Best Monster Legends Monsters

This list includes best monsters in the Monster Legends game.

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1 VoltaiK

Fast and hits hard and half of moves give him another move run all stamina and your good to go

He is bad because his power stat is low, he has high cooldowns, and even if he has extra turns DOTs and anticipation exist.

I have him. He's good attack wise and every thing but the only problem is he has low health.

Give him strength runes and he's easily beating the entire team in 1 turn definitely my favorite monster

2 General Atum

Op with shields. Wish I had him.

He is the most powerful General in the game! - OnurLegends

Way too powerful.

Best monter in the game I beat first monter on the leater board

3 General Thetys

Good stamina removal moves

OP stamina drain

Great staller

Op her pet is Amazing too best general

4 General Darmith

Great stats and high as power, I versed him in multiplayer, big mistake! need I say more?

I have him and he is my best! Level 75 and his attack is 4,155 and health is 23,207

He's amazing! The second best on my team totally worth it

THE BEST MONSTER! I have him level 100 and is my best he looks AWESOME too I love dragons and he is my favourite monster

5 General Nishant

I don't play the game

Very powerful kill opponents with easy attacks and gives your monsters +50% damage

A really good attacker

So great he can deal over 9,000 damage and you can buy him with war coins

6 Barbatos

A good monster with a great movepool.

Barbatos is the most massive damage dealer in the game. I think he is the king of evil legion

I don't play the game

My dad has faced him and is super

7 General Shannara

Worst general in the game


She can do fire and other moves

Is crazy good with demise and can one shot entire teams at a time!

8 Griffin

Because he the only legendary I have and I think he is amazing

Ps: Them biceps be peng

Stunning pecks no cool down = op +speed runes = 3 turns with stunning pecks = OP!

Massive peck can even hurt a VIP a lot he is actually on my team since he is a multi attacker and a great damage dealer

Griffin is OP and can have great nicknames! Bleeding pecks and griffin thunder with massive peck too much power to handle

9 Cavenfish


Ugly and bad

Should be at number one

This is a very good monster, lead rain + round rain is extremely OP. Freeze and stun? Its insane, equip the strength runes you have got a very good monster - Ashleyemeraldia

10 Timerion

Timerion is like one of the best supporters in game. Not only he is capable of defending your team but he can also stun the enemy and dead activated cool down. This monster must be at the top 3. - JohnNaismith

His stop time move is OP, it puts a turn skip on a monster of choice, and gets an extra turn to support with his move space time, which will basically have your team dodge all of the opponents next attack. He is a great setup and his equalizer move is also OP. Timerion has bad hit points, and equalizer will make a monster of the opponents team (of your choice) have equal HP as Timerion.

Timerion is extremely dangerous to monsters with skill that have high cooldowns since he can activate them with CDA. Stop time will give timerion an extra turn at the same time, denying the enemy. CDDA (cooldowns deactivared) DOES NOT GO THROUGH ITS 4-turn cooldown! Once you activate the skill it will be available in the next turn again considering the amount of stamina you have. Equalizer is good for adventure map and tanks like Cryotan. Space Time and Looped Damage are capable of defending your whole team, making timerion a very good support if used at the right correctly.

He's completely immune to all status effect, that in itself is amazing and extremely rare. But when you add up his intense skills and the negative effects he does, it's a pain trying to kill him and amazing trying to us him.

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? Thunder Eagle

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11 MMOnster

Cool I guess besides him being outdated

Should be at number one

He's really good I don't have him but a friend. Does and he 1 shots nemistrinus at max level

Design of pat which is lich king
Pretty cool and strong

12 Lagerchaun

I can imagine this guy walking into a pub and drinking all the whiskey in sight then walking out with a middle finger raised

Why is he even ON HERE!

I thought I could kill him with a team of three legendaries against one.. Oof

He is worse than some flipping epics get him in last place every time I see this list I'm like "what! "

13 General Alces

Who made this list

I Have him at level 50 and he is still my best monster with 3 level five runes and 3x damage boosts he can do ove 30k damage to a firesaur #AlcesSquad

Is to strong I used him against 3 max legendary and still be a them and is one of the only generals that has a multiple attack special move

I also have general alces my general alces is level 30 and it beat 3 rares which are level 40 like what the heck he should be in the top 10!

14 Lord Moltus

He is clearly the strongest because he is a legendary and the first ever type you get besides grass

Hot thic boy he is my crush

I like him as I'm in early game but I think there will be better fire monsters than him as he is so easy to get.

