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161 Tennis Tennis Tennis is a racket sport that can be played individually against a single opponent or between two teams of two players each.

How can tennis not be on here? Tennis is upper hard. You so called athletes called cheerleaders try run laps all day, then, hitting a ball for two hours. For tennis, you need really strong arms to hit a ball, and if you run to the corner really fast, you need to be able to stop so you don't sprain something. Most of you cheerleaders are the ones at school that wear hooker outfits and say stupid cheers. Your all skin and bones, I'm surprised you guys can lift the Pom poms, much less then a person! I love tennis

Tennis is not a dangerous sport at all. its just hitting a tennis ball until someone hits the ball out! You have to learn the sport and you don't need a really strong arm to be really good. if you run to the corner really fast you need to have the right stroke to get the ball in with balance. I've seen many people trying to hit topspin in that position in pros and they rarely fall. and you can't throw your racquet up I'm laughing... that only happens when you serve but rarely. and the racquet goes straight to the ground. so to sum it off, this sport is not at all dangerous.

You could throw your racquet up and it could hit someone.

I've gotten smashed in the eye multiple times with a tennis ball.

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162 Swimming Swimming Swimming is an individual or team sport and activity. Competitive swimming is one of the most popular Olympic sports, with events in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.

Definitely a dangerous sport! My teammates have gotten concussions and stress fractures. Someone has hit their head on the diving board (who is actually a top state diver). I however have pulled muscles, strained my elbow and knee. Bruises from the side, other swimmers and lane ropes. Also, too much chlorine is bad for you. You can be sore for days after swimming for just 30 minutes! MORE VOTES!

Seriously this should be in the top ten! Half of my team including me has shoulder, knee, or hip injuries due to swimming. You can easily get a concussion by hitting your head on the wall and I have numerous scars and scratches from hitting the lane line. Someone on my team slipped on the pool deck and broke their wrist. Meet warmups are probably the most dangerous thing about swimming. Imagine 20+ kids all cramming into one lane all getting smacked and kicked in the face. Some kid broke my goggles once by kicking me in the face. Seriously I don't understand why this isn't higher on the list

I don't see how many of these are in front of swimming. I mean, eating! Really? I've seen so many knee/shoulder injuries, stress fractures, and broken bones in swimming, but I've never seen a serious cheerleading accident. Some people should try real swimming, it will change their mind about it, its extremely difficult and demanding.

I nearly broke my ankle doing a flip turn. My friend has nearly lost her shoulder due to it. Swimming is really fun but can be super painful

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163 Walking

When you walk a monkey can jump on you and throw bananas at you and when they are unpeeled!

Once I stubbed my toe while I was walking

I was walking once and I ran into a tree that happened to be covered in poison ivy. Five years later, I still have nightmares about it.

"Oh no, I stubbed my toe! " Give me a break.

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164 Bowling

You could also hurt your wrist if your not use to bowling or even if you know how to bowl and you turn your wrist the wrong way. You could also have shoulder problems if you have a high back swing. Anything could happen if your not careful.

You really hurt your knees a lot because when your getting up to the foul line and slide a lot of the time you could slide just a little bit wrong and it could totally screw up your knee. Once I could hardly walk for 2-3 weeks.

One could slip and injure themselves if they wander out onto the slippery part of the course not to mention how the heavy ball can wear down ones wrist.

Yes or no for this sport, studies show that
75% no
20% tryout another sport!
5% yes!

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165 Hurling

90th! Really? Hurling should be in the top ten, at least in the top 20. It is the fastest field game in the world and so dangerous. I have got hit in the shin God knows how many times and it hurts like hell. I know someone who lost their eye and smashed their jaw playing hurling. The only protective gear is a helmet and only lately have they reinforced that. I got concussion playing hurling I don't know how many times I have got whacked in the face. I love it though. It is my life!

Well like the fact that the only protection you have from a ball or a 3 foot long stick often with a metal band on the end I'm sure this should be above lacrosse because the games are similar in ways but hurling is way more dangerous...

Much like Shinty (#58), witht the same historic background but Irish instead of Scottish. Full contact with little or no protective gear. It's a lot like field hockey, but the ball is played in the air. Swinging a club at a ball in the air, often smashing someone in the face or across the arm. You think hockey players don't have teeth, go check these guys out.


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166 Running Running

Heart attacks, strokes seizures, Passing out, Concussions from passing out and falling, DEATH you got it in running.

You just trip and get badly hurt.

You could trip and break your ankle

Go so fast, just might get hit by something.

167 Sailing

I grew up playing many sports. I have the most injuries from sailing. Over the month of July, I counted eighteen sailing related injuries. I also have heard stories of people who have drowned and died, got concussed, thrown over board, or all of the above. I think sailing should be so much higher on the list. No one really understands that danger of it. I mean, I feel I have heard of more people dying because sailing then because of hockey.

