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Rugby league football, usually called rugby league, league, rugby or football , is a full contact sport played by two teams of thirteen players on a rectangular field.


Rugby is more dangerous than most of the sports on this list think of the impact when a player tackles another player and American football is rugby for wimps who have to wear so much safety gear I mean come on man up! If you want to know just how dangerous rugby is most players come off the pitch with scars, bruises and bleeding and when they bleed they get back up and carry on like a man, and since I play rugby as a full back and I'm only 15 you must be built for the game and even if you have a lot of body mass then you more than welcome to play the game because its a game of which people of all sizes, height, weight and speed play against each other.

People saying rugby and football are the same thing, yet rugby is more dangerous because they don't wear pads? That is ridiculous and ignorant.

Rugby is more dangerous, but not at all because of the lack of padding. Rugby is more dangerous because it is CONSTANTLY moving and the hard hits don't stop every down. It doesn't stop and start like football does. It is more dangerous because of the way tackling works. In football there are all kinds of rules for blocking and hitting to protect players. Rugby doesn't have those.

And back to the point about pads... It has actually been proven that the pads can make it more dangerous. Players use their armor/helmet as weapons. What you get is a bunch of 230LB dudes in heavy padding bashing the crap out of each other. They hit harder thinking they have more protection, without taking into account the added weight. It still hurts under the pads. Sure the pads HELP protect you a little bit, but you still feel like you were hit by a ...more

Hi, I totally agree with you, but I play both and rugby has a lot... I mean A LOT of external injuries, but when football players collide helmets it does a lot of internal damage, also, no blocking in rugby, I personally love and prefer rugby, but there are a lot of long term football effects...

Scrums can be pretty dangerous if they fall apart. I was second row in the scrum. Once the scrum fell apart, my left arm got jammed between two people and was forced up while the rest of my body continued downwards. Very nearly broke my arm that day. Also had a scare when after a hard tackle I felt my neck pop and could have sworn right there I had broken my neck. Luckily that was not the case, but it still cost me the rest of the game. I have seen someone's leg broken during a game before. The thing is, this game can be safer if North American players learn to love the sport of Rugby for the GAME and not the HITTING. Communicate with your team, work together, and if you're going to hit, hit smart.

What's this stupid theory about NFL players running harder because they have pads? Laugh out loud. Obviously a theory made up by people who have never seen a State of Origin, or any Rugby League for that matter.
It relies on the premise that Rugby League players aren't already running and tackling as hard as they can, when they clearly are.

Also, Rugby League is designed in a way that players run head on with each other every player, not all different angles across the field. They line up, sprint at each other, collide, get back up and do it again.
For 80 minutes non stop, non of this stop start change teams crap. It's about endurance as well skill and power, and fatigue also causes injury.

Oh, cheerleaders. You lift your people 10 feet in the air? So do we. Every time the ball goes out. A line out. We lift them with two people, while you lift with four. I know you can get hurt from falling, but we get hurt from falling, full speed tackles, high tackles, the occasional full field fist fights, and also the rucks and scrums where you can get stepped on and crushed, and the team has every intention of hurting you. We play long halves. More than an hour for the whole game. While your little stunt can take up to what, three minutes? Nice try cheerleading, get to the back of the list.

Rugby League is definitely the most dangerous sport. Just check the amount of injuries and time spent out of the side on average each year, much higher than any other sport.
Last year a 16 year old was killed trying to make a tackle by putting his head in the wrong position. Even in the lower age groups with not much power there is always risk of serious injury.
The toughest and most dangerous sport in the world.
If it was played in America it would be number one on this list (they probably think of Rugby Union instead of Rugby League). As you can see the top 7 sports are all prominent there, this is the first one that isn't.

Playing rugby league age 13 I dislocated my collarbone (didn't even know you this was possible till I did I it) and had it sticking into throughout for ten days next season played one game the dislocated my kneecap at raining had the season off. Nearly broke my nose clashing heads with player on own team. I've heard the crack of broken arms (even seen some break their arm playing touch) and seen a player have his tooth knocked back so far that the root of it pierced his lip. When I was 11 a player was knocked out about a year later he was knocked out again. Even rugby league isn't the sport with the most risk of death, it is definitely the sport with the most painful injuries. And come hamdegg is higher than this

Rugby should be the 1st or at least 2nd. Cheerleading... I don't even need to talk about that. I guess horseback riding could be dangerous probably 5th. I don't really know about lacrosse a few sprained ankles, dislocated arm, but really is wacking people with a stick allowed in the game? Gymnastics could be a dangerous sport but really 4th? Bull riding that's pretty dangerous because... THERE'S A BULL! Soccer is a pretty dangerous sport but not compared to rugby. Football is similar to rugby a little but people get a little broken finger or a dislocated finger that's nothing. Ok I could add more but I'm tired... Bye.

We lock heads together and push each other until someone caves and get stepped on by 200 lbs of muscle. We run full speed to smash into other players and pound them to the ground. Hey cheerleaders, we also lift players, but when ours are in the air they're grabbing and tearing the other player, fighting for the ball. Hey football players, we also crush others and wreck them on their backs, but we do it with nothing but a price of plastic in our mouths. The reason rugby is low on the list is because it's unpopular; it's unpopular because it's too rough for many.