As a lord of rings fan he reminds me of Sauron

15 Killeraptor


Really bad


My first legendary! He's so OP love his double bite

16 Metalhead

I am going to get metalhead really soon so it's good to know that he's in the top 20's thatnks man/girl thank you

He can stun and posses targets a very strong attacker

Brilliant all stun, insane damage move, best shield move in game, and shouting for vengeance is epic for magnetizing and special move kills ALL in four turns.(Kill them all, Ace of hearts, in the darkest hour, shouting for vengeance and the fatal countdown are the moves I'm talking about)

Stun, burn, possession & nightmares + the fatal countdown; need I say more

17 Glitch

Glitch is my first legendary almost all its moves can corrupt enemies I love the move that gives triple damage and corrupts opponents that way they will kill their own team

Awesome strength

love it

I haven't got glitch yet but he's one of the weirdest monster in monster legends. He's a badass

18 Treezard

Treezard is the biggest chicken nugget in the game. His special move is eating chicken nuggets. It regenerates massive health. TREEZARD.

This. This thing is amazing. Treezard is a god. Above any attacker I've ever seen- Cain, Hookuai, Nitroblaster, you name it - I will always choose the massive legend known as Treezard. I've never actually won against one, and am still trying to breed one today (I've been trying to breed him three years straight). Every entity here who has a Treezard and uses him, you are an absolute legend. A legend like Treezard. Thank you for existing.

Treezard's a tank, a denier, an attacker, and a supporter all at once. Best monster in the game!

I don't think treezard should even be on this

19 Uriel

Uriel is one of the only monsters to bring their allies from the dead with holly reconstruction

It is one of the most powerful monsters in the game. It's opening in 65 level and his stats are amazing! - OnurLegends

The only reason anyone thinks he is good is because u unlock him late and he can revive someone but trust me many light monsters are better than him don't use hm

He is really good in my opinion that may be becose he is my first legndary

20 General Uria

Charged boom is SO good even at level 70 it dose 7009 and more to griffin why do people hate him

He is fast and strong

He hurts like BOOM


21 Nadiel the Pyromancer

He's good in battle and can stop an entire team from attacking also can give your enimes bad status effects

22 Varuna

I’m just hatching him and I read about how powerful he is

He was my first monster well legendary monster any way nothing will get passed his way thanks to a move called cased blast that freezes them and the enemy's take a lot of damage

Almost every top players have varuna. I think he is be best after voltika or at least best water legend

His cascade blast that freezes the entire team is one of my favorite in the game. He also has other attacks to balance him out that are amazing

23 Frostbite

Great deny monster. Can often immobilize the whole party along with 1 person losing 2 turns because you have frozen them AND taken their stamina.

Freeze moves have good accuracy, so you normally have 2 whole rounds without being attacked. Even without double damage move, he is awesome.

Good denier? Are you kidding? HE IS THE BEST DENIER!

INCREDIBLY strong. -100% stamina attack, double damage, stamina leak; what's not to love?

24 Alpha Cliviast

Got him he's beast

Got him early and He is amazing stun, poison life steal cursed countdown and Aoe possess (special) THIS GUY IS SO AWESOME

He has an AoE stun and poison and an AoE Death Countdown, plus incredible life stealing skills. A must have for dungeon bosses, and for the Cryotan + Ourus + Igursus monsters. 100,000+ hp, but they'll all die after 3 turns.

25 Count Vlad

He is really powerful.


Out Of Blood = 60 Damage + 100% Life Steal! OP
Horror Gaze = Skills Group 2 + Moderate/Nightmare AoE! OP

26 Tempest

His attacks are the best and he is very very fast. He can stun very often as well then and is a good member for your team to stop the, from dying as he can continuously stun and sometimes stun all enemies at once!

His raging thunderstorm move is so op, it stuns everyone and he's really fast definitely a top ten monster...did I mention he's fast

I have tempest level 86 currently and he is my main monster, his attacks are high damage and can stun, combining with vadamagma, and lord mammoth is a great team. I leveled up from 43 to 47 in a day thanks to that unstoppable team. Runes are a must though when using tempest, minimum of rune level three for real.

His attacks are so good. He attacks, skips your turn and your next move you're dead.

27 EggEater

He is a total beast he can do all types of status damage and he's a snake what could be better.

He is gay and ugly

He is super strong with his eggs

Really good damage

28 Noctum

Noctum just looks like this really cool living shadow monster!

He is not the best but OP in some respects

Noctum has very strong attacks with life steal and in top of that can use "possession" to use the enemy against itself. Plus... He's (in my opinion) the best designed monster in game.

