I do motocross skiing and swimming I've seen people drown swimming and people break their entire back from are small fall but the worst injuries I've seen are in my motocross races if you stop in are race I r dealing with the horns of are bull, you could get hit and your f'd if you do because going 50-60 miles an hour over really rough terrain than you can turn so slightly and it will be very bad for you spinning out of control you can kiss your sorry ass good bye, now, I'm 13, I hold the record for youngest supercross racer which is faster and harder than motocross I do both though I have are 850 cc bike and its so big that has an abs (anti brake lock system) that failed on me my one race and I was in aware that it was not working so as I started slowing down with my rear brake going around the turn at about just under 70 and I had to slow down quickly to be able to survive the sharp jump at the finish line right after the turn and I tapped my front hand brake to slow down and the ...more

Sorry bud 850cc bikes don't race Supercross. And if you had broken both thigh bones you would be dead due to blood loss. And on top of that helmets break, not bend in.

Motocross by far is the most dangerous sport on this list. Horseback riding? Please. I ride horses and own one and I can honestly tell you that I would rather fall off my horse 100 times than crash my dirt bike once. I've gotten a concussion from a horse fall, but honestly, I trust my horse and jumping 3ft oxers and galloping around is nothing compared to motocross. If you go off a jump and fall from your dirt bike, the height doesn't even compare. The risks are even bigger. Motocross is classified as an extreme sport for a reason. Anyone who thinks horseback riding, soccer or cheerleading (Are you kidding me?! ) is more dangerous than motocross don't even know what motocross is. Getting hit by a dirt bike aka a big ass chunk of metal is way worse than getting kicked by a horse. Trust me. I've experienced both. I admit that olympic style horseback riding is very risky and dangerous, but the average rider doesn't jump like that. If you trust your horse, don't ask it to do things ...more

Dude you are working against yourself. First off, it is a fact that horse riders are likely to suffer an serious injury every 350 hours of riding compared to motocross riders every 7000 hours of riding. Secondly, when you crash you could have a 200 pound bike fall on you where as we could have a 1,200 pound horse fall on us, kick us, step on us, or all of the above. And like you said you can't make a dirt bike do what you want because you don't have to, it's a machine. Horses are a Flight instinct animal which means they are terrified by plastic bags. So basically a plastic bag could make a horse spook, rear up, fall over, crush you, break your spin, and die. Does that happen much in motocross? - Gshayea_shandi

Its the hardest sport to do cause of the tracks themselves. Several of the competitors died due 1 fatal error by slipping then falling down taking 7 others along with him. I jumped high over the crash then crashed into the border of the track sustaining fractured bones in the arms due to the walls and left leg by the dirt bike's weight. There were about 30 people in the race and over half got into the crash though I was the 8th person to crash, I don't remember anything after the crash but I was told that 19 people crashed and 5 people died and most were injured but not sure whoever was critically injured. 11 people were in the back and they were stopped before they reached the crash. Those people saw the whole thing after they stopped but they didn't see how it happened, just what it looked like when 19 of us were on the ground moaning, screaming, or knocked out. The race was canceled but 5 people who died were awarded the winnings for nearing the end and they were excellent in the ...more

We fly through the air, sometimes 20 feet in the air, doing 40 mph clinging while clinging to a screaming 55hp 230lb motorcycle.

Meanwhile, the track we're riding on is a moonscape of 60ft double jumps that will break both your arms if you come up short and land on top of the 2nd jump, tire-width ruts that will fling you off if you "cross-rut" your front and rear tire, and 2-5 ft bumps and holes everywhere.

Anybody involved in this sport has to accept the risk. You will get hurt at some point doing it. The secret is to slowly work your speed up on each individual section of your track so that you're always under control. People that get badly hurt in motocross are often newbies that jump on and go huck the biggest jump on the track before they've got a good handle on controlling their bike in the air.

Yes I totally agree with motocross being the most dangerous sport it should be number 1 on this list I'll share my story with you guys I race a 99 kawasaki 250 in hare scrambles and just this year I broke my leg I had torn ligaments and a dislocated ankle all from just avoiding hitting some people and trying to avoid ending up going down a trench and I was going only about 3mph I ended up staying out of work for 6 months and I'm still recovering so how could anyone say cheerleading and horseback riding be on the list if you google or yahoo jumping jimmy you will see a story just this year he was practicing for a race in the morning ended up crashing and was pronounced dead at the hospital wake up and smell the 2 stoke mixture cause we hold the most dangerous sport in the world no joke. - kxmonster808

Um, really. First of all I know many, many people who have died, been paralyzed, and injured from motocross racing. Now let me ask all you people who think " cheerleading " is more dangerous than dirt bike racing, how many people do you know of has died or seriously hurt themselves from cheerleading? Hmmm, bet I know that answer. NONE! My brother used to race dirt bikes and I went almost every time. I pretty much grew up almost there the dirt bike track. Every time I would go, and I'd go every weekend, there would be an injury or someone would have died. There was a day that I thought my brother had just about died and I was only seven. He was racing and he was on a jump, probably about 20 feet high in the air, and he lost control, in mid air, and he fell. We hopped the fence and ran to him as fast as we could. There was blood everywhere. His leg was completely in half.( only attached by his sock) Blood everywhere. I was scarred for life. He just layed there staring almost there his ...more

