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This list includes best monsters in the Monster Legends game.

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Fast and hits hard and half of moves give him another move run all stamina and your good to go

Voltaik can take down a whole team just by himself! Get him if you can

Give him strength runes and he's easily beating the entire team in 1 turn definitely my favorite monster

This monster is old and outdated. Zyla the Faithful is much better.

General Atum

He is the most powerful General in the game!

Best monter in the game I beat first monter on the leater board

Wow! His so good in battles. I would even buy him for gems, because I never use gems to get monsters. I just get monsters by breeding or in those things at the right side

I got Atum because he seemed like the "brick wall" type. My instincts were right again! Hard As A Rock and Armored Troops are a deadly combo with him! Here is an exploit, by the way. Use Hard As A Rock then Armored Troops for an insane shield life!

General Thetys

My opinion is great she should be in the league where you spend those grey coins on

My favorite monster is Thetys, she is very strong she has great skills.

Her Stamina Drain is amazing, there is no defense for it so its 100% disarming every time for all opponents.

I think General Thetys is good because you could use stamina devourers.

General Darmith

Great stats and high as power, I versed him in multiplayer, big mistake! need I say more?

I have him and he is my best! Level 75 and his attack is 4,155 and health is 23,207

He's amazing! The second best on my team totally worth it

THE BEST MONSTER! I have him level 100 and is my best he looks AWESOME too I love dragons and he is my favourite monster

General Nishant

I don't play the game

Very powerful kill opponents with easy attacks and gives your monsters +50% damage

A really good attacker

So great he can deal over 9,000 damage and you can buy him with war coins


Barbatos is the most massive damage dealer in the game. I think he is the king of evil legion

Very powerful moves. Destroys opponents with one move. Makes the Dungeons too easy!

Ultra Powerful Blood Covenant+ Hellfire to wipe out opponents. PvP+ dungeons easy with him. I use him with VIII runes 115 so good and opponents almost always lose immediately. I recommend: Blood Covenant + Hellfire + Master of Pain + Corrupted laceration (Master of pain is 0 cool-down so you won't need Demon Heart)

Best dark monster I wont fight anyone with him unless he doesn't have runes

General Shannara

She can do fire and other moves

Is crazy good with demise and can one shot entire teams at a time!

So good, just got her in a team war chest

Worst general in the game


Because he the only legendary I have and I think he is amazing

Ps: Them biceps be peng

Stunning pecks no cool down = op +speed runes = 3 turns with stunning pecks = OP!

Griffin is OP and can have great nicknames! Bleeding pecks and griffin thunder with massive peck too much power to handle

One of the best monsters I have had, my set of skills: Stunning pecks, huge pecks, blinding pecks, griffin thunder, VERY OVERPOWERED. he can stun without cooldowns, do heavy damage without cooldowns, and is very fast too, he is a damage dealer, I recommend 2 strength and 1 health rune or 1 strength one speed and one health!


This is a very good monster, lead rain + round rain is extremely OP. Freeze and stun? Its insane, equip the strength runes you have got a very good monster

He can stun and freeze, Is amazing

This one is one of my best

Should be at number one


Timerion is like one of the best supporters in game. Not only he is capable of defending your team but he can also stun the enemy and dead activated cool down. This monster must be at the top 3.

His stop time move is OP, it puts a turn skip on a monster of choice, and gets an extra turn to support with his move space time, which will basically have your team dodge all of the opponents next attack. He is a great setup and his equalizer move is also OP. Timerion has bad hit points, and equalizer will make a monster of the opponents team (of your choice) have equal HP as Timerion.

He's completely immune to all status effect, that in itself is amazing and extremely rare. But when you add up his intense skills and the negative effects he does, it's a pain trying to kill him and amazing trying to us him.

He needs to be top 3. You can't touch his team for the most of the game and when you finally manage to damage him he just uses his special (which you seem t get more than other monsters. Is that a bug? )

The Contenders


He's really good I don't have him but a friend. Does and he 1 shots nemistrinus at max level

MMOnster is super good on boss fights. I don't have him, but he can deal 30% of the boss's life as damage.

I don’t have MMOnster but I have Patrion and they are ver similar

Amasing and as op in real life and also cloud and legion #they should add a gaming with Jen monster


he the beer leperacun instead of gold pots he has a pot of whiskey

Why is he even ON HERE!

I can imagine this guy walking into a pub and drinking all the whiskey in sight then walking out with a middle finger raised

I thought I could kill him with a team of three legendaries against one.. Oof

General Alces

Is to strong I used him against 3 max legendary and still be a them and is one of the only generals that has a multiple attack special move

I also have general alces my general alces is level 30 and it beat 3 rares which are level 40 like what the heck he should be in the top 10!

