Favorite Physics Literature

As cool as Paladen but older, it is indeed everything.
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The Top Ten

1 Quantum Physics in Minutes

Real wonder of modern day writing, much of present day to further away can be in a smaller size of a book. - iliescu

Honorable Mention: 'Seven Brief Lessons on Physics' is a cute literature light reading to have around. For fairness it is not the best 10 in skill but as well not to get near another saga with similar nomenclature so that one also to mention. - iliescu

2 Quantum Physics Bible

Something to pray to for real, the religious 'Bible' is a thing of the past when this is seen. - iliescu

3 Devotional Physics

A major Physics breakthrough for each day of the calendar year to celebrate and chosen careful time after again time. - iliescu

4 Teach Yourself Physics

Bright book, think of a forest and then have a sight of it - the results are astounding. - iliescu

5 Electronics Physics

Simple but effective to recall in memory the technology side that is in actual fact part of the physics world. - iliescu

6 Elementary Physics

Simple things about the Science of Physics with straight to the point lines. Can find useful. - iliescu

7 Physics Mechanics

Joints of a mechanical system and trusses of roof tops each rich with over 10 examples and contain inside the walls of there for defense. Beautiful literature and images. - iliescu

8 George and The Big Bang

Where Christmas must have started. - iliescu

9 George's Secret Key to the Universe

Mentions Steven Hawking in the best light ever which is very cool. Glad to have a copy. - iliescu

10 Strange Science and Smithsonian Science

Nice and numerous things about Physics in those 2 titles thought to include as just one as they are in a tie as to which one am prefer. - iliescu