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Italy, in italian Repubblica Italiana, is a unitary parliamentary republic in Europe. more.


Another list with Italy among the top countries, and another comments' section full of posts which were most likely written by just one alcoholic, mentally diseased anti-Italian troll who posts multiple similar comments in ALL similar lists (best country, best European country, etc...), and always with the very same grammar mistakes.

That's what happens in a website without a registration system.

A message to the frustrated immigrant umbrella-seller from India who has flooded the comments' section with negative posts about Italy, presumably after being expelled from the country, and then upvoted them multiple times: darling, no matter how much time you spend on this website, you're still an umbrella-seller from the third world, and Italy is still the most beautiful country in the world.

I read the negative comments that have the most votes. Ok, I'm not objective because I'm Italian and I love my country. But I point out just two things:

1. although it is a peninsula, Italy also has the main mountain range in Europe and the largest islands in the Mediterranean. And a second mountain range with different characteristics which runs the entire nation form north to south. No other nation in Europe can have the same variety of landscape (don't forget che wheather).

2. I met people who live abroad and who do not know the concept of the historic center: No need to add more

I've been working as a flight attendant for twenty years and had the chance to visit many beautiful Countries, but every time I set foot in there, I discover new things to see. I'm not talking about the "same old" Rome, Florence and Venice. Italy is composed of many different countries which were once independent and are now reunited under the same flag. So it's like visiting various nations in just one country. Of course Italy has its flaw, but it is definitely the most beautiful Country in the world.

Italy has nothing beautiful, scenery without any interest, architecture, nasty people, not various food, understandable noisy language...

But all the rest is worse.

Please, ban this Indian user (affected with anti-Italian psychic disorder) from this site of respectable people!

No only is it the heart of the Mediterranean, it was also the heart of the Roman Empire. It's not only filled with historical landmarks and medieval/early modern villages, but its boldly rolling hills and colorful landscapes make it one of the most beautiful countries in the world, environmentally and historically. - DantesInferno

Poor behavior towards foreigners. Lots of smoking (all ages). Loud during the day and night.

Italy's economy is quickly going down the drain. Absolutely horrible education system and terrible government.

They believe they are the best, but they are not all. Because no one can pretend is better than someone else. This behavior demonstrates again how much Italian people, in general, are like their country arrogant, nasty, old fashion, obsolete.

Should be out of that list.

If you haven't been to half of these countries than vote for Italy. I've actually been to 8 of the top 10 countries so I know that Italy is definitely the most beautiful. Pictures don't do it justice.

When I visited, I found a beautiful country with lovely people...

of course always will be the number one every place or every little citie in italy are the most beautiful thing on earth

Italy is the best country in the world for his perfect mix of history, art, architecture and fashion

The most beautiful country. Lovely food nice people lots of history.

Italy is so special and unique, because it's a collage of different times, styles and landscapes. It still has the warm heart of Latin people and a fantastic food tradition.

From Rome to The Alps. Sicily to Venice. You will never get bored of the amazing sites of Italy

No need to mention the art treasures, you'll find here a stunning natural variety for such a small place: high mountains and glaciers, and almost tropical sea and islands within a few hours travelling time

Is there ANYONE who takes care of this website? Something is wrong here, are there any moderators or is this place a complete anarchy?

I'm sincerely tired of this anti-Italian, mentally disturbed troll who keeps posting insults (pretending to be from Switzerland, or China, or Africa, whatever) and then spends hours upvoting his own posts. He has been flooding the ENTIRE WEBSITE with those, literally copy-pasting the SAME posts EVERYWHERE ("Best countries", "Countries with the best food", etc...).

I guess that he also probably used some automated software to upvote other elements in the lists to make Italy go down in the rank. For example, just few months ago Italy was in FIRST place in this list, where it had remained for YEARS. How is it STATISTICALLY possible that it suddenly fell to the 5th place? Where are the webmasters or moderators?!

I've never heard of an ugly Italian... there are plenty of ugly, fat Americans... we're too trigger happy...

Italy is BEAUTIFUL, can't say anything, when I visited it, I saw many beautiful places, Italy must be most beautiful country

Italy has everything beautiful: scenery, architecture, people, food, language...

Italy is the most beautiful country in the world! It's wonderful!

That is the country you need to visit. A country that offers so much: from beautiful landscapes far away from big cities to the frequent towns and city centers. Go there and you'll almost immediately forget what the depression is.
I feel like I was born there.

I'm from the US but I'm planning to move to Italy...I just think it's the most beautiful country in the World...amazing architecture, incredible landscapes and warm people are what makes love that much this country!

Because is a wonderful place with archaeological landmarks

I'm from Rwanda and I traveled for 27 years all over the world. I dislike Italian food because of its lack of diversity and modernity! I've eaten almost all kinds of pasta and pizza when I was working there and after 3 weeks I was so fed up! I really wanted to eat something else but they are so far to be good cookers, that they are pretty unable to prepare some other food correctly. Fortunately I have some Spanish friends who cooked me real cuisine. And I would like to say that Italian people are unpleasant people I have ever met.

Far from this old-fashioned, outdated country names Italy, I feel better.