Most Dangerous Sports

Sports were you are very likely to get hurt (or killed) while playing!
The Top Ten
1 Bull Riding Bull riding is a rodeo sport that involves a rider getting on a bucking bull and attempting to stay mounted while the animal tries to buck off the rider.American bull riding has been called "the most dangerous eight seconds in sports." To receive a score, the rider must stay atop the bull for eight more.

I play soccer, volleyball, and swim. I've personally never done bull riding. If bull-riding is a sport, (which it really shouldn't be included with soccer, football (like motor cross and NASCAR), you're not doing anything the object is) even though I don't do the sport, I can easily agree that bull-riding would have to be the most dangerous sport on the planet. "Eight seconds isn't a long time! " Say that when your riding a two ton bull. It's a pretty stupid sport (in my opinion), but it's the worst. You have no sort of protection, just your clothes. No one to catch you if you fall, cheer leaders. Now add crazy rampaging bull to that. Don't get you face stomp on.

More people die in bull riding than cheering. Really think this logically, even if you don't play the sport.

Cheer leading the " MOST DANGEROUS SPORT IN THE WORLD? " No, really, I don't even think it's a sport. Sure, it hard work, but your mostly just cheering for my team. Whats the point to that? You're the ...more

I searched this up. THIS IS FOR ALL U PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO SAY THAT MORE PEOPLE DIE OF BULL RIDING THAN HORSEBACK RIDING: I searched up how many people die of bull riding each year. Guess what it said? 3. IT SAID THREE! So I have no idea what this one person is saying about how "only 20 people die from horseback riding each year and 4,368 or so people die from bull riding" he said only 20 people die of horseback riding each year? Try 200. And this guy acted like it was no big deal that "20 people out of the billions of people in the earth die from horseback riding" that is a quote from this dumb dude. He or she is obviously a very stupid person. Because there could only be an average of 5 people dying each year from horseback riding, and it would still be the same. It would still be a family loosing a loved one. SO don't U STUPID PEOPLE DARE TELL ME THAT ITS NO BIG DEAL! And if this dude is reading this, I want him to know that he over exaggerated when he said that like 4,368 people ...more

Per capita and overall... BY FAR the most dangerous. I did this for years and lost 2 friends with an additional 2 friends in a wheel chairs for life. Most of the guys I know have lost teeth and have had multiple concussions. I had to quit and moved onto mixed martial arts because I could not physically continue bull riding. If you consider X-games a sport, that also needs to be considered. Cheerleading is a joke, and soccer is what we do until puberty happens. I guess if you want a sport that consists of crying all the time... Soccer could only be second to basketball. Baseball is barely a sport because a position player could almost take a nap... If Prince Fielder is a major athlete in your sport... I'm just saying. He reminds me of golf's John Daly. Oh! And! Golf is NOT a sport. It is somewhere between darts and bowling.

I bull ride pretty much every other weekend at private place where we buck bulls to get them ready for rodeos. You get on a bull that weighs anywhere to 1500 to 2000 lbs and risk your life every time you just sit in the chute. As soon as the gate opens you have a heart beat to make your next move with the bull you don't have time to plan out move by move in a locker room or on a bench like most sports. If you mess up your on the ground if you break something you have to cowboy up and still get up and run your butt off to the nearest fence so you don't get run over or attacked by the bull. If that isn't the most dangerous sport out there then id like to see a cheer leader get on a bull and last for the 8 seconds id be surprised if they could last 4 seconds.

2 Horseback Riding Horseback riding (or Equestrian) is one of the most intense sports known to man. Not only because it's physically challenging, but it takes more than athleticism. Horseback riding takes commitment, time, patience, and most importantly building a bond with your horse. If you don't have a good relationship more.

Most dangerous because of how you just put your life at risk to just build a bond with an animal. I'm 11 years old, been riding since I was 5, and been trampled, slammed into fences, broken hard wooden jumps and so on... Jockeys who ride in the Grand National put their lives at risk for the thrill of it, not because of money or titles, for the horses. Also, you don't just have to think about yourself through out these experiences, you have to think about your horse, because if you are scared while doing something like cross country jumping or racing, your horse will know because they feed of your energy, and as soon as you get nervous, they start to freak out. Most people who are non-equestrians will say things like " It's easy, you just sit there while the horse does all the jumps and stuff." Well, it's great that it looks easy, but it's not, and while you're doing something like dressage, it's suppose to look effortless for the rider, it's just SOME of the beauty involved in the ...more

I personally do horse riding and I know for a fact no one and I mean NO ONE who isn't an equestrian will ever know how hard and dangerous this sport is, we put our lives on the line the second we walk up to our horses. In sports like Football or Soccer your team mates will 99% of the time never kill you (only time is if they're a murderer or something) but in horse riding our team mate (our horse) could kill us in a mili-second.

I ride horses myself and it is definitely the top five most dangerous sport in the world, a horse could kill you in seconds, getting near a horse is a risk, there over 1000 pound animals, there powerful, there strong, I risk my life just being around horses let alone riding them! Sorry about the bad spelling lol.

Horse riding is harder than any other sport, not only is it physically challenging but also mentally challenging, people don't realise that our team mates could kill us in less than a mili-second, they don't speak our language and it is so hard to get back up after experiencing a near death experience in rider yet we still get back up. I've done the basic sports: Gymnastics, Soccer, Football and all that stuff but never in my life have I ever done a sport as hard as horse riding because with every other sport people understand the danger and the difficulty but people who don't ride will never understand how dangerous, difficult, mentally challenging, physically challenging and harsh horse riding is, no matter if they say ''it's hard'' it's not hard, if there were such thing as impossibility for equestrians it would be impossible but we have the strength to get up after every fall, yet people who do Soccer or Football will say ''it's easy'', ''the horse does no work'', ''anyone could ...more

3 Cheerleading

Here's to the people who say cheerleading isn't a sport and that cheerleaders aren't athletes. The very definition of sport is, and I quote, "an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature. We practice just as much as you do. Every day of the week, 2 hours. We condition, We run, We do ab workouts and pushups and planks. No, we don't lift weights, we lift our athletes-and we hold them 10-15 feet in the air until our arms shake. Until our legs quiver. Don't doubt the flyers either. We have more muscle than you seem to think. The amount of balance, leg muscle, and core tightness it takes to stay in the air is unbelievable to someone who has never done it before. We run full speed at nothing, then flip in the air, twist, and land on our feet. We jump. We jump high-without a trampoline. Concentrating on pointed toes, extended legs, tight arms, jump height, facials, and smiling Ever based a basket toss? You get blood blisters on your hands. ...more

Okay so first of all to everyone who says cheer leading isn't a sport or its not dangerous. Think again. Football they have padding. Most other sports have padding because they are all scared to get hurt. Cheerleaders like me are fierce and we never give up. Football players have a broken toe and they let their coach know and then can't play until it's better but cheerleaders could have a broken wrist and will keep it from the coach so they could finish the seasons. We cheer for months straight. Football players just go for one season. We go for multiple. We don't all date football players. That's a stereo type. That crap is in movies. My boyfriend is going to do football next year but I didn't date him because of that. Most of my team is single. We have great personalities and we're not rude or snotty. We work as a team because we have to put our lives at risk with each other. To the motorcross guy who said which is more dangerous being thrown about 60 feet in the air and falling or ...more

Every single time we (cheerleaders) throw a girl in the air everyone of us are taking a risk of getting killed! One wrong move could make her land on our heads and break our necks! One tiny mistake in cheerleading can leave many injuries! The reason it's so dangerous is because it's 5 different girls working together to accomplish one task and when one thing goes wrong all of them are at risk!

