Top Ten Most Evil People in History

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1 Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler (April 20, 1889 - April 30, 1945) was a German politician who was the leader of the Nazi Party, Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945, and Führer of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945. As dictator of Nazi Germany, he initiated World War II in Europe with the invasion of Poland in September more.

Hitler... how can I explain?

Oh, wait, I don't need to. Most people already know what he's done, and 99.9% of the things are bad stuff (the 0.1% is committing suicide. I think he did. Sorry, my head's too swarmed with stuff for me to think clearly right now). At first, I just thought he was some normal evil guy, but then I read Anne Frank's diary. Sure, I couldn't understand some parts of it, but enough for me to truly understand how bad Hitler was. I am so very glad he lost the war, otherwise I would get my head chopped off for saying this.

People who like Hitler should not be thrown onto a street and shot. They should be ridiculed yes, but also educated and given a chance to reform their views and be told why supporting this man is a very harmful thing. People like you who think people should be brutally murdered based on their viewpoints, no matter how objectively evil, does nothing to solve this. You are just as bad as the people you hate as you take a certain group of people as a scapegoat to harm for your own sadistic pleasures. You make me physically sick to practice the same things these monsters do.

Hitler is the reason why WW2 started.

Yes, Mao Zedong killed more than Hitler but WW2 was more dangerous than anything that happen in the 20th century. With new bioweapons and technology advancements.

It makes Killing much easier and faster.

Ah, Hitler. Sure, pure evil. But hah, your grandmas should close their little mouths for a second and it's time for you to learn that:

Hitler was a pure genius. He was extremely and brilliantly manipulative, with inspiring and moving speeches. He was powerful, an incredible, intelligence leader, in my opinion the best one.

He killed millions of people, but he was smart as hell and he has my respect for that.

Your grandmas are right, he's evil. But they refuse to see that he just used his power in a negative way, that's all.

He had incredibly righteous goals! Hell he was an amazing thinker, but his motivation from right turned to wrong because of the way he used his powerful mind.

Therefore, he's evil, but a true intelligent mastermind. Hands down.

2 Joseph Stalin Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin was a Georgian dictator, and was the leader of the Soviet Union from the mid-1920s until his death in 1953. Holding the post of the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, he was effectively the dictator of the state.

Hitler always gets the glory for "most evil", but most are unaware of just how cruel Stalin was, when you learn what happened to not just his enemies, but his own people, under him, it will make Hitler look like an amateur.

Hitler actually achieved some good things in his earlier days, cleaning up Germany and getting it out of the gutter financially. It was what happened later... it's a shame.

In contrast, Stalin did NOTHING good for the Soviet's, the country suffered during his entire regime and only got "better" after his death. He killed, starved, and enslaved his own people in addition to others. His death toll was higher then Hitler's by a considerable amount, beaten only by Mao (though Mao killed more, the atrocities were not as grotesque).

He wasn't even Russian either ironically.

This man is worse than Hitler. I know you might say that Stalin killed more than Hitler he served longer as a dictator, and while may be true, Hitler pretty much only killed and tortures Jews and other people out of retaliation. Stalin just killed whoever the hell he wanted to, which even included his own people. This man doesn't even care about his family, because his own son was imprisoned, and Stalin, just being the evil person that he is, didn't do anything (literally nothing) for his son, and his son eventually died in captivity. Just wow. He was basically the Frieza of the Human Race. He killed whoever he wanted to.

Unlike Hitler (for the most part), this man hated people in general. He really didn't give a damn about nothing but himself, his ego. This man killed millions of innocent people. His collective starvation plan of the Ukraine literally turned people into cannibals, some parents even ate their own children for crying out loud! He even had the nerve to back-stab general Zhukov, if it wasn't for him I believe Russia would have lost the war to Nazi Germany, etc, etc... This murderer sat back in the shadows and smiled as all the attention was on Hitler before and after the war. Paranoid and sick in the amazes me to this day he wasn't assassinated.

Stalin should be at the TOP. The concentration camps were bad and sad but the Gulags were worse. The difference is that the ghettos were only used for the Jews and sometimes the prisoners of war. But the Gulags were just almost anyone they can lay eyes on and the cold in Siberia was terrible, the rooms were made out of wood without pillows were any soft materials for sleeping they also sometimes didn't have heaters. He always wanted to be the best and strongest. He even tried to arrest the man who defeated Germany in world war 2 Gregory Zhukov commander of the Red army but he was too smart for him to be arrest. So come guys!

3 Vlad the Impaler Vlad III (Known as "Vlad the Impaler" or "Vlad Dracula", born 1431) was a Romanian monarch. He was the ruler of Wallachia a total of three times before his death in 1476/7. He is most famous for his reputation as a dictator and his gruesome torture methods and executions, in which he has served as an more.

