Most Dangerous Sports

Sports were you are very likely to get hurt (or killed) while playing!

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1 Bull Riding Bull Riding Bull riding is a rodeo sport that involves a rider getting on a bucking bull and attempting to stay mounted while the animal tries to buck off the rider.American bull riding has been called "the most dangerous eight seconds in sports." To receive a score, the rider must stay atop the bull for eight more.

Bull riding is a amazing sport. Also a dangerous. You could break a lot of bones and be in bed for a long time. Bull rider's are risking their lives for everyone that thinks it's a fun sport it's not. What if when you fall down the bull steps on your guts hm, that would be kind of pain full. This list is kind of messed up

I totally agree with you this should be I the top of the list and you can have back broken as easy as that, the people who created bull riding or. Even do it are idiots wanting to kill themselves

For the bullrider this has got to be the toughest 8 seconds to endure, if you're successful, particularly in the short round with the bulls like Bushwacker, Bones, or Voodoo Child. But there is little danger to the audience as in other sports such as baseball. Baseball, to me, has the highest potential for serious injury... Not only to a batter, infielder or pitcher, but to spectators in the stands. If it isn't a super fast ball coming at you, it could be a splintered bat!

I searched this up. THIS IS FOR ALL U PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO SAY THAT MORE PEOPLE DIE OF BULL RIDING THAN HORSEBACK RIDING: I searched up how many people die of bull riding each year. Guess what it said? 3. IT SAID THREE! So I have no idea what this one person is saying about how "only 20 people die from horseback riding each year and 4,368 or so people die from bull riding" he said only 20 people die of horseback riding each year? Try 200. And this guy acted like it was no big deal that "20 people out of the billions of people in the earth die from horseback riding" that is a quote from this dumb dude. He or she is obviously a very stupid person. Because there could only be an average of 5 people dying each year from horseback riding, and it would still be the same. It would still be a family loosing a loved one. SO don't U STUPID PEOPLE DARE TELL ME THAT ITS NO BIG DEAL! And if this dude is reading this, I want him to know that he over exaggerated when he said that like 4,368 people ...more

I agree my sister does not

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2 Horseback Riding Horseback Riding Horseback riding (or Equestrian) is one of the most intense sports known to man. Not only because it's physically challenging, but it takes more than athleticism. Horseback riding takes commitment, time, patience, and most importantly building a bond with your horse. If you don't have a good relationship more.

There are so many fatal riding accidents that it is near impossible to keep count. Working around on with any living, thinking animal immediately presents obvious risks. Jade South, Jessica Forsyth and Emma Jonathan are just some names of promising young riders who have lost their lives doing the thing they loved most in the last 3 years. The first two names were girls of 14 years.

It should be horse riding! People are risking there lives! If you can't see that then your just a very stupid person! There are more deaths from horse riding each year compared to other sports!

" you play football? That's cute"

The first time I was bucked off I fractured my arm, sprained my neck, pulled a muscle in my leg, and dislocated my knee. When my cousin was a toddler she walked behind a horse and got kicked so hard she flew ten feet, became cross-eyed and since she hit a fence, she became paralyzed from the neck down. So yeah, horseback riding is VERY dangerous on and off the horse...

CHEERLEADERS, READ THIS. I have a few cheerleader friends who even admit that horseback riding is more dangerous. My sister's friend said that horseback riding was easy and that anyone could do it. She said that basketball was harder! Seriously? Then my sister put her on her barrel horse and told her to take her through the pattern. She started out because the horse was getting impatient with her and started rearing up and kept trying to bolt. She later said that it was harder than it looked. All because it looks easy, doesn't mean it is. Riders who know what they are doing make it look easy, but they are trying so hard. They don't know what to expect. We are always in suspense. I have been riding my whole life and have fallen off a total of 18 times. Once, I was loping bareback and my horse spooked at something. I was completely catapulted off of her, landed on my shoulder and then flipped down a bank. I hopped straight up to chase after my horse who was galloping home. When my ...more

I rode for 2 years and I am still working around horses. Going back into riding, since now we're doing really good with money again. But, even though I never got thrown and injured by riding, I almost got injured by just standing around one. My friend, has been riding for way over 10 years! She was thrown, bit, kicked, and stepped on. She was thrown into the gate, broke her arm. She was then bucked off and landed on the ground, where the horse stepped on her ankle. Her ankle was close to shattered and her shoulder was dislocated. She was bit and had a bruise from around the mark and had some bleeding inside it. Not the serious kind though. She also had a concussion from falling off and slamming her head on the ground.

I was mucking out the fields last week with two ponies. Now, ponies are smaller than horses. People fear horses more than ponies, but you better fear both equally. Especially ponies, they can be very rough and bratty. They have their own attitude too. Well, the ...more

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3 Cheerleading

Here's to the people who say cheerleading isn't a sport and that cheerleaders aren't athletes. The very definition of sport is, and I quote, "an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature. We practice just as much as you do. Every day of the week, 2 hours. We condition, We run, We do ab workouts and pushups and planks. No, we don't lift weights, we lift our athletes-and we hold them 10-15 feet in the air until our arms shake. Until our legs quiver. Don't doubt the flyers either. We have more muscle than you seem to think. The amount of balance, leg muscle, and core tightness it takes to stay in the air is unbelievable to someone who has never done it before. We run full speed at nothing, then flip in the air, twist, and land on our feet. We jump. We jump high-without a trampoline. Concentrating on pointed toes, extended legs, tight arms, jump height, facials, and smiling Ever based a basket toss? You get blood blisters on your hands. ...more

This is seriously perfect. My guy friend tried telling me today that cheerleading is not a sport. I really took offense to it. Yeah he plays football so he doesn't exactly see how hard we work. But the nerve that he had to say that made me sick. I told him that it is the most dangerous contact sport and he still continues to tell me that it is not a sport. All of these people dissing cheerleading need to take a step in our shoes if they really say that cheerleading is not a sport.

Okay so first of all to everyone who says cheer leading isn't a sport or its not dangerous. Think again. Football they have padding. Most other sports have padding because they are all scared to get hurt. Cheerleaders like me are fierce and we never give up. Football players have a broken toe and they let their coach know and then can't play until its better but cheerleaders could have a broken wrist and will keep it from the coach so they could finish the seasons. We cheer for months straight. Football players just go for one season. We go for multiple. We don't all date football players. That's a stereo type. That crap is in movies. My boyfriend is going to do football next year but I didn't date him because of that. Most of my team is single. We have great personalities and we're not rude or snotty. We work as a team because we have to put our lives at risk with each other. To the motorcross guy who said which is more dangerous being thrown about 60 feet in the air and falling or ...more

What do you mean "Most other sports have padding because they are all scared to get hurt? In hockey players have padding yet they still get injured. Heck, even the ref gets injured! - EXPLAINdis

Every single time we (cheerleaders) throw a girl in the air everyone of us are taking a risk of getting killed! One wrong move could make her land on our heads and break our necks! One tiny mistake in cheerleading can leave many injuries! The reason it's so dangerous is because it's 5 different girls working together to accomplish one task and when one thing goes wrong all of them are at risk!

No one is going to kill there self cheerleading is not that dangerous. Gymnastics and bull riding r so much more dangerous!

I've been a cheerleader for approximately 8 years. Season to season. Practice to practice. Non-stop. 2 hours 5 days a week. There is no such thing as perfection. But trying to reach perfection is always the goal.

Cheerleading is indeed a sport. To those of you football players who think cheerleading is not a sport, you're wrong. Very VERY wrong. We do not step on that floor and push with all will and fight with all our strength to win, with pads on. Pads are for protection for you guys right? We use our bodies for protection. The bodies of bases and back spots are used for protection. Not for themselves, but for flyers like me. Sure we don't throw a football 20 yards, but we throw 100+ flyers probably 20 feet in the air. And catch them. Do you 9/10 times catch your ball during plays? No. We catch our flyer 9/10 times during very complicated stunt sequences. They toss them in they air. That one time they hit the floor is when te injuries come in. But the flyers do not get angry ...more

I agree that cheerleading is a sport, but it is NOT the most dangerous sport in the world. That award definitely goes to either horseback riding or bull riding. Why? Simply because they involve animals with a mind of their own. Heck, even gymnastics is more dangerous than cheerleading. Yes, cheerleaders throw girls in the air, but gymnasts throw THEMSELVES in the air with no one to catch them, and to think their doing it on a piece of wood that's no wider than four inches.