Sailing is definitely one of the most dangerous sports. My High School sailing team lost one team mate when she drowned after an accident and I and many other team mates have suffered concussions. The professional sailors have had many injuries. Just this week (5/11/2013) a two time Olympic gold medalist sailor died training for the Americas Cup. So sailing should definitely be higher on the list.

I'm pretty sure more people have died sailing then any of the other things on the list. And sailing is in the olympics, unlike most of these other pansy-ass sports.

My friend does it

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168 Diving

Hurdling yourself from a 33 foot concrete platform, on to unforgiving hard water, at nearly 60 mph when you hit the water. During the approach you think about not hitting your head or any body part on the concrete, or nearly killing yourself by landing wrong. Twisting, flipping, piking, tucking, extremely tight and solid through the air, falling to the ground in seconds. One wrong move, you could be dead. Not a very popular sport. But I dive. It's a combination of pain, gymnastics, guts, and water. ( and of course the training)

I personally think diving is way more dangerous than most of these sports people hit their heads on the diving boards get concussions or even die a friend of mine recently landed on the board and broke his arm I think diving should be in at least top 20 or even 10

I think that diving is much harder than a lot of these sports but people don't cre because "it's just jumping off a platform". Why don't all of you try to jump off a ten meter platform and you are facing a serious risk off hitting your head, landing on a frikin belly flop (if it hurts from the edge of the pool multiply that times 100) and on just a small sound could distract you and make your jump have an extra mega belly flop. Just try it, you'll see.

Belly flops hurt - Unknownguy

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169 Lawn Bowling

As many elderly people generally play bowls it has one of the highest death rates; heart attacks are not uncommon in this sport whilst it is being played.

More people DIE when they are still playing bowls. At my club 6 people died this year, Eliot

170 Beer Pong

Alcohol poisoning, duh. Plus, you can get serious carpel tunnel from throwing that super light ball the wrong way, gosh!

Are you kidding me... Its beer pong. if you can play the sport while hammered it has to be easy

Dude, I was so drunk I through the ball at the cup, it bounced back, hit me in the chest and I(since I was so hammered)felt like I got shot in the chest... That's how I died. Yeah... Think about that...

No you don't

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171 Hot Air Ballooning

This is not in the top 20 because it is a very unpopular sport

While it's definitely not worthy of being in the top ten most dangerous, it's definitely more dangerous than ping pong. The danger isn't just from being "acendently pushed" [sic] or falling, as another poster said. There's also the danger from power lines, trees, unexpected high winds, fuel leaks, or just pilot error causing the balloon to drop from the sky. While fatalities don't happen frequently, they do happen. Just ask the families of the 19 people who died in a hot air balloon crash in Egypt this year.

If somebody acendently pushed you or fell of you could get really hurt or injurd so be carefull.

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172 Sting Pong

I got hit by a ball and went to hospital and now I can't have children. My friend (Croney) got a broken leg from playing ping pong, weird but true.

Sting-pong is really fun and it hurts your back. if you turn around and get hit in the eye with a Ping-Pong ball you could lose your eye.

My friend died from sting pong... It was horrible. The shots can cause 3rd degree burns or more!

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173 Curling

That, is so true. You could die if you fall on the ice not to mention on the rock while you are sweeping. Oh my gosh people are being so stupid with their votes I just can't believe it. Curling is simply DANGEROUS!

I don't even see the point in this sport there is nothing dangerous about this at all I would say sport but to be honest... Its not even that its more of a hobby

How could that happen "yeah you could die from ripping your face off from the stone! " It won't happen - Unknownguy

I was curling on the equator and I tripped on it and fell into denmark were I was bitten by a mountainous white snow lion

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174 Croquet

Maybe old people may find it hard

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175 Cabbage Ball

I know a frend who threw the bat at my face when she hit the ball and it gave me a black eye. I have never played that game since the accendent.

I love carrot ball. do u think my nigerian sport horse can eat it while iraq

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176 Four Square

Four square IS NOT DANGEROUS! It is a playground game!

I feel your pain I've lost a testicle playing 4 square.

Almost died playing 4 square... I still have nightmares if that fateful day.

How is this dangerous

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177 Wallball

Its not dangerous but really fun

It's not dangerous you just have to be careful

Kind of dangerous, ran to the wall and got a welt beside my eye.

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178 Street Racing

Why kickball before this

What is street raceing

179 Goalball

It might not be the most popular sport but trust me it can be dangerous. Don't believe me? Google it and find out and see what you think

180 Camel Racing

Probably the most intense sport out there. One time my buddy was hosting a race with the locals and when he started the race the camels ran and wouldn't stop and he tried to run, but they caught up and he tripped and from this day on he can't make babies.

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