Top 10 Ways to Avoid Movie Spoilers

These might seem obvious and won't guarantee that you wouldn't get spoilers, but even so, these might lessen the chance of getting spoilers and might lessen the spoilers you'll receive. Just accept the fact that spoilers can't be prevented.
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1 Watch the movie on the first day of its release

It is a real chore to watch a movie on the first day, especially a movie where you have to worry about being spoiled. Long lines, cramped theaters, and having to buy tickets online a week before the movie comes out are all issues you have to deal with to ensure you get a ticket.

When you watch Endgame on opening night so you don't have to worry about avoiding spoilers: it's a simple spell but quite unbreakable.

This one is super obvious, unless you don't have the time to watch it or all the tickets are sold for that day.

2 Avoid Googling the movie or anything related to it

This one is obvious. If you don't want to stay away from the internet but you still don't want spoilers, then just avoid Googling the movie.

Just turn off your internet, aka cut off your oxygen supply, until you see the movie.

3 Stay away from the internet

Especially on social media. That is your main concern. You're usually safe searching for the movie through Google, Yahoo, or other search engines. The main concern is memes related to the movie, like what happened with Infinity War.

A lot of people love to give out major spoilers on the internet.

4 Avoid talking to or going near people who could potentially spoil you

If you don't have annoying friends who like talking about movies a lot and thus spoil them, you're guaranteed to avoid spoilers. Also, if you're not one of those who can't live without social media, you're good. However, if you're addicted to social media, you're pretty much screwed.

Don't talk to friends whom you know are really excited about that movie until you have watched it. If you're going to school, this is going to become really hard, and all I can say is good luck.

5 Avoid reading YouTube comments

Sometimes, even when you aren't watching a video related to the film whatsoever, there's still a chance of people commenting spoilers about the film on the video you're watching.

It is usually a good idea to avoid the YouTube comment sections anyway. They can get really toxic, though comments on trailers can be very amusing.

This is a good idea because when I look at the comment section of Fortnite videos that I watch, people comment spoilers for Endgame. Luckily for me, I never watch movies.

6 Go to an early bird showing of the movie
7 Stay away from social media

There's always a chance that someone could post spoilers in a post or comment without any prior context. So it's best to stay off social media if you care about spoilers.

There would be plenty of spoilers in there.

8 Avoid watching YouTube videos related to the movie

You can usually tell if a YouTube video will spoil a movie. For example, if the video says a movie's ending is explained, you should know not to watch it. Or if it is a review from a random person who isn't a movie review channel, there is usually going to be a spoiler.

Some people complain that they got spoiled, even though it's a no-brainer that watching a video about a film you plan to watch would obviously give out spoilers.

The recommended section killed me a day before I saw Endgame.

9 Listen to music with headphones

Especially when you're near a person who loves to give out spoilers.

10 Make fake spoilers to avoid spoiling the real movie

How do you know a spoiler is fake if you don't know any spoilers?

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11 Don't read reviews of the movie

Even though it claims to be "spoiler-free," it still might include them.

12 Avoid TV commercials
13 Use browser extensions

Just type in words you want omitted, and the blocker will remove articles and anything else about the film.

14 Pretend like you have never heard of the movie
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