I mean, this guy needs no other introduction other than the fact he was a cannibal and would impale his victims, burn them alive, etc. Medieval era was horrific, Vlad is called Dracula for a reason.

This guy has to be the worst human of all time. He's so evil that, do you even call him a human? What the heck is he? Vlad Dracula, what is this guy? Getting enjoyment out of women, children, babies, Animals, sick people, poor people, And innocent people all getting impaled, burned alive, etc? This is PURE EVIL. He's so evil that, he can't even be classified as a human. Even Hitler, you can say he's the worst human of all time but Vlad?! What the hell is he?! What is he?! He can't be called a human! He's lower than the worst! What is he?! What is this "thing?! "

I just voted on this so I could type this comment. What the heck is Vlad the Impaler doing so high on this list? Higher than Mao? You guys are terribly wrong. You're all forgetting that torture and all that was extremely commonplace in the 15th century, and the guy was trying to scare invaders (ottomans) away by impaling people. He didn't impale random people though, he had a strong sense of justice and mostly did it to thieves and enemies. Anyhow, he was the ruler of a kingdom vastly outnumbered by the invaders and he tried to use absolutely everything he could think of in his advantage.

Yes, I agree he was cruel, but this level of cruelty is not something out of the ordinary back in those times.

Also, the "(Dracula)" makes me puke.

He impaled a stake up people's ass and let gravity force sink you down until the stake would come out of your mouth. He did this to children too. Filled up their draining blood in a golden chalice, and made the children look at him while he drank their blood with a sadistic smile. Then, after they were dead, after an unimaginable painful and long-time death, he roasted these children above a fire. So that he could then force the parents to eat them. There you have it. That's how evil he was.
Still think JB, Stalin, Hitler and Bin Laden is worse?

4 Mao Zedong Mao Zedong, also transliterated as Mao Tse-tung and commonly referred to as Chairman Mao, was a Chinese communist revolutionary and founding father of the People's Republic of China, which he governed as Chairman of the Communist Party of China from its establishment in 1949, until his death in 1976. more.

In terms of death toll, Mao is the most evil historical figure ever. He murdered more than Hitler and Stalin combined, yet he doesn't receive the same amount of attention the other two dictators get.
I believe that Hitler deserves the no.1 spot on this list, but let's have a convo on Mao as well.
He destroyed China's economy and his Great Leap Forward was actually a Great Leap Backward. His policies caused a famine, which caused millions of people to die.
He also banned the freedom of speech and religion and imprisoned people he didn't like.
His Cultural Revolution aimed to destroy certain aspects of Chinese culture.
Unlike Hitler, who mainly killed non-Germans (there's no denying that some Aryan Germans died because of him, but non-Germans have it worse under Hitler), Mao killed his own people.
Mao is pure evil. He deserves to be higher up on this list.

This guy is ten times more evil than Stalin and Hitler. My grandfather survived Japanese army that invaded China, but died because of Mao Zedong's so-called the great leap forward. He was called out to build the railway, not only him, but also my oldest aunt, however, who was only about 14 years old. What could such a child do for that hard work? So my grandfather in fact did two persons' job. And most important what he fed was with very poor quality. Thus my grandfather became weaker and weaker, at last he was sent back carried by two people because he already couldn't walk that time. After several weeks, he died. Mao Zedong, the most evil guy, he also had to commit to my mother's disease, my mother suffered a lot at her childhood too! I hate communist party, forever! What's notable is that people killed by Mao Zedong are actually more than whom are killed by Japanese. So now as for me, or us, if Japanese aren't offensive, we can't be friends; if again they try to do something they ...more

Mao Tse-tung is the worst dictator in Chinese history, no I mean the entire history of humanity.

He killed way more than Hitler and Stalin, and most of his victims are his own fellow Chinese. His disaster Great Leap "Forward" has killed and starved many, his Cultural Revolution not only resulted in millions of deaths, but his so-called Cultural Revolution has also inflicted severe damage on Chinese culture and made majority of the mainland Chinese people pure materialists!

Furthermore, during the Second Sino-Japanese War, he not only didn't actively fight for China, but he and his commies fled and just waited for the Nationalists to be weakened by the war. (According to some sources, he secretly collaborated with the Japanese during the war) After the war is over, the ROC army suffered major loss, and Mao Tse-tung and his men showed up and began the Chinese Civil War. Some years after he (illegitimately) occupied mainland China, he even thanked the Japanese for invading ...more

He is person who destroyed China with his Great Leap "Forward" and Cultural Revolution. It has killed 80 million people. His body in mausoleum deserved being eaten by cinereous vulture.

