Most Beautiful Korean Male Idols

The Top Ten Most Beautiful Korean Male Idols

1 YeSung (Super Junior) Kim Jong-hoon better known by his stage name Yesung, is a South Korean singer and actor. He is a member of the South Korean boy band Super Junior and its subgroups Super Junior-K.R.Y., Super Junior-H and S.M. The Ballad.

Yesung is not just handsome and cute he's also a very good singer and he is the main vocalist of super junior I also chose him because I think without him I would have never known and love super junior as much as I do now and lastly I chose him because his a very good, kind-hearted person, he's very humurous, he's very caring to the members around him and also when he performs he has a great charisma.

He's always been my favorite in Super Junior which is my favorite band in the whole world! He might be really handsome and cute but he has a really adorable personality that makes you love him more and more! Just like I do!

He has it all - interesting persona, he's very caring, has a beautiful voice, he's humorous and mischevious, has a very versitale look - he can be both handsome and pretty and also cute and sexy. Great charisma on stage, goofy and friendly off stage, very down to earth

Yesung is perfect and so good singer, I really like him

2 Kim Hyun Joong (SS501) Kim Hyun-Joong is a South Korean entertainer, actor, singer, dancer, and the leader and main rapper of boyband SS501.

Kim hyun joong is of course handsome, it make a lot of people love him!
Me, myself like all the SS501's members and I think jung min is also really good looking, but this pretty boy, handsome leader, with his special personality always makes others to like him more!

This is Kim Hyun Joong, the 4D leader who has always think for his fans. He has not just a handsome face, not just a beautiful smile, but his big heart caring for everyone around them is the thing that makes him most beautiful of all. Kim Hyun Joong, SS501 Leader, he is always playful and yet he is dedicated, hardworking, somewhat I would call him a workaholic, he will only give the best to his fans.

If there's a meter of 100% for me to grade how amazing this man is, he will get 200% from me. But hey! I am bias.

Hyun joong-shi.. Mr. Uzoosin.. He's amazing.. His smile is the best! He's handsome man, my heart is melted because of him.

He is sweet and handsome idol!

3 Jaejoong Kim Jae-joong, also known as Jaejoong is a Korean singer, actor, songwriter, actor, designer and director.

Usually, the 'pretty boy' of a Korean idol group is the one who can't sing or who's one of the least vocally talented of the group. (Nickhun, Taemin (before), SungJong, Heechul, Mir, Yoona, Hyuna, etc.. )
Kim Jaejoong defies all of those stereotypes. You'd think his role in the group is being the 'pretty and good-looking' one, but damn is that guy vocally gifted. Lead vocal of TVXQ (and that means he must have amazing vocals), definitely one of the strongest voices in kpop, one of the most soothing and unique, and please. That man looks like he popped out of a manga. Pure gorgeousness.

He has all qualities, I love him and I appreciate his work. I like his personality, and I will allays support him because his voice gets to my hart... So please vote Jaejoong.. He is a great person

When you speak about beautiful. Then you speak about Jaejoong.
He is a really beautiful human inside and Outsite.
Has a great personality, and is loveable. Aza Aza Aza Kim Jaejoong fighting

Thank you for acknowledging Jaejoong for this category. Jaejoong is undoubtedly the most beautiful Korean male idol. Jaejoong is even the most handsome man in Asia, has defeated so many men from Asia, including Korea itself. Jaejoong is even more than just having beautiful exterior. Jaejoong is blessed with kindness and as to complete that, he is blessed with so many talents. Jaejoong can write and arrange music, direct music. Jaejoong can sing beautifully and dance mesmerisingly. Jaejoong can act. Jaejoong can even cook! Jaejoong with his angelic look and his all is surely the best and only option for this.

And for your information, Jaejoong is Kim Jae Joong of JYJ, as he always introduces himself as.

4 Donghae (Super Junior) Lee Dong-hae, referred to as Donghae, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, composer and actor. He was trainee at SM Entertainment after winning a prize at SM's Youth Best Contest in 2001. After four years of training, Donghae debuted as a member of boy group Super Junior in November 2005.

So cute! Bias at first sight. Not only does he look beautiful, but his personality is great and he is very nice!

I just can say, Why he can be like that beautiful? Really hard to say~ He is the most handsome guy I've ever seen. He looks charming when performing on stage. I just can see him in my eyes.

