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101 Lee Chi Hoon

He's So cute and Photogenic :) Handsome!

102 No Min Woo (Trap)

My platonic love... is perfect

My platonic love... is perfect

My platonic love... is perfect

He's sooo handsome

103 Siwan (ZE:A)
104 Lay (EXO-M) Lay (EXO-M) Zhang Yixing, better known as Lay, is a Chinese singer-songwriter, record producer, author, dancer, and actor.

He's the most good looking person I've seen!?! His cute dimples and milky white skin. Not to say his dance skills are damn perfect!

He is so cute and handsome without even trying to be and you got to die when he has blonde hair and his dimples show

Lay is handsome and cute. When he dances, you could not move your eyes from his sexy body.

He has deep dimple when he smiles.His eyes are shiny which seems that there is a whole milky way inside.

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105 Gongchan (B1A4) V 1 Comment
106 Kang Minhyuk (Cn Blue)

Minhyuk is so DAMN cute! How can he be at 107? I like his role as Chan Young in The Heirs. He's just too cute with Krystal. Aw, I really like him.

He is cute and very talented and he deserved a higher position than this and when I meant higher is very high position

Great personality, stage presence and cuteness!

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107 Taeyong (NCT)
108 Yong Jun Hyung (Beast) V 3 Comments
109 Seungri (Big Bang)

I like his song "what can I do" and I'm really confused when I see his name in 98th position I mean he should deserve a higher position duh!

He is the cutest in band I think so.. And I like him so much

He is an adorable panda but also hot

He is so cute and sexy

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110 Hyun Bin

Class A actor. Oozing sex appeal!

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111 Yoo Youngjae (B.A.P.)

B.A.P's Yoo Youngjae! I'm actually surprised he is not on here--while lots of male idols could be listed as handsome, Youngjae's literally beauty.
+His face is of golden proportions, smaller than a hamburger, enlarging his features like his eyes.
+He's unbelievably photogenic even in his instagram photos you see how beautifully cute he is.
+His skin is also very milky and nice complexion--take a look at his childhoos photos and you see nothing has changed in his smile

Argh just look at YWF and Feel So Good--his looks have increased so much that even Korean netizens made a topic about it!

112 Psy Psy Park Jae-sang, better known by his stage name Psy, stylized PSY, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, record producer and rapper.


113 Kim Dongjun (ZE:A)

You are the best. I believe you will be more famous than this time.

114 Shin Dongho

He is not only my bias. He is the most beautiful man in the world

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115 Lee Sung Yeol (Infinite)

I don't know why some of the people don't notice him. I find him attractive and he's the cutest thing ever! Even though he only got one line in every infinite song or sometimes he don't have any line, I can see he's very talented. I'll always support you sungyeol-ah. Saranghae! Fighting!

116 Mark Tuan

Mark should be top 10 he is just so perfect like just look at him

Why Mark at the bottom? He should be at Top10.He is more beautiful than a woman.I very love him.

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117 Kai (EXO) V 2 Comments
118 Kim Jun (T-Max)

No, he should be in top 10 he is very cute and so adorable

Guys! Kim jun should be in top ten! I mean, look at him! Isn't he hot?

119 Eric Mun

I think he is the perfect guy! Weird, dorky. though it can be hard to detect, in my opinion I think he's a really good person inside too. I think he can be a bit self effacing so he's is pretty underrated in a certain sense. love him and hope he continues not to compromise his character!

He's perfect human being ever. Perfect looks, perfect heart, perfect brain, perfect behavior..

Eric is handsome and very different from most Korean. His look has the western & modern vibe to it. Depends on the occassions, he could look like a prince charming, a cutie, a dork, a baddass, or a classic Hollywood.

All that came from pure Mother Nature creation, he's blessed.

Despite being shy & 4D, he's a very witty & interlectual guy as well and most of all, very very loyal! Oh and a great rapper too. Hail to you Eric, always #1 in my book! :D

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120 Park Shi-hoo

Hez just too great! His smile can be a cure to wake girl up from dead, he is too handsome to be on dis number! He is drop dead gorgeous!

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