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141 Bangladesh Bangladesh Bangladesh, on the northern coast of the Bay of Bengal, is surrounded by India, with a small common border with Myanmar in the southeast. The country is low-lying riverine land traversed by the many branches and tributaries of the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers.

Bangladesh is one of the most naturally gifted nation in the world having the worlds larger part of the largest mangrove forest in the world, with its majestic inhabitant the Royal Bengal Tiger.

Bangladesh is the best place in south Asia. It's will be the richest place in the world

Coxes-Bazar is the longest sea beach in the world located in Bangladesh.


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142 Albania Albania Albania is a southeastern European country that is slightly larger than Maryland and near Montenegro, Kosovo, Republic of Macedonia, and Greece. The capital is a city called Tirana. Some other major cities in Albania are Durrës, Elbasan, Vlorë, and Shkodër. Albania gained its independence in 1912. more.


Albania is the uknown treasure of the balkans so beautifull nature a combination of sea and mountain rivers coming from the deep of the earth..colled as the blue eyes.. Waterfalls..every were...friendly traditional people best traditional food...acient cities..and should visit the country of the eagle

143 Syria Syria

Most beautiful and oldest country in the world.

Syria is a paradise, becuause you can see everything there.
It can snow in Syria and that's cool because syria's in middle east! :) Sometimes it even rain in syria. And the wheather in the summer is very hot, about 40 degrees. Syria have many climates, Desert, Forests etc.. :). It is said that Syrias capital Damascus is the oldest still inhabited city in the world :D. Syria have big differences from other arab countries, like Syria isn't only inhabited of muslims, it's inhabited of Christians, Druzes, jews etc.. Syria has many world heritage cites like Apamea, Palmyra, Krak des Chevaliers, old city in damascus etc.. Syria is a very historical country! The people is very friendly :). The hospitality is very very very BIG! ;).. Syria is the bridge between east and west...

144 North Korea North Korea The Democratic People's Republic of Korea, also known as North Korea, is a country in Eastern Asia. Its capital is Pyongyang. It is currently ruled by the dictator Kim Jong-Un, after inheriting the title from his father, Kim Jong-Il, who inherited it from his father, Kim Il-Sung. more.

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145 Senegal Senegal Senegal (French: Sénégal), officially the Republic of Senegal (French: République du Sénéga), is a country in West Africa . Senegal is bordered by Mauritania in the north, Mali to the east, Guinea to the southeast, and Guinea-Bissau to the southwest . more.
146 Qatar Qatar Qatar, officially the State of Qatar, is a sovereign country located in Southwest Asia, occupying the small Qatar Peninsula on the northeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. V 1 Comment
147 Somalia Somalia

Are the most beautiful people in Africa

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148 Kuwait Kuwait

Absolutely a great country a food the culture the dance the night everything

I like kuwait because its my birth place

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