Oppa so cute and he have handsome face... Oppa he the most handsome guy of all kpop

Woo di dong hae should pass all the other boys... He is so innocent, sometimes sexy men with bed mind like jae joong is really popular... They attracted with their damn charms... Which are not real from their mind... But our dong hae is not like this... He is so pure... All the super junior members are pure... So dong hae should be ranked 1...

5 T.O.P. (BIGBANG) Choi Seung-hyun, better known by his stage name T.O.P, is a South Korean rapper, singer-songwriter and actor.

Two words: those eyes. Plus, he has swagger like no other! I can't imagine anyone more beautiful than TOP.

I prefer top being #1... He's just always handsome and attractable in my eyes... We have different taste... So respect mine... In here in the Philippines billions of women's are in love... With him... We have billions of reasons why we want top being in #1... He's handsome, attractable, cute, gwapo, endangered species... Because he's a rare one... He's voice are unique, he's smile makes are every tomorrow complete... I don't care if everyone makes bad comments about these one...

No comments needed. Listen, just look and watch. Then you shall see. Then you too will feel the same.

TOP! He is actually the one guy that got me into kpop... After seeing his perfect eyes in Fantastic Baby and then hearing his deep voice, I couldn't stop listening to that song, which lead me to all of bigbangs songs, then the rest of kpop... And honestly, I'm quite sure he's the first Asian guy I've actually found super attractive... Top for #1!

6 Yonghwa (CN Blue)

Hardworking, talented, charismatic, handsome, wonderful voice, wonderful eyes, good sens, good guitarist, inspired composer, modest, acting skills, wonderful scene presence, good rapper, good hearted. This is in few words our dear Jung yong Hwa.

Yonghwa is beautiful, no doubt. But the thing is, usually that's it for visuals in K-Pop. Pretty face, but mediocre talent or even worse. Yonghwa on the other hand is one of the most talented people you'll find in the K-Pop scene. His voice is to die for, his singing is amazing (he's considered one of the best K-Pop singers), he's got tremendous stage presence, and he's an actual musician. Guitar is surely his best instrument, and he almost never performs without one. Not only does he actually make music, which is very hard to find in K-pop, he's considered a songwriting genius by some. His self-composed songs have topped the charts. If you're looking for personality, he's got that too. He has a sense of humor which will entertain you, but he's also a very kind and understanding person and leader to his band members, which all the members have expressed gratitude to him for. Yonghwa's hard work and perspiration is endless, which is what has gotten him to where he is now and will ...more

I think yong hwa is really handsome man and he is really talented singer when I listen him I feel dreamland I love his smile it's so sweet and awesome I hope he always rise on the stage like a sun yong hwa fighting

Not only is Yonghwa extremely good looking, but his voice is also to die for! He really enjoys what he does and that is shown through his work. You're Beautiful was his first drama. However, while I was watching, I could not even tell. Even though he said he was very nervous and worried about his character coming out right, he made Shin Woo shine as a bright star that everyone wanted Go Min Nom to love! I think that there is much that we can look forward to as he comes into his own as a musician, actor, and as a person in general. Personally, I can't wait to attend one of his concerts! Either here in America or Korea or maybe even Japan! Yonghwa Oppa Fighting! O (^w^) o

7 Choi Siwon (Super Junior)

Siwon is a very handsome man. In fact he is sexy, handsome and cute all at the same time. He is beautiful, not just in looks, but in his personality and that is why we love him. Siwon deserves to be number 1 on this list! Love him forever

Why is he down here? He should be at the way top! He is the perfect man! Gosh I would travel around the world for this man! HE IS PERFECT!

What? I think siwon deserves to be in the top 10.. Somewhere in there.. Haha.. Siwon is the total package, the looks, brains, attitude.. EVERYTHING! Saranghaeyo siwon opa! - onlyforsiwon23

The main thing that makes me love Choi Siwon for years is that he's handsome outside and inside. He's very good-looking, manly, muscular, and tall. But he's also kind, gentleman, hard-working, and well-mannered. This is a good balance to define the TRUE 'HANDSOME MAN'. He was chosen as the 2nd most handsome man in the world. He deserves to be number 1 though.

8 Kris (Exo-M) Wu Kris Yifan, professionally known as Kris Wu or Kris, is a Chinese actor, singer, and model. He is a former member of South Korean-Chinese boy band EXO and its subgroup EXO-M under S.M. Entertainment.

