Top 10 Moments from Anastasia (1997)

These are some of the top moments from one of my favorite animated movies and favorite Don Bluth movies the 1997 animated movie Anastasia.
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1 Anastasia Reunites With Her Grandmother and Regains Her Memory

After Dimitri's entire plan is exposed by Empress Marie Anya is furious with him for using her to pass her off as Anastasia to get her money, determined to get Marie to meet with Anya he basically kidnaps her and takes her to where Anya is staying at as the two begin talking Anya slowly begins regaining her memory as Marie now realizes that Anya is in fact her long lost granddaughter Anastasia.

It's so sweet

2 Journey to the Past

After Anya is forced to leave the orphanage and go work at a nearby soup factory by the owner, but instead of going there Anya accompanied by a stray dog she names Pooka decides instead to go to Paris hoping to find her family inspired by the inscription on her locket as she sings a musical number "Journey to the Past".

I love this movie.

3 In the Dark of the Night

After Bartok arrives in Limbo with Rasputin's reliquary he plots to eliminate Anya/Anastasia in order to fulfill the cures he placed on the Romanov family as he like any typical animated movie villain sings a song about it "In the Dark of the Night! ".

4 Rasputin's Death

In his last effort to kill off Anastasia Rasputin goes to the surface to finish her off himself as he uses the magic from his reliquary to do the job but Anastasia isn't backing down as Dimitri comes to her aid as Anya finishes off Rasputin by breaking his reliquary killing him as his life is drained from him before disintegrating to dust.

5 Runaway Train

After having his reliquary returned Rasputin sends a couple of green demons to derail the train and destroys a bridge hoping to send the train crashing and killing Anastasia however Anya, Dimitri and Vladamir manage to get off the train before it goes off the broken bridge.

6 Once Upon a December Ballroom Fantasy

Most beautiful scene, no doubt.

7 Anya's Nightmare

In an attempt to kill of Anastasia Rasputin attempts to trick her into sleepwalking off the ship to her death by planting a fake dream of Anya's family happily swimming then asking for her to join them just before Dimitri comes in the nick of time and wakes her up.

8 Paris Holds The Key (To Your Heart)

After passing Sophie's test she invites the trio along to Paris to do some shopping and a huge musical number breaks out all the while Dimitri is at a crossroad as he realizes that Anya is in fact the real Anastasia and that his love for her can't happen because of her being royalty.

9 Learn to Do It

After escaping the train Dimitri and Vladamir inform Anya in order for her to see the Grand Duchess she must first prove that she's Anastasia which seems like an impossible as the two not only show her how to properly act like royalty while also remembering the family's history.

10 Siege of the Palace

After Rasputin gives his warning to Czar Nicholas that he and his family will die within the forth night he sells his soul for a magical reliquary which he uses to place a curse on the Romanov family and sparking the Russian revolution which leads to a siege on the palace as only the Dowager Empress Marie and Anastasia manage to survive as Dimitri helps them to escape through a secret door.

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11 Anastasia's daydream

When Anastasia runs in the palace and imagines she is dancing. Her memory is destroyed with "Hey, what are you doing here! "

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