5 Osama bin Laden Osama Bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden was a Saudi Arabian-born stateless terrorist. He was a founder of al-Qaeda, the organization that claimed responsibility for the September 11 attacks on the United States, along with numerous other mass-casualty attacks against civilian and military targets worldwide. more.

I don't know what to saw about this idiot. He was like Hitler, except he didn't kill as many people. So essentially he's one of the worst people ever to live.

While I completely agree that Adolf Hitler was a very evil man, he had a multitude of disorders that made him think the way he does. He really couldn't help being born the way he was. If he wasn't he could have been one of the kindest and most positively influential people in all history. I voted for Osama because he had no mental disorders. He actually wanted to destroy all of the world because of his religion. Instead of getting into to much detail about my views on the world, I'm going to end on the statement that Osama Bin Laden was, in his time, the most evil man SINCE Adolf Hitler. If you disagree feel free to add whatever comments you wish above, because in all honesty you are entitled to your opinions as am I. Thank you for letting me share my thoughts on your website.

The real question for this man is "why"?. Why did he lead all these terrorist attacks, why did he form Al- Qaeda, why did he commit such acts of treachery that made him responsible for the deaths of THOUSANDS of innocent people. On that very day, September 11th, 2001, he lead the terrorist attack that involved a plane flying into the twin towers(otherwise known as the World Trade Center). The event resulted in the deaths of over 2,000 people. Osama bin laden led MANY other terrorist attacks, but 9/11( for me personally as an American citizen) was horrible. I was not alive then but just think, 2000 people died in the attack. 2,000 people, had to lose there lives to one man. Many people were involved in the attack but Laden lead the operation. America did nothing to him. The only answer to the question is, he's truly evil. A man who deserves the title "most evil human" and deserved to rot painfully in Hell.

He turned this world into a living hell after killing hundreds of people from the U.S.A., U.K., Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and many other countries.

And it turned out that he only did this for revenge that had unknown proposes, just the heart-less blood thirst and the will of killing citizens from any country that relates to the U.S. in any way.

He tried hide behind Islam to cover his crimes, but it was obvious that no religion can allow anyone to do such a thing in any way!

6 Pol Pot Pol Pot, born Saloth Sar, was a Cambodian revolutionary who led the Khmer Rouge from 1963 until 1997. From 1963 to 1981, he served as the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Kampuchea.

This guy might honestly be as bad as, if not, worse than Hitler. Pol Pot literally cleansed a 4th of his own nation for anything and everything. Schools honestly need to teach the terrible things this guy allowed to happen.

If we're basing this on highest percentage of the country's population killed, then Police Pot is the worst. He killed 25% of the population in Cambodia. Not only that, he destroyed 95% of the Buddhist temples in Cambodia. While I personally think Stalin, Hitler and Mao (In that order) are worse, Pol Pot is also in that tier and they're all very close and you could realistically put them in any order. Pol Pot is, for lack of a better term, one of the most "underrated" monsters of all time.

Pol Pot was the Hitler of South East Asia. He turn his country into an Authoritarian Rule despite the difference is that he is more into the Communist Ideology. 3 Million of his people is just atrocious. Killing fields and the skulls still remain to this present day. This man is just a sick and brain twisted lunatic responsible for screwing his own people. Hell serves a great purpose where he is staying right now

Really guys? Justin Beiber? My mother was a victim of Pol Pot's reign. She lost most of her family in the genocide and was forced to work in fields fertilized by human bodies. Meanwhile all the rice they produced were being exported to other countries while most Cambodians starved.

7 Heinrich Himmler Heinrich Himmler was a German dictator, and a leading member of the Nazi party. Himmler was one of the most powerful men in Nazi Germany and one of the people most directly responsible for the Holocaust.

Most evil man in history, It was not Adolf Hitler who orchestrated the 15 million deaths carried out by Nazi Germany, it was Heinrich Himmler. He was head of the SS and the Gestapo (Nazi Secret Police). He orchestrated the deaths of 6 million jews, millions of christians, slavs, russians, polish, african, communists, disabled people, and other "undesirables".

THe master mind behind the holocaust. Maybe doesn't deserve to be the most evil of all time, but I voted for him because he definitely deserves to be higher than George Bush and Osama Bin Laden. And of course Justin Bieber, who was put there by dumb trolls.

He's the evil bastard responsible for the death of a million Jews, he's directly responsible for perhaps the worst act of history, the holocaust. If time machine existed, I would travel back in time, ad bring a t-rex to his bathroom so that it can bite his butt off.

Why is Justin Bieber above Himmler?

Justin Bieber is just a bad music artist!