He's the most handsome, team leader in EXO. He has receives a lot of respect for his seriousness about the group. Any where he goes and any thing he wears he appears to be on a runway for how versatile and handsome his look is. He's not prince charming handsome but Kris handsome, in his own distinct way.

You will totally fall into him, if you've ever see him playing basketball. On stage, he's a cool rapper and mature leader, but in reality he's actually very silly.

Such handsome and beautiful

He's the most handsome in EXO even he's already leaving EXO. His charming never changed until now. His handsomeness makes other girls fell in love with him. His rapper is the best and his voice very makes me tears especially when he sing a Chinese song. KRIS IS THE BEST LEADER & THE BEST GUY THAT I KNOW

9 Choi Minho

He is the most amazing person I've ever seen! Not only his look, but also his personality is awesome :))

His smile is killing and I think he is the 1st in this list. I love him love you MINHO

Amaazing man with so much talent and I adore him like hel

Actually he is talented idol. I love him so much. His smile makes me crazy. I feel to be a Korean. Oppa your voice also amazing. YOU can GO LONG JOURNEY IN THIS FIELD.

10 Taehyung V (BTS)

His ethereal beauty is no joke. I am sure that god wasn't playing while creating this handsome man. Just look at him. That breathtaking visual will definitely make anyone to fall in love with him. in my opinion He is more than handsome. Cute sexy manly adorable and freakishly handsome at the same time.

I think he should be the number one hottest because just look at him! he manages to look good all the time some people r just natural just like him, they don't even use effort and they are just nice to look at, u know? he has that charm. I think its honestly unfair for him to be so breathtakingly beautiful

One of the seven male beings that rule this Earth with simply their voices. He's adorable, kind, caring, and loving. He's so talented and has an amazing vocal range. If he isn't at the top, then y'all have IQ's lower than the temperature outside during a blizzard.

He is my bias she is seriously amazingg and his beauty is no joke I just love him!

The Contenders

11 Zelo (B.A.P) Choi Jun-hong better known by his stage name Zelo, is a South Korean rapper, dancer, singer and beatboxer.

Oppa fighting I want to vote for bang young guk oppa and chunji oppa but it's ok

Tall and well shaped body, milky skin, cute eyes, sexy back. I love everything on him. Zelo, fighting!

I don't know who this even is, but those eyes, boi, go be a model.

This guy is really cute to be honest

12 Lee Teuk (Super Junior) Park Jeong-su, better known by his stage name Leeteuk, is a South Korean singer-songwriter and actor.

Leeteuk is the best leader ever, he's a great "hyung" and a great idol. He deserves to be on the top, because he works hard, he is kind, friendly, warm-hearted... He loves his fans more than other leaders, he is strong and he do his best. His voice is very kind and gentle... These are some of his qualities... But the most important is that Leeteuk is beautiful. His look is always fresh and stylish and he is always as good as ELF's wish... His smile is so warm and shiny... We love leeteuk for what he is... - marysjsarang

Leeteuk is the best leader ever, he's a great "hyung" and a great idol. He deserves to be on the top, because he works hard, he is kind, friendly, warm-hearted... He loves his fans more than other leaders, he is strong and he do his best. His voice is very kind and gentle... These are some of his qualities... But the most important is that Leeteuk is beautiful. His look is always fresh and stylish and he is always as good as ELF's wish... His smile is so warm and shiny... We love leeteuk for what he is...

The first time I saw him I wasn't attracted to him. He's not really my bias, but if you look at him twice or thrice or even to the NTH time you will realize how beautiful of a person he is. - mejustgotlucky

Leeteuk is the 3rd beautiful person ever! (of course Heechul is first laugh out loud ) his looks are very handsome, and he doesn't even look his appropriate age! He is 30 years old and he looks like a very young healthy man with a beautiful face that completes his look. He is very VERY beautiful - krystinaenvy

13 Vernon (Seventeen)

Beautifully mixed American-Korean and he is young too! (1998-er)

Unbelievably handsome - azziebbz

he's cute

Vernon it the definition of pure perfection and beauty. especially with his long brow-blond wavy hair. AAAHH!

14 Mingyu (Seventeen)

He's so cute, especially when around his other fellow members (specifically Wonwoo)!


