Mixed Martial Arts

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Mixed martial arts is a full-contact combat sport that allows the use of both striking and grappling techniques, both standing and on the ground, from a variety of other combat sports and martial arts.


Mma has a much higher injury rate than football and boxing, it also is one of the most brutal sports around. The gloves they use are even more dangerous than bare knuckles because of the extra wrist and hand support allowing professional fighters to hit even harder; not to mention kicks to the head and concussions from elbows and slams.

Let's take a tiny little horse riding jockey and even a light weight MMA fighter. The MMA fighter is going to have enough strengh to hold on and control a horse. The jockey wouldn't have any hope of winning! There fragile compared to any MMA fighter and would get smashed! MMA fyighters can take a hit and would have more than three times as much of a chance of survival of falling off the horse than any jockey. MMA fighters can kill with their bare hands! First let's take any MMA fight and see if they can ride a horse on a track without falling off. Then, let's take any jockey against any MMA fighter in a full fledged match and see how long the jockey can last! Jockeys can't beat MMA fighters!

This list is irrelevant. For the most part, people are just voting for their favorite sport, not the most dangerous. Seriously, how are wrestling and boxing more dangerous than bath at the same time, and then some. Soccer, cheer leading, football and hockey shouldn't even be in the top 30, yet they're in the top 10.

MMA should have been number 1, brutality of fights is a much proof...

I did a lots of sports (mostly martial arts) in my life (I am 38 now) and now I practice some MMA. It is incredibly dangerous! Not only the punches, the locks and chokes (these mostly makes little damage - face, muscle or bone injurie) but the other techniques are extremely brutal too. A suplex throw can cripple or even kill you, a single elbow punch or knee kick can break your facial bones or even damage your brain. On training the most important thing is wearing protectors, but on competitions there will be injuries, it is too bad but necessary.

I used to compete in judo and even in the small belt levels their were people being dragged off the matt... In one of my first competitions I used a shoulder throw on a kid and they had to pull him off the matt... He couldn't move. And in my opinions MMA is more dangerous than cheerleading

I agree, mma is a serious contact sport. Just take a look on what happened to Anderson Silva vs Weidman and this is simply a instant damage which occurred in the moment, and do I have to even mention how damaged you get on longer terms which includes damages to the head area that affects your brain and so on. You also have ti be extremely physically fit ( In MMA you use every part of the body) You need to be strong flexible and fast, unlike other sports where one only uses hands foots and maybe some running..

These athletes are aiming to hurt each other in any way possible. They could knock you out with their kicks or punches. Or they could easily break your bone with joint manipulation.

Mma is one if the most dangerous sports in the world it's supposed to be in the top ten its way more dangerous than soccer

Martial arts is a fun sport but you hit and kick people and more so that means that martial arts is a dangerous sport you just need to wear guard

I think this is really the most dangerous sport ever punching and kicking each others teeth down your throat its not a joke at all

These MMA and boxers take more hits in one fight then a football or hockey player takes in a whole season. This should be number 1 - Sabbath

Literally get punched and kicks to the head ranging from about 50-800 lbs of pressure against your head, brain, and more vital organs

Mixed martial arts takes consideration. Take Jackie chan for example! He did a lot most people wish they were our style cool

I'm currently fighting mma right now, I've wrestled and boxed and I'll just put it this way, most of the people in that ring have already boxed, wrestled, or had some sort of ju jitsu or combat sport experience. And the gloves you wear... Are so you don't hurt your hand not the other guys face haha. So you tell me what's more dangerous than boxing or wrestling while you have a 200 pound trained killer on top of you bashing your face in.

I once broke my jaw, torn the top of my ear almost all the way off and shattered my kneecap into nineteen pieces

Should be higher than wrestling because in mma you don't fake getting hurt

Its a combat sport, and many of the boxing and fighting sports are designed to damage opponent

MMA is has to be on the top 5 because who is willing to fight close to death with little to no gear

A sport where 2 people beat the crap out of each other deserves top ten

The most dangerous is offically mma you can kill your opponent with accident

This is a no-brainer. Getting punched directly in the face with lightly-padded fists, kicked in the head with no protection at all, and bleeding all over the canvas. This sport is all-around dangerous but fun as hell to watch. - Mcgillacuddy


Mma is definitely more dangerous then boxing. This should be number 1 - Sabbath

MMA is way more dangerous than football