Spend the day at a Monster Energy race from practice till the race, and that will end all debates! Who gets thrown from a bike falls 40 feet hits the ground catches his breath and jumps back on and right on to the next jump... Chad Reed! Who is the fastest man on the planet on two wheels, gets in more crashes and fights back every time.. Oh yeah James Stewart.. What other sport do you get ran over, hit, flip over handle bars and get up and keep fighting.. Motocross riders! Football, oh you pulled a hamstring better come out of the game, oh you got tackled better sit this one out... No other sport competition lasts 10 months with no other life but riding and training. They don't get to sit out if they fall, the only way they don't compete is if they broke something or if their bike broke down. The only other sport that deals with as much contact and injury as motocross is boxing, the only way they stop fighting is if they get knocked out! Hockey belongs below both of these sports... ...more

I do Moto Cross and YES you will get injured at some point. Not only are you jumping 50 to 100 feet in the air going 35 to 40 mph, But other Moto Crossers are just as competitive as you are, and they kick, punch, and run into your bike. Don't believe me? I was in the lead, A good 50 yards ahead of everyone, But my rival Larry White comes bursting through the Crossers, Charging toward me. I don't know how he was going the speed he was, But he was flying. I hit a jump going 50 feet into the air and Larry jumping over me, Kicks me in my chin underneath my helmet. I fall FIFTY FEET out of the air landing on my back, No sooner than two seconds later my bike falls onto my chest, Breaking five of my ribs bruising my kidneys from the fall. So yeah, By far the most dangerous, And trust me I've played soccer, football, basketball, lacrosse, hockey, And I've bull rode (which is second.)

Can be a very sketchy sport at time. It is not a matter of if your going to crash in motocross but rather a matter of when. In addition to the obvious risk of hurting yourself by making a subtile mistake off the face of a jump, while railing a turn, or pounding through a whoops section, there is always the added risk of another rider running into you, or even landing on top of you. This unfortunately most often happens when you choose to not take the "risk" of clearing a table top, triple, etc. That you may have not had a proper ability to safely. This can put you at much higher risk in that it opens a window for the rider behind you to loose one moment of focus and not realize that he in turn will have to double that triple or case that table top in order to keep you out of harms way.

Motocross is hands down the most dangerous sport. Broken arms and legs are a usual thing seen every season and even those injuries are considered to be a lucky break as many riders suffer injuries that leave them paralyzed or dead. Can't believe motocross is only 8th. I think it is because of its lack in popularity. Not to mention that it is an extremely skillful sport. I mean it looks easy because those guys are so damn good but trust me, go try to ride one of those dirt bikes on a track and you will be shocked. It is not only extremely hard but extremely scary. The average pro motocross racer suffers an average of 3-5 major injuries before the time they turn pro... And most of them turn pro between the ages of 16-17. That should give you an idea of the sports rigorous demands.

Anyone who thinks any sport is more dangerous than motocross besides bull riding and skydiving is insanely nieve. Professional motocross riders average a speed of 62-72 mph all while flying anywhere from 1 foot to 70 feet along with racing 39 other riders going equally as fast. On top of that each tire has 100 or more knobs on it that could rip the flesh right off of you. Then you have to worry about crashing into the spectators and camera men and emergency vehicles. I have a feeling that the only reason motocross is at number ten is because of the 5 star rated safety crew that is stationed all around the track at all times. And each bike weighs between 240 and 270 pounds. Which also makes it the world's most physically demanding sport. Thank you. Have a nice day

Definitely the most dangerous! I've been doing this since I was a little kid, also my family and friends have been doing this for a long time; my dad was hit in the chest going 30mph by a tree branch about 7inches diameter, my friend broke his femur racing motocross, my mom shatter both her tibia and fibula, and I cut my leg kick starting it... I think cheerleading is dangerous, but motocross is by far more dangerous. When racers fall, they don't fall on mats or a couple feet. They fall on the ground-dirt, rocks, tar etc.. They fall at speeds of 30-40mph higher up.. Motocross is more dangerous!

It's badass, hate people who don't do it and say its "easy". "All you do is pull the throttle and go". Well football is running and throwing a ball? JUST Saying. It's a lot harder than you think and if it was easy, every one would do it like football, anyone can play football or basketball. I know completely fat, nonathletic people who have played for my school. Anyone can do those sports but not everyone could ride or bmx or any other extreme sport.

Motocross is so hard you have a more likely chance of crashing when you race you get more tired as time goes on increasing your chance to crash.. Plus the intensity of wanting to win and beat the guys behind or ahead of you adds pressure to make you try as hard as you can therefore increasing the danger factor even more.. Soft landing in crashes in motocross isn't likely either.. Just saying..