I'm SO HAPPY CHEERLEADING IS AT THE TOP! Not that I enjoy getting injured lil. This gets my point across to SO many people that don' t think cheer is dangerous... You wanna know how dangerous? I knew a girl who did cheer and she got kicked in the chest and DIED! There have been more than 5 deaths in cheerleading for high schools... Imagine that, you're a happy tern going to cheer practice after school... But what you don't know is that you might not be going back to school tomorrow you just might be on life support. Every moment in cheer we risk our LIVES and you still think that all we do is prance around the sidelines in mini skirts and wave our arms around yelling "go team! " In my league we don't even wear skirts! Cheer season outlasts football and basket season cause while the boys suss out after a few games and end their season... WE KEEP GOING FOR MONTHS! IF YOU THINK CHEER IS EASY THEN DO I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU! IF CHEERLEADING WAS EASY THEY'D CALL IT FOOTBALL! ...more

4 Gymnastics Gymnastics is a sport involving the performance of exercises requiring strength, flexibility, balance and control.

The only reason people say that cheerleading is the most "dangerous" is because most cheerleaders are preppy, pretty, snotty girls that guys like to watch... Yeah well that should make it a wimpy sport, because most cheerleaders do cheer for looks and popularity and not to say they are in a grueling sport. I was a level 10/open gymnast when I stopped and picked up my dream as a full time coach, and I live in pain still from the intense means a gymnast must go through. I have watched my friends be rolled out on stretchers and had so man surgeries there families went into debt with the cost of gymnastics. At the same time compared to the difficulty level of gymnastics we have a low number of injuries only because we are literally trained how to fall, we workout and condition so much that we are so strong and used to pain half the time we don't even tell anyone about the constant pain we suffer. I broke my ankle once and I was forced to go to a doctor they told me I would be out for ...more

I was in gymnastics for 9 years and had many minor injuries, but also had some serious ones. Such a difficult sport, and super dangerous. When I was 14, I fractured my wrist so badly that they thought they were going to have to amputate it from my elbow down. Luckily, I managed to go through 3 emergency surgeries and come out of my 4 day hospital stay with my arm! I know a lady who had to have both knee caps replaced, due to all the damage from gymnastics over the years. I have weak wrists and knees now, but I'd do it all over again if I could! I recommend this sport for males and females. It teaches you discipline, balance, flexibility, coordination, team work, etc. It is demanding, but well worth it.

Thanks for all your opinions on how cheerleading is the most dangerous. Now let me tell you a well known fact... GYMNASTICS IS WAY HARDER AND MORE DANGEROUS THAN CHEERLEADING! Anyone can clap their hands and shout out silly chants. You realize that cheerleading is just part of gymnastics but I feel for you because everyone wants to feel like they are tough enough to be in a really dangerous sport... But the truth is cheer is not dangerous. Gymnasts bust there butts everyday trying to perfect everything... But it doesn't matter if you guys mess up because they aren't paying attention... They are either sleeping or watching the basketball game. If you guys mess up you have people to catch you... But if you mess up in gymnastics... GOOD LUCK! Hopefully you don't have to get surgery... OR DIE! So all of you princesses who think shouting chants and jumping around the floor is dangerous... Try gymnastics... You will beg to go home after our conditioning... I'm sure anyone can crotch the ...more

I've been around gymnastics all my life so far. I've also done a lot of other sports for almost as long or at least 2 seasons including soccer, dance, basketball, volleyball, cheerleading, softball, football, wrestling, swimming, and track. Out of all of these sports I've been included in, gymnastics has to be the most intense, most difficult, and most dangerous sport I've ever done. Once you get to the point where you are doing double backs on the floor, there isn't much spotting, and from then on you're on your own. At any time while you are performing these skills, one little difference in execution can be the difference between a stick or becoming paralyzed. These athletes are soaring through the air by their own power and strength reaching heights and speeds that few humans will ever be able to on their own and they do it in complicated and twisted positions. A lot of times these people can land very gracefully, but there is plenty of error as well before that is reached. Having ...more

5 Football American football is a sport played by two teams of eleven players on a rectangular field with goalposts at each end.

I played football for around 11 years and this sport is more dangerous than cheerleading. Seriously, at the games the cheer leaders just sit behind us and start signing their cheers and doing what ever they do while there is a game going on. There's halftime when you go out on the field and do the pyramid or whatever, but most of the football guys and team are focused in what their coach is saying about what the heck is going on in the game. If you think doing planks and abs are really that bad, that's a breeze compared to what we do. Try being coached by an ex US Army Ranger, and doing the drills, such as Oklahoma and King of the Pitt. I've seen my fare share of team mates getting hurt, bloody noses and scratches from these drills, and even in the game. I recall a couple time an ambulance would have to come onto the field during a game and help a team-mate or player out. Seriously these injuries the players get put them in the hospital for a good week, concussions are usually the ...more

Football is one of those sports were every game someone is injured and can't come back for a few weeks! We put our careers at risk every day. One wrong move and you could have an injury that impacts you for the rest of your life. Also concussions from football affect you the rest of your life, a concussion you get in high school can come back 15-20 years later and kill you. That's why we have so much protection, how many other sports can you play with a broken arm and not really even notice it until you get back to the locker room. We play with broken toes, broken fingers, screwed up knees and shoulders, and many other injuries and not even come out of the game. Coaches constantly scream in your face and you can't get your feelings hurt, you just understand they're trying to help you. Cheerleading is not a sport more dangerous than football.

