Top 10 Best Things About Power Metal

Here are the reasons why the genre of power metal is awesome, although it gets much hate from posers
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1 It's a virtuoso style

Exactly, Power metal require a lot of talent. You'll need an extremely talent guitarist, someone who can sing with a powerful voice, and an expert drummer. If you call yourself a Metalhead and you hate Power Metal, something is wrong with you.

I agree. Power metal isn't a very heavy subgenre but nevertheless it's among the most demanding subgenres. It's very fast yet melodic so all instruments have to keep the speed but they have to keep the melody, too. And yes, it needs great singers with clean melodic vocals.
By the way, I fell in love with your user name. The same thing happened when I heard Valhalla by Blind Guardian for the first time.

2 The energy

No need to say anything else, but power Metal is probably the most energetic music in the Metal genre if not in music general

3 Amazing live performances

Just go and watch some... I mean... How can it get better... When the musicians and the crowd become one, and we all participate, we sing or we clap our hands to the sound, we headbang and that feeling that we are all a big family is damn so great!

Yes, the most amazing metal live performance I've ever seen (that involves the crowd) is Blind Guardian's Valhalla - the crowd was singing the chorus for 4 minutes and wanted to continue...

4 An unique style of music

Ok, a lot of bands, mostly underground, may be repeating the same over and over again (catchy rythme, melodic tune, the same theme in all their songs) but guess what? It happens to all the genres of music! All of them! They are a lot of really great bands of the power metal genre that are unique and of course awesome! What I'm saying of unique is that it's one of a kind! Melodic and speed, multiple solos, fantasy or history themes, great way of playing the instruments (see number 1) etc

The most unique and least repetitive metal band is Blind Guardian - basically a power metal band but they played several other subgenres which helped them sound less repetitive.

5 The emotions

Well, many of you haters will say it lucks of emotion, but I guess your have only listen to dragonforce... Because the emotions are so many you can cry over the songs, especially of the ballads (perfection). And you accually can hear emotion in every artist who play for music, and that's what power metal feature is! They play for the music and you can here that clearly

For me Hansi Kursch of Blind Guardian is the most emotional metal singer. Dio is also very emotional. By emotional I don't mean cheesy singing cliches from pop music or emo-type emotional.
Good examples from Hansi Kursch are: My Last Sunrise (Demons & Wizards), Thorn (Blind Guardian).

6 Great singers

This metal style requires great singers with clean melodic vocals and some of the best metal singers are from this subgenre - Dio, Hansi Kursch, Michael Kiske, Tobias Sammet, to name a few.

7 Dio
8 It's not a new genre

Ok that isn't a reason of how awesome it is but I have heard some people who know nothing about it saying that it is a new genre along with nu metal... Well... The first song that is considered power metal is stargazer by Rainbow and it was released in 1976. Godfathers of power metal 'helloween' formed in 1983, and released their first EP one year later, but they have been other power metal bands earlier before them... So I don't find the genre 'new'

Agree, it's one on the oldest genres (70s) and it's one of the purest forms of metal music. Well, DragonForce pop-ish wankery is something new but it's not good power metal.

9 Ballads

If you are a ballad lover you will sure love power metal ballads... Some recommend are
The bards song- blind guardian
Coming home- stratovarius
Hold me in your arms- helloween
The land of eternity- firewind
Glory to the brave- hammerfall
A while in dreamland- gamma ray
And of course many many more

10 It heals you

You had a bad day? Of even a stomach ache... Yeah I have tried it it works... In some minutes you will feel like a god that just took the power sword and now it's impossible someone to drug you down... Or maybe I have problems... But anyway for me it works so I don't care

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11 The themes
12 Has a lot of extremely talented bands
13 The album covers
14 Excellent musicianship
15 The songwriting
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