However, Heinrich Himmler was the mastermind behind the Holocaust and the deaths of 6 million people! Hitler might've killed them, but Himmler was the one behind all of it!

8 Genghis Khan Genghis Khan c. 1162 – August 18 1227, born Temüjin, was the founder and Great Khan of the Mongol Empire, which became the largest contiguous empire in history after his death.

Genghis Khan killed roughly 40million people, which is nearly as mush as Stalin and Hitler COMBINED. And don't forget this is when the world's population was much smaller. How much people he would have killed if the world's population was roughly the same size it is today? I shudder at the very thought. I honestly don't know how he makes into all these "great leaders" lists. All I see when I look at him is a ruthless, evil mass murderer. He slaughtered tens of millions of innocents just because he couldn't be bothered to govern them. He killed children and even babies, used gruesome torture methods (such as boiling people alive and pouring molten metal on them), and had all his grave diggers killed just so that he could keep his burial place a secret. How is he #8, he should be in the top 3. He was brutal, truly evil, and controlled a massive empire. Exactly how you would paint a dark lord.

In my opinion, he is the most evil person of all time. He tried to take over the world, and he killed so many people! A lot of members in his family were bad too! He killed so many children in the Mongolian Empire! He conquered many parts of Asia and Europe, and the Mongolian Empire was probably the biggest empire of all time! Why is Justin Bieber higher than him? Why is Justin Bieber even on the list?

The original genocidalist. Huns and Turkic groups had raided Asia and Europe since perhaps the 1st century (and earlier in Central and East Asia). Ghenghis united the eastern and western Hun tribes into a unified army. Kind of Lake Shanyu (Hashana Khan) who had tried to wreck Song China 700 years prior. Huns killed millions of Muslims and raised Bagdad, they did what the UN did in one-tenth the time with premodern weapons. His campaign to spread Buddhism and kill of unliked groups was insane. The invasion of China under his Son? resulted in 40-80 million deaths (mostly Song Chinese).

This guy was one of the most badass people in history and should be on the list of Greatest People in History. His tactics were genius, greatly influenced warfare, had an epic beard, was a fearless and worthy leader, conquered most of the known world, and was an overall awesome person.

9 Kim Jong-il Kim Jong-il was the supreme leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, commonly referred to as North Korea, from 1994 to 2011. By the early 1980s Kim had become the heir apparent for the leadership of the country and assumed important posts in the party and army organs.

Kim Il-sung did cause the Korean War, but at least he didn't kill religious people, homosexuals, and at least he let people leave the country. Yes, he was a beast, but his son is a MONSTER. He made people believe he was God, enslaved religious people, especially Christians, he killed people who left his country, and don't get me started by how much his people were crying when he died. Kim Jong-un, his son, is bad but at least he isn't as evil as this monster.

Way to go. A bastard who enslaves his own "paradise" he calls North Korea, where prisons are labor camps and there is no Internet access whatsoever. He has people executed or punished harshly for simple stuff that shouldn't even be illegal. And he bans pants for women. Seriously? Christians, prisoners of war, criminals or people who simply want to escape from North Korea are all placed in labor camps, where they are forced to work their ass off 10+ hours in farms. They suffer merciless tortures, beatings and are murdered by guards randomly. And Kim Jong-Il has the nerve to just sit on his pile of money and laugh it off in his palace. He kidnaps other people, motivated by his own personal interests. And he has the entire North Korea think he is a "God". Him and his father are both tyrants and what the hell is Justin Bieber even doing on this list?

Horrible leader. He had everyone in his country thinking that he's the second coming of Christ. He outlawed all religions. He was hugely homaphobic and outlawed homosexuality. He banned people from leaving the country or from accessing any information from the outside world. He forced thousands of people to work on collective farms with starving wages including children and senior citizens. He imprisoned thousands more for speaking out against his inhumane regime as well as they're entire families in what can only be described as concentration camps. He had people regularly tortured. He refused to give food, water or any sort of medical attention to anyone who was not in the "glorious people's army". He clearly had his ambitions on brutally invading South Korea, possibly with nuclear and/or chemical weapons. He kidnapped South Korean families to take them to North Korea, where they would most likely be tortured. His propaganda machene was so terrible that only a child would believe ...more

The leadership in North Korea disgusts me. Firstly I'm a socialist and what they do over there is nowhere near what socialism is about. Socialism is about equality for EVERYBODY. this guy lives like a king while children in his country are starving to death. My god, he is so disgusting as a person and a leader. I feel so bad for those in North Korea, they have a vain, pompous psychopath as a leader. And I might point out that their juche philosophy is not even socialism but fascism mixed with bits ripped off from Leninism. And while were on the topic how is Justin Bieber higher than Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden? I agree his musics awful, but if you think he is worse than all these mass murderers you are a spoiled capitalist brat who knows nothing of the real world.

