Top Ten Things the Metal Scene Needs

Let's be honest. We all like Metal but almost every scene needs improvements.
The Top Ten
1 Creativity
2 Other styles of vocals

Nine Treasures and Tengger Cavalry are a great example of combining throat singing with metal.

3 Open mindedness

Zeal and Ardor combine black metal with blues, gospel, and more.

We need open minds to make more great subgenres.

4 Correct labeling of bands as 'metal'

I am sick and tired of bands that are barely metal or not metal at all but call themselves metal.

5 Newcomers with their own unique sound

I totally agree with that, but there's something I call "the uniqueness paradox". The most unique bands never get popular and appreciated. Even now, there are many unique bands, but they are all underrated.

Sometimes, unique isn't always good, and I'm mainly talking about Slaughterbox when I say this.

Most of these new bands are just copycats.

6 Accurate articles about metal on wiki and other sites

Most of the wiki articles on metal music contain ridiculous statements. For example, "Amon Amarth are one of the first Viking metal bands." Wrong! Amon Amarth's lyrics are about Vikings, but they play melodic death metal and they aren't a Viking metal band. Things like that.

7 More fun & self irony

Everybody loves funny stuff, but this would be a hard task for metal bands, especially the fun part. Not because metal musicians aren't able to create funny stuff - they are. It's because long ago, metal consciously embraced the dark side of music and lyrics. This is one of the differences between metal and hard rock (AC/DC, KISS). Basically, there's no fun in metal. Folk metal and parody metal are exceptions. Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, or Death would never perform a song like Talk Dirty to Me by Poison.

8 Less excitement about pop sounding bands
9 More attention to non-mainstream metal bands
10 More fans
The Contenders
11 Better magazines

Kerrang is full of 'mainstream' and boring stuff. MetalSucks is full of troll and hate articles/comments.

We deserve better magazines!

12 Less autotune

It sounds annoying, and in live videos, you see how much talent the singer really has.

13 More respect towards others music tastes

You might hate pop music, which is played everywhere, but if your best friend likes it, you should respect his music choice.

It's his decision to listen to boring music.

14 Looking for underrated musicians
15 Don't be intolerant

There was a video from the German metal YouTuber 'DerDunkleParabelritter' / The Dark Parabelknight where a man from another country was getting bad names at a concert.

This YouTuber said it doesn't matter where you come from to be a metalhead.

I agree. I don't care what gender, skin color, or if you're gay/lesbian. You just have to be a nice person.

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