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1 Animals

Best electro house songs I've heard still now!

It's the best electro house drop I have ever heard

Get the explicit lyrics away and it's fine! - CN121

Amazing beat! - Userguy44

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2 Don't Look Down

It's a very emotional and a really good song! Martin garrix & usher have make a good pair

I love this song with all my heart

It has a great tune in it.. Martin and Usher are the great way of making emotional songs.. I love it..

Just fabulous

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3 Virus

I love the melody so much. Martin Garrix Rocks

The melody, the song, the style, the music, I believed now, Martin you are great, your songs I just die, but I will not forget you and your songs.. I love you..

Great track must be in the top ten

One of the best.

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4 Now That I've Found You

The melody is perfect for this song...Martin is a genius

This melody is so original! This deserves to be number one.

This song is awesome and should be at least 3 on the list

Love it

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5 The Only Way Is Up

Garrix's new style is too good... Hope he releases track like this in future...

Most amazing track Of Martin A mixture of every single effect and filter Super awesome!

This is the top 10!

His best

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6 Poison

This is one of the best songs produced by Martin which deserves a place in the top 10.

Just no words said... definitely the best song then Turn up the speakers

Please add this to top ten I have no idea how it isn't


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7 Oops

Love it's composition totally. Great work Martin

Really good song...

Oops is the best song ever ever it made me pass through hard times

Bestof his sould be number 1

8 Scared to Be Lonely

Amazing music is awesome

Its such a good song

Awesome should be at least in top 5

Its class

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9 Forbidden Voices

Absolutely amazing! Must be in the top 3... Better than wizard and tremor!

This, I feel is the begging of the evolution of Martin Garrix. He has moved on from the loud Big Room "music" with heavy drops to actual music... Good on you Martin Garrix.

Great song!... Martin has proved that he can do house music as efficiently as big room!

This is his best song...Must be in top 3

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10 Proxy

How is it not even in the top 5?! It's by far the best Martin Garrix song! It's even better than Animals!

Please move this up its damn awesome song

It's the best martin garrix song ever! Better than animals...

One of his tracks that makes me bounce

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? Waiting for Tomorrow
? Wiee

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11 Goldskies

The best song ever. I mean animals was good, but this is taking it to a whole new level.

This should definitely be in the tops! Beautifull voice and amazing trance beat! Love it!

Yes This is One of The Best Trances I ever Heard From Martin Garrix
Extremely awesome...
Should Be in The Top List
Love you Martin Garrix...


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12 In the Name of Love

With the popularity that this song is gaining, I'm surprised that it's in such a low position. Garrix's growth really stands out in this song.

I just loved it

On billboard it is on top.

Very good sone top 5 obviously

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13 Waiting for Love

This is Martin Garrix uncredited work.

But this song not in sound cloud..

Should be in top 5 at least

14 Break Through the Silence

So Groovy, Dragon was mostly Matisse and Sadko but this was all Garrix

2015's one of the best edms

The 888888888888888888888888888

15 Wizard

It's a good song better than animals but why is it not on top

It's even better than Animals!

I don't know why it's in 3rd. IT'S BETTER THAN ANIMALS!

Its one of the best

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16 Tremor

Maybe, not maybe
This song is awesome!
Nice track with Dimitri Vegas&Like Mike

Its an awesome song...should be in the top 3 with animals n wizard

How is it tenth it should be at least in the top five

This is the best song ever and totally deserves to be the number 1

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17 Dragon

Song gives me chills when it's mashed up with "Latch"

This is awesome song

This is purely an amazing song

Needs to be top 10

18 Lions in the Wild

When I first heard this in ultra 2016, I just had to know the name of the song, I love it!

If your looking through this list and like most think "oh because its not in the top 10 it must be shiet" trust me, stop what your listening to and have a listen. Great for a party its not a hardcore banger

This song is awesome

I am in love with this's full of energy.. I love to hear it whenever I need to lighten up my mood..

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19 Tsunami
20 Helicopter

It should be way higher. It's even better than Animals.

The best song I have ever heard it is better than animals

Helicopter is my favourite song and Martin Garrix really outdone himself

Best Martin Garrix song ever

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I like this song a lot

The beat drop is lit on this song

It is the most wonderful

Its rocking am never gona lost it...

22 Can't Feel My Face

This remix is so crazy! Love it so much

Best forever


23 Just Some Loops

From the beginning on, you are just glued to your chair, feeling its gonna be awesome. When you hear the beat is about to drop you automatically start tapping your feet to the rhythm. And the drop... ahhh undefinable! Awesome song!

I love dubstep! I love martin garrix!


24 There For You

This song is amazingly catchy and the drop is just dope. How come this isn't in the top 10? - lmntrx

This song is MAGIC. 29? absolutely NO WAY, at least this song deserves to be at top 5

25 Turn Up The Speakers

It is a bit out of tune but who cares! Its one of Martins best songs but its still down here.

This is one of the best songs done by martin garrix and one of my favourite songs but really want to know why its number20

Turn up the speakers

A nerd will also dance on this song

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26 Torrent

Very good tune... Very powerful and melodious. Should be on number 1 Martin Garrix is the best

Really epic song, I really like it. has nice powerful tune.

Should be first I guess

27 Project T

Best remix song should be under top 10

Awesome remix..Should move higher

28 So Far Away

I taught this will be at the top, common guy this is his best song. The song is amazing and the lyric is wonderful. It need to be number one now.

This is so good. Makes me think of my crush...

29 Bouncybob

HEy this should be in top ten

This is a sick beat

Awesome songs the list should be like:
3)bouncy bob
this song may not be as good as poison this is the thug life kind of song - demongod


30 Keygen

Its one of his first productions and it is as good as 'animals'

31 Itsa
32 Midnight Sun 2.0 (Martin Garrix Remix)
33 Set Me Free
34 Error 404

Simply Awesome

Drops the bass after an second of silence MLG

35 Backlash

Beautiful melody... Martin garrix is perfect

36 Party Signal

Good song love it...

37 Carousel

Obviously a very good club song

One of the best songs!

This was leaked
It ain't gonna be released - DontMessWithDaddylonglegs

38 Go Jump

I think only a few people might have heard this song! But trust me it's an awesome song...

39 Don't Crack Under Pressure

Awesome Melody

40 Like I Do

Perfect combination of future house and big room, but unsure whether Martin did any part of the song, as Brooks contributed a lot of the song

41 Crackin

Great song! One of his best. Definitely top ten material

Martin does a great remix of Bassjackers original song! Should be a top ten for sure.

love this!

42 Rewind, Repeat It

To tell the truth I'm not much of a Garrix fan. I love Ed Sheeran that's why I heard this song, but I've got to say Martin has a long way to go especially after that drop!

43 Stellar
44 Psycho
45 Registration Code
46 Gamer
47 5 Days
48 Together
49 Can't You See


50 Your Body (Martin Garrix Remix)
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