10 Ivan IV of Russia Ivan IV Vasilyevich, commonly known as Ivan the Terrible or Ivan the Fearsome, was the Grand Prince of Moscow from 1533 to 1547, then Tsar of All Rus' until his death in 1584. The last title was used by all his successors.

I hate how everyone goes on about hitter and think he's the most evil man in history just because he started world war 2 but he thought he was doing a good thing! He still is very evil but Ivan the terrible is 100 times worse he tortured and killed men women and children by removing their ribs with red hot pitchers, disembowelling, boiling, fring, skinning be beheading hanging strangling them. He also buried people alive and killed hundreds of thousands of people. He beat his pregnant daughter in law causing a miscarriage. When his son heard of this he confronted him but Ivan killed him.

He's more of a psychopath then everyone on the top ten of this list (except maybe Pol, Mao and Dracula).
He tortured animals and children in gruesome ways as a child and adult, Built a wall around Novgorod (which was worse then what people say about trump), Made the adults go through watching there children die while giving the adults deaths through fire or being stabbed and beheaded. He even killed his own wife son and daughter in law (even Hitler wasn't that evil).

Stabbing his son, killing millions of people, and killing his daughter in law! He is evil! But I agree Hitler is more evil.

I'd put Ivan at number 2. He killed his own son and beat his pregnant daughter- in - law, Ivan wasn't called Ivan the Terrible for nothing.

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? Martin Shkreli Martin Shkreli is an American entrepreneur and pharmaceutical executive. He is co-founder of the hedge fund MSMB Capital Management, co-founder and former chief executive officer of the biotechnology firm Retrophin, and founder and former CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals.
? Lewis Hamilton Lewis Hamilton is a British racing driver who races in Formula One for Mercedes AMG Petronas. A five-time Formula One World Champion, he is often considered the best driver of his generation and widely regarded as one of the greatest drivers in the history of the sport. He won his first World Championship more.

If black supremacy was a person.

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11 Kim Jong-Un Kim Jong-un is the Chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea and supreme leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, commonly referred to as North Korea.

The world's biggest spoiled brat. Evil? Yes... in the case of nuking. Mostly selfish. Here are some bans that are in North Korea:
1) Jeans. Yes, jeans are a crime in North Korea! Even earrings. Because, as Kim Jong-Un says, it resembles American culture, which is one of North Korea's worst enemies.
2) Don't do jokes? Ban jokes. A while ago, Kim Jong-Un banned using sarcasm. So I guess he would be VEEERY happy if he saw me using this sarcasm right now. Then again, I don't think he could if he was on a different computer than his, because,
3) The internet in North Korea is just a humongous propaganda site. Nothing more. Only Kim Jong-Un recieves the REAL internet.
4) Music. You can't listen to your Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift if they don't praise the great Kim Jong-Un in their songs. Meh. Sarcastic again.
There are also other things banned, like pornography. So you see, North Korea is very poor because of Kim Jong-Un and all the other Kim Jong-'s

This selfish dude runs a country, enslaving his citizens and executing people for every little mistake, or- not even mistake, just an opinion, a thought, or an action. All citizens impoverished, and his country so corrupt that they don't have a seat at the UN.

Kim Jong Un is threatening countries with nukes that could wipe out whole countries that could trigger a brutal war or end our existence. What more, he does not care about his people and tortures them for no good reason.

Call me weird, but I don't think Kim Jong Un is purely evil. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure we'd have a new pearl harbor incident by now. And President Trump would probably be dead. He's definitely more evil than George W Bush, though.

12 Saddam Hussein Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti was the fifth President of Iraq, serving in this capacity from 16 July 1979 until 9 April 2003. A leading member of the revolutionary Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party, and later, the Baghdad-based Ba'ath Party and its regional organization Ba'ath Party – Iraq Region—which more.

Saddam is the the worst human beeing in the world! I can't even call him a human! This man took all young boys from a family with long origins from Iran and killed them all and you can't even find where are their bodies! He destroyed Iraq! Without his ignorance leading Iraq wouldn't have become the way it is right now! And absolutely thanks to the united state governments who collated with him for making Iraq the place in which you can confron only fear of death! People of Iraq has lost all their young children, they haven't seen happiness after all the things he did! Well there are people who actually love him bcs he did only good things to his people not all the country! He took all the young people who doesn't even know what's going on And cutter their head off on streets! He is evil!