Of course league is tougher than rugby Played top grade in both codes. When I played rugby I was never tired after a game (and I played hard) when I played league it was really different. It takes more out of you. You have to run 10meters back after every tackle unless your marker. In rugby you just have to be behind the ruck. League is more continues.

3 subs, no padding, fighting for every inch because you can't throw the ball forward, you're getting stepped on every time you get tackled by both your team and the other team in the "scrum". the average injury is bruised & Cracked ribs, fractured jaws, collar bones, fractured eye sockets, etc etc, and players regularly FINISH games with these injuries. NFL by comparison, has unlimited subs, up to 4 strings of players and are taken out the game for the slightest injury.

Rugby needs to be at least in the top 5, because its definitely more dangerous than football, football isn't that dangerous enough to be on top 10, other things like jai lai, bobsleding, cave diving, high-altitude climbing, base jumping, motorcycle racing

How the hell does those poofy sports football and soccer end up being more dangerous than rugby, cause in rugby we don't wear damn padding we don't cry or fake an injury like in soccer we get over it or we get knocked up some more, this site is messed up to think that football and soccer is more dangerous than football and soccer, we are not pansies like them

Rugby is by far the most dangerous sport out there my first game my best friend has his left ear ripped off in a maul and then later in my career it was in the open field a big 8 man was barreling down the field I went into tackling and he shot me a nasty elbow and I ending up breaking my cheekbone if this was Football none of that would have happened

I agree with all of these comments. Playing rugby myself, I can tell you first hand that it hurts. You can be knocked out and have many broken bones. If you watch professional rubgy, you will see that it is extremely dangerous. Also, the players do not wear pads like the wusses who play American football. Helmets? I mean really?

I just gotta say that rugby is nothing like football. The game never stops unless the ball goes out or someone scores. Granted they don't have pads so you would think it's similar to football. It is the most brutal sport I have participated in. I have done football, soccer, basketball, wrestling, karate, and Jui Jitsu and rugby is by far the hardest and most fast-paced sport I have played. Yes football is dangerous but it's even more dangerous without pads, trust me I just recently broke my tibia playing. Rugby should defiantly be at least in the top 5 if not 3.

How come rugby is eighth you guys don't know how it feels sprinting with full speed and getting tackled with full speed at the end of every match there is a guarantee of an injury and you put cheerleaders over rugby seriously? Rugby is tougher than football rugby is more dangerous than foot ball. At the end of a match you always feel sore you workout every day and you put cheer leading ahead of rugby.

Rugby players get hit four times more then american football, which is an average of 16 times in a game. Not to even mention the amount of times a player goes to the ground and other mauling and falling on top of each other. No padding also makes it far more intense and risky then any other contact sport. The average weight of a rugby player is also bigger then sports like football.

Yes rugby should definitely be number one what kind of idiots jump on each other an tackle each other without pads on its like how caveman would play football I can't believe any rugby players live past the age of 45 following rugby should definitely be football cause its an idiotic sport also

How is this not number one? I would like to see all you non-voters try to last one rugby game without getting hurt, or at least getting a bleeding nose. I've only seen a couple of rugby games where an ambulance doesn't have to come to the field. This list is so wrong rugby is pretty much football without the padding. I still can't believe this is only number 11!

Unlike most other sports in this list, in rugby league players are INTENTIONALLY TRYING TO HIT, TACKLE AND GET YOU DOWN USING their SHOULDERS... AND WITHOUT THE GIRLISH PADDING. If you watch state of origin, the MOST ANTICIPATED SPORTING EVENT IN AUSTRALIA, you'll find that theirs alway at least one player from each team that comes out injured.
What I'm trying to say is that most people that come out injured in this list are from their OWN lack of skill (e. G horse back thingy.. Cheer leading... Gymnastics.. Etc whereas rugby league it's other people hurting you where most of the time WON'T get penalised for SMASHING YOU!

I play rugby in college! It is by far tougher than the others and not only do we not wear pads but we play 80 mins strait in any weather rain, snow, 110 F degrees out side. And unlike football there is only 7 sub for the whole game so unless you are really hurt you still play! We don't get to take breaks like football players as the offense comes on the defense get to go off, you are both the offense and the defense at all times!

Rugby is extremely dangerous how is it so low on the list. Not only is it hard and dangerous, but with that comes skill and strength. All the other sports on the list are all dangerous in there own way, but rugby requires skill, strength, talent, and risk to play because most people don't play due to the dangers of the no padding.

Definitely the most dangerous sport in my opinion, full contact so safety gear? I mean imagine American Football without the padding... Wait a sec, that's what rugby union is. Considering American Football came after rugby, all they really did was add padding.

Guys rugby should be ranked the highest there are no sports that have scrums, tackles and injuries like rugby. Plus no padding. I play A and for team Ontario I have never seen injuries like that on the pitch. I don't think cheerleading even counts as a sport