Best Metallica Songs Before the Black Album

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1 Master of Puppets

Great guitar riffs and pretty good drumming from Lars. Love the solo. Second Half of the song is amazing

Cliff's last album, and the last time we had the "classic" metallica sound, and don't give me that Justice and Black stuff, they were good, but THIS was GREAT

Great intro,riff and solos.James voice was still young and hadent changed yet.

2 Fade to Black

One of the best Metal songs of all time. - ParasN2000

3 For Whom the Bell Tolls
4 The Thing That Should Not Be

Immortal! - Glauberson

5 Seek & Destroy

One of the best ever.

Searchin seek and destroy

6 Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
7 The Four Horsemen
8 Ride the Lightning

The intro is from another universe

"Where's Ride the Lightning?! Where's Ride the Lightning?! Why isn't it on the list? WHY?! Who didn't vote for Ride the Lightning? Tell me right now! "
-Kirk Hammett.

9 Creeping Death
10 ... and Justice for All

The Newcomers

? The Call of Ktulu
? One

I don't understand why master of puppets gets more votes than this song on every list. It IS the best Metallica song, period!

I'm tired of seeing Master of Puppets in first place on every Metallica list. One is the real deal.

I love this song.

Every guitar player who quit after 2 years' nation anthem - SoldierOfFortune

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The Contenders

11 Battery
12 For Whom the Bell Tolls
13 Hit the Lights
14 Harvester of Sorrow
15 Blackened V 1 Comment
16 Escape

I didn't think this would be above Ride The Lightning, Battery,...And Justice For All, Hit the Lights, Orion, The Four Horsemen, Whiplash, or Am I Evil.

17 Orion
18 Am I Evil

Who put this here? Garage inc. Was made AFTER the black album

This was recorded during the Kill em All days...

Yes, Garage Days revisited & Creeping Death maxi single, that had the cover artwork of Alvin Petty... Pretty 😎.

19 Trapped Under Ice
20 Whiplash
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