As to why I think horseback riding and bull riding are more dangerous than cheerleading, as I already mentioned, you're on an animal with a mind of its own. I've been riding horses since I was six years old and I've been injured more times than I can count! I've been stepped on, kicked, thrown into fences/obstacles, I've been bitten and so much more. Long story short, you're dealing with a 1000+ pounds animal that is way stronger than you and can easily overpower you.

So yes, throwing girls in the air ...more - Blub

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4 Gymnastics Gymnastics Gymnastics is a sport involving the performance of exercises requiring strength, flexibility, balance and control.

Gymnast... Almost 11 years... Seen kids do double backs off beam and land on their heads and not be able to move. A girl was doing full twisting yurchenkos into the foam pit and broke both bones in her shin. I pulled in on double backs on bars and hit my feet (some serious soft tissue damage) and my head.


Yes my friends mom ripped her vagina doing gymnastics. She was 3 months pregnant at the time. Ouch.

The only reason people say that cheerleading is the most "dangerous" is because most cheerleaders are preppy, pretty, snotty girls that guys like to watch... Yeah well that should make it a wimpy sport, because most cheerleaders do cheer for looks and popularity and not to say they are in a grueling sport. I was a level 10/open gymnast when I stopped and picked up my dream as a full time coach, and I live in pain still from the intense means a gymnast must go through. I have watched my friends be rolled out on stretchers and had so man surgeries there families went into debt with the cost of gymnastics. At the same time compared to the difficulty level of gymnastics we have a low number of injuries only because we are literally trained how to fall, we workout and condition so much that we are so strong and used to pain half the time we don't even tell anyone about the constant pain we suffer. I broke my ankle once and I was forced to go to a doctor they told me I would be ...more

We aren't at all "preppy and snobby" and cheer is not up higher on the list because guys like to watch it. It's up there because we put our lives at risk. We throw girls 30 feet into the air and catch them. If you think that cheer is not even dangerous then you can try it yourself. Go ahead and hold someone up in the air while she hits different motions or you can try to be the one being up in the air standing on somebody's hand. Have you ever seen a girl rip a hole through her lip because he got hit in the face with her flyers head. And then continue to perform with a smile on. Have you ever seen someone break a bone and continue to hold her flyer in the air like there is nothing wrong. Probably not. Because we are cheerleaders. We are very tough. Sure gymnastics is hard. I used to be a gymnast. But seeing it from both sides I definitely know that cheer is harder and more dangerous.

Gymnastics is very dangerous it is an amazing sport and just by doing it day by day you risk your life just in the gym. It takes a lot of concentration to do a complicated tumbling pass with the slightest impression in the back of your mind knowing that yes I could kill myself doing this and yes I will regret it when I fall on my neck/back halfway in the middle of a full twist and maybe have a slight concussion. But you know what us gymnast, we are not cry babies we fall on our heads, stomachs, backs and butts so, many times in just one practice that we seem to get used to the fact that gymnastics is HARD and DANGEROUS! But we keep trying because we know that with practice and Injuries, live threatening injuries that we can achieve what we want to achieve. Because why would someone want to run 16mph towards a metal table and throw themselves into twist and flips just to get a judge hold up a few numbers? Well I if your not a gymnast you wouldn't know the feeling that comes with ...more

I was in gymnastics for 9 years and had many minor injuries, but also had some serious ones. Such a difficult sport, and super dangerous. When I was 14, I fractured my wrist so badly that they thought they were going to have to amputate it from my elbow down. Luckily, I managed to go through 3 emergency surgeries and come out of my 4 day hospital stay with my arm! I know a lady who had to have both knee caps replaced, due to all the damage from gymnastics over the years. I have weak wrists and knees now, but I'd do it all over again if I could! I recommend this sport for males and females. It teaches you discipline, balance, flexibility, coordination, team work, etc. It is demanding, but well worth it.

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5 Football Football American football is a sport played by two teams of eleven players on a rectangular field with goalposts at each end.

I find it funny that all of you football players are saying things like "Are you kidding me! Cheer leading and horseback riding arnt even sports! Each week of nfl at least two people get concussions or broken bones" and
"Football is dangerous and horse riding and gymnastics aren't sports! " Then you say "if you have never played football then don't say it's easy! " Like really? Have you ever ridden a horse? And I'm not talking about being lead around on a pony when you were 5! Every time I go to the barn we do conditioning, oh and this is every day and I'm there for up to 5 hours. Conditioning consists of running up a steep hill... 20 times, running across a feild that's about 100 meters holding a hale bail that weighs about 75-100 pounds... 5 times (back and forth). Then we do 100 sit-ups, then we do a wall sit for 10 minutes, then we repeat this 5 times. Also when we ride it looks like we are just sitting there... Yea. No. When we ride we have to ...more

This is obviously exaggerated. Boy, don't tell me it only takes an hour to do even 100 sit-ups. If that whole thing five times was your daily routine you would get like half a round done before fainting of exhaustion. Also, Hay bales don't weigh 100 pounds. 20, at most. (I would know, I live with horses too). And when you push on the side of the horse, it moves the other way because it is trained like that. You aren't "pushing 1500 pounds of muscle with one leg". And it actually doesn't take that much strength to keep a horse under control. I doubt whoever wrote this has even touched a horse by this comment. I have had years of training with horseback riding and this comment is completely ridiculous. Listen buddy. My mom let kids ride horses at my elementary school fall festival. It's not that dangerous. Football gives you concussions, broken bones, etc. Please do a little bit of research before trying to pretend you know what you're talking about. Please. - TheInsomniac

OK, now just stop! Stop insulting other sports, do you think football is the only sport where you can be hurt, horseback riding: Fall off, you can die, a kick to the head, concussion, fatal injuries. How can you say horseback riding isn't dangerous! By the way, can you guys stop insulting cheerleading! A footballer, you are hurt, you leave for a few weeks, a cheerleader, break your wrist, you suck it up, that's dedication. You train until you can train no more, and still you work hard. The days when you are dying if exhaustion, and still you train hard. A single false move, and you can die. You watch too many movies, cheerleaders aren't stuck up brats, they are real people, dedicated to their passion, willing to put their lives on the line. In football, you get hurt, you go home, all better, sure there are fatal, and permanent injuries, but in horseback racing and cheerleading, a false move and you're dead. I appreciate all sports, so do the same.

Sorry, there are football players that DO play through injuries, thank you very much. Do you not think that footballers train hard? Sorry, but though I do believe that both Cheering and Horseback Riding are sports, I have a hard time believing that in Cheering, 'one false move and you're dead. ' Look this up for yourself- '5-15 people die from cheerleading per year. ' While that figure proves Cheerleading can be fatal, just look up for the same statistic for football. '20 people die from playing football per year. ' Sorry, but those statistics all but prove Football to be more dangerous. And that's no disrespect to the sport of Cheerleading. It's a really awesome sport, and it is difficult to do and amazing to watch. It's simply just not as dangerous as football. - Therater2

Listen, I am an apprentice Jockey and you think football is hard? Your not the only ones that have to work out every day, including a horse. We jockeys have to be at least 114 pounds and be small. We have to have strict diets and basically eat one meal a day. We get up at 4-5 in the morning to go exercise and get to the track. Do you have the balance to be in a standing squat position on a 40 mph horse? Do you know the risk we take everyday just getting on a horse. Any moment that animal could freak and kill us. Don't tell me horse back riding isn't a sport. I could go on for days!

Horse back riding? Really? That's not even a sport!