Butcher of Baghdad, no matter how I look at him, he is an evil leader

Unlike Gaddafi, who took the wealth, but made his country liveable, Hussein was a monster, took the wealth and killed anyone who opposed him, even his family

This is the case of a really evil man who needed to be stopped. Imagine destroying entire village just because army needs to try out a new chemical weapon. It's OK, Kurdish people aren't worth much anyways, right? Yes, that was Saddam Hussein's way of thinking. And it didn't happen like one time or few times.

I still remember the scenes from Halabja, dead women and children on the streets shown on prime time television. Strangely, the Western world didn't seem to care, not the slightest demonstrations. A stark contrast to the protests seen when George W. Bush moved to get Saddam Hussein.

13 Idi Amin Idi Amin Dada was a Ugandan politician and military officer. He was the President of Uganda from 1971 to 1979. Amin was born either in Koboko or Kampala to a Kakwa father and Lugbara mother. In 1946 he joined the King's African Rifles of the British Colonial Army.

The Butcher of Uganda. Is a known cannibal, kept his victims' bodies in his fridge so he could laugh at them, executed his enemies on live TV, and dumped some of his victims into the Nile River. Ultimately killed over 500,000 people. This guy was the worst Ugandan leader, and arguably the worst African leader in history.

Idi Amin didn't do store peoples bodies and laugh at them, he tortured and killed anyone who opposed him, if his intelligence agency got a whiff of rebellion from you they shot you and left you there. He also barrier people in mass graves after quartering them

This dude was pure evil. When he killed people he kept their bodies in his fridge so he could look at it and laugh! He even executed his enemies on LIVE T.V.

There is just nothing at all redeeming about this guy. He was a truly evil and brutal man. If there's a hell, this guy belongs there without a doubt.

14 Benito Mussolini Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini was an Italian politician, journalist, and leader of the National Fascist Party, ruling the country as Prime Minister from 1922 until he was ousted in 1943. He ruled constitutionally until 1925, when he dropped all pretense of democracy and set up a legal dictatorship. more.

He was the leader of Italy during WW2. He hated black people and was a ally of hitler. He was also a coward, because he could not fight a single battle without help from Hitler.

He WAS Evil! He had similar beliefs as Hitler and kept on committing mass genocide against Black People!

On the positive side, he could probably win a Marlon Brando look-alike contest.

He invaded Ethiopia with tanks and planes even though the Ethiopians only had spears and lances.

15 George W Bush George Walker Bush is an American politician and businessman who was born in July 6, 1946. He served as the 43rd President of the United States from 2001 to 2009 and 46th Governor of Texas from 1995 to 2000. He is the eldest son of Barbara and George H. W.

He's probably the most evil in my opinion because of his bad decisions as president that screwed up the country and even started a war. All the people that died in the wars to follow his rash actions, American or otherwise, I stand by you.

I also think that it was extremely disgusting to put Justin Bieber on the top evil people list. I could see putting him on the worst musicians of all time, but evil? Seriously? Whoever posted that needs to get themselves checked out, because putting a teenage pop star up next to Hitler is inexplicable.

Anyone that has a coordinated attack done in your own country is the biggest piece of shyt known to man. 9/11 was planned and executed due to missing funded being declared at the Pentagon just the day before, and somehow the fake plane flew up that part of the Pentagon, along with leveling the twin towers where CIA had offices. They probably cut the steel beams so the plane could gain entry or it would've splatted on the outside.

First off, half of the people here I'm betting are supporters for Obama. That alone says something. Bush wasn't a good president, but he is FAR better than Obama in every way. At least we know Bush is from America. And George Bush does NOT deserve to be above Pol Pot and Mao Zhedong. This list is a joke. An unfunny joke.

Bush screwed up everything. He definitely shouldn't have been president.

He can't even lie to us the right way! He sucks at public speaking, and it surprises me that he even got into office!

16 Nero Nero was the last Roman emperor of the Julio-Claudian dynasty. He was adopted by his great-uncle Claudius and became Claudius' heir and successor. Like Claudius, Nero became emperor with the consent of the Praetorian Guard.

Having Donald Trump and Justin Bieber ahead of Nero is laughable at best. Nero plotted the death of his mother, set fire to Rome and played a lyre while it was burning and murdered many Christians including Paul and Simon Peter. Many Christians referred him as the Anti Christ. And a pop star and a business man is higher than a insane psychopath? And where's Caligula?

Nero set fire to Rome so he could make room for his new palace then blamed the fire on the Christians which ended in the killing of the Christians, when he got married to his second he gave her his first wife's severed head in a basket as a wedding gift, he had his second wife kicked to death when they had a argument, he said he was a god and if you disagreed you would end up in the sewers, Nero had a pet " gluton" a Egyptian slave that would eat anything even other humans!

He time traveled with a vengeance and instead of warning his home planet Romulus about destruction from a supernova, he waited 25 years to destroy Vulcan and 6 billion lives.