Haha at cheerleaders, trying so hard to prove it's like the hardest sport, yup we football players wear padding because we are so scared of getting hurt or pain, you guys are so smart, we have to wear padding by law, because let's be honest, people would die or get severely injured every play. Unless you actually play football, you wouldn't understand throwing your whole body at someone as hard as you can and what it feels like. And conditioning?... Mainly to cheerleaders, when football starts we have practice 3 times a day in which we hit each other constantly and run until we puke and keep going, and if you stop or give up you're off the team. Now I'm not saying cheer leading isn't difficult or hard, I'm saying football is for sure meant to be the most physically and mentally challenging sport. And if cheer leading is so difficult and straining, why do they never break a sweat or anything in their apparently 2.5 horrendous physical activity? By the way this page doesn't mean ...more

Horse back riding? Really? That's not even a sport!

Really? Do you know how insulting that is? We work 4 hours a day, 6 or 7 days a week every week of every month and Every month of every year. So that 1 or 2 times a month during the summer we could have a chance to win a 20 cent ribbon. If it's not hard why do we have to work everyday of the year for a show, and still have the possibility to get 8th place. Why then, wouldn't we not work all year then go to a show and get 1st place? If it were so easy. And you say a real sport is scored and not judged, and that horse riding is judged. But it's not. Judging is an opinion. Is it an opinion... That I knocked down a rail? That I wasn't on the correct lead? That the horse took a half step before the jump? Are these opinions? No. They are facts. We get scores. Knocked down a rail? 4 faults. Horse refused? 4 faults. Over the time limit? 2 faults for every 5 seconds over. Messed up the pattern? Disqualified. If you mess up a play in a ...more

6 Hockey

Come on! WAY more dangerous than soccer! I see only 3 players in a soccer game get knocked down. In hockey, EVERY player gets knocked on their ass at least 3 times per game from what I've seen! I can't even name one NHL player that STILL has all their teeth except for the first year players.. Did I mention you are allowed to fight? AND it's full contact. Face first into glass walls, I'm not even 20 and I lost a tooth ALREADY. Worst impact was ending in a 3 week coma. I slammed another player into the wall, BROKE the glass and his whole face was covered in BLOOD! (it was nasty) slamming a guy on grass is nothing.. You wanna talk about pain, how about HEAD FIRST ON ICE! Let's talk about more pain, how bout a 110mph puck in the face.. Never happened to me... Well not yet but I've seen it plenty of times.. Not pretty! Which is harder? Running or skating? Obviously skating! To play hockey, you need to skate just as well as you can walk and run. Anyone can run backwards. Try skating ...more

Alright I've been playing hockey 3 years (now midget) each year was to hospital at least once, broken bone, fracture, sprains, I'm lucky! Coulda had some bad concussions, throat slit by a blade, its rough and some people go out to hurt people, on ice, its hard look what happened just the other week habs vs bruins, chara, that happens more than that, that was just serious, never know what can happen, horseback is dangerous too I do it, not as dangerous, but soccer? Come on seriously? Put some hockey players on the ice with just shin pads you see what happens then! We've broke the glass 3 times this year with pucks, a midget team! They're hard rubber and go fast.. Maybe not number 1, but past soccer? I think so

What? Hockey number 8!?! First off the occasional concussion doesn't make a sport dangerous. I've had a friend have his wrist broken by a foam ball just because it hit his arm at a very vulnerable position. Anything can happen. In hockey, you are constantly being railed into the boards or slashed at. Just because we use probably the most padding than any other sport doesn't mean we're relatively close to safe. The opposite applies to soccer and other sports: Just because you don't have much padding, doesn't mean it's more dangerous. Injuries occur constantly in hockey. Players have had bruises, broken bones, severe concussions, throats being slit by blades, and even the tips of hockey sticks stabbing players. What's more is that we're allowed to brawl with each other. HOW IS THAT NOT DANGEROUS!? People say that they can die playing whatever sport. People have died playing hockey, it's not just an extreme possibility. I mean come on, we're on ice. Fall the wrong way and you're going ...more

Hockey is definitely way more dangerous than cheerleading. All your flyers are light so it's easy. I can yell too. Let me see all of you cheerleaders try to skate on a nit even 1 inch blade on a sheet of ice. Yah you may say it's easy but step on the ice and play an actual game. On the ice, rotating shifts for an hour. Bet you couldn't do it. You're at risk for a blade to the neck to slit you're neck and after that. You're done. I play ice hockey and I'm a goalie. I mean let's see so, done else go stand in a little net and get shots at their body. All over. When someone is coming full throttle at you, you never know what could go wrong. Yeah we workout and train hard too. Cheerleading, isn't nearly as dangerous and tough as ice hockey.

7 Boxing Boxing is a martial art and combat sport in which two people wearing protective gloves throw punches at each other for a predetermined set of time in a boxing ring..

Boxing is brutal. Much more dangerous than the other sports on here. Don't get me wrong, I ain't ripping on any of the other sports on here, football, hockey, etc are all still rough, but think about boxing. The pure science behind everything in that sport is brutal.

Boxing is 50% hitting and 50% not getting hit. When you play football, your goal is to run the ball down to the field and score a touchdown. When you play hockey, your goal is to slap the puck into the net. When you play baseball, your goal to to hit the ball outside the field. When you play basketball, your goal is to shoot the ball into the net. When you box, your goal is to physically and intentionally hurt your opponent. You also have to be quick and be able to have the energy to move around just to not get hit. You play football. You play tennis. You play volleyball. You don't "play" boxing. When somebody hits you in the face with the intention to knock you out, break your nose, or give you a black ...more

Unlike most sports that require pads, boxing and MMA are pretty much raw fighting with just gloves and shorts. Unlike other sports where causing someone injury isn't always intentional, boxing and MMA are sports where people are really trying to hurt their opponent. I think purposely trying to hurt someone is worse than doing it on accident. Motocross, bull riding, and horse riding are things that I do not consider to be sports only because they require little to no actual physical activity. Cheerleaders don't wear pads either, so they can have that, bug most of the injuries caused are unintentional. That's why I think boxing and MMA are the most dangerous sports.

