Most Meaningful Tool Songs

NOTE: Tool rarely reveals or discusses their songs' meanings, it is all up to interpretation and therefore, a Tool song can have several meanings.

The Top Ten

1 Vicarious Vicarious

I love the meaning of this. We all get pleasure in watching the news and learning of the misfortune of others. Vicariously I live while the whole world dies. Much better you than I - ryanrimmel

2 Right in Two Right in Two

Watch the unofficial music video for it. It's absolutely mindblowing. It is about how evil and viscous the human race is - ryanrimmel

3 Ænema Ænema

The rant on Hollywood we all need to hear. Tribute to Bill Hicks - ryanrimmel

4 Lateralus Lateralus
5 Prison Sex Prison Sex

About coming to the realization that you were abused as a child. Chilling lyrics - ryanrimmel

6 Stinkfist Stinkfist

We are all desensitized to the horrors of the world, the media is essentially corrupting our minds. - ryanrimmel

7 Parabol/Parabola Parabol/Parabola

Both songs have the same lyrics. It's about the state of being human - ryanrimmel

8 Rosetta Stoned Rosetta Stoned

Mocks people who do psychedelics and think they hold all the answers to the universe. It tells a story of a guy who smoked DMT, tripped out and thought ET abducted him and gave him the answer as "the chosen one". Quite humorous and insightful - ryanrimmel

9 Schism Schism

The most common interpretation is about a broken relationship. It can also be equated to the Protestant Reformation (Division of the Christian church) - ryanrimmel

10 Forty-Six & 2 Forty-Six & 2

Based on Carl Jung's theory that through evolution, humans will eventually have 46 autosomes (instead of the normal 44) and 2 sex chromosomes. - ryanrimmel

The Contenders

11 Opiate
12 Ticks & Leeches Ticks & Leeches

A big middle finger to the fans who try to tell Tool what to write about - ryanrimmel

13 Pushit Pushit
14 Sober
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