15 Chunji (Teen Top)

Chunji he is very handsome, hot, pretty face, cute, natural, his personality is the best (funny guy), his smile is one of the best in this world, his sparkling eyes (it melts you) especially his voice erg its like your listening to an angel so amazing, sweet and powerful too. He is total package in short PERFECT! Pretty boy :""))

Chunji oppa you are the most beautiful boy I ever see you and L. Joe oppa and Neil oppa I love teen top I am Arab angel fighting

Chunji you are the most beautiful and handsome in Korean boy band. You and your members fighting!

Chunji oppa have a beautiful face than girls

16 Jungkook (BTS) Jeon Jung kook was born in Busan, September 1 1997. His nationality is South Korean. HIs favorite number is 1. He is known as a South Korean idol singer, singer-songwriter, dancer, composer and producer. JK Favorite color is Red, Black, and White. He think express color of Hip Hop is Black and Red. more.

he my favorite his so cute and handsome I wish I can meet him one day and I also love his song euphoria

Kookie, HE IS SO ADORABLE! Especially with that bunny smile and his adorable personality.

Jungkook should be higher up on this list, he's good at dancing, singing, drawing, rapping and sports. Not mention that he pretty much almost always win

Jungkook is the cute little bunny of BTS :3 even though that fetus is growing like holy crap

17 Myungsoo (Infinite)

Myung so's got that handsome face that will never tire your own eyes of staring. He is truly the Man Whom God Gave Everything To.

Don't know why no one recommended him.. But in my opinion he's charming, cute, funny and a little mysterious.. I guess that's what turns me on)))

He's so handsome, cute and cool. I love he's ability in dancing and singing, :))

Love his eye smile. He was the one that first captured me when I was introduced to Infinite. He is also multi-talented, he can sing well, dance well and act well. Although he has a cool guy image, I feel that in variety shows he expresses himself as a fun and adorable guy. His existence is what keeps me going

18 Luhan (EXO-M) Lu Han is a Chinese singer and actor. He was a member, known as Luhan, of the South Korean-Chinese boy group EXO and its sub-group EXO-M, before leaving the group in October 2014.

He is not only handsome but also beautiful. And he is way talented as a rookie group member. I am really amazed when luhan is at no. 60. He should be at least at no. 6. I vote for him to be 1.

I'm amazed that Luhan is all the way down here. For goodness sakes, he's 23 but he's got the face of a youthful angel! He's even one of the most popular EXO members.

He's just so cute. , talented: with beautiful voice.. For me it has to be number 1

To be honest, Luhan is my favorite member besides Baekhyun. It's a shame Luhan left because he was amazing. He is extremely talented and has a beautiful face. He is also very hard working.

19 Jackson Wang (Got7)

Even thought Mark is my bias Jackson should be at the top of the list. He is too hot to be at 129

Why is he so down in the list?

he hot

Jackson Wang is my favorite Chinese Idol! His laugh is so contagious. "Why is Mark always so hyper? " Eric Nam "3. 2. 1. JACKSON" Jackson Wang. "What is Mark afraid of? " Eric Nam "3. 2. 1. JACKSON! " Jackson Wang. NO ONE SHIPS MARKSON MORE THAT JACKSON SHIPS MARKSON.

"NO MARKBAM NO." Jackson Wang. "No JackBam? " Hostess. "...I like BAMBAM" Jackson Wang.

*Takes a Selca* *Glares at the camera* "Cute" Jackson Wang.

20 Jang Geun Suk Jang Keun-suk is a South Korean actor and singer, He is best known for starring in the television dramas Beethoven Virus, You're Beautiful, Mary Stayed Out All Night, Love Rain, Pretty Man and Jackpot.

He is a multi talented actor, warm hearted, sincere and humble... And has an adorable voice. Love him so much..

He is so cute... Why is he down here? Here should be the top ten..

He is very talented, intelligent, warm hearted, his voice is hypnotical, mesmerising, he works hart, he loves his eels and therefor WE LOVE HIM

He's jovial, humble, outspoken, creative, crazy, thoughtful, hardworking, open minded, risk taker, talented, own a good sense of humors and so much more. Eels definitely love and support him all the matter what..

21 Jonghyun (SHINee) Kim Jong-hyun (April 8, 1990 – December 18, 2017), better known mononymously as Jonghyun, was a South Korean singer-songwriter, record producer, radio host, and author. He was the main vocalist of the South Korean boy band Shinee, and participated in S.M. Entertainment's project group S.M. The Ballad. more.

He's really talented and adorable.. He's a really good singer and he's very considerate towards others. I really think that he should be in the most talented and most wanted men to be friend with or to date. So guys please vote for him.