All I'm gonna say is that boxers do train for hours and hours days on end and its super brutal. And I do belive this should be higher than horseback riding or football. Because just like horseback riding one punch could put you in the hospital and you can most likely die like if you throw a right hook it exposes a vital organ and if someone punches that hard enough your done no other sport is like boxing. I mean I do see why bull riding is up there I mean you can get thrown so far you get paralyzed or something but I think boxing should be either 2 or 3. And sure I've never done horseback or cheerleading before but I have done boxing and football and trust me when I say boxing is harder than football. So yes please vote for boxing because we need to get our point across by saying that we aren't just a bunch of little kids punching each other in the face. We are a bunch of fit dudes beating the hell out of each other. And that people should recognise just how much we put into our sport

Boxing is dangerous you people say it's just babies hitting each other in the face. REALLY YOUR PUTTING STUFF SUCH AS CHEERLEADING IS MORE DANGEROOUS? Let me ask you one question. Have you ever been hit by a 12 pound mallet in the face going 20mph? I don't think so and that is the average punch by a pro boxer. Imagine getting hit my 500 of those! YOU THINK BOXERS ARE WEAKLINGS? And the training for boxing is brutal. Running 5 miles a day, hitting a 150 pound bag for an hour... If you think boxing is a children's sport imagine fighting Mike Tyson, Rocky Marciano, Muhammad Ali, Nikolai Valuev... You'll probably be dead before round 1 is over. 9 out of 10 pro boxers have concussions that decrease the life expectancy for people like them. Sure you other sports hurts so bad to fall on the ground. Imagine breaking a few ribs, your nose, bruised eyes, severe brain trauma, even death. Sure falling 15 feet, getting rammed by 250 lbs imagine 1000 pounds of force to your face! If you ...more

8 Rugby

I come from a small province in New Zealand with less than 100 000 people living in It. In the last year 2 people died and 1 was paralyzed playing rugby just in my province. That's not including the countless broken bones, concussions and other injuries. In rugby if you run strait at someone and have a head knock you're gonna have a bad time. If you are in the middle of a ruck and the other team starts stomping with cleats you are gonna have a bad time. If you are in a maul and it collapses on you, you're gonna have a bad time. Rugby is bad if you want to be safe. This list pisses me off because people vote for their favorite sport, not the most dangerous one. My favorite sport is cricket and that pretty dangerous but not as bad as rugby. So don't vote for sports like soccer. Vote rugby because its bad.

(Ex South African here) I played Rugby many years and started playing American Football just this last year. I never realised it before but if you think helmet and pads make it easier you have no idea. That helmet becomes a weapon and it can really kill getting hit by it. The shoulder pads really aren't as softening as I thought they would be.

Additionally tackling in the air is permitted, so is shoulder barging. Heck you can get hit to kingdom come even if you're on the other side of the field as the ball... And you most likely won't see it coming either.

Now Rugby is a great sport and it is tough but unless you've played both like myself you can't talk about the pads.

I come from a small province in New Zealand with less than 100 000 people living in It. In the last year 2 people died and 1 was paralysed playing rugby just in my province. That's not including the countless broken bones, concussions and other injuries. In rugby if you run strait at someone and have a head knock you're gonna have a bad time. If you are in the middle of a ruck and the other team starts stomping with cleats you are gonna have a bad time. If you are in a maul and it collapses on you, you're gonna have a bad time. Rugby is bad if you want to be safe. This list pisses me off because people vote for their favourite sport, not the most dangerous one. My favourite sport is cricket and that pretty dangerous but not as bad as rugby. So don't vote for sports like soccer. Vote rugby because its bad.

Rugby is definitely more dangerous than football and cheerleading. Rugby you have no padding and you are always tackling people. I also definitely think it is more dangerous than cheerleading because they say they play when they are injured well ya rugby players do to. I have seen one girl play with a concussion and a broken nose, then that same game she sprained a her ankle. That's dangerous and I am pretty sure if you make a mistake in rugby it would put you in danger just as much as it would in cheerleading or any other sport. So anyway RUGBY IS definitely THE MOST DANGEROUS SPORT IN THE WORLD.

9 Motocross

I have been doing motocross my entire LIFE. Almost every time you ride, you will get hurt, there is no maybes. I've gotten run over on my ribs by someone else before, and I've broke a boys shin before. This is a hard core sport, not easy to master. And I'm a Female! all though this is a very difficult and dangerous sport, it's my favorite sport! This should be at least be in the top 3 sports. But I still think it is #1 I've gotten hurt SO many times on a motorcycle before. But I'm in love with it. if you ride a motorcycle remember, "if your'e not crashing, your'e not trying"

It's the hardest sport to do cause of the tracks themselves. Several of the competitors died due 1 fatal error by slipping then falling down taking 7 others along with him. I jumped high over the crash then crashed into the border of the track sustaining fractured bones in the arms due to the walls and left leg by the dirt bike's weight. There were about 30 people in the race and over half got into the crash though I was the 8th person to crash, I don't remember anything after the crash but I was told that 19 people crashed and 5 people died and most were injured but not sure whoever was critically injured. 11 people were in the back and they were stopped before they reached the crash. Those people saw the whole thing after they stopped but they didn't see how it happened, just what it looked like when 19 of us were on the ground moaning, screaming, or knocked out. The race was canceled but 5 people who died were awarded the winnings for nearing the end and they were excellent in the ...more

I do Moto Cross and YES you will get injured at some point. Not only are you jumping 50 to 100 feet in the air going 35 to 40 mph, But other Moto Crossers are just as competitive as you are, and they kick, punch, and run into your bike. Don't believe me? I was in the lead, A good 50 yards ahead of everyone, But my rival Larry White comes bursting through the Crossers, Charging toward me. I don't know how he was going the speed he was, But he was flying. I hit a jump going 50 feet into the air and Larry jumping over me, Kicks me in my chin underneath my helmet. I fall FIFTY FEET out of the air landing on my back, No sooner than two seconds later my bike falls onto my chest, Breaking five of my ribs bruising my kidneys from the fall. So yeah, By far the most dangerous, And trust me I've played soccer, football, basketball, lacrosse, hockey, And I've bull rode (which is second.)

Spend the day at a Monster Energy race from practice till the race, and that will end all debates! Who gets thrown from a bike falls 40 feet hits the ground catches his breath and jumps back on and right on to the next jump... Chad Reed! Who is the fastest man on the planet on two wheels, gets in more crashes and fights back every time.. Oh yeah James Stewart.. What other sport do you get ran over, hit, flip over handle bars and get up and keep fighting.. Motocross riders! Football, oh you pulled a hamstring better come out of the game, oh you got tackled better sit this one out... No other sport competition lasts 10 months with no other life but riding and training. They don't get to sit out if they fall, the only way they don't compete is if they broke something or if their bike broke down. The only other sport that deals with as much contact and injury as motocross is boxing, the only way they stop fighting is if they get knocked out! Hockey belongs below both of these sports... ...more

10 Lacrosse Lacrosse is a contact team sport played between two teams using a small rubber ball and a long-handled stick called a crosse or lacrosse stick.

Every lacrosse game, your nearly guaranteed to have at least one serious injury. In our last game, we had to stop 12 seconds early when one of the kids on the other team got sandwiched... Hard. Concussion. Dislocated shoulder. The whole shebang. We called in the ambulance and the kid didn't remember half of it the next day. The best part: it was a completely legal hit. Today. Our goalie got knocked unconscious by a hit. A guy got hit in the throat with a cross check (have you ever been hit in the throat by a guy sprinting at you? All we could do watch watch him squirm on the ground, struggling for air. ), and one of the guys on the other team took a shot on goal and hit our teammate straight in the head. That knocked him out for a little bit there too.