Really? Do you know how insulting that is? We work 4 hours a day, 6 or 7 days a week every week of every month and Every month of every year. So that 1 or 2 times a month during the summer we could have a chance to win a 20 cent ribbon. If it's not hard why do we have to work everyday of the year for a show, and still have the possibility to get 8th place. Why then, wouldn't we not work all year then go to a show and get 1st place? If it were so easy. And you say a real sport is scored and not judged, and that horse riding is judged. But it's not. Judging is an opinion. Is it an opinion... That I knocked down a rail? That I wasn't on the correct lead? That the horse took a half step before the jump? Are these opinions? No. They are facts. We get scores. Knocked down a rail? 4 faults. Horse refused? 4 faults. Over the time limit? 2 faults for every 5 seconds over. Messed up the pattern? Disqualified. If you mess up a play in a ...more - Gshayea_shandi

HA! You go sit on a horse and them jump a 4 foot jump, see how easy it is buddy! You go do that and then maybe ill believe that FOOTBALL is more dangerous, when you clear a 4 foot jump your first time on a horse, ill believe you.

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6 Hockey

Hockey is should definitely be in the top 5 or at least ahead of soccer. You are constantly getting hit into the boards which can lead to broken bones, concussions and more. I broke my arm twice from a slash, lost 2 teeth getting high sticked, and KO some guy in a fight

Come on! WAY more dangerous than soccer! I see only 3 players in a soccer game get knocked down. In hockey, EVERY player gets knocked on their ass at least 3 times per game from what I've seen! I can't even name one NHL player that STILL has all their teeth except for the first year players.. Did I mention you are allowed to fight? AND it's full contact. Face first into glass walls, I'm not even 20 and I lost a tooth ALREADY. Worst impact was ending in a 3 week coma. I slammed another player into the wall, BROKE the glass and his whole face was covered in BLOOD! (it was nasty) slamming a guy on grass is nothing.. You wanna talk about pain, how about HEAD FIRST ON ICE! Let's talk about more pain, how bout a 110mph puck in the face.. Never happened to me... Well not yet but I've seen it plenty of times.. Not pretty! Which is harder? Running or skating? Obviously skating! To play hockey, you need to skate just as well as you can walk and run. Anyone can run backwards. Try skating ...more

Alright I've been playing hockey 3 years (now midget) each year was to hospital at least once, broken bone, fracture, sprains, I'm lucky! Coulda had some bad concussions, throat slit by a blade, its rough and some people go out to hurt people, on ice, its hard look what happened just the other week habs vs bruins, chara, that happens more than that, that was just serious, never know what can happen, horseback is dangerous too I do it, not as dangerous, but soccer? Come on seriously? Put some hockey players on the ice with just shin pads you see what happens then! We've broke the glass 3 times this year with pucks, a midget team! They're hard rubber and go fast.. Maybe not number 1, but past soccer? I think so

I love and respect all sports. but hockey, deserves to be bellow the top 5. I'm 14, and I've been playing hockey since I was 4. That's 10 years, you are skating at high speeds, and relying on yourself and others to not collide with another speeding player, the boards or even the hockey net. Of course we have protection, but most of it, is thin. And un reliable. Especially if a puck is being shot at most commonly maybe around 90km (correct me if I'm wrong) or dangerous plastic and wooden sticks being swung around non stop?

I'm a girl and I played on a girls team for 8 years, and you may thing "Oh! They're girls. They don't hit"... I've gotten pushed, Tripped, Cross Check and so forth into the boards by girls 2x my size. But we don't stop. Most often, if we can still move our legs and we don't have a brain injury. We get up and get to the bench ourselves.

Now I'm on a boys team, and it's even more brutal. I've gotten tripped and went head first into the net, body ...more

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7 Boxing Boxing Boxing is a martial art and combat sport in which two people wearing protective gloves throw punches at each other for a predetermined set of time in a boxing ring..

Boxing is brutal. Much more dangerous than the other sports on here. Don't get me wrong, I ain't ripping on any of the other sports on here, football, hockey, etc are all still rough, but think about boxing. The pure science behind everything in that sport is brutal.

Boxing is 50% hitting and 50% not getting hit. When you play football, your goal is to run the ball down to the field and score a touchdown. When you play hockey, your goal is to slap the puck into the net. When you play baseball, your goal to to hit the ball outside the field. When you play basketball, your goal is to shoot the ball into the net. When you box, your goal is to physically and intentionally hurt your opponent. You also have to be quick and be able to have the energy to move around just to not get hit. You play football. You play tennis. You play volleyball. You don't "play" boxing. When somebody hits you in the face with the intention to knock you out, break your nose, or give you a black ...more

One mistake in article... Dude damage is most with smaller gloves because force is distributed in less area ultimately causing more damage

Boxing is very dangerous I am not a boxer I am 13 but I plan on boxing. This should be higher than 7 boxing gives u no protection and u get hit over and over in the head and they say cheer leading is higher wow.

Boxing is dangerous you people say it's just babies hitting each other in the face. REALLY YOUR PUTTING STUFF SUCH AS CHEERLEADING IS MORE DANGEROOUS? Let me ask you one question. Have you ever been hit by a 12 pound mallet in the face going 20mph? I don't think so and that is the average punch by a pro boxer. Imagine getting hit my 500 of those! YOU THINK BOXERS ARE WEAKLINGS? And the training for boxing is brutal. Running 5 miles a day, hitting a 150 pound bag for an hour... If you think boxing is a children's sport imagine fighting Mike Tyson, Rocky Marciano, Muhammad Ali, Nikolai Valuev... You'll probably be dead before round 1 is over. 9 out of 10 pro boxers have concussions that decrease the life expectancy for people like them. Sure you other sports hurts so bad to fall on the ground. Imagine breaking a few ribs, your nose, bruised eyes, severe brain trauma, even death. Sure falling 15 feet, getting rammed by 250 lbs imagine 1000 pounds of force to your face! If you ...more

Almost 500 boxers died in the ring

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8 Rugby

I'm on the school rugby team, and can confirm, Rugby is dangerous, but only when played in correctly

Rugby is american footy with no pads, I play rugby and broke a bone and kept playing, guess I'm 12 though, rugby is the toughest sport in the world, and soccer is over? sure nope

This is not as dangerous as horse riding compared to horse riding I believe this is pathetic

This is crazy its 8 lol I have played Football and Hockey, Rugby by far is way tougher and dangerous.

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9 Motocross

Definitely the most dangerous. And to all you people that think that cheerleading is the most dangerous, tell me this. Is falling in cheerleading from about 10-15 feet or falling from up to 50 feet going 35 or 40 mph more dangerous? You decide..

We fall from about 60 feet going faster than that. don't diss something you have never tried. why don't you try a senior 5 competitive cheer practice first? Then I will let you judge us

Hah I can't believe motocross is number 9, this is mostly due to the average persons lack of knowledge of the sport and how extremely dangerous it is, there isn't just a possibility of getting hurt but it is guaranteed that at some point you will be injured..

Anyone who's played any other sport knows that moto-cross is by far very very hard

This is 100% the most dangerous sport. You can go up to about 80mph and If you make one slight wrong move it isn't gonna end good at all. This SPORT involves a steady strong mind set. Due to the lack of knowledge people have on this sport that's why its number 9 when really it should be number 1. You need to be in tip top shape physically and mentally. If you do this sport you have to except the fact you are gonna get broken bones and concussions. A lot goes on inside of a motocross riders head, the track is get really rough and dangerous. You have to think about me thing well your also thinking about another. I do motocross myself, I'm a 13 year old girl, and it is a long rough but amazing road. Motocross is a SPORT and by far THE MOST DANGEROUS SPORT.

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10 Lacrosse Lacrosse Lacrosse is a contact team sport played between two teams using a small rubber ball and a long-handled stick called a crosse or lacrosse stick.

Every lacrosse game, your nearly guaranteed to have at least one serious injury. In our last game, we had to stop 12 seconds early when one of the kids on the other team got sandwiched... Hard. Concussion. Dislocated shoulder. The whole shebang. We called in the ambulance and the kid didn't remember half of it the next day. The best part: it was a completely legal hit. Today. Our goalie got knocked unconscious by a hit. A guy got hit in the throat with a cross check (have you ever been hit in the throat by a guy sprinting at you? All we could do watch watch him squirm on the ground, struggling for air. ), and one of the guys on the other team took a shot on goal and hit our teammate straight in the head. That knocked him out for a little bit there too.

