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41 Kim Soo Hyun (SunMoon/You Who Came From the Star)

Actually I don't think this is correct place for him. He has so many talents Not only that he is cute, hot, charismatic and famous. but why he is here? See! How he succeeds in the drama 'My love from another star'!. So I think we must do justice for him. I have fallen for him? So don't you think at least he must be included top 10.

I think everyone know who this guy is...

He's beautiful. When he cries your heart breaks and when he smiles it soars.

No question ask he's best looking...

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42 Henry Lau (Super Junior)

Not only is the guy handsome... But charismatic and talented. Genuine, honest and warm. Should have more lines in Super Junior M songs but his debut song "Trap" is memorable hopefully he'll get more recognition than before. And he speaks english since he is Canadian-born

His talent is what makes him more and more handsome.

The chino boy! The Amber's husband

His nose is ❤

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43 Taemin (SHINee) Taemin (SHINee)

He's so cute yet so manly and his dance, his voice and his personality is just so perfect! He is the most beautiful creature I have ever seen in my whole life.

Fighting taemin. His smile is very beautiful.. He has sweet voice

Hi taemin. He is really cute and beautiful. His voice is really good and his dancing is
Very very good

He's really cute and adorable but at the same time he's super manly because he's taeMAN. He's really good at both dancing and singing. SO TALENTED

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44 Oh SeHun (EXO)

He has all it need in Korean beauty standard:
-milky white skin
-v line shape face
-high nose bridge
-smiling eyes
And he's an ullzzang so his face has been handsome from the start.

He's my ALL!

Honestly a stunning man. He's cute, handsome, gorgeous. I can't put it into words how quickly after only liking EXO for less than a week, he really captivated me.

I really like his smile
And he is handsome
Ilike him

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45 Sungkyu (Infinite)

Leader gyu so awesome.. I love his eyes which make me want to see his eyes more.. Plus, he is the 2nd Korean guy I like the most!

Those eyes... If god did something right it was Asian eyes

There's just something about Sunggyu that absolutely oozes sex-appeal and pure beauty, but I can't quite put my finger on it. Probably just everything about him.

So cute, Love you Sung Kyu!

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46 G-Dragon (Bigbang)

G-Dragon is BEAUTIFUL! He has body that can even wear girls clothes, looks cool, and got swag at the same time! How can you NOT vote for him! Plus looks good, even without make up, he should definitely be first!

Jiyongie is amazing, Super talented in all things music, really really gorgeous and fashionable, and he is such a great person. GD should obviously be first!

Really I think he is the most atraccting guy in korea and asia; I was'nt a fan of kpop until I see him, I mean he's to talented so much that is almost ridiculous

Love G dragon rapper and his cute smile 💕

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47 Changmin (TVXQ)

Great and talented singer with awesome personality. Super duper cute face.. Very humorous. And a guy to die for.

Apparently he looks even better in real life. I was shocked too. Changmin's special though. He's super manly, but also has his really cute moments (especially with Minfood... ). He's kinda my ideal man. I love his singing too. He would a great rock singer. It's incredible that his scream is so musical, seriously.

I love Changmin. He is the youngest member in TVXQ, as I am. He's a shy guy but somehow can manage to get by. He is both a celebrity AND a college student and he gave me the inspiration to be anyone I want if I study hard. Plus his screams are amazing, and his looks are to die for! I love Changmin. He's a total hottie and his wit is adorable.

He is handsome

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48 Lee Eunhyuk

He's so handsome, cute, kind is the best singer I love him, Eunhyuk oppa fitting, He's very very sexy

He's so adorable... He's beautiful, inside and outside
The way he raps makes me speechless..
The way he dances makes me look always like an idiot, because DAMN! He's so sexy! For me, he's the best dancer!
And his smile... When he smiles, his eyes would shine! And he smiles with full heart
But what I like the most about him is his character.. He would never be angry at his members.. Never.. And he makes us always laugh with his Humor.
I really don't understand, why People say he isn't gorgeous or handsome. For me he is the most handsome and most adorable guy in the world!
EUNHYUK-OPPA, saranghae! Hwaiting!

Why don't peole think he's gorgeous?!?! Wait no scratch that he's not gorgeous he's plain SEXY!

Love eunhyuk

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49 Kim Kibum (Super Junior)

I never got to find out more about him but he was the one main guy who made me curious about Suju in the past! The other was Kyuhyun but I always thought Kibum looked so cute. Like a cute puppy you want to snuggle. Haha and from some videos I saw, he have a cheerful and bright personality. I think he deserves to be rated higher on this list!