Cheerleading number 1?! Laugh out loud! Base jumping and caving should be number 1 and 2 no question. Lacrosse is probably where it should be at number 3. Our coach tore his rotator cuff playing college lax (which is pretty bad... It ruined his career permanently). 2 friends have broken their legs playing lacrosse in ground ball scuffles just this last season, and our goalie ended up coughing up blood after a taking hard hit. Personally, I haven't had it too bad, but I have taken a 90 mph solid rubber ball to the... Well balls. I was on the sidelines moaning and puking for a good hour. Also I've temporarily lost feeling in my arms after being checked, I've been knocked out, and taken some VERY uncomfortable checks to the stomach. In 2004 a player for Cornell was killed after being hit by a shot.

Lacrosse is extremely dangerous. My teams goalie got hit in the head 4 times in one game by a head on shot. After a game, I went to a restaurant and got sympathetic looks by the waitresses because of the number of bruises already forming. Plus, we play hard. If you're not ready for it, a metal stick can crush you and pin you to the ground. In one tournament, I got struck blocking a shot (I'm a defender) in the head. I stayed on cause my team needed me. Also, the championship of that tournament, 3 of our players had to come off the field: one with a ball to the skull, one with a broken wrist and fingers, and me with a sprained ankle. Flips and tucks are cool, but we are athletes. We risk our lives every game and practice. So tighten your bows and go cartwheel or something. I am a woman. You are girls.

OK so as goalie, you guys are WRONG. I've broken bones three times in the past two years and that isn't even bad. The pain I get from breaking bones isn't even bad, past two times I've broken I haven't gone in for two weeks because shin hits are so much worse and they don't break and I just assume "hm well this is like a 6/10 compared to the 9's I get from shin hits at (as low as) 65mph and (as high as) 88mph (clocked by not even my hardest shooting teammate and I'm only in HS, college and pros is normally 90. Cheerleading really isn't that dangerous in terms of extremes, multiple players have died. Everyday situations, multiple players on each team break bones in a year while everyday situations for cheerleaders is a 10 foot fall onto a padded mat, sprains are what most cheerleaders face. Hockey is just lax with more pads, Horseback riding is pretty dangerous (for extremes only though ie trampling) and football... Well no one really dies in football (sorry to sound extremely blunt) ...more

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11 Wrestling Wrestling is a combat sport involving grappling type techniques such as clinch fighting, throws and takedowns, joint locks, pins and other grappling holds.

Cheering I understand. But it's not more dangerous than BULL RIDING! Nor is it more dangerous than Lacrosse... Or Wrestling. Wrestling should definitely be in the top 5 at least! I've been a wrestler for years now and I KNOW how dangerous it is. Hell, I've had 7 practices so far this season (I'm writing this comment 2 weeks into season) and I have already re-injured my busted shoulder and my left leg is almost immobilized from landing on someones arm 50 times in ONE PRACTICE... It hurts. And I'm no softy. To the other posters, fear is inevitable. You must conquer it in order to be a successful anything. I believe that this article is biased... But so is every comment on it. Honestly, a cheerleader probably wrote it BUT... I'm a wrestler - just voicing my opinions. Every sport has it's risk - but there is no way that cheerleading is the MOST dangerous sport. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that wrestling is. I'm just stating my opinion.

P. S. - Lacrosse is probably #1 or ...more

My brother has wrestled ever since he was 4 years old, he is 11 now, and he has had MANY injuries; he had to get a staple in the back of his head because he was head thrown into a table. He has also popped his elbow out of place when someone was arm barring/chicken winging him. I have wrestled for 4 1/2 to 5 years and even though I am a girl wrestler. I have popped my knee out of place, gotten a few bloody noses, black eyes, and been thrown so hard I couldn't breathe. Wrestling is a tough sport for anyone to do, a wrestler has to remember all the moves they have learned and know when to do them. They also have to be able to persevere through the 3 matches they have whether or not they are winning because there is always a chance. I believe that wrestling should be in THE TOP 3 but that's my opinion.

I've wrestled almost my entire life, since I was about 5 years old. I have never seen so many injures in my life. The willpower you have to have and endurance to win over your opponent is incredible the only sports I would rank above wrestling would be gymnastics and motocross and I know this first hand also since I was eight years old I've been riding dirt bikes and I've had countless injures but both of my sisters compete as full throttle gymnasts and they are hard core these girls bust there asses to do one more flip, or whatever they're doing so step down cheerleading your not the most dangerous sport

Wrestling should be number one I've played many sports baseball, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, football, and hockey. But in wrestling you get way more injures. I've wrestled for 4 years, baseball 9 years, basketball 5, lacrosse 6, soccer 5, football 4, and hockey for 3 years. Wrestling has became my favorite sport even though is still love football, lacrosse, and baseball the sports I still play currently. I think wrestling is the toughest it's practices are a hundred times harder and I've been injured more in wrestling than any other sport in my life. I've torn my ACL, sprained my knee, broke my hand, had 2 concussions, MRSA which is worst than staph infection, sprained and broken fingers, twisted ankles, and a broken nose, all in wrestling.

12 Parkour

First of all, parkour is not just jumping from roofs of buildings. It is "the activity or sport of moving rapidly through an area, typically in an urban environment, negotiating obstacles by running, jumping, and climbing".
Parkour involves more walking across a 4-inch long flat wooden beam than jumping from platforms 10 feet in the air. Simply climbing a 6 foot wall is considered parkour.

Someone explain how falling off a horse, getting tackled by a big buff guy, doing a flip two meters from the ground, doing an acrobatic move like a handstand on gymnastics floor, AND fighting a big bruiser is more dangerous than jumping between buildings over +10 stories high (plus doing acrobatics in solid concrete like a rolling front flip or a wall flip). If you don't think parkour is dangerous, you're pretty (by pretty I mean THE DEFINITION OF) stupid. I barely started training for parkour/free running like a few weeks ago (plus I watch a lot of professional parkour videos) and I already know I'm bound to fall on my back or bleed worse than that time my scooter's breaks failed, making that the worse bleeding of my life so far. If you knew what it feels like to climb really thin fences with little to no support to step on or jumping between quite big gaps, parkour would be number one. Please, tell me of a hobby that's more dangerous than doing stunts that if messed up the slightest ...more

Parkour is the MOST dangerous sport. Not only does it include flipping and jumping parkour happens to be on concrete. Any other sport the most height you could get was your height plus half. If you make the wrong move at the wrong time you are done for! Cheerleading there is no death involved just snapping bones or the worst injury is being paralyzed. When your up a 2 story building and you jump off and your head hits the concrete 1st its over. Horse back riding is NOT the most number 1 dangerous sport! Why are so many people voting for it?! A horse can break your bone BUT can't kill you! I think the problem is because people don't know about parkour.

