Most Amazing Pop Albums of 2008-2012

The Top Ten

1 The Fame Monster - Lady Gaga

THis album is packed with songs that topped the charts like the first month it came OUT!
The top 5 songs on here are
1. Bad Romance
2. Alejandro
3. Telephone
4. Dance in the Dark
5. Monster

The worst songs that are the worst are here
1. Teeth
2. Speechless
3. So Happy I can Die

2 Reality Killed the Video Star - Robbie Williams

Just so good and beautiful

3 Femme Fatale - Britney Spears

Most underrated pop album of 2011. Most people won't read this because they think she is so messed up. I'm not saying she's perfect there's a lot of worse things people do. I'm just saying people wob't listen to her music because they judge her life not her music. Any way best singes are as follows:
Till the world ends
I wanna go
Drop dead beautiful
Seal it with a kiss
Trouble for me

4 Born This Way - Lady Gaga

This is the best album of The Queen Of Pop Lady Gaga!
The hits listed contains in it:

5 Sorry For Party Rockin - LMFAO
6 Teenage Dreem - Katy Perry

Really the whole album is a hit! Every song Wide Awake is amazing!

All this is is garbage. Worst pop album of all time. - TheEvilNuggetCookie

I pick teenage dream cause it's the best album - amber450

7 The Night the Sun Came Up - Dev

She it's my role model! ^. ^ I love her everyone should vote for her she is the best indie pop singer ever (; check out her album the night the sun came up

8 The Fame - Lady Gaga
9 Animal - Kesha

This in my opinion is the best album that I have ever listened to, not only because it was my first because I knew almost all of the songs on it. I listen to this album a lot, and I think that it should be higher than a nine. thank$ K$ you are the best!

10 Can't Be Tamed - Miley Cyrus

The Contenders

11 Celebration - Madonna
12 Cannibal - Kesha
13 21 - Adele
14 Take Me Home - One Direction

I love every song on the album and unlike what some people say actually love them for their music and not just their looks. Say what you want about them, they make some really good music and you just can't deny that!

15 Born to Die - Lana del Rey

This should be #1. This is the best alternative selling album! So iconic

16 When the Sun Goes Down - Selena Gomez

Selena really did this! Full of pop gems

17 Circus - Britney Spears
18 In Case You Didn't Know - Olly Murs
19 Strange Clouds - B.O.B.
20 Don't Forget - Demi Lovato
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