Motocross is definitely the most dangerous sport compared to all the sports mentioned here, especially FMX. Like in every sport, you have to concentrate to the fullest and in mx/sx if you don't it causes injuries. And there are no light injuries in motocross. And for people who think that horse back riding isn't dangerous, you're wrong. I'm not saying that it's as dangerous as motocross but it's pretty dangerous. In motocross, the rider is the one who controls the dirt bike but when you horse back ride the horse can take control when ever, it has a mind of its own. When the horse decides to runaway there isn't anything you can do but wait for him to stop or to fall off. And when you fall off from a horse that is out of control it leads to very serious injuries (breaking your spine, smashing your skull.. )

My brothers have done motocross since I was born, and some of my earliest memories were playing with my brother in his cast, or waiting in a hospital room while he got x-rays. I know personally 2 people who I've been acquainted with who have died from this sport, and one who completely lost his memory from being "whipped" in the head by another rider. One of my brothers, who now has his pro license, has broken his wrist, his arm 5 times, had 4 major concussions, broke two vertebrae in his back, and has been cut open by foot pegs many times. One of his closest friends recently had to quit because he landed on his head and broke 1 vertebrae in his neck and 3 in his back. When my brother broke his back, he was in a Leatte brace which supports your neck. The doctors said if he was not wearing that he would have most likely died or been paralyzed. But he still races all the time, this sport is physically demanding, dangerous, and requires major guts

Motocross is the most dangerous, and physically demanding by far. But no one really knows until they swing a leg over a bike. Compared to Football/ Soccer Motocross is a million times harder.

Time to voice my opinion I guess haha, anyways I've done a lot of these sports and the order of this is all messed up, motorcross should definitely be number 1, I've broken a lot of bones doing this sport, in most cases multiple bones in one crash, compare your AVERAGE (meaning they actually no how to ride a dirtbike and have been racing for years or at least have the average skills of a RACER) Motocross racer's hospital visit's to your average cheerleader hospital visits, I've been to a ton of races and someone is always getting hauled off in an ambulance, I've also wrestled my whole life (like motocross) and though I hate wrestling it does keep me in shape for motocross but its no where near as hard or as physically demanding as motocross and never have I once been hurt wrestling and the worst injury I've seen in wrestling is a bloody nose, and your telling me that it is way ahead of skateboarding? What? I could say way more about this but I'm tired of typing. lmao, motocross is ...more

Yeah I would say that bull riding and mx should be at the top. Bull riding should have obviously scored higher than horseback riding because the animal is INTENTIONALLY trying to through you off, I think motocross is so low because less people do it than other sports. Yes there are more injuries in football but that's because of the amount of people that play it, but there are a higher percentage of injuries in mx and bull riding

Motocross is the most dangerous sport. The only sport that could be more dangerous are maybe skydiving or underwater cave diving. While cheerleading may be hard and you can get hurt... It's nowhere close to motocross and by motocross I mean jumping and racing. And going fast. Not riding in a nearby field. I've been in a race where three kids KIDS no older than 12 have DIED. That's nothing close to the yearly injury deaths/injuries. Don't believe me? Go look up Jesse masterpool. 15 year old motocross rider who died in 2010.

Cheerleading? That's bull! That's like saying beer pong is dangerous, because I could drink too much and fall down. Motocross is the most dangerous sport outta all of these. The only reason cheerleading and these other sports have more votes is because there are more fat asses that play them, therefore they get to bitch about falling over and hurting their knee. Most sports have gone without every player getting hurt in their lifetime, except for motocross!

I've played a lot of sports and Motocross is by far the most difficult. I think the reason that motocross is so low on this list is that vary few people do it compared to other sports which breeds a lack of knowledge in regards to motocross. It's an extreme sport people! In motocross, riders fly from one jump to the next, which may mean piloting in the air 70 feet or more at high speeds as they race around a motocross track. They whip the bike on its side, causing spectators to gasp at times. The speed, the competition, the danger- it's an addictive adrenaline rush. The only sports that have any reason to be above or level with MX are rugby and mma fighting.

Motocross is by far the most dangerous sport in the world. Sure, kids get hurt in many sports. But, in the world of MX, kids get hurt but it is more apt to kill a rider than any stick and ball sport. In 2010 we lost 7 riders due to injuries sustained from racing. If this were to happen in High School Football, the Government would step in and prohibit the game all together. This year, we have lost 5 riders... But the season is not over. Sure, our sport is dangerous by nature, but it is the deadliest sport hands down.

In motocross or any type of dirt bike racing you are really on an edge like no other. For example in desert racing last year my bike broke down in the middle of a race and it took 45 minutes for a course worker to reach me. Now if I had been in a serious accident I probably wouldn't be here right now, where as in all the sports above medical treatment is no more than a few seconds away. Not many people in the sports above are willing to push 60+ mph with 30+ riders elbow to elbow with you or tackle the natural terrain all on their own with help far out of sight.

Kids always talk about how football and basketball is more of a demanding sport then Motorcross when running down the basketball with timeouts and subs? Tell me how its harder? Motorcross is a one man sport, 100 degree weather in all riding gear with a however many pound bike your pulling around and not to mention all the breaking bumps, ruts, jumps, all kinds of obstacles and every muscle in your body is consistently moving and working.