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81 Clash of Clans

I sued to be addicted but this game really sucks since you have to wait HOURS for a good army

Anyone who has played this game knows what I mean

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82 Roblox

Addicting trash. It's worst and most addicting - Absol

Roblox is better then Minecraft - spodermanfan1000

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84 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
85 Borderlands
86 Xenoblade Chronicles
87 Civilization V

Its literally impossible to disagree unless you have never played it. Anyone who's ever played this game will tell you it is in fact the most addicting game ever created.

Why is this so low on this list? I'm not saying it's a masterpiece, but it's fun and insanely addictive once you understand the game! - MaxPap

Insanely addicting I can stay up all day and night and day and night and day and night...

88 Super Mario Maker
89 World of Tanks
90 Entropia Universe
91 Mario Kart Wii

This game is so damn fun, how is it not even in the top 50? I guess most people have bad taste in video games...

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92 Metal Slug 3

The first time I grabbed a Metal Slug game I played the hell out of it for months. Its simple gameplay combined with the sheer epicness of every level and the big challenge the bosses present makes the player coming back for more.

93 Candy Crush Saga

This game is top grossing game of all time. Everyone's playing it and some even go to the extreme of spending tons of money for in-game stuff.

94 Mass Effect
95 Dr. Mario
96 Pokemon X

Hours of main story, strategic combat in battles, and replay ability make this a reason to disagree with genwunners. - Skullkid755

97 Resident Evil 4
98 StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty
99 Cave Story
100 Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

It's sad that so many people prefer this over SMRPG, which is not on the list for some reason. Don't get me wrong. Mario Kart: Double Dash will take us all on a ride.

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