice her personality and colour too.

Pretty, smart, kind, and all together wonderful.

10 Clearsight

Clearsight is definitely pretty, according to Moonwatcher. Darkstalker made Fierceteeth turn into Clearsight and Clearsight was said to be sleek and glossy.

She's really nice, elegant and smart. She sacrificed her "husband" to save the world.

She is honestly adorable. 19/20

The Contenders
11 Anemone

Why is Anemone not right behind Whiteout? She's amazing.

So cute with the pink wings. 20/20

She's just really pretty

I like her coloring. I feel like the colors really go well together.
Princess Ashworth of the Silkwings

12 Kinkajou

I love her scales and personality.

13 Snowfall

She's pretty I guess but not pretty enough.

14 Sundew

She should take Sunny's place and put sunny here! She's WAY prettier then sunny!

Sundew Slays the day away!

15 Io

Her colours go well so beautifully.

Her personality is great and the green really stands out on the purple

She's really pretty.

16 Blue

Not pretty. Attracted one dragon go away weirdo.

17 Blaze

Blaze is my favorite one out of the three sisters.

Beautiful woman, my sixth favourite character.

18 Glacier
19 Willow

I agree Ashworth! She is so pretty she should be in the top tens! - springtail the leaf/hive hybrid

why is Willow not higher up on the list!? She's such a pretty character! She reminds a lot of a doe (probably because of her doe eyes) and she is Sundew's girlfriend! Come on Sunlow shippers! Make Willow higher!

Princess Ashworth of the Silkwings

20 Queen Coral

I think Queen Coral is majestic and beautiful, in my opinion of course. Okay, she is bad sometimes, but that doesn't mean she isn't beutiful
-Casting Shadows (NightSand hybrid)

21 Thorn
22 Blister

I think she's the beatifulest charechter in Wings of fire, though blaze was the pretty one, but I don't like Blaze because she's stupid. So, by far Blister is the pretty one.

23 Jewel

She has emerald eyes that stand out from her pale yellow scales. She does look like a jewel…..

24 Katydid
25 Sky

Sky the SkyWing. Pale, orange scales. He's the friend of Wren, a human. With unusual blue eyes, he's a great character.

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