Jonghyun is the best person ever! His voice is really nice and he is really handsome! He also cares for his group members well and I really love him so much! Everyone please vote for our AWESOME HANDSOME LEAD VOCAL Jonghyun!

He's a good Korean idol singer, a good dancer, lyricist, promotional model and radio host. SHINee is the best Korean Band EVER in the history.

Jonghyun is same since he young until now.. I mean he has natural beauty.. He is handsome and cute.. Besides, he smile is damn full of cuteness

22 Lee Jong-hyun (CN Blue)

Jong Hyun is such a beautiful man. He is also talented. For me he is one of the most handsome man in Korea because of his milky skin, his lovely eyes, warm voice, charisma whenever he plays his electric guitar. He deserves to be one of the top 10 list here.

Jong Hyun have a beautiful smile, is very talented, Is a master in the guitar, the inspiration to play any instrument only with only to see him play, he have a beautiful voice too, and composed beautiful songs, I believe that is a boy very cool

He love play the guitar, he is music pure; the demonstrated when he plays, when he sings, he gives all of himself, not only is handsome but also a very tender, when you see him sing with such feeling; he is mesmerizing and magical

Jong-hyun totally deserves a spot here. I used to think Yonghwa is the most handsome kpop idol. But I've never been able to say that Yonghwa is more handsome than Jong-hyun. Jong-hyun has a really clean kind of handsome, he look like he's a prince who walked out of the anime.

23 Baekhyun (EXO-K)

I love beakhyun he's so cute and his voice is angelic. I wish he could sing me to sleep. Yes I am a girl typing this and he is not my ultimate bias but I still love him and all the other members of exo-k

Baekhyun is cute :D

He is my bias in Exo, even he date with taeyeon I don't think I can't support them. Baekhyun my bias because he very cute and dorky while taeyeon she very adorable dorky leader and cute.

He's the cutest, handsome and the most beautiful man I've ever seen. I hope that he'll be the #1 next time

24 Yunho (TVXQ) Jung Yun-ho, also known by his stage name U-Know Yunho or simply U-Know, is a South Korean singer, actor, and a member of the pop duo TVXQ.

YunHo was my first bias, the person who changed me from a different fandom to Cassie! His performance skills are INSANELY AWESOME, if not PERFECT. His personality? Kind, caring, friendly, always smiling towards his fans and looking after them. On top of all that, his charismatic looks. Ooh yea, he has it all.

I have no words to describe - why. His voice, eyes. Sometimes he seems sad. But he looks really manly and fashonable. I can not say anything about his inside world - I don't know him as a person. But I would love to.

Yunho is the total definition of beauty Whenever he does something, it's absolutely beautiful Whenever he sings or dances, the performance is always beautiful So I think Yunho should at least in the top 10 of this poll.

I love his voice, his dance, his quality... He is a good leader, a good brother, is a good man. I love everything belongs to him, whatever the advantages or disadvantages 333

25 Doojoon (B2ST)

Doojoon is just such a special guy, he's someone that doesn't even have to try and be beautiful at all. He's just really amazing!

The most handsome Korean alive

He's so cute '
His voice is wonderful.
I love him very much

He is the most beautiful being I have ever seen!

26 Kyuhyun (Super Junior) Cho Kyu-hyun (born February 3, 1988) is a South Korean singer and actor. He is a member of the South Korean boy band Super Junior, its sub-groups, Super Junior-M and Super Junior-K.R.Y., and a former member of the South Korean ballad group S.M. The Ballad. He is one of the first four Korean artists more.

He looks like a baby. He's so cute. He's sexy when he's dancing and his voice is so lovely. I love his stare his smile, his awkwardness,.

HE'S MY BIAS no matter what he's my #1 ) KyuHyun may be the youngest in SJ but I can say that he achieved a lot already and that he has a lot of charm and a lot of things he have anyone can admire of. He's such a sweety. Whenever I see him I always feel okay. He's just one of a kind ) - mejustgotlucky

I LOVE KYUHYUN OPPA SO MUCH. HE'S SUCH AN ANGEL. He has beautiful voice, he has cool smile. He's weird, and I love it. Kyuhyun's sexy and we know it

I like him so much, he's my first bias. Felt so happy if I can meet him again. Oppa you look so handsome, and cute

27 Kim Bum (F4)

The first guy in korean T.V. that made me blush whenever he is on

KIM BUM I LOVE You... Your so handsome you stole my heart...