THIS IS DANGEROUS! I'm a goalie and I'm putting my life on the line when I step in the cage.

OK so as goalie, you guys are WRONG. I've broken bones three times in the past two years and that isn't even bad. The pain I get from breaking bones isn't even bad, past two times I've broken I haven't gone in for two weeks because shin hits are so much worse and they don't break and I just assume "hm well this is like a 6/10 compared to the 9's I get from shin hits at (as low as) 65mph and (as high as) 88mph (clocked by not even my hardest shooting teammate and I'm only in HS, college and pros is normally 90. Cheerleading really isn't that dangerous in terms of extremes, multiple players have died. Everyday situations, multiple players on each team break bones in a year while everyday situations for cheerleaders is a 10 foot fall onto a padded mat, sprains are what most cheerleaders face. Hockey is just lax with more pads, Horseback riding is pretty dangerous (for extremes only though ie trampling) and football... Well no one really dies in football (sorry to sound extremely ...more

Lacrosse should be #1. How is cheerleading very dangerous I mean all you do is move your hands and do hand stands and crap. In lacrosse you have a rubber ball flying at you that is moving anywhere from 90mph-111mph. Also don't make a guy mad in lacrosse cause they have huge metal sticks that can hurt if you make people mad. Who would want a huge metal stick and huge guys smoking then shooting a ball at U.Sorry cheerleading but you deserve #100.

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11 Wrestling Wrestling Wrestling is a combat sport involving grappling type techniques such as clinch fighting, throws and takedowns, joint locks, pins and other grappling holds.

Cheering I understand. But it's not more dangerous than BULL RIDING! Nor is it more dangerous than Lacrosse... Or Wrestling. Wrestling should definitely be in the top 5 at least! I've been a wrestler for years now and I KNOW how dangerous it is. Hell, I've had 7 practices so far this season (I'm writing this comment 2 weeks into season) and I have already re-injured my busted shoulder and my left leg is almost immobilized from landing on someones arm 50 times in ONE PRACTICE... It hurts. And I'm no softy. To the other posters, fear is inevitable. You must conquer it in order to be a successful anything. I believe that this article is biased... But so is every comment on it. Honestly, a cheerleader probably wrote it BUT... I'm a wrestler - just voicing my opinions. Every sport has it's risk - but there is no way that cheerleading is the MOST dangerous sport. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that wrestling is. I'm just stating my opinion.

P. S. - Lacrosse is probably #1 or ...more

Not a sport it's two people in weird hugging position's working against each other. - Irish77Irish

This is dangerous. They fall on their backs and faces more time in a single match than you guys probably have in your life. The stunts as well, falling through tables, getting hit with weapons like steel chairs, sledgehammers, iron baseball bats, doing flips and RKO's and stunts off of ladders. Falling on their back from 6+ feet sometimes, one 589 pound dude named Yokozuna had a finishing move where he would climb up 6 feet and jump rear first onto a guys ribs. Or the Moonsault Styles Clash, where the person doing the move makes the person bend down, then they pick the person up, with the person's legs around the guy performing the move head, he puts his legs over the person's arms about to take this move, then climbs up 6 feet, and backflips, and the dude falls 6 feet onto his chest. This is more dangerous than most sports, it can easily result fatally, and they are serious when they say don't try this at home.

I currently wrestle for my highschool and I can say from experience that wrestling is a pretty dangerous sport. luckily, I haven't come across many severe injuries, but I know lots of people (practically my entire team) who have broken bones, injured their backs and knees, injured their necks, received cauliflower ear, received cosmetic injuries come across concussions, dislocated shoulders, and still wrestled the next day after coming across some of these injuries. With this I do believe wrestling is a dangerous sport, but definitely not as dangerous as bull riding, football, or MMA. personally I think mma is the most dangerous sport. even though in my eyes wrestling isn't the most dangerous sport, I still believe that it's the toughest sport, and makes tough individuals. I've never met a successful wrestler who didn't have a killer instinct, a high pain tolerance, and a competitive drive.

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12 Parkour

What! Are You kidding me? Has Anyone ever actually seen Parkour? Look up the 'Worlds Biggest Parkour jump', and its across two buildings 20 stories high! Come on Parkour brothers and sisters, VOTE!

Someone explain how falling off a horse, getting tackled by a big buff guy, doing a flip two meters from the ground, doing an acrobatic move like a handstand on gymnastics floor, AND fighting a big bruiser is more dangerous than jumping between buildings over +10 stories high (plus doing acrobatics in solid concrete like a rolling front flip or a wall flip). If you don't think parkour is dangerous, you're pretty (by pretty I mean THE DEFINITION OF) stupid. I barely started training for parkour/free running like a few weeks ago (plus I watch a lot of professional parkour videos) and I already know I'm bound to fall on my back or bleed worse than that time my scooter's breaks failed, making that the worse bleeding of my life so far. If you knew what it feels like to climb really thin fences with little to no support to step on or jumping between quite big gaps, parkour would be number one. Please, tell me of a hobby that's more dangerous than doing stunts that if messed up the slightest ...more

Every time Traceurs practice Parkour on a high level, they risk the chance of injury and death. Especially when attempting high jumps and stunts. Can the rest of the sports boast in jumping down 20ft objects and landing unscathed? Definitely more dangerous than cheerleading. Yeah, you sissies can break a bone or get paralyzed if something go wrong. In Parkour, accidents on high levels are non-existence, it's death. Land wrong from a jump- death. Miss a precision jump in heights- death.


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13 Base Jumping

With base jumping, you're jumping of a 500-800 ft structure (sometimes even lower) but with cheerleading you're jumping off your best friend's shoulders? That doesn't really add up.

MUCH MUCH harder than it looks, easily #1, you must get a jump, and then steering is super hard to control, but if you don't steer well you will run into the edge of the cliff and die.
You must open the pursuit at the right angle, time and place if you want to stay alive, then, you must control your para-suit so that you land in the right spot.
The landing is also very dangerous as well, you could get seriously injured.

Base Jumping isn't a real sport, in Cheer, you don't have a parachute and you are doing complex flips in the air and you don't get caught, broken something for you - Swiftdawn

How is basejumping not in the 3? Never less 5 or 10 haha. This is a sport where you can make no mistakes. Even if you pull your parachute does not mean it will open in time or if you will land in control. The slightest breeze can through you off and kill you

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14 Mixed Martial Arts Mixed Martial Arts Mixed martial arts is a full-contact combat sport that allows the use of both striking and grappling techniques, both standing and on the ground, from a variety of other combat sports and martial arts.

I clearly have no idea why cheerleading is the 3rd dangerous sport. But in my experience, every time this sport takes place someone ends up breaking a bone or knocked out. Apparently breaking bones or getting a concussion isn't as dangerous as lifting 110 pounds girls 4 inches above you with not one but 2 peoples. For god sake, even sparring is more dangerous than cheerleading. Have you recieved a spinning back kick with the heel to your face?

Mixed Martial Arts is very dangerous. In fact studies have proven it to be more dangerous than Boxing

You basically put two people in a ring to beat up each other

MMA is a sport that no normal person can handle. Jabs, hooks, uppercuts, and etc, with little to no protective gear. Concussions and bone breakage is a must in this sport. Death at an early age is almost impossible to escape.