The other one burned Rome or something.

He dipped Christians in tar and set them on fire to make lights for parties. The Book of Revelations speaks of a beast. This man is that beast, and I'm not joking.

17 Josef Mengele Josef Mengele was a German Schutzstaffel officer and physician in Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II.

Mengele would do the most horrific experiments, sewing twins together, would do any experiment to get the most of pain and suffering, and would laugh with glee as he did it. Most of the survivors would see him in selection with a smile on the face as he flicked his wrist for death or to be worked to death. He would celebrate Jewish holy days by ordering the gassing 1000 children, and once had 300 children thrown into a fire as he spectated. There is other things he did as well, but I don't need to write them all. Josef Mengele was truly the most evil man to ever exist, and there is a reason they call him "The Angel of Death".

Say what you want about George Bush and Donald Trump, but how the heck are they more evil than a literal demon who performed cruel and pseudoscientific experiments on innocent people, esp children, at a concentration camp and who is a perpetrator of one of the worst events in history?
Am I missing anything?
Oh man, I can't imagine how terrified Mengele's victims were, not to mention that he managed to evade justice.
Mengele doesn't even deserve to be called a doctor as it is a huge disgrace to all doctors in the world.
He once sewed two Gypsy (Roma) twins to form Siamese twins-not only is that extremely cruel, but how the heck is that even scientific?! What's there to learn from sewing people together?!
He also once killed 14 Gypsy twins with a lethal injection in one night while they were sleeping.
This guy is extremely evil. May he burn in the deepest pits of Hell forever.

A complete monster who performed horrible experiments on the prisoners of Auschwitz... He would do things like sew twins together in an attempt to create conjoined twins and inject chemicals in twins eyes to see if they changed color. One of his favorite experiments was to inject one twin with lethal chemicals or a strain of a deadly disease, thereby killing them, before killing the second twin so he could compare their corpses. He would also kill people with heterochromatic eyes so he could remove their eyes and send the eyes to Berlin for study.

Have you heard of "The Human Centipede. " The plot of that sick, twisted movie was inspired by the experiments that the Nazis performed on their prisoners, and the villain of the movie was based on Mengele himself.

I can't express how much I hate this guy's guts. He should at least be in the top twenty.

I actually enjoy reading his works. The results of his tests are really interesting and some of his studies got picked up successfully by "normal" scientists. But this doesn't change the fact, that he simply used people as Guinea pigs. People who didn't agreed to be part of his studies, but their opinion meant nothing. Not that residents of mental care institutions in most of XX century had much more right to argue. So when I'm woting for him now, I'm voting for his preceders and decendants in the same time.

18 Attila the Hun Attila, frequently called Attila the Hun, was the ruler of the Huns from 434 until his death in March 453.

How is he not in the top ten? He killed people for no good reason, threw infected bodies over city walls, destroyed several cities, and even told his men to collect the corpses' ears in order to prove that they were all dead. Just messed up.

He killed thousands of people and was one of the most feared people in the Roman Empire as well as the rest of the know world.

Attila just killed everyone in his path nonstop. He is the worst person of Medieval History.

He mutilated people for gold. I think vlad was worser but he still was sadistic.

19 Fred Phelps Fred Waldon Phelps Sr. (1929-2014) was an American baptist minister and civil rights attorney who was notorious for forming the Westboro Baptist Church, his extreme views on homosexuality and his protests against military veterans, homosexuals and disaster victims, whose deaths (he believed) were the more.

I have no sympathy for Phelps and am glad he is gone. The actual name for his "church" should be called "Westboro Baptist Cult of Fake Christians."

This dude created the Westboro Baptist Church and hates (mainly) gays, lesbians, trans people, queers, blacks, Asians, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Atheists, foreigners, and even Americans, despite being American himself. No wonder why his IQ is ~30.

This guy should swap places with Justin Bieber. He founded the most hatefeful group in America; he hates basically everyone; Jews, gays, Americans, and even other Christians (everyone who isn't in his church is going to burn in hell). The worst part is that the WBC uses children for all their dirty work and forces his hate down their throats; he has 5 year olds singing "All evil perforate Jews! God hates you, and you know it! ", so he is like Hitler in some aspects.

The one person who is hated by every religious person, every atheist, and every agnostic.
Whether you're gay, Jewish, Christian, atheist, mussle, American, etc... He thinks you diserve to die and
suffer. He has a five year old girl sing these songs that are morally disgusting to begin with. He has disowned children of his that decided that they don't want to hate everyone. Tuley he is the most horrible person on earth.

20 Donald Trump Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is an American businessman, television personality, politician, and the 45th President of the United States. Born and raised in Queens, New York City, Trump received an economics degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. In 1971, more.