Kim Bum is the most adorable and MOST HANDSOME Korean actor! When I showed the American girls, they think he is BEAUTIFUL. They also said that among Asian guys, no one is better looking than him.

He is so cute and I just want to melt when I see his smile

28 Key (Shinee)

He has got beautiful skin which would make anyone envious, pretty eyes that have the ability to captivate fan or not fans... His lips are nicely shaped andhis dimples that show when he smiles are just plain adorable. Whenever I describe him, it feels like I's describing perfection and I only just talked about his looks. If I came to the part of why I love his personality, I would ramble on and on so I'll just say that he is beautiful on the outside as well as on the inside. Gotta love the alnighty Key

Girls should be jealous I mean srsly. Those sexy eyes, plump bow shaped lips high cheekbones.. It should be illegal looking that pretty.

Perfection at it's best

Those feline eyes are to die for! Great skin too I'm jealous!

29 Ryeowook (Super Junior) Kim R yeowook (29), better known by the mononym Ryeowook . He is a South Korean Singer, Actor and Musical Actor . more.

Come on, why isn't he ranked higher? He may slip your notice at first, but if you look closer he's actually really pretty. A perfect profile, and a jawline you could cut yourself on.

I'm looking through this to vote for someone and thinking to go back up, but then I see ryeowook and OF COURSE! WOOKIE OPPA! He's so lovable and adorable!

RyeoWook oppa.. Love him so much.. He's so lovable and adorable person

Kim ryeowook cute voice

30 JB (Got7)

He is the perfect combination of cute and sexy. An extremely sexy and mature leader, especially when he dances he goes really wild and it shouldn't be allowed for under 12 to watch him on stage. He has this whole bad boy energy around him, but is also absoultely adorable half of the time.The way he loves his members and just lovingly stares at them at times or the way he lights up when someone mentions his cats, he sometimes pretends to be a cat or just simply transforms himslef in a cute little ball and you just can't help but to uwu. Also that boy knows how to eat, damn how is he always so hungry ahaha

Jb deserves to be at least in the top 20 he is so hot

Ugh JB! So gorgeous


31 Jimin (BTS - Bangtan Boys)

Jimin is the best he is talented and is the most adorable mochi alive!

I feel like this picture needs to be updated this picture is kind of old and while he does look adorable here it doesn't show his beauty.

Jimin can be extremely adorable to extremely beautiful to extremely sexy I feel like he deserves to be in the top 20 at least

Jimin has a kind of 'gravitational beauty' and attraction that pulls you towards him. In addition he can be both cute and sexy at the same time; a trait lacking in other idols. by the way, why are you using his old picture?

32 Onew (Shinee)

My squishy cutie! He can gain and lose weight all he wants, still cute with his actions and smile. That voice is a plus point!

Onew has charming eyes. His very funny. His disappointed faces is to die for. And there are more things in which the words cannot describe.

Onews smiles is what makes him the best!... My dudu!
onew fighting! And please take care of your health.. Got an ankle injury right? Recover soon always love you!

Onew is the cutest living thing on the planet. He is so beautiful. His smile is worth dying for. He smiles brighter than the sun! He is such a adorable guy with the most beautiful voice in kpop! His voice has the ability to melt your heart in an instant! He has such a beautiful personality. He is so kind and soft-hearted! He has a gift of making people fall in love with him with his gorgeous smile! Words can't describe how much I love him! He has a charm! He is smart and clever too! He is beautiful, smart, lovely, sweet, cute, talented, kind-hearted, clever, caring and amazing leader of SHINee. I love Taemin, minho, jonghyun and key also. But Onew is "The Best". Onew is a very Pure Person as a whole. Saranghae Onew Oppa!

33 Changmin (TVXQ)

He is handsome, beautiful, kind and clean. I respect him & love him.

Great and talented singer with awesome personality. Super duper cute face.. Very humorous. And a guy to die for.

Apparently he looks even better in real life. I was shocked too. Changmin's special though. He's super manly, but also has his really cute moments (especially with Minfood... ). He's kinda my ideal man. I love his singing too. He would a great rock singer. It's incredible that his scream is so musical, seriously.

I love Changmin. He is the youngest member in TVXQ, as I am. He's a shy guy but somehow can manage to get by. He is both a celebrity AND a college student and he gave me the inspiration to be anyone I want if I study hard. Plus his screams are amazing, and his looks are to die for! I love Changmin. He's a total hottie and his wit is adorable.

