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21 Ghost
22 Toy Story 3

Oh yes! When Andy already gave his toys to the little girl. I cried so hard

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23 Grave of the Fireflies

This is the most depressing Anime I ever watched

The most emotional movie ever!

This was awful. It was baffling and these guys cried at all yhe wrong tomes. - AlphaQ

I cried hystericallly

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24 The Shawshank Redemption
25 City of Angels

Very touching...

26 The Notebook

Beautiful Award-winning movie. Guarantee you will cry throughout this movie, even if you are immune to tears over films.. After seeing the couple growing up, you can't help but cry at the end. Amazing movie, would recommend it to anyone who loves romance

God 32? It deserves to be #2 (after Titanic)

27 Green Mile

The best movie ever.. Better than "fault in our stars".. Should be in top 10!

28 A Million Dollar Baby
29 12 Years a Slave
30 Keith

A sad young lovers who share an amazing love, but it was for a very short period

I love this movie watch it all the time he is russin solder number 3

31 Marley & Me V 2 Comments
32 King Kong (2005)
33 Life of Pi

A life changing movie... - TopTens2013

34 Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
35 127 Hours

Most emotional movie ever

36 Atonement

This is a masterpiece... Just plain perfection that causes you to cry your heart out...

37 To Sir, With Love
38 Pink Floyd: The Wall
39 Furious 7

For Paul ;(

40 Rango
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