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221 Million Dollar Man - Lana Del Rey

This is a great song and is good for people who don't like to sing as high pitched. She has a beautiful voice and a great message! I love it!

222 Flares - The Script

This song is insanely beautiful

223 Couldn't Find Another Man - Jennifer Love Hewitt
224 Circle in the Sand - Belinda Carlisle
225 Sad Song - D'erlanger
226 Dance with My Father - Luther Vandross
227 Space Oddity - David Bowie

One of the greatest songs of all time! Ground control to Major Tom!


228 Take Me Home, Country Roads - John Denver
229 Moon Represents My Heart - Teresa Teng

Teresa Teng, mostly singing Chinese songs, is no doubt the most under-rated singer in the English speaking world

230 Idazhil - K.S. Chithra
231 Thathi Thom - K.S. Chithra
232 Can You Feel the Love Tonight - Elton John

Disney has always had good songs in their movies and this one, without doubt, is the king of them all.

It's one of the most beautiful Disney songs ever. Although there are other beautiful I think this one is the best.

This is a beautiful tune, but it's not Elton's best. That would be Your Song.

233 Cosmic Love - Florence + The Machine
234 With or Without You - U2

Incredible song, the thin guitar playing of The Edge coupled with the pain in Bono's voice has something haunting. So beautiful yet so powerful.

235 A Year Without Rain - Selena Gomez

This is the best song of Selena and the best song ever. Please listen to it and vote for it. I just love Selena Gomez and her songs. She is the best singer ever. Nabeel

236 Sunburn - Muse
237 What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction

This song is very good especially the lyrics!...

238 Louisiana - Underworld V 1 Comment
239 Vanilla Twilight - Owl City

Its the most beautiful song ever!

240 Splendida - Il Volo

Blending of 3 different 'fantastic' voices... Incredible!
A wonderful song you could listen to all day... And still want more

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