34 Lee Min Ho Lee Min-ho is a South Korean actor and singer. He first gained widespread fame in Korea and parts of Asia with his role as Gu Jun-pyo in Boys Over Flowers in 2009. The role won him a Best New Actor award at the 45th Baeksang Arts Awards.

What the hell?! Why is Lee Min Ho way down here? He should be, like, the first! A really good actor, and nice figure, tall, lovely smile... He's got everything!

Why in the world is LEE MIN HO HERE!?
He should be in the first place or I would mind the second or third... But this is... UNBELIEVABLE!
People look at him...4 of his dramas are like the best in the whole of Korea... 'Personal Taste' 'Boys over flowers' 'The heirs' and 'City Hunter' are the best in Korea... Forget that look at his figure! He is so hot, cool, his smile makes me happy...
I think I am going to explode..

Wait... What? Lee Min Ho is tremendously talented actor. He's stars in many of Korea's most popular dramas. His talent in acting, his handsome figure, and his charisma is what brought him to stardom. I think Lee Min Ho should be number one, in the top three at least. But I think this list consists of more band members for some reasons.

What is going on here? Why Lee minho is down here? He must be the first or at least second. He is the best! He has a lovely charisma, lovely smile. Why he is in number12?!
He is a very good actor and singer and He's voice is perfect. He is tall and beautiful. He should be the first!

35 Yoochun (TVXQ)

He is my Bias. He is my GOD. When I was going through some personal stuff, I was unable to run to anyone for help. I knew I had to get through it myself. That's when I came upon Park Yoochun. He got my mind off my problems. I'm not telling he took away my pain by talking to me etc... That would be crazy. What he did is, made me forget my problems and issues and gave me the strength to see past the ugly stuff in my life and look at the beauty of life in general. What he went through as a child, was sad enough. His experiences made him, who he is now. His talent for creating music is unmatched. Why would I look anywhere else for inspiration!

Hmnn... With his charming eyes and tender smile who's never gonna melt a heart. He is sexy even not exerting effort and a good son and brother to his family... Love yoochun forever.

His thinks are so deep and he is doing most of things thoughtfully.

He is so adorable and talented. He is my bias and I think he's so cute. I really enjoy every show he's been in!

36 Taeyang (Bigbang)

He is a unique dancer and a absolute artist. His voice has so much soul in there that you melt with it. Finally he is a handsome guy and the dream of thousands of mother in law

He is not plastic like the rest of the majority. Perfect in every way! The way that the Most Beautiful Korean Male Idol should be. Saranghae oppa!

His inner power is overwhelming, his voice is unique and his loving and caring personality charms everyone. Also he has boy of a god and his dance skills is beyond imagination

I like his voice and he's a great dancer. I think he's a very good person (based on the YouTube clip abt bigbang). And another thing HE'S HANDSOME! My dream guy

37 Park Jung Min (SS501)

I really really really love his voice, it's so beautiful and so strong, and one more thing, SS501 is the first K-POP group I support and I still support them and wait for them to comeback together and rock the K-POP world, Jung Min fighting

He very handsome and I love him.. His dancing is very wonderful and its make my heart beat.. He is also very friendly.. He's just wonderful and good looking!

I didn't expect our "bal" to be at top 15! He is a funny and charismatic guy who is the scariest when you wake him from his slumber!

Never a dull moment with Minnie. He brings joy to the group SS501. Great, beautiful, amazing voice. Fabulous, lovely person, beautiful in and out.

38 Ji Chang Wook

He is a very good person! Very caring, loving and supportive

Handsome, amazing, very talented actor & lovely singer

My favorite, Amazing, great, oppa

Most handsome actor

39 Sungkyu (Infinite)

Leader gyu so awesome.. I love his eyes which make me want to see his eyes more.. Plus, he is the 2nd Korean guy I like the most!

Those eyes... If god did something right it was Asian eyes

There's just something about Sunggyu that absolutely oozes sex-appeal and pure beauty, but I can't quite put my finger on it. Probably just everything about him.

He's not just cute and has such a lovely personality.. But his voice is amazing too&.. Oppa saranghae, fighting

40 Junsu (TVXQ)

He's all that.
He's so adorable, and shines like the brightest star whenever he performs on the stage because Junsu and I know being an artist is what he trully loves and what he's dstined to be.

He's just pure perfection... End..