Parkour/freerunning is not a sport, it is an art, and a discipline, so it shouldn't even be on the list, it should be above the list. I don't think horse back riding is not an art, it doesn't even match the definition of a discipline. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I hate parkour or anything, I love it, I train every day but, it shouldn't even be on the list for the reason I mentioned earlier and because its awesome that the list doesn't even deserve to have parkour on it.

Plus I like to see a Horse-back rider flip off a 10 foot wall or ump and stick on a bar for more than 10 seconds. I'd like to see Footballers and hockey players standing gainer on flat ground.

13 Mixed Martial Arts Mixed martial arts is a full-contact combat sport that allows the use of both striking and grappling techniques, both standing and on the ground, from a variety of other combat sports and martial arts.

The goal is pretty much to incapacitate your opponent. If someone is being taken down and beaten up every single time in a sport, that sport is definitely dangerous

Let's take a tiny little horse riding jockey and even a light weight MMA fighter. The MMA fighter is going to have enough strengh to hold on and control a horse. The jockey wouldn't have any hope of winning! There fragile compared to any MMA fighter and would get smashed! MMA fyighters can take a hit and would have more than three times as much of a chance of survival of falling off the horse than any jockey. MMA fighters can kill with their bare hands! First let's take any MMA fight and see if they can ride a horse on a track without falling off. Then, let's take any jockey against any MMA fighter in a full fledged match and see how long the jockey can last! Jockeys can't beat MMA fighters!

I did a lots of sports (mostly martial arts) in my life (I am 38 now) and now I practice some MMA. It is incredibly dangerous! Not only the punches, the locks and chokes (these mostly makes little damage - face, muscle or bone injurie) but the other techniques are extremely brutal too. A suplex throw can cripple or even kill you, a single elbow punch or knee kick can break your facial bones or even damage your brain. On training the most important thing is wearing protectors, but on competitions there will be injuries, it is too bad but necessary.

Literally getting paid to break people's bones and have your bones broken. However, I feel like there isn't as high of a likelihood of death as some other sport because of how controlled everything is.

14 Base Jumping

BASE jumping is much more dangerous than any other sport on this list. How is cheerleading on this list? First of all, it isn't even a sport, and second of all, much more people have died from BASE jumping than from cheerleading. Actually, much more people have died from BASE jumping than from almost any sport.

MUCH MUCH harder than it looks, easily #1, you must get a jump, and then steering is super hard to control, but if you don't steer well you will run into the edge of the cliff and die.
You must open the pursuit at the right angle, time and place if you want to stay alive, then, you must control your para-suit so that you land in the right spot.
The landing is also very dangerous as well, you could get seriously injured.

Famed base jumpers like Steve Sutton died only one year ago from a miscalculation in his wingsuit, striking an alpine ridge at 150mph approx; his body was so severely damaged DNA tests needed to be executed to determine it was his body.
More people than you think have met their demise through a base jump, it's an incredibly dangerous sport and profession. Anyone is susceptible.

BASE jumping should be first on the list because you have a much better chance to die then any other sport on here. This guy died testing out a parachute. I personally think it's more dangerous than skydiving because you can run into the edge of a cliff easier.

15 Free Climbing

Rick climbing is easily one of the most dangerous sports out there. When your on belay, your relying on your equipment and abilities to stay alive, along with other people, especially your belayer, who literally has your life in their hands. If a piece of equipment breaks, or a rope snaps, your dead. Free soloing is even more dangerous, without any equipment to break your fall. Many companies such as Cliff don't even sponsor many free climbers any more, though many have amazing skills such as Alex Honnold. If you do a rate out of 1/3 between climbing and other sports measuring how dangerous they are, climbing will be sure to surpass the other sports by far. I love climbing and am extremely passionate about it, but it is extremely risky.

Easily the most dangerous sport on this list- free climbing should be at number one. Bouldering in the climbing gym has lead to finger injuries, neck injuries, back injuries, and (most of all) foot injuries. That, however, is probably the safest category in this extremely variable sport. Even in the gym, lead climbing has lead to permanent paralysis and broken bones in many places (I.e. the arm or leg). With the next clip right at your chest and the previous one six feet down, you are looking at a fall that could give easily give you whiplash. These circumstances, however, don't even come close to outdoor free climbing. On a multipitch route, you are relying on your skills and equipment to keep you alive. Bolts may not be drilled in correctly, carabiners may be poorly designed, rockfall and/or lose holds may be extremely common. All of these instances could lead to death. Not only is this sport one of the most physically demanding, it is also one of the most mentally challenging. You ...more

Free climbing should easily be #1, most people won't climb a tree to the top let alone a vertical rock. Angles 90 degrees or more, no ropes... Thousands of feet up. How is horseback riding anything compared to this.. You see this should be judged off of the consequence of making a mistake. You make a mistake horseback riding or cheerleading then yes you can get hurt I'm not saying there is no danger, but you make a mistake free climbing and your paralyzed from the neck down, consider yourself lucky.

Free climbing(rock climbing) can get some one extremely injured or even maybe killed! If you are on belay and something goes wrong and the person accidentally drops you... I went on a few other websites and they said rock climbing was either number 3-5... That doesn't even mention when some one's free solo climbing! That's when you climb with no rope what so ever!... I think this website is completely under estimating free climbing on so many levels

16 Skydiving

It's extremely rare for a parachute to just "not open" and is usually the result of careless packing when it happens. And you also have a reserve that has to be packed by an FAA certified rigger. Not to mention your AAD that automatically fires if you become incapacitated. Non-jumpers don't realize that almost everyone that is killed or injured skydiving does so underneath a fully open and functional parachute. People don't die from equipment malfunction; people die when they get careless, complacent, or cocky and do something stupid underneath their canopy.

Check out group tracking. Two people head to head at 100 mph+
Myself and two friends in wingsuits did a head to head with vertical distance between us just to see reaction time needed to spot and veer. No chance. From spot to passing each other was a couple of seconds. Seriously deadly.

Out of 3,000,000 made last year there were 31 fatalities. That is 1 per 100,000 jumps 60 percent of those were under a perfectly good canopy but made low dangerous turns or collided with another jumper. a couple were suspected suicide. So actually it is relatively safe. If your parachute malfunctions your second chute can deploy extremely fast. This is why we train.

I would've voted for equestrian because I am an equestrian and I know that if we fall off we could die. But, yeah, sky divers win my vote because if that parachute ain't opening your pretty much dead.

