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Boxing is a martial art and combat sport in which two people wearing protective gloves throw punches at each other for a predetermined set of time in a boxing ring..


An average of 10 people per year have died from professional boxing matches so far this decade. Seems pretty dangerous to me.

Unlike most sports that require pads, boxing and MMA are pretty much raw fighting with just gloves and shorts. Unlike other sports where causing someone injury isn't always intentional, boxing and MMA are sports where people are really trying to hurt their opponent. I think purposely trying to hurt someone is worse than doing it on accident. Motocross, bull riding, and horse riding are things that I do not consider to be sports only because they require little to no actual physical activity. Cheerleaders don't wear pads either, so they can have that, bug most of the injuries caused are unintentional. That's why I think boxing and MMA are the most dangerous sports.

Horse back riding is a sport! I have fallen of countless times, onto jumps, into the rock solid ground, or even into the fence! I have personally been at a show when a rider fell off from making 1 small mistake and she got stepped on! How bout you try it before you underestimate equestrians! And I don't mean going to the fair and riding a pony, I mean galloping at a jump and getting over it without hitting the rail, or falling of. And there is protective gear, some riders just choose not to wear it! In Dover they sell protective vests. And if it wasn't a sport why would they have it in the Olympics? I don't see boxing in the Olympics...


Dude. This is boxing... Do you realize how much damage is dealt to the brain over the course of time? This is a ridiculously strenuous sport, definitely past the realms of some lame cheering 'sport'. How is that even #1? This voting system is out of whack. Idiots shouldn't be allowed to participate in this. Filter, please. There's no way in hell MMA, Skydiving, etc is less dangerous than cheerleading. Is that even a real sport? I refuse to call it one. I cheer for my teammates at sprinting competitions. Does that mean I'm not only a boxer and a sprinter, but a -cheerleader- as well?! Man, talk about multi-tasking. It's straining on my vocal cords, too. "Go, Ben! GO! YOU CAN DO IT. DO IT FOR THE MEDAL BEN, DO IT FOR THE MEDAL! " Add some backflips in there and bang. I'm a professional cheerleader. Can't die from that lmfao. The only way you can risk death is if you have a retarded team that doesn't know what they're doing.

Cheerleading. you think that cheerleading isn't hard? Well obviously cheering for a team but that isn't the competitive aspect. have you ever been to a cheerleading competition? Its dangerous and people get hurt. people die. if all you think cheerleading is is cheering on other teams and yelling then you are wrong. go to a competitive cheer competition. try one of our practices. maybe you will have some respect for cheerleaders if you see what our training is really like. now I am not judging boxing at all. I mean personally I think that it is dumb but I wont let that cloud my judgement because WHO AM I TO JUDGE SOMETHING I HAVE NEVER TRIED. so who are you to judge something you have never tried and obviously know nothing about!

Yeah, you're a professional cheerleader. That's sideline cheer. You can't really get hurt from that. But competitive cheer is a whole different story. - PianoQueen

Are you kidding me! Boxing is brutal as heck the whole thing is trying to hit you oponent so hard and so much that the it's just to much to get back up if you ask me boxing is easy #5 oh and another thing you guys out there giving cheer leading crap lay off I mean yes I think boxing is worse but seriously think about it people are BEING THROWN INTO THE AIR! If they land on their neck or back wrong that game over for them why don't you people try thinking it through instead of saying oh it's a girls sport it must be easy hey though like I said I do honestly think that boxing is worse and is easy 5 or 4

How is wrestling in front of boxing? Come on! You're getting hit in the face for 12 rounds. I've done both and wrestling is no where near as dangerous.

Wow just wow #7 THAT'S IT! ARE YOU KIDDING! OK I know other sports can be really dangerous but your whole goal is to beat a guy so badly that they physically CAN'T get up I mean I'm not trying to say that other sports are harmless I play a lot of sports and I've gotten hurt in all of them multiple times and to you jerks who are ripping up other sports making them sound harmless try them first before you say crap like that

A guy who practices to put all there force in there arm to punch you in the face is definitely not safe. These men/women train everyday practicing how to punch harder and how to avoid punches. This should be number 1. Like come on I guarantee any pro boxer could knock the crap out of an average person with no problem. Imagine that punch multiple times in your face.