He is so handsome and cute.

Though people might say that junsu ain't sexy but guise wht there is some thing that he has that makea him sexy that no other korean celeb don't have and trust me the list is so long

41 Suga (BTS) Min Yoon-gi, better known by his stage names Suga and Agust D, is a South Korean rapper, songwriter, and record producer.

1. That gummy smile!
2. His adorable faceu!
3. When he is being, well, Min Yoongi!
Those are three good reasons.

I know absolutely nothing about K Pop (and don't like it), but my friend loves Suga, so I came to vote.

Baby boy with his tounge technology deserves the world


42 Kim Seokjin (BTS)

World Wide Handsome indeed! His face is the kind you won't get sick of ever! With that personality, MARRY ME!

Jin Definition:
Worldwide Handsome.

There needs to be no further explination

He deserve a higher level because he was trending just getting out of a for goodness sake

Obviously Jin would vote yes

43 Bang (B.A.P)

Pappa gums we love you

He is my favorite n°1 first on alover the world such a cute smile and hudge "charme" oh and his rap is just awesome his voice is broken and so deep ah I am in love with him!

I love him. I would honestly marry him if I had the chance, but it would require learning korean and going to korea. I really am just trying to make the comment quality good now. It makes me sad that I haven't reached it yet. Oh great I did.

44 J-hope (BTS)

He is the most handsome korean idol! He should be in top 10! He is the best rapper,dancer,singer and sunshine of bts group! I really like his smile..fighting!

He's so handsome, cute, kind is the best singer I love him

J-Hope is our hope, sunshine, cute Bangtang member.

Dance boy

45 Rap Monster (BTS)

RM is a great leader, with a good heart and a handsome/cute faceu.
Also, his "Sexy Brain."
If you are a true A.R.M.Y you would understand.

Rap monster is my husband fk all haters


Dimple boy

46 G.O (MBLAQ)

He's so handsome, cute, kind is the best singer I love him
He came my country for ONG, he's humild really I like so much...

Well.. I think he is quite handsome.. His voice so cool

Best singer ever. period
Also handsome

Well,i have to admit that he is really handsome.there's my friend that didn't like kpop,but she like G.O.i like him but I love seungho more

47 Minhyuk (BtoB)

Perfect V-line, sexy lips, strong voice, baby face...

48 Kim Heechul (Super Junior) Kim Hee-chul, better known by the mononym Heechul, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, presenter, and actor.

Oh, my gosh, why isn't Heechul number one? He is the hottest guy EVER! My SuJu Bias, forever and always

He's not only beautiful, he can be so damn sexy too! He's already 30 years old (Korean age) but he still can compete with all his dongsaengs.

Seriously Heechul is the prettiest and handsomest kpop idol ever~ He is the only kpop idol to ever make my heart beat quicker for how amazing he looks~!

A man who is more beautiful than girls and so man at the same time. The real magic is he doesn't age. Even time loves him so much. He is pretty and charming at the same time.

49 G-Dragon (Bigbang)

Love it he knows he is pretty and can pull of practically anything.

G-Dragon is BEAUTIFUL! He has body that can even wear girls clothes, looks cool, and got swag at the same time! How can you NOT vote for him! Plus looks good, even without make up, he should definitely be first!

Jiyongie is amazing, Super talented in all things music, really really gorgeous and fashionable, and he is such a great person. GD should obviously be first!

Really I think he is the most atraccting guy in korea and asia; I was'nt a fan of kpop until I see him, I mean he's to talented so much that is almost ridiculous

50 Lee Eunhyuk

He's so handsome, cute, kind is the best singer I love him, Eunhyuk oppa fitting, He's very very sexy

He's so adorable... He's beautiful, inside and outside
The way he raps makes me speechless..
The way he dances makes me look always like an idiot, because DAMN! He's so sexy! For me, he's the best dancer!
And his smile... When he smiles, his eyes would shine! And he smiles with full heart
But what I like the most about him is his character.. He would never be angry at his members.. Never.. And he makes us always laugh with his Humor.
I really don't understand, why People say he isn't gorgeous or handsome. For me he is the most handsome and most adorable guy in the world!
EUNHYUK-OPPA, saranghae! Hwaiting!

Why don't peole think he's gorgeous?!?! Wait no scratch that he's not gorgeous he's plain SEXY!

This man is a beast! Not only is he beautiful but he has a charm that sucks you in once you begin to watch him perform.

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