Noctum is really good monster but I think Klectus is more stronger than noctum...they both have instant death special attack

29 Baba Yaga

Very useful with all-speed runes; can do a lot with a little

I have Baba Yaga she is badass

Baba is great with her removal of positive effects and control

Good control, decent damage, solid dude, top 15

30 Qin

So amazing multiple wounds can one shot all enemies if strength rune or something

I have and it's so op it kills whole other enemy teams. And op for adventure map

OP AS HECK, kills everything with one shot, grateful I have I or id honestly be nowhere

Super sturdy, a tank type, loads of powerful attacks, lots of health! What more can you want from a monster? He's probably one of your first monsters, and is so reliable. You'll be pleased

31 HipHopotamus

He is SICK

32 Sphyrnus

I know one of his powers where he goes into a rock pool. He teleports to all your of your characters.

Awesome Water Legend! Freezes Everybody!

Looks like globrush - Omega496

He is superb

33 Lui Calibre

His skill mirror is OP


Best monster

So hard to beat but so great in battle

34 Crissandre

Very good monster, She can bleed and remove effects and has plenty of powerful AOE attacks.

35 Al Canine

He is the best

Al Canine should be far higher. Put 3 speed, and nothing else. Moves should be Unpaid Loan, I Have A Job For You, Sausages are Best Served Cold, and Vendetta. Use the above runes and skills, and this monster SLAYS.

36 Zimnyaya

Fast denier with freeze and stun. Very strong

Very good monster. so fast and underused

He's the best

37 Nemestrinus


Have good ability to heal life

He is a REALLY GOOD healer and is better than treezard cause of MULTIPLE HEALING instead of solo healing.

Bloody amazing; he hasn't got much health but his bloody power is out of the world like I beat v.i.p monsters with one hit

38 Oghma

My first legendary and not too bad. Has two element shield attacks and special attacks. A decent light monster.

He has great skills for attacking all of the enemies and I think that he is the most powerful monster of light element. - OnurLegends

Oghma is overpowered, he is great in every way!

This guy is amazing!

39 Rockantium

It helps me win battles.

Legendary attacks, stuns, and healing powers.


Very good at damage but he's the second slowest legendary monster in the game

40 Samael the Plague Carrier

Game breaking

He is OP but would soon be defeated by war masters.

SP went crazy and made a demigod that is Samael, and Plague carrier has to be the most versatile monster introduced till date.

I think that this monster is just GAME BREAKING AND OVERPOWERED!

41 Malair

looks cool

Great moves all have secondary effects and some cause a random 2

Amazing damage, lots of varying status effects to inflict, stick him with a couple strength runes and a good moveset and he will be your strongest monster

He just destroys Briti much everything

42 Terror Dactyl

Terror dactyl has good stats and good attacks.

She's so weak. I can kill her and still have almost all of my life left.

What! An uncommon!

Stupid and ugly

43 Ouros

I have ouros and he is my favorite legendary monster and I love his special it is so OP

One of the best legendary ever! A must have!

Very tanky! Great monster!

Like the same before

44 Singularis

Singularis is the very good. should be in top 10...

I got this guy from lucky drawing in a 72 hour event with singularis, super tomato and one other I can't remember and I don't even have paradox yet and he is my best character, I am confused why he is not top 10

His instant death move paradox can easily wipe most enemy teams, and if you combine it with his stamina drain move, the opponent won't even be able to attack during paradox's countdown.

His attack can kill big enemy in forth time'

45 Layth

Layth is so op and an amazing attack monster

Overpowered should be #2 does an attack that instant deaths in 3 turns

Layth is a pretty good monster it helped me push up it the 2000 cup range

This guy should've been #1

46 White Pandalf

Pandalf is the main character in the game!

Black panda

A pretty good light

White pandalf I have and is my best monster

47 The Ringer

Is very pour! Should be in the last position!

Death knell with bleeding is just too strong, is quite always a must in my team

His life is high and his attacks are powerful. He is good.

I personally own the ringer and if you just add speed runes he is op

48 Nishant's Pet

Best monster can posses all enimeys and can apply nitemares

He can posses all enemies in one turn, can daze and blind an enemy with one move, leaving them with only a 25% of hitting it's targets. He can make sure the enemy never touches your monsters.

Posses all enemies is 1 of the strongest if not blocked. You can beat 20+ monsters

He can posses the enemy team in one move, and then give one enemy posses and amage boost, you think that's good? He can daze and blind enemies giving a 75% non hit chance. Don't forget how he can slow his enemies! He has four or three attacks that can possess. His cost is reasonable. And he looks intimidating.

49 Super Dan

He is good but fatid is better but I could not vote for em so I pick Dan

He is a cool robot with guns

His moves are really strong and he looks like a champ, definitely one of the best metal monsters

Very strong attacks! Merciless blast takes 34000 life on strong

50 Lilysha

She would be versatile if you only consider her solid skills that can daze or stun. Throw in powerful possession skills and she becomes one of the most crippling attackers in the game.

1: She is sexy. 2: She is useful in battle. 3: From a scale from 1 to 10, it's a nine

It's so inappropriate

Smart monster but easy to knock out

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