Exactly! These idiots are exaggerating the hell out of horseback riding, but you can't really exaggerate this. It's completely brutal. - TheInsomniac

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15 Free Climbing

Should be #1

Free climbing(rock climbing) can get some one extremely injured or even maybe killed! If you are on belay and something goes wrong and the person accidentally drops you... I went on a few other websites and they said rock climbing was either number 3-5... That doesn't even mention when some one's free solo climbing! That's when you climb with no rope what so ever!... I think this website is completely under estimating free climbing on so many levels

Easily the most dangerous sport on this list- free climbing should be at number one. Bouldering in the climbing gym has lead to finger injuries, neck injuries, back injuries, and (most of all) foot injuries. That, however, is probably the safest category in this extremely variable sport. Even in the gym, lead climbing has lead to permanent paralysis and broken bones in many places (i.e. the arm or leg). With the next clip right at your chest and the previous one six feet down, you are looking at a fall that could give easily give you whiplash. These circumstances, however, don't even come close to outdoor free climbing. On a multipitch route, you are relying on your skills and equipment to keep you alive. Bolts may not be drilled in correctly, carabiners may be poorly designed, rockfall and/or lose holds may be extremely common. All of these instances could lead to death. Not only is this sport one of the most physically demanding, it is also one of the most mentally challenging. You ...more

100% should be one of the top 3! Have you heard about Free Soloing?

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16 Rugby League Rugby League Rugby league football, usually called rugby league, league, rugby or football , is a full contact sport played by two teams of thirteen players on a rectangular field.

How is football higher on the list, when rugby is the same sport, just without the padding? Rugby players in pads would kill football players.

In rugby people are intentionally trying to get you down, plus you have no protection. People on the ground getting stepped on by a 180 pound man with cleats doesn't feel good. Yes sports like motocross are dangerous but in moto people aren't trying to hurt you. For every rugby game you play there is a guarantee that you will be sore, and if your lucky you won't be injured. Imagine running at full speed and then having another person running full speed tackling you from the side, the impact on your spine and ribs is brutal, knocks the reach out of you and makes you feel like throwing up, but you have to keep running and keep tackling, rugby is not for the weak and it is dangerous no doubt. Not as dangerous as skydiving but certainly more dangerous than soccer and cheer leading and moto!

Rugby requires no padding and football is based off of it, if boys say football is the most dangerous sport they are wrong

I don't think many people realise how dangerous footy is

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17 Mountaineering

Okay, first of all we have to set some boundaries here. What defines dangerous? And what defines sport? Do we conclude that it's the number of deaths tolled that defines it dangerous, or the number of injuries? It would be almost impossible to account the number of injuries in any sport, so lets go with fatalities. Now horseback riding is a hobby, where as horseback racing is a sport. Yet both have had numerous fatalities. Horseback racing has had 26 documented deaths that happened during a race. Boxing has had 57 documented deaths during or shortly after a bout do to the punishment received in the match. As someone pointed out below, there has been over 290 deaths while climbing Mount Everest. And that's just one of the nine 8,000 meter mountains that gets climbed on a regular basis. Now add in some of the smaller peaks that has taken lives and we're probably looking at over a thousand fatalities due to mountain climbing... and yet, if I had to choose a sport / hobby / living that I ...more

If we consider life or death issues, Mountaineering is up there. Close to 300 people have died attempting to climb the Everest alone. Well over a thousand deaths for 8-thousanders climbs, and plenty of deaths in smaller climbs as well.

As a percentage of people attempting the climb, fatality rates in mountaineering are far far higher than they are in any of the sports listed in the top ten.

And if we compare the seriousness of injuries, one should remember that a broken bone or a trauma of some kind occurring during a climb is made far far worse by the lack of access to medical services. If you break a body part while cheerleading, you get rescued within seconds and minutes later you are in the emergency room.

Cheerleading is tough, it's very challenging and fortunately, it's not even close to being one of the most dangerous sports.

How is this not at #1 or close to that. Ok cheerleaders see you on the mountain. Lets really put you to the test. So basically to start out you save up a few thousand even to start. Then you fly 5000 miles or so to your destination. Then you take a never ending hike up the mountains and through all the villages with 30 pounds on your back the entire way. Finally you make it to the mountain out of breath and sweaty but cold. As time goes on air becomes more and more of a need until your taking 20 steps with one breath. You can't even enjoy yourself once you get to the top because you have to rush back down due to the lack of oxygen. This may sound like it's a two or three day trip. Try two or three weeks. Or even months depending on weather. You stick to your competitions, we will stick to our goals to survive.

With the risk of Altitude sickness, Avalanches, Frostbite and just falling off the mountain high altitude mountaineering is probably the most dangerous sport you can do. Above 7500m (24606 feet for you Yanks) if you don't drink at least 4 pints of liquid before you go to sleep you probably won't wake up.

Of those that have attempted K2 50% haven't made it back alive. One of my best friends died mountaineering in the alps a few years back and others have lost fingers, toes and tips of ears / noses to frostbite.

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18 Skydiving

You can braKe a leg

If the parachute doesn't open then you're pretty much dead


One mistake, you’re as good as a dead man, granteed

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19 Free Diving

My dad is a free diver and he loves the sport. It takes a lot of training and patience my dad has taken courses in Florida and trains at least 4 times a week. The farthest he drove down was 190 feet a lot of people aren't aware of this sport. Not so long ago one of my dad's friends had a blackout when he was diving and died it is extremely important that you never go free diving alone always had a buddy with you

There are only about 5, 000 free divers around the world. It's a unique sport. An estimated 100 people die from free diving every year. This is compared to an estimated 20 deaths per year from horses, which is a far more popular sport.

With free diving, you are working against yourself.

Many dangerous element including limited air, extreme underwater depths, currents, poisonous snakes, sharks, getting stuck, blackouts, disorientation, if spear fishing then we encounter excited sharks, barracuda, other predators and entanglement. Did I mention all on one breath?

Free diving is the sec on mod dangerous sport in the world 4 your information People! HELLO OPEN YOUR LITTLE BRAIN YOU HAVE TO HOLD YOUR BREATH FOR A REALLY LONG TIME

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20 Luge

Wow, Luge is after walking? This is one of the most dangerous sports ever! If you flip over have fun scraping your face off, and god knows what else. You go incredibly fast and you have little hand holds to grab onto, if you slip there goes your fingers! If you do flip and go sailing through the air, no one knows if you'll land without busting your head wide open or worse death! How is walking more dangerous?!?!

People die like in 2010 Olympics

So many people die in luge

I do luge its not that dangerous the Death in whistler was plain stupidity by the sled driver he entered thunderbird (the 16th corner in whistler) I have crashed 10 times and worst thing I got was a concussion I train on both Germany and canadian tracks. BUT ITS ONLY DANGEROUS IF YOU ARE BEING STUPID AND NOT KNOWING WHAT YOUR DOING! But soccer on the list is stupid.

21 Racing

Look, Auto racing isn't like a lot of other sports on the list. First of all, there's really no minor injuries. You might get a burn, or bash some knuckles turning a wrench, but once you're actually in the driver's seat, you're relatively safe.

Unless you happen to have an accident, in which case not only you, but the other racers, and even the people who just came here to watch have a good chance of dying. In the US alone, at least 20

How many people here have been in an automobile accident? I have. Front on small overlap collision with a car 600lbs heavier, no airbag, and a combined closing speed of 70mph. I walked away rather unscathed with just messed up back and neck muscles. That's just sedately driving around on the streets.

Now imagine Racing.

What most people can't understand about racing is that while it is a sport, the physical aspect is equally as important as mental. You need superb visual acuity, spatial awareness, mental endurance, body ...more

Racing is very dangerous

If your car isn't built well it will probably not work or crash

It is the most dangerous sport ever

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22 Surfing Surfing Surfing is a surface water sport in which the wave rider, referred to as a surfer, rides on the forward or deep face of a moving wave, which is usually carrying the surfer towards the shore.

Ok I will always think cheerleading is dangerous but so is surfing my dad was surfing yesterday and cut his foot open and had to have 8 stitches in his foot(it almost hit his artery and could have killed him) he had to have 12 staples in his head because one of the fins on the board got stuck in his head (long story) he also broke his neck (when he was 16) and many more injuries and seriously I can't believe golf is on the thingy and the comments are so stupid like the one that says your back could give out... That has NOTHING to do with golfing it could happen anytime and yea I mean you could get hit in the head with a golf ball but you would have to be pretty retarded to swing you club the wrong way and aim the ball at your head in cheer you have to throw a 100lb girl in the air and risk your life for her because if she falls from that height SHE could die my friend had to be rushed to the hospital because her stunt group dropped her and she had to have an emergency surgery on her ...more

I think the most dangerous part of surfing is hitting your head on the reef under the water. You can't tell where the reef is, so you just chance it. Then there's other stuff, like getting cut by the fins on your board. I saw this one dude ditch his board while getting passed the crash zone and his board smacked some girls face, and she started bleeding from her nose.