He can heal and attack. Period.

Should be top ten period

Lord Moltus

He is clearly the strongest because he is a legendary and the first ever type you get besides grass

I like him as I'm in early game but I think there will be better fire monsters than him as he is so easy to get.

So amazing, the best Fire Legend.

I've always dreamed of having him. Looks awesome, been attacked by him, and attacks awesome.


If you guys are looking for a strong monster that will help you with adventure map levels, (not bosses though) you should get killeraptor. He does an amazing amount of damage and he will help you level up very quickly in the adventure map. just give him strength runes and he is OP on damage. He can also be bought for a low price so after all this guy is totally WORTH IT!

Mine's level 53 and he's my best monster but my second highest leveled. He is really strong and good for people who need a legendary. The runes on mine are strength level 4, team strength level 5, and team strength level 4.

This guy is a killer... Mine is level 100 and one shots almost everyone in the adventure map with his pterodactyl control move!

I love this guy. Mine is level 100. His attack is 6537 and health at 33739


Brilliant all stun, insane damage move, best shield move in game, and shouting for vengeance is epic for magnetizing and special move kills ALL in four turns.(Kill them all, Ace of hearts, in the darkest hour, shouting for vengeance and the fatal countdown are the moves I'm talking about)

I am going to get metalhead really soon so it's good to know that he's in the top 20's thatnks man/girl thank you

Stun, burn, possession & nightmares + the fatal countdown; need I say more

He is good at killing multiple enemies


Glitch is my first legendary almost all its moves can corrupt enemies I love the move that gives triple damage and corrupts opponents that way they will kill their own team

I haven't got glitch yet but he's one of the weirdest monster in monster legends. He's a badass

Yeah basically all his attacks give corruption which is basically possession except corruption can be used on the harder bosses who are immune to possession which 8s really helpful plus other attacks give random effects

I got most of his cells with gems and thought it was a mistake but after seeing what he could do it turns out I was wrong also it was cell week so I was not a complete idiot


What the hell... He's the first monster you get! Also, his max level is 70. Wow.

Treezard is the biggest chicken nugget in the game. His special move is eating chicken nuggets. It regenerates massive health. TREEZARD.

This. This thing is amazing. Treezard is a god. Above any attacker I've ever seen- Cain, Hookuai, Nitroblaster, you name it - I will always choose the massive legend known as Treezard. I've never actually won against one, and am still trying to breed one today (I've been trying to breed him three years straight). Every entity here who has a Treezard and uses him, you are an absolute legend. A legend like Treezard. Thank you for existing.

Treezard's a tank, a denier, an attacker, and a supporter all at once. Best monster in the game!


Uriel is one of the only monsters to bring their allies from the dead with holly reconstruction

It is one of the most powerful monsters in the game. It's opening in 65 level and his stats are amazing!

The only reason anyone thinks he is good is because u unlock him late and he can revive someone but trust me many light monsters are better than him don't use hm

Not one of my favorites since its takes a while to unlock and very rarely does he show up in events so it took me forever to get him but I do like that he is the only monster that can bring back your team

General Uria

Charged boom is SO good even at level 70 it dose 7009 and more to griffin why do people hate him

He is fast and strong

Strong just strong

He hurts like BOOM

Nadiel the Pyromancer

He's good in battle and can stop an entire team from attacking also can give your enimes bad status effects


Great deny monster. Can often immobilize the whole party along with 1 person losing 2 turns because you have frozen them AND taken their stamina.

Freeze moves have good accuracy, so you normally have 2 whole rounds without being attacked. Even without double damage move, he is awesome.

Good denier? Are you kidding? HE IS THE BEST DENIER!

INCREDIBLY strong. -100% stamina attack, double damage, stamina leak; what's not to love?


He was my first monster well legendary monster any way nothing will get passed his way thanks to a move called cased blast that freezes them and the enemy's take a lot of damage

Almost every top players have varuna. I think he is be best after voltika or at least best water legend

His cascade blast that freezes the entire team is one of my favorite in the game. He also has other attacks to balance him out that are amazing

Should be ranked closer to the top. He always outlasts other water monsters in a battle.

Alpha Cliviast

Got him early and He is amazing stun, poison life steal cursed countdown and Aoe possess (special) THIS GUY IS SO AWESOME

Got him he's beast

He has an AoE stun and poison and an AoE Death Countdown, plus incredible life stealing skills. A must have for dungeon bosses, and for the Cryotan + Ourus + Igursus monsters. 100,000+ hp, but they'll all die after 3 turns.

Count Vlad

He is really powerful.


Out Of Blood = 60 Damage + 100% Life Steal! OP
Horror Gaze = Skills Group 2 + Moderate/Nightmare AoE! OP

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