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This list includes best monsters in the Monster Legends game.

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1 VoltaiK VoltaiK

Fast and hits hard and half of moves give him another move run all stamina and your good to go

Give him strength runes and he's easily beating the entire team in 1 turn definitely my favorite monster

VoltaiK looks so damn cool and attack you so many times in a row that I got so pissed when he/she/whatever is my enemy. I got VoltaiK as my first legendary using 225 gems during a special offer

My favorite monster

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2 General Atum General Atum

He is the most powerful General in the game! - OnurLegends

His insane shields are too good for ALL OF YOU he straight up can't die

Wow! His so good in battles. I would even buy him for gems, because I never use gems to get monsters. I just get monsters by breeding or in those things at the right side

Extremely strong and very good at holding the team together. Plus shields. I've found a good move set for him:
Armored Troops
Atum's Mace
Earth Army Assault
Hard As A Rock
Really good moves. Hard as a rock goes good for when he's almost dead or last one standing because it doubles his life + deals any damage he's hit with back! I use him with Vanoss and MMONSTER and it works very well.

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3 General Darmith General Darmith

I have him and he is my best! Level 75 and his attack is 4,155 and health is 23,207

He's amazing! The second best on my team totally worth it

Awesome stats, awesome moves. Need I say more?

General Darmith is so Op He should be #1

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4 General Thetys General Thetys

My favorite monster is Thetys, she is very strong she has great skills. - OnurLegends

Her Stamina Drain skill right after a Freeze all is cast by another monster like Varuna equals two missed turns... She is a must have

Her Stamina Drain is amazing, there is no defense for it so its 100% disarming every time for all opponents.

Easy to Rank up since she is a General so definitely is Top 3

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5 Griffin Griffin

Stunning pecks no cool down = op +speed runes = 3 turns with stunning pecks = OP!

Griffin is OP and can have great nicknames! Bleeding pecks and griffin thunder with massive peck too much power to handle

Griffin is my first legendary and he is over powered! He also deals a lot of damage and has really little cool down

I just got him he is op as heck because he can stun and because he is very strong

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6 Lagerchaun Lagerchaun

Why is he even ON HERE!

He is worse than some flipping epics get him in last place every time I see this list I'm like "what! "

How is he even in this list?! He sucks.

I voted for the troll

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7 Lord Moltus Lord Moltus

So amazing, the best Fire Legend.

He is very strong

I hope to get it

Over powerd

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8 Killeraptor Killeraptor

The coolest mobster because he is a dinosaur!

His damage is cool

I die to much against this monster

First legend, and also O.P., even against higher level monsters. Also Stampede so O.P., along with his special moves!

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9 MMOnster MMOnster

MMOnster is super good on boss fights. I don't have him, but he can deal 30% of the boss's life as damage.

This monster is amazing! He should most definitely be in at least the top three. His health, attacks, and special skills are super cool! If only I had him...

Has the most powerful attacks, is fast as crap, and has some of the most health!

I love him
Because he was made for my favorite you tuber

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10 Metalhead Metalhead

Brilliant all stun, insane damage move, best shield move in game, and shouting for vengeance is epic for magnetizing and special move kills ALL in four turns.(Kill them all, Ace of hearts, in the darkest hour, shouting for vengeance and the fatal countdown are the moves I'm talking about)

Stun, burn, possession & nightmares + the fatal countdown; need I say more

He is good at killing multiple enemies

He is very good

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? Lui Calibre

So strong! Best in the game!

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11 Timerion Timerion

Cooldowns activated, cooldowns deactivated, space time, equalizer and stop time are all amazing moves. Immune to all status effects. He is a must have monster

I hate having to suffer the pain of timerion I just like making other people suffer to my timerion

His Equalizer move makes an enemy's life equal to his. He cannot attack, but he is super effective on boss levels

Amazing support monster, best in the game

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12 Uriel Uriel

It is one of the most powerful monsters in the game. It's opening in 65 level and his stats are amazing! - OnurLegends

Not one of my favorites since its takes a while to unlock and very rarely does he show up in events so it took me forever to get him but I do like that he is the only monster that can bring back your team

The only reason anyone thinks he is good is because u unlock him late and he can revive someone but trust me many light monsters are better than him don't use hm

Ahh the tagia is much better light monster

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13 Varuna Varuna

He was my first monster well legendary monster any way nothing will get passed his way thanks to a move called cased blast that freezes them and the enemy's take a lot of damage

Almost every top players have varuna. I think he is be best after voltika or at least best water legend

I would say best water type and also general thesis is good

He is the best water legendary

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14 Sphyrnus Sphyrnus

I know one of his powers where he goes into a rock pool. He teleports to all your of your characters.

Awesome Water Legend! Freezes Everybody!

It can freeze, it can stun, it can make your opponant bleed and suck stamina...what do u want more?

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15 Barbatos Barbatos

Very powerful moves. Destroys opponents with one move. Makes the Dungeons too easy!

Best dark monster I wont fight anyone with him unless he doesn't have runes

This thing is epic. My friend does 100k+ damage with him

Hell gates praticly inbetible heals all of his life and does allot of damage

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16 Tempest Tempest

His attacks are the best and he is very very fast. He can stun very often as well then and is a good member for your team to stop the, from dying as he can continuously stun and sometimes stun all enemies at once!

His raging thunderstorm move is so op, it stuns everyone and he's really fast definitely a top ten monster...did I mention he's fast

I have tempest level 86 currently and he is my main monster, his attacks are high damage and can stun, combining with vadamagma, and lord mammoth is a great team. I leveled up from 43 to 47 in a day thanks to that unstoppable team. Runes are a must though when using tempest, minimum of rune level three for real.

How is this ranked so low,can easily beat griffin,I'd say the third best thunder monster,this should definitely hit the top 10,

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17 Noctum Noctum

He is not the best but OP in some respects

I personally have him, for those people that want an op monster and one that looks good. Or even looks cool. THIS IS THE ONE. Not only is he sweet looking he's op as I already said

He is the most powerful dark monster

Noctum is strong and very good

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18 EggEater EggEater

Should be in top 10. Possessing egg and dominating egg are too powerful.

This dude is amazing I have him and I got to level 100 because of him

Has two possess team moves, great advantage

He looks so fierce

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19 The Ringer

Death knell with bleeding is just too strong, is quite always a must in my team

Is very pour! Should be in the last position!

His life is high and his attacks are powerful. He is good.

Death Knell = Divine Aggression! OP! by the way You didn't grammar with poor correctly

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20 Oghma Oghma

He has great skills for attacking all of the enemies and I think that he is the most powerful monster of light element. - OnurLegends

Best light legendary

This guy is amazing!

His shield moves give 100% immunity to 4 elements at a time ge should be top 10

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