Boxing is a very brutal sport I am a boxer and almost lost two teeth to an uppercut and my opponent didn't care he kept hitting me until I went down which I did after two rounds and the actual fighting is only half of the brutality training is intense think about it when was the last time you couldn't move either of your arms for 2 days

All the other sports listed here besides this one, are all about injuries and danger. Boxing has the highest rate of documented deaths than any other real sport in the world. We are talking here about situations where brains detached from the skull due to straight lunches to the head ond from the sides, internal organ bleeding (liver and kidney failure). UFC is not even close to the dangers of Boxing because there are more variety of ways to win, but here, it's all blows to the vital areas of the human component.

I don't care how many thumb downs I get on this comment, but all you people dissing cheer leading STOP. "Have you ever been hit in the face by a 12 pound mallet in the face going 20mph" you know what I have its called being kicked in the face by a flyer going way faster than 20mph. I have a question for YOU have you ever fallen on your face after being thrown into the air 10-15 feet after your bases/back dropped you! I don't think so! Backs/bases/flyers get major injuries every year to the back, head, etc. Trust me I'm not trying to dis boxing I know people are killed every year from,but so are cheerleaders.

Are you kidding me!.. Who put cheerleading on number 1, this proves that most that come to vote here are retarded 16 year old girls.. Seriously I mean boxing, MMA skydiving are all down here... The courage it requires to step into the ring every time!..

The whole point of boxing is to cause the other person pain and hurt them. Boxing isn't just mindless punching. It is a lot more than that. I feel extremely offended when some girl trying to be all sassy said cheerleading was dangerous, because we get a ton of injuries even in ameture boxing and boxing isn't even regarded as dangerous compared to something that barely is a sport.

You are always purposely punching! If any sport is the most dangerous I'd say boxing. Other people do crazy sports and complain about injuries, if you want to complain then just don't do the sport!

Boxing is just damn brutal. People who are trained to be as strong as possible are beating you up until you can't move. Maybe other people get unlucky in other sports but in Boxing, pain is consistent.

In my strong opinion, the sport of boxing is a violent sport in many ways that can lead to bigger misunderstandings in the sport. For example, in the movie "Rocky 1V " Apollo Creed dies in the ring because of super contender of the Russian embassy Ivan Drago by not telling the press that drago was accused of using illegal steroids in the Soviet Union. Later on, he dies in the movie in the second round and rocky is defistanted and the only way to solve this problem is to fight him back.

I'm nine boxing is scary! When the match started he ran right at and started to clobber my lung in the hospital bed
Also my kidneys are pulverized

Boxing is just a contact sport but with Street Boxing gets even worst. I heard about a news about that man from the Philippines who joined Street Boxing but later died due to head trauma. This is'nt an ordinary action movie but more of a dangerous sport that should deserve to be top 5s.

The bloodiest sport. Takes agility, power, and skill. Very difficult. CHEERLEADING! NO NO NO! A lot more risky then any other sport. I box myself, and I know.

Boxing is the most dangerous sport by far. Every boxer I grew up watching is either dead or is really messed up in the head.

In the other sports, its not about hurting the other person or team to win, in boxing that's all its about and someone will definitely get hurt.

Getting hit by a professional boxers punch is the equivalent to getting hit by a 13-Pound bowling ball traveling 20 MPH

The amount of damage boxing does to a person's brain later in life is what makes it much more dangerous than a lot of the sports listed above

You're constantly getting hit with 1000 pounds of force. A lot of people died in the ring and you can easily get brain damage after getting hit too hard many times on the head. Muhammad Ali was a great boxer but suffered Parkisons because of it

MMA is way more dangerous than boxing because in MMA you get bodied slammed and in boxing all you do is punched