Anything could happen to you when surfing, it could be a normal day and you go for a wave and fall and this time you hit your head on a rock or sandbar. It is unpredictable, just the slightest shift in the wind can decide whether you'll make out the way you went in. Your board could pop up and hit you, you can cut your face, foot, leg, etc. You can get held under water and drown. And then of course there is the fact that are sharks and other fish in the water that could mistake you for a meal. Surfing is so unpredictable which makes it such dangerous sport.

I've seen numerous amounts of surf injuries including seeing sharks, stingrays, jellyfish etc. Surfing can't be compared with all those you call dangerous sports. You can also get hit by the rocks or the reef and those are fatal or really painful injuries. Surfing those huge waves like mavericks is super dangerous because you got the reef the rocks the cold water the sharks and the wipeout so that's probably the most dangerous or one of the most dangerous sports in this list

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23 Baseball Baseball Baseball is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of nine players each who take turns batting and fielding.

Should be at least top 10. How many players get hurt on outfield collisions, running into the wall in the outfield, getting hit with the ball or bat or broken pieces of the bat, get injured sliding/diving to a base. Even the fans are getting injured and killed from home runs, out of the park foul balls, broken pieces of the bat flying in to the crowd etc. - RobertWisdom

Baseball is kinda dangerous, Catchers hurt their knees, pitchers break their arms, and then the rest get hit by some ball ready to hit them.

Too dangerous for kids even adults! Pitcher could throw really really fast ball. Which it was too dangerous for Catchers even baseball player. Also homerun ball could kill fans in very far... Not 161 places, it should be 10 or above. - David39

It should be higher on the stupid list at least above badminton or volleyball

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24 Water Polo

you haven't played such a demanding sport
until you have played water polo.
you sit and tread water for four eight minute quarters.
I'd like to see you guys try
to get half your body out of the water,
by just using you legs.
and... So much goes on under the water.
hitting, pinching, grabbing, kicking, twisting of the wrists and suit.
I mean it really sucks.
people don't think its that bad.
because I bet half of you don't even know what it is.
like if all you football players complain about how hard you work,
I wanna see you last one water polo game let alone a practice.

I am a lifeguard at a large pool that often hosts water polo games. Yes, I guard for water polo (and I also play). Never in any other sport have I had to see so many spinal injuries. The real problem with injuries such as these in polo as opposed to another sport is that A. ) If someone has a spinal injury they SINK FAST. They won't just die from a broken back, they will die from drowning, and if the person you're trying to rescue is large and heavy, (as a lot of polo players are), getting them off the bottom of a 9 foot pool is not fun.B. ) The material underneath them is NOT SOLID. In the time it takes us to get in the pool and get the victim into in-line stabilization, the injury could have worsened considerably if the water is choppy.C. ) Have any of you on this site EVER had to perform deep water back boarding? The few of you who have understand how difficult this can be and what a pain it is.

Aside from this, water polo involves shoulder dislocations, torn rotater cuffs, ...more - kwillmoney

I like water polo!

Water polo should be ranked number 4, try playing a sport about trying to drown each other.

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25 Ice Skating

I broke my arm. I had a friend that lost her vision and a other friend that broke her hip.

I have broken my arm in two places twice this should not be this low. I have also slammed into the wall really hard

I am a figure skater and I broke my arm and foot doing this sport this should be into the top ten

I know someone who had a seizure on the ice from falling so hard, it was really bad and I’ve seen other incidents like it too

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26 Cycling

I believe the stats indicate more people die in cycling related contests than any other sport in the world. However, if you compare the ratio of participants, something like bull fighting can be ranked higher, as there are far fewer events and bull fighters than cyclists. When will safety become important enough in pro cycling to made strides in improving this statistic? Auto racers in F1 can smash into a wall head-on at 150mph and walk away, yet a cyclist can go down at 33mph and die. 'enough said. It's time to make helmets capable of preventing a concussion the norm, as well as protective gear similar to that used in motocross. Sure, times will decrease, but everybody will be equal (and safer).

Cycling is great and really dangerous. Imagine riding near the front of a 180 man pack and suddenly the guy ahead of you falls or the guy next to you swerves into you you can die of falling alone forget 100 people smashing into the back of you

I think this is a very dangerous sport. some of the best racers are going 30-40mph. if they accidentally hit the back tire of another racer then they're going to go flying, hit the pavement, and get run over by all the people behind them causing an even bigger crash where everyone else get hurt. Sometimes people on the sidelines will grab players causing them to crash. Go on to YouTube and search tour de France crashes. You will a lot of people getting injured just because of the one or two people who started a crash.

I'm a cyclist and I know that if you crash out there you better have been having a good time and if you were the rush would have been so worth it. Believe it from the 12 year old who is saying this

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27 Cliff Diving

Cliff diving is quite dangerous if you know how to land but at the same time its quite fun;I've been cliff diving before and it was amazing. People should just be aware of their surroundings... Rocks, shallow waters you get the point

Diving in General is dangerous if you do it wrong you can get seriously hurt!

Jumping from a high cliff can give you a thrill... Or a heart attack.

Hit not it from before

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28 Basketball Basketball Basketball is a sport played by two teams of five players on a rectangular court. The objective is to shoot a ball through a hoop 18 inches in diameter and 10 feet high mounted to a backboard at each end.

It could be very very dangerous too. Since basketball is so hard and pretty heavy. People have fallen and really bad injured... Also if you don't good at baseball aim then you could hit people. I would said it places be 10 or above - David39

People have fallen and injured themselves badly so many times in this sport

I think basketball should be way higher up. Basketball is a very dangerous sport if you actually play it but if your just watching it seems simple. When I was in 3rd grade someone from the other team tripped me and my knee buckled in and I popped my knee cap out of place and in that same game, same quarter I broke 2 of my fingers got a concussion sprained my ankle horribly and popped my knee cap out of place. All in the same 6 minutes of our last game. My knee never healed properly and I will probably never be able to walk normal again my knee is now twisted inward and it makes me walk funny. I still play basketball and its way more then just dribbling shooting and boxing out. We have to learn all kinds of diferents plays like zone and line defense and paint defense and play 1 play 2 and play 3 and way more we have to be able to box out and we push people around and run into each other on purpose so we have a chance to shoot foul shots. So basketball isn't dangerous? Try coming to my ...more

This is totally wrong. Basketball is one of the most dangerous sports but you have to play it to realize it. Many things can go wrong. I've had broken/jammed fingers, bloody noses, bloody teeth, fat/bruised lip, elbowed in the side of the face. Broken noses, ACL tears, Achilles' tendon rupture, broken ankles and arms happen a lot. Rebounding the ball has knocked me on the ground, what is someone steps on my head or abdomen? I've seen girls SLAM on the ground or be stepped on multiple times in one fall. I'm always making contact with someone because of the positions I play. Basketball is a contact sport. You touch other people, you push them. The rules of basketball say you can't touch someone a certain way but every sport does. So basketball players are wimps because of it? We pull through cold/flu season, twisted ankles, jammed or slapped fingers, being elbowed in any spot, and being tired as hell. It's more work than you think it is. You gut everything out for four quarters a game, ...more - basketballxcam

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29 Mountain Biking

People break bikes and body parts all the time on this one mistake sends u down the hill lucky if your back doesn't hit a rock

This is by far the most dangerous it is just ranked bad because not many people do it

Its awesome

I race downhill and think that this is crazy that its at 38 this sport is the most extreme sport out there, way more dangerous then cheer leading. have you ever seen red bull rampage?!