17 Rugby League Rugby league football, usually called rugby league, league, rugby or football , is a full contact sport played by two teams of thirteen players on a rectangular field.

In rugby people are intentionally trying to get you down, plus you have no protection. People on the ground getting stepped on by a 180 pound man with cleats doesn't feel good. Yes sports like motocross are dangerous but in moto people aren't trying to hurt you. For every rugby game you play there is a guarantee that you will be sore, and if your lucky you won't be injured. Imagine running at full speed and then having another person running full speed tackling you from the side, the impact on your spine and ribs is brutal, knocks the reach out of you and makes you feel like throwing up, but you have to keep running and keep tackling, rugby is not for the weak and it is dangerous no doubt. Not as dangerous as skydiving but certainly more dangerous than soccer and cheer leading and moto!

Rugby is more dangerous than most of the sports on this list think of the impact when a player tackles another player and American football is rugby for wimps who have to wear so much safety gear I mean come on man up! If you want to know just how dangerous rugby is most players come off the pitch with scars, bruises and bleeding and when they bleed they get back up and carry on like a man, and since I play rugby as a full back and I'm only 15 you must be built for the game and even if you have a lot of body mass then you more than welcome to play the game because it's a game of which people of all sizes, height, weight and speed play against each other.

Scrums can be pretty dangerous if they fall apart. I was second row in the scrum. Once the scrum fell apart, my left arm got jammed between two people and was forced up while the rest of my body continued downwards. Very nearly broke my arm that day. Also had a scare when after a hard tackle I felt my neck pop and could have sworn right there I had broken my neck. Luckily that was not the case, but it still cost me the rest of the game. I have seen someone's leg broken during a game before. The thing is, this game can be safer if North American players learn to love the sport of Rugby for the GAME and not the HITTING. Communicate with your team, work together, and if you're going to hit, hit smart.

What's this stupid theory about NFL players running harder because they have pads? Laugh out loud. Obviously a theory made up by people who have never seen a State of Origin, or any Rugby League for that matter.
It relies on the premise that Rugby League players aren't already running and tackling as hard as they can, when they clearly are.

Also, Rugby League is designed in a way that players run head on with each other every player, not all different angles across the field. They line up, sprint at each other, collide, get back up and do it again.
For 80 minutes non stop, non of this stop start change teams crap. It's about endurance as well skill and power, and fatigue also causes injury.

18 Mountaineering

How is this not at #1 or close to that. Ok cheerleaders see you on the mountain. Lets really put you to the test. So basically to start out you save up a few thousand even to start. Then you fly 5000 miles or so to your destination. Then you take a never ending hike up the mountains and through all the villages with 30 pounds on your back the entire way. Finally you make it to the mountain out of breath and sweaty but cold. As time goes on air becomes more and more of a need until your taking 20 steps with one breath. You can't even enjoy yourself once you get to the top because you have to rush back down due to the lack of oxygen. This may sound like it's a two or three day trip. Try two or three weeks. Or even months depending on weather. You stick to your competitions, we will stick to our goals to survive.

Okay, first of all we have to set some boundaries here. What defines dangerous? And what defines sport? Do we conclude that it's the number of deaths tolled that defines it dangerous, or the number of injuries? It would be almost impossible to account the number of injuries in any sport, so lets go with fatalities. Now horseback riding is a hobby, where as horseback racing is a sport. Yet both have had numerous fatalities. Horseback racing has had 26 documented deaths that happened during a race. Boxing has had 57 documented deaths during or shortly after a bout do to the punishment received in the match. As someone pointed out below, there has been over 290 deaths while climbing Mount Everest. And that's just one of the nine 8,000 meter mountains that gets climbed on a regular basis. Now add in some of the smaller peaks that has taken lives and we're probably looking at over a thousand fatalities due to mountain climbing... and yet, if I had to choose a sport / hobby / living that I ...more

If we consider life or death issues, Mountaineering is up there. Close to 300 people have died attempting to climb the Everest alone. Well over a thousand deaths for 8-thousanders climbs, and plenty of deaths in smaller climbs as well.

As a percentage of people attempting the climb, fatality rates in mountaineering are far far higher than they are in any of the sports listed in the top ten.

And if we compare the seriousness of injuries, one should remember that a broken bone or a trauma of some kind occurring during a climb is made far far worse by the lack of access to medical services. If you break a body part while cheerleading, you get rescued within seconds and minutes later you are in the emergency room.

Cheerleading is tough, it's very challenging and fortunately, it's not even close to being one of the most dangerous sports.

I have to agree that Bull Riding, Horseback Riding, and Gymnastics are all very dangerous, but this is the only sport where, if you fail, you are GUARANTEED to die. I mean, I could probably get off a gymnastics mat with a broken bone or two, but a fall off a mountain? Nuh-uh. I don't think so.
Just saying, I might not have a very good perspective. I do swimming, and the worst thing that can happen there is that you hit your head agains a wall, whack your hand against a lane line, getting kicked in the ace, or get a cut. I've been doing swimming since I was four and I have never boroken a bone. So, just saying. If you wanta safe but difficult sport, swimming all the way

19 Racing

Of course it's a sport; it's in the sports pages, not real estate pages. The brainless "not a sport" claim is actually to purport that it's not an athletic endeavor. And it is a brainless claim, to say that maintaining forceful yet precise and lightning-fast control of the car for over an hour when g-forces are peeling the muscles off your bones at all times and the engine is roasting you, doesn't take superb fitness. Anyway, the American College of Sports Medicine studied this argument and put it to bed, saying that top race drivers are in fact "elite athletes."

I know lots of people consider motorsports not a real sport, because you are just turning a wheel or ride a bike. The physical aspect is more hidden than in other sports but it's definitely there. These guys have to be super fit in order to endure a race. For example a Formula 1 race takes up to two hours, two hours where you have to perform at the absolute limit. I mean they have to hold their bodies up to 6g. Normal people wouldn't last two laps around a circuit. And the mental part? Would you head straight for a wall with over 300 kph? Most people are afraid to go over 200. But that's car racing, motorbike racing is at least in my opinion even more dangerous. They have a little bit of protection against the tarmac but have you ever seen a high side? They are flying through the air with over 100 kph and land on solid ground. The sole reason the injury rates aren't that high are the limited spots in a race. In the average season about 24 riders take part, and at least 2 or so will ...more

Racing gets my vote, but only because of what it once was, not for what it currently is. No other sport that I can think of would have to include burning to death as a realistic risk of competition. However, it is way safer now than it was in the 70's and earlier, especially at the higher levels of the sport.

Racing should be #1 on this list. Heaps of legendary people have died doing what they love. In racing small injuries are uncommon, but if someone gets hurt, you know it is really bad. Also your always on the edge, one small mistake and most times your gone. It just has a very dangerous nature.