For me, he's the perfect example of cute and handsome combination. Plus, he' also hot! A very passionate guy. He can act, he can sing (a little, keke! ) and he can dance! Omo he's perfect! KIM KIBUM, you're the man! I really adore him. For me, kibum is the best!

Kibum has the most perfect smile in super junior! He's also very charismatic, and omo! Good looking! He's one of the best face in K-pop. No wonder many girls (including me) fall for him! He's a heart throb. He can make girls fall for him in just his simple yet adorable smile. And when he acts, he is so passionate. He is the perfect man for every woman! I love ypu Kim Kibum!

Thank you still here super junior kibum... His smile... I'm...

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50 Bi Rain

How in the world is Mr. Rainism number 88?! I mean come on?! Well I guess there are a lot of handsome men in this list, but 88 is way too low of a rating for Bi Rain in my opinion. Oh and good luck for everyone's bias! Rain Fighting! ♥

Such a great body and voice also good acting skils one of the bests

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51 JB (Got7)

Jb deserves to be at least in the top 20 he is so hot

Ugh JB! So gorgeous


52 Taeyang (Bigbang)

He is a unique dancer and a absolute artist. His voice has so much soul in there that you melt with it. Finally he is a handsome guy and the dream of thousands of mother in law

He is not plastic like the rest of the majority. Perfect in every way! The way that the Most Beautiful Korean Male Idol should be. Saranghae oppa!

His inner power is overwhelming, his voice is unique and his loving and caring personality charms everyone. Also he has boy of a god and his dance skills is beyond imagination

I like his eye smile

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53 Seungho (MBLAQ)

Firstly, he is not my first bias in Mblaq. But after for awhile, when I seen MBLAQ performances, I noticed something special about him. And I dig all the source and information about him. I mostly respects him for been as a best leader I have ever seen in idol group. His injured and his manly side. He really an amazing person I ever seen in this entertainment world. With endless talent and a man who been in fantasy. He such a character that exist in a Story or ideal man that I dream for. He is the best in everything.

He's such an awesome boy, he's just the perfect man!

His face is unique those lips and eyes!

His face is really gorgeous/ and his smile

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54 Taecyeon

Me, my sister and my friend really really likes taecyeon! His so handsomehe is also so hot! He acts really really well, he dances awesome! And suzy of miss a and taecyeon has a very very good chemistry! He also sings well!

I love taecyeon! So hot and handsome!

He is the best. Even good in other languages. Such a smart guy

He is really talented. His acting skills also become more good. He also care about his looks nowadays. HEHEHEHE

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55 Chanyeol (EXO)

He's nearly perfect, with a combination of strikingly handsome appearances that include enticing eyes, chiseled nose, shapely lips, tall height (6'0"), fit body, straight teeth, clear skin, attractive smile, deep voice, kind personality, impressive musical talent, and an adorable dimple!

He is my Happy Virus

Wah why is he ranked so low. He is so amazing. Do people know what they're doing?

My first bais

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56 Kim Jong in / Kai (EXO K)

Have a sexy skin and body, energetic move, deep warm voice and georgeous lips.

He is cute and handsome and I must say he looks sexy when he dances. Its shows in his dance that dance is his life. He to me is most handsome member in all the exo members. specially his smile and eyes are good features of his.

No one can compare him for everything.

Kai is absolutaly amazing., awesome.
I like the way he smile, dance, and everything

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57 D.O. (EXO K)

So cute! Makes me want to protect him

Cute and handsome at the same time.. Cute because of his pop out eyes and heart lips.. And handsome because of his gaze and dark eyebrows.. His kid smile makes me want to makes him my lil bro... I really do think he can be on top list.. Wonder why his number so far away..

Your voice your character, you are innocent, when your voice come up I really feel like you have something special in your voice, but take care of your voice

He's such a cute little marshmellow :3

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58 Jang Wooyoung (2PM)

He got natural cute face.. And also got nice voice..!

What more can I say? He's perfect and charming. He's funny and real. :)) I Love you oppa! :))) Go 2pm! FIGHTING.

So cute and manly and talented and sexy and he is the best best man and I love him too much!

Woodong the cuttest and the funniest idol all over the kpop and also the world cute sexy funny hundsome innocent very talented

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59 Heo Young Saeng (SS501)

He is the cutest. He has dimples, which shows even if he is not smiling.

He is so cute, and when he smiles I melt because has a unique smile. His voice is extraordinary I always support him. And he is a humble person that has a lot of love for his fans.

He has a unique and beautiful voice, is a very adorable "smile" man

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60 Bang (B.A.P)

He is my favorite n°1 first on alover the world such a cute smile and hudge "charme" oh and his rap is just awesome his voice is broken and so deep ah I am in love with him!

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