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30 Free Running

I think if you are care full it is not deadly

Free running should be higher because on slip and you can get a concussion or worse

I have got a free runner in the maze before the scorch trials is a shat movie

You can fall or slip and go head first into a wall

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31 Skateboarding Skateboarding Skateboarding is an action sport which involves riding and performing tricks using a skateboard. Skateboarding can also be considered a recreational activity, an art form, a job, or a method of transportation.

Skate boarding is my favorite thing to do ever in the world

Okay, skateboarding while it is a dangerous sport and people can be hurt from it. Most people who aren't skateboarders or interested in it are completely ignorant about it. Professions do what they think they can do. Yes look Nitro Circus they jumped off the Grand Canyon and "had enough time to use his parachute". Even if you DO fall off the stairs because you don't know what you are doing you won't die like some people have commented. A cut or two? Or maybe even a slight chance of a sprained list sure but dying? That is one of the stupidest things I've ever read, this isn't all that dangerous, the worst is breaking a bone, Football and a ton of other sports are a lot more dangerous than this.

...No way. Skateboarding is ranked 23? Skateboarding is definitely more dangerous than cheerleading and soccer and many more in the top 15 list. There's no one to catch you when you slipped and fall off a 20 stair. Yea cheerleading and soccer and many other sports are dangerous, but skateboarding is no joke. You're riding on a wood with wheels. It's way way way harder than you think. Even a beginner can get fatal injuries by learning a grind or slide on ledge. I think parkour and skateboarding is alike, and they should be on the top 15 list.

Most dangerous in my opinion. Your on a peice of wood with sandpaper and wheels. Doing tricks off ledges sometimes higher then 15 feet. In dangerous places. Such as a 20 stair that leads to a street. And that's thought of a kinda dangerous situation in skating..

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32 FreeStyle BMX

Go on youtube and type in bmx fails and you can easily see this is top 3 easy! The bonehead stunts are mind-boggling and dangerous to bystanders as well. Like skate-boarding, not a lot of fore-thought goes into the stunts attempted. They risk major injuries to themselves and others for what? Nothing more than bragging rights and a chance to post the videos on youtube. There's tons of sports out there that don't put you in the ER 9 times out of 10 but I guess that makes too much sense. Just saying'.

Ok I can understand skateboarding and motocross being more dangerous but fishing? You gotta be kidding me.. BMX requires a lot of skill and is very risk taking. I've landed head first PLENTY of times off the quarter and ended up with a concussion. The worst EVER was when I ended up in a 3 week coma. Go on YouTube and look at what professionals do and you tell me that's not as dangerous as fishing - Sportkid123

I ride Bmx been in an air ambulance smashing my back and I had amnesia in the space of two months biking is hard work and dedication stay strong andy murray

HAHAH! It's Stephen Murray.. I wouldn't go as to say skateboarding and BMX are technically as dangerous as a lot of sports out there. I mean you get beat up and break bones and like many riders, "Usually trail riders", have been paralyzed or knocked into a coma.. Etc.. I would agree fishing is more dangerous. Look up some of the fish out there in the rivers and Oceans.

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33 Ice Hockey Ice Hockey Ice hockey is a contact team sport played on ice, usually in a rink, in which two teams of skaters use their sticks to shoot a vulcanized rubber puck into their opponent's net to score points.

Just look at the injuries. That tells it all. Concussions, torn ligaments in all joints, Groin injuries that are rarely seen in other sports. Mutliple broken body parts. That fact that cheerleading and soccer are in the top ten shows that this is a biased list that has absolutely no basis in fact or statistics. It's just stupid people voting.

This is a dangerous sport and should definitely be one of the top ten most gruesome and lethal sports. I've seen people get concussions, broken bones, become paralyzed, and more. This should absolutely be at least one of the top twenty.

I play ice hockey and I honestly think it is the toughest. I am young and 2 of my teammates got concussions, I sprained my knee and my goalie always was getting hurt, we only had one goalie so he had to play like that.

Just for an example, look at what happened to Clint Malarchuck. - railfan99

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34 Downhill Biking

Completely agree with this, many people break their backs and necks when they fall off. Not only that but there has been times when a rider who has fell off has continued to roll done the face of a mountain. This sport should be so much higher in the list!

What is it doing down here. It should be in at least the top 10. - big-dude

I broke my neck downhilling this should be top 5 at least there are so many people that do what I did and don't come back from wheelchairs, comas, and even death. This sport should at least have more respect.

Easily one of the most dangerous sports due to when you fall there is no soft snow, no cushion, no net if you're on bridges. Most likely you will be injured twice in a 1 month span.

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35 Supercross

This is so dumb supercross you can get hit by other riders not just that but ran over at speeds of 60mph.

Supercross is race you idiots freestyle motocross is when you do tricks any. Don't call it something you don't even know

This is bull, super cross is definitely a lot more dangerous than pointe dancing at least!

This should be way higher on the list

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36 Speed Skiing

What on earth is speed skiing doing at #35? this should be in the top ten at least! skiing is very dangerous. This is because the mountains can be very unpredictable and deadly terrain. especially when you are moving at speeds of up to 156.8 miles per hour. (156.8 miles per hour is the world record speed on skis). skiing becomes even more dangerous when you get to the top of the mountain on a cloudy day. There are cliffs, trees, rocks, other skiers, and cold, hard, and patches of rock hard ice. Going at speeds of over 100 miles doesn't help especially with all of these obstacles. If you fall off a cliff you will either die by the impact from a rock/tree/ice patch or fall into a patch of snow and be buried in snow and possibly stop breathing. If you hit a tree, then you will most likely break some bones or possibly die depending on how fast you are going. If you hit a rock you might flip over and break your neck. If you hit another skier, the you both will suffer injuries depending on ...more

No way dance and figure skating are more dangerous than skiing

I've seen knee injuries so severe the leg had to be amputated(Mathias Lanzinger) and people literally ripped in half with their intestines spilling out down the hill (Gerhardt Reischstadler) I never seen anything close to these in football or hockey, maybe motor sports, but that's it.

Just found this website. How is dancing more dangerous than skiing LOL

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37 Weight Lifting

Weight lifting is not dangerous at all unless you're not doing the right thing or if your dropping your bar.

It's really only dangerous if you drop it on your foot! OUCH!

Once dropped 265 one dogs tail

So much room for error, dangerous stuff. Torn my rear del just doing dips before.

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38 Bullfighting

It's a disgusting sport and should be banned. The poor bulls don't stand a chance although a few have been known to gore matadors, but I think all the bulls end up dead. It's an utter disgrace!

I don't think that bull fighting is deadly but at the same time I do and that is because they could get hurt by the bull but they are also trained how to dodge the bull so that they don't get hurt.

I agree

I think that you should have bullfighting on you list because it is a national sport and it Is very dangerous

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39 Taekwondo

It's not a sport it's a Korean Martial Art.

Shut up I take tkd and I love it shame on you

I am a taekwondo junior black belt. I have hurt my leg quite a lot of times and had gone to see the doctor thrice. I have never regretted joining taekwondo because I like it even if it is a dangerous sport. You can easily sprain or twist your leg. Sometimes you can get hit at your head and thigh. I have injured by mouth. Sprained my hand once. It still continues to hurt at times even though I hurt it 5 months ago.

I did Tae Kwon Do for 8 years and I'm a blackbelt. I've seen so many injuries. My friend broke her arm when she landed wrong on a flying side kick, but she had to keep going. My mom owned the Tae Kwon Do place and she twisted her knee. She had to get surgery on it and to this day it hurts her. I've sprained my ankle, I almost got a concussion and much more. I'm also a cheerleader, and I think it's VERY dangerous. I think Cheer and Tae Kwon Do should be ranked pretty high

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40 Hot Air Ballooning

This is not in the top 20 because it is a very unpopular sport

While it's definitely not worthy of being in the top ten most dangerous, it's definitely more dangerous than ping pong. The danger isn't just from being "acendently pushed" [sic] or falling, as another poster said. There's also the danger from power lines, trees, unexpected high winds, fuel leaks, or just pilot error causing the balloon to drop from the sky. While fatalities don't happen frequently, they do happen. Just ask the families of the 19 people who died in a hot air balloon crash in Egypt this year.