20 Free Diving

Whoever thinks Freediving isn't dangerous, think again! Holding your breath for 5 minutes while swimming downwards to 70+ meters on one breath of air in shark infested waters! For starters an average human will pass out after 3 minutes of no oxygen in the brain. 70 meters deep is e very long way down and requires as much mental strength as physical strength to get down there. "Horses are an unpredictable animal" Do you know what else is an unpredictable animal that is much more dangerous than a horse: sharks. Have a think, what would you rather; be 50 meters underwater with a great white swimming up to you? Or racing a horse?

My dad is a free diver and he loves the sport. It takes a lot of training and patience my dad has taken courses in Florida and trains at least 4 times a week. The farthest he drove down was 190 feet a lot of people aren't aware of this sport. Not so long ago one of my dad's friends had a blackout when he was diving and died it is extremely important that you never go free diving alone always had a buddy with you

Many dangerous element including limited air, extreme underwater depths, currents, poisonous snakes, sharks, getting stuck, blackouts, disorientation, if spear fishing then we encounter excited sharks, barracuda, other predators and entanglement. Did I mention all on one breath?

There are only about 5, 000 free divers around the world. It's a unique sport. An estimated 100 people die from free diving every year. This is compared to an estimated 20 deaths per year from horses, which is a far more popular sport.

With free diving, you are working against yourself.

21 Luge

Wow, Luge is after walking? This is one of the most dangerous sports ever! If you flip over have fun scraping your face off, and god knows what else. You go incredibly fast and you have little hand holds to grab onto, if you slip there goes your fingers! If you do flip and go sailing through the air, no one knows if you'll land without busting your head wide open or worse death! How is walking more dangerous?!?!

People die like in 2010 Olympics

So many people die in luge

Your Sledding Head First On Ice

22 Surfing Surfing is a surface water sport in which the wave rider, referred to as a surfer, rides on the forward or deep face of a moving wave, which is usually carrying the surfer towards the shore.

Anything could happen to you when surfing, it could be a normal day and you go for a wave and fall and this time you hit your head on a rock or sandbar. It is unpredictable, just the slightest shift in the wind can decide whether you'll make out the way you went in. Your board could pop up and hit you, you can cut your face, foot, leg, etc. You can get held under water and drown. And then of course there is the fact that are sharks and other fish in the water that could mistake you for a meal. Surfing is so unpredictable which makes it such dangerous sport.

I've seen numerous amounts of surf injuries including seeing sharks, stingrays, jellyfish etc. Surfing can't be compared with all those you call dangerous sports. You can also get hit by the rocks or the reef and those are fatal or really painful injuries. Surfing those huge waves like mavericks is super dangerous because you got the reef the rocks the cold water the sharks and the wipeout so that's probably the most dangerous or one of the most dangerous sports in this list

I recently watched the film, Soul Surfer, on my DVD player. The film had a professional championship surfer, Bethany Hamilton (AnnaSophia Robb), who had her right arm cut off by a massive tiger shark but that didn't stop her from achieving her dream of becoming a surfer girl. Inspired by a true story, Soul Surfer is based off the book of the same name by Bethany Hamilton (published by Gallery Books but produced by MTV Books, a sublabel of MTV Networks, a division of Viacom International). You could find this book in the childrens section at Barnes & Noble.

I have AN UNREAL AMOUNT of respect for surfers. As an equestrian I was very happy that riding was number one, but I think it very well ties with surfing. I am petrified of the ocean and I could never have the guts to do what you guys do. Sharks, coral, the fact that your field is literally trying to kill you, yeah, I think surfing should be AT LEAST in the top five, and I've never even been surfing.

23 Cliff Diving

Cliff diving is quite dangerous if you know how to land but at the same time its quite fun;I've been cliff diving before and it was amazing. People should just be aware of their surroundings... Rocks, shallow waters you get the point

Diving in General is dangerous if you do it wrong you can get seriously hurt!

Jumping from a high cliff can give you a thrill... Or a heart attack.

There is a lot of dangers

24 Water Polo

Definitely dangerous! I was in a tournament where they rushed a girl to the hospital because she had a broken nose and a serious concussion. My uncle sent a guy to the hospital with a broken spine. I was in practice being guarded by a teammate and turning around to shoot a backhand I whacked her so hard in the face that she lost a tooth and unlike other sports when a teammate gets hurt you have to rush to help them to make sure they don't sink to the bottom of the pool and drown. And most of all unlike in other sports the referee can't see whats happening under water, so while the ref will protect all the wrestlers and football players and soccer players, we're getting kicked, jabbed, pinched, scratched, clawed, and drowned.

Um I'm sorry but water polo is seriously tough. We not only have to strong legs from treading and lunging forward but strong core muscles mixed with a strong arm to throw the ball across a 25 yard-long pool. In the rules of water polo anything is legal as long as it doesn't impede the motion of the ball, so many of us sustain injuries from punches kicks elbows. My best friend received 10 stitches in her chin from being elbowed in the face. Another friend of mine broke both orbital bones and nose from getting kicked in the face during a turnover. I'd like to see a football player, wrestler, or soccer player try to survive one conditioning and leg workout, because those things are not easy.

I have been playing water polo for a year and a half, and I have never seen a more vicious sport. I have tried a lot of the sports that are above this, and there is no way they are more dangerous than it. How many other sports are there where people are actively TRYING to drown you?
No offense to anyone, but at the moment dance is above this, and that is ridiculous. How many people end up with ripped costumes and bloody noses? How many people breathe in water and end up nearly coughing up a lung, just to continue playing?
Watching high level water polo is exhilarating, but even out of the pool it's kind of terrifying how physical it is. So many people get injured during games just to keep playing!

What the.. This list is a popularity contest. Just because the few elite, super humans that play water polo are too busy training, some other athletes on the internet are just saying their sport is harder! Like honestly its 9:18 PM right now and the only reason I'm here is because I just got out of my 4 hour practice and I don't want to do homework.

Please, any of you people in other sports would die drowning in your bathtub. You guys practice your sport by jogging every day and lifting weights. You can't do that for water polo, because other than swimming, it's a sport on a different terrain. We are the few, the proud, the water polo players.

25 Ice Skating

Yeeyee! Once I was attempting double lutz and I fell and hit my head, and once a friend fell and got a bone bruise which swelled up and started spreading not to mention we have no pads in competition and most people don’t wear them no matter what...

I have broken my arm in two places twice this should not be this low. I have also slammed into the wall really hard

I am a figure skater and I broke my arm and foot doing this sport this should be into the top ten

My sister broke her arm in gymnastics she quit gymnastics me and her are ok with ice skating and we are not hurt

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