Top 10 Reasons Why Dovewing is Better Than Ivypool (Warriors)

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1 She has powers

I love Dovewing, but having powers doesn't make her better than Ivypool. If that's how it worked then you could easily say "WeLl LiOnBlAzE iS bEtTeR tHaN cInDeRpElT bEcAuSe He HaS pOwErS aNd ShE dOeSn'T." It doesn't quite work like that. But at least Dovewing's powers are useful, while Ivypoop's only power is to drive people insane. -FierceheartOfThunderClan

Dovewing really isn't responsible for this. Ivypool is a jealous monster.

2 She isn't dumb

Exactly! She's sort of dull at times, but at least she didn't think that if she took the side of a bunch of evil dead cats that everyone would love her more! Dovewing is so much smarter than her bratty excuse for a sister! -FierceheartOfThunderClan

Dovewing isn't dumb. She's very smart.

3 She loved Ivypool/paw even when Ivypaw pushed her away

Yes! Dovepaw/wing tried to make amends with Idiotpaw/poop and Idiotpaw/poop just pushed her away! I hate when Idiotpoop fans are all like "Oh DoVeWiNg PuShEd IvYpOoL aWaY fOr No ReAsOn ShE's So MeAn!" Because Idiotpoop pushed Dovewing away not the other way around! Dovewing is so amazing and misunderstood! -FierceheartOfThunderClan

Ivypaw let her jealousy and the Dark Forest blind her and break Dovewing's heart. That's not ok.

4 She didn't make Firestar lose a life

I hate Ivypool for making Firestar lose a life. It was terrible.

5 She doesn't get jealous easily

This is 100% true. I can't think of one time where Dovewing got jealous. She's happy with what she has and she doesn't envy other cats because they have something she doesn't, unlike some other cat we know *cough cough Idiotpoop cough cough* -FierceheartOfThunderClan

6 Dovewing did something in the first book in OoTS, unlike Ivypool

Ya! If Dovepaw hadn't have helped get rid of the beaver dam everyone would have died! I bet Idiotpoop wouldn't be so "amazing" if she didn't have any water to keep her alive! Her only purpose is to drive people out of their minds. She should just go burn in a hole somewhere. -FierceheartOfThunderClan

Ivypool is useless. They whole point of her is to drive everyone out of their minds.

Ivypool is useless! I want someone to come and kill her!

7 Ivypool could be replaced, while Dovewing cannot

Ivypool could be replaced by air. Ivypool is just as stupid as trash.

Ivypool is SO much better than Dovewing, Dovewing could be replaced Ivypool is just the best

8 ThunderClan owes Dovewing more

Yes! They treat Idiotpoop like royalty, pamper her and adore her because she "saved them all," she gets 2 apprentices when she's still a YOUNG WARRIOR, and they pay no attention to Dovewing! No wonder she (spoilers) left to go to ShadowClan! ThunderClan treated her like trash! -FierceheartOfThunderClan

They really do.

9 Ivypool was a terrible spy

I think someone just added this here because they were trying to find reasons to dislike Ivypool. She was actually a good spy, the clans probably would not be around if it was not for her. She pretty much dedicated herself to the job and even though she may have done things as a spy that is pretty questionable, you can't say she isn't a good spy. She may not be a good cat while she was a spy, but that just shows the sacrifices she was willing to make. I am not justifying anything she did, but simply giving reasoning to why she was not a terrible spy.

10 Ivypool didn't believe Dovewing when Dovewing said that something was blocking the lake, but turned into a jealous brat when Dovewing got chosen to check it out

Exactly. If she didn't believe that something was blocking the lake, why would she care who went to check it out? She should've been happy that she didn't have to go. Also, she could've at least been happy for Dovepaw instead of just ignoring her and turning into a sour jealous brat while she was gone. -FierceheartOfThunderClan

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11 Ivypool is rude to Dovewing, but Dovewing is actually a great sister

Dovewing is so sweet..

12 Dovewing made Shadowsight

Yes, but Ivypool made Bristlefrost, so I don't see your point there.

13 Dovewing wanted Ivypool in the prophecy
14 Dovewing is kinder and doesn't want to start war
15 Dovewing has 0 flaws

First off, you're admitting that Dovewing is a Mary Sue, second of all, Dovewing has broken the warrior code multiple times, she cares TOO much. I'm not a fan of Dovewing but she isn't perfect

16 Ivypool got Hollyleaf killed

That wasn't her fault..

17 Ivypool never listens
18 Without Dovewing confronting her Ivypool could've easily turned evil
19 Dovewing kept her personality
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