Falls down and dies

If somebody acendently pushed you or fell of you could get really hurt or injurd so be carefull.

41 Bull Running

That awkward moment when Cross Country and Kayaking are higher ranked than this

Is bull running a sport?

Rosa parks should ate care that

Because it is

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42 Swimming Swimming Swimming is an individual or team sport and activity. Competitive swimming is one of the most popular Olympic sports, with events in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.

It is really dangerous, and very difficult. More 50 percent USA people don't know how swim. People could drown from swimming water, and too much chlorine is very bad for you. - David39

Swimming is dangerous

It's pretty dangerous and very difficult.

First of all swim is definitely more dangerous than pole climbing at 50 LMAO

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43 Free Solo Climbing

Umm, yes free soloing should be at the top, but at a height of 30 feet its not free solo climbing it is still a level of bouldering which is the same thing except more complex moves and smaller than a mountain and things like that.

A free soloist must rely completely on his own climbing-skills, since no safety gear like ropes or harnesses are worn. So, if you fall from a height of 30 feet, the chances to survive are low. Although these climbers know their climbing routes by heart most of the time, it doesn’t take away the risk of a foot slipping away. Unfortunately many great climbers lost their lives by doing this dangerous sport.

I did this and broke every bone in my body

Yes if you Just even misplace your foot. your dead. Nothing you can do

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44 Indycar Racing

By far the most dangerous sport

45 Street Cricket

Been there and played as a child. Its fun playing as a kid but not so much when you are adult. I've seen people getting hit by the ball, people running the get the ball in the busy road. Very dangerous. People are very close to being run over by vehicles.

For Cricket in general -

When you're a batsman, being bowled at 100mph is not comfortable even when you are wearing helmets and pads. Forget full toss, full length or half volley. You can deal with them. Bouncers on the other hand are very difficult to deal with. Have seen many people get in the head and get cuts and knocked out (Yes. Even with the helmet on).

And don't forget the bowler and fielders I.E. short leg, mid on, mid off ( fielders around/near the batsman). They particularly need to have a quick reaction. Late reaction could be fatal.

Really, cricket should be higher up. Some Australian cricketer was killed by a fast ball not long ago.

There s always a 10 percent risk of being run down by a passing vehicle while chasing the ball

Honestly, Cricket in general is one of the most dangerous sports.
There is stuff like padding, but the ball travels average 149 kilometers an hour, and you are left standing there. Plus when you field, the ball is high in the air, what if it hits your face!

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46 Rugby Union

Rugby Union has actually been scientifically proven to be the world most dangerous sport.

Rugby Scrums have also been scientifically proven to be the most dangerous event in sporting history because of the collapses. Just Imagine getting your neck slammed into the ground without being able to use your hands to stop yourself falling, then 20 massive muscular men collapsing on top of you = 3000 pounds of force (1 ton) on your neck. Result = SNAP!

I am surprised that Rugby isn't number 1 or at least above American Football. For God Sake people they wear no padding.

Not to mention the lifting tackles.

47 Helicopter Skiing

We are going to land on that 15ft mountain peak speck! Make sure your heads are down or the blades will chop them off. Make sure you have your avalanche transponder so we can make sure to return your body to your loved ones. There is no ski patrol here to take you down so go for it, and by the way we are going to go as fast as possible to meet the helicopter. If you don't meet us down there don't expect to ride with us... each run is $300. Fluffy powder... yeah sure, under two inches of icy crust, and with 45 degree pitch with beautiful rocks on each side of the narrow shute. One mistake is your last! Not that many injuries because not that many people with the $ or insanity to do it. Having said that I loved it and it was the best experience ever!

This sport is really danegourous

48 Skiing Skiing Skiing can be a means of transport, a recreational activity or a competitive winter sport in which the participant uses skis to glide on snow.

Many people do not see the physical aspect of skiing. This isn't some sport any person can do. You can pick up a football and learn how to throw it. You can learn how to kick a ball. Your playing against some other person head on with the whole truth if you are better or not. Skiing takes years of practice, hundreds of grueling hours of the same thing over and over again to become the best at sport you used to love, but has now become a full time Job. You can say that some people just have talent or have always been able to do something, but in truth-- They've worked harder than everyone around them. You don't see Cheerleading up there in the Olympics, or the X games. Skiing is like gymnastics. Its a sport that you need start young, and never stop. The sport has so many different disciplines that your can't narrow down the things some of them do. Alpine racers do five events that test there skills of technique and guts. Slalom skiing is super technical where the slightest mistake can ...more

Okay, don't try to tell me "oh I ski, or I snowboard" no, you've done it before. Your not a true skier/ snowboarding and you will NOT understand the dangers of it if your doing it solely on a social level. Its a lifestyle, and a dangerous one. How many other sports have first aid emergency stations at their field, court, or wherever you compete. I understand that cheerleading is hard, but guess what... The hard part about it is the flips. The GYMNASTICS part of it. So I'm really sick of hearing it from cheerleaders. Guess what, we do flips... Of jumps. With our feet stuck in boots and bindings attached to our board or skis. Which we have to land in piles of snow and sometimes ice. More injuries are acquired from these sports than any other. All you have is you, and no one to help you. You buy a board or skis, right on the box or anything for the bindings or whatever. "skiing/ snowboarding is a dangerous sport that can result in serious injury and even death" were ...more

Ski jumping is sooo dangerous!

Skiing, it is the best sport in the universe. Trust me, I would know. I've been skiing since I was 1 years old and race and do freestyle competions competetively since I was 6, ( like you see in the Olympics. ) over the years nothing has brought me closer to the outdoors, other people, and other things. I met my best friend skiing and I've been meeting so many other amazing people. Also, skiing is the only sport that you can do in over 20 ways! To prove it here are some examples (slalom, giant slalom, downhill, super g, cross country, moguls, half pipe, slopestyle, backcountry, aerials, big air, ski cross, water skiing, carpet skiing, parachute skiing, super combined, powder skiing, urban skiing, free skiing, and grass skiing. ) and those are just some to get you started. Even if your not a competitive skier like I am, it is also super fun to go on a nice trip with your family, even if it is for a weekend. And you don't have to be good at it to like it. Skiing has changed me, and I ...more

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49 Horse Racing

Dreadful, dangerous sport. Ditto steeple-chasing. Both horse and rider can be killed or badly injured. Horses are often destroyed if they fall and break a leg or legs. While I LOVE horses, I dislike horse racing and steeple-chasing intensely. Horses should NEVER be whipped to go faster.

Literally The same thing as horse back riding

THIS one I agree with. This is actually dangerous. Horseback riding not at all. Please don't vote for it if you think this is part of it. It's not. It's completely different - TheInsomniac

It is different, but it still falls under the same spectrum as the other aspects of riding. I agree, racing is MORE dangerous, but that doesn't mean that other types of riding aren't. Being on a horse always holds some kind of danger, no matter what you're doing - SassyEquine

Guys, horse racing is within horseback riding. So you are still at the top either way. If you ride horses, then you do the most dangerous sport in the world. Same difference. - diehardbarrelbabe

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50 Muay Thai Boxing

Thai boys training from they are 6 to adult, then getting knocked out with knees to the face has got to be a damn dangerous sport. How can you even argue against it, especially if you have seen them clinch, which is even considered "irty" in regular boxing. This should be in top 5.

The art of the 8 limbs is considered to be one of the most deadliest forms of martial that utilizes 8 human body parts-Fists, Elbows, Knees, and Shins. This should definitely be in the top ten.

I have seen one of these matches and if you did, this sport would be so much higher. They use elbows and knees to break jaws and every other bone in your face and shin kicks and normal kicks to break ribs and rupture internal organs. If you don't believe me look up muay Thai fight, go into the first video and skip to 1:30

This should be ranked a whole hell of a lot higher on the list probably right next to boxing. It is extremely brutal and most of them have short careers.

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