1.Cheated the Election in 2016 with Russia
2.Approved a Oil Pipeline going through Native American Lands. 3.Called KKK Terrorists who rammed cars into protesters very fine people. 4.Imposing a Muslim Ban Travel. 5.Refused to release his ta returns.
6. Tried to ban Transgenders students in school using bathrooms for boys or girls.
7.Lied about Inaguration Crowd sizes.
8.Called a Native American Politician Pocohontas. 9. Fired an attorney general for not going with his Islamophobic Muslim Travel ban. 10.Told Police Officers to rough up suspects. 11.Lying about Democrats using illegal voters. 12. Called a POW that just died a loser. 13. Told A Sherrif to destroy a career of a senator. And Many more

He would rather destroy American democracy than admit he lost an election and admit to himself that most Americans don't like him. And the election he won, Hillary Clinton still got 3 million more votes than him. Worlds biggest crybaby, megalomaniac, narcissist, wannabe dictator. Luckily there are still enough good and noble republicans left who are unwilling to kill our democracy and put a stop to his attempted overthrow of the 2020 election

Ok….what? Are you serious? You put Trump on the same list as Hitler?! I get that you probably hate him because you were taught he "ruined" america…but he was a great president and doesn't deserve all the hate from the media and the left. The economy was great, americans loved america again. He brought hope. The media destroyed him through his whole presidency but that didn't stop him from helping Americans and even helping Israel way more than any other president. Trump didn't kill millions of Jews, he didn't kill and starve millions of Chinese citizens so Trump should not be on this list just because you didn't like him. He's not evil in any way. Why hasn't Harris gone to the border yet huh? There is a crisis there and her job is to fix it and she hasn't even visited the border…..and when you go to get gas don't you hate that it's 3 dollars more? Don't you wish trump was president so the border would be more secure and you would have more money? I just don't feel like biden ...more

Donald Trump is undoubtly the worst american president ever. He reinstated proposition 187, called Clinton and Biden cheaters when Biden won the election and Clinton won the popular vote. He hates immigrants, is number one racist, blames Asians for Covid 19, lied about the Coranavirus which led to about 200,000 deaths. He says he is the best, threatened to go to the supreme court when he lost, is the worst sport ever, and didn't even go to Bidens inauguration! He is a disgrace and shame to the United States and should be erased from the American History of Presidents. He says he is the best and done a lot for America but he is a liar. take THAT, Donald Duck. I still don't get why he wasn't impeached during his four years.

21 Leopold II of Belgium

Ayo, why tf is this guy below Donald Trump? This guy is like the Pol Pot of Belgium. So much awful things happened under this guy that he ended up having a higher death toll than Adolf Hitler. I know recent publicity over Trump has earned him a place here, but Leopold the 2nd was a genuinely cruel, cold and malicious leader, and leaders like him need more recognition for the evil cruel people they are.

If Saddam was the butcher of baghdad, he is the Butcher of Congo. He literally made Congo his sandbox game, able to decide everything for the country

He was responsible for the genocide of masses of Congolese for the expansion of Belgian and European industry. His colony in the Congo, which was operated more by his kingship than by the government of Belgium, made Congo and the central African region what it is today. People blaming Kony for the slaughter of innocents would do well to read "King Leopold's Ghost" to see how the atmosphere where small-scale warlords like Kony could thrive in was created.

Before Hitler, King "Coverup" slaughtered ten to twenty million in his personally owned Free Congo State. Why? To speed the production of natural rubber, suddenly a wide open market with the advent of the bicycle and automobile. It's also noteworthy that he rewarded his enforcers in peculiar fashion -- paying out bonuses for dirty deeds evidenced by body parts.

His brand of mayhem was the inspiration for the methods employed in the Rwandan massacre.

22 Fidel Castro Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz, known as Fidel Castro (August 13, 1926 – November 25, 2016), was a Cuban politician and revolutionary who governed the Republic of Cuba as Prime Minister from 1959 to 1976 and then as President from 1976 to 2008. Politically a Marxist–Leninist and Cuban nationalist, he more.

He's a very controversial figure, largely due to the false perception of him created by the communist paranoia in America. His roll in history also ended up somewhat muddled with Che Guevara's. The truth is that no leader can be perfect, there will always be the good things they do and then the horrible things they do, whether they wanted to or not. Lenin is idolized by many, but that doesn't mean he got off Scott free from some pretty awful things during the revolution, but he still managed to improve the state of Russia during his brief rule (granted everything went downhill after that). It's the same with Castro. Obviously a revolution is no happy go lucky thing, people end up getting their hands dirty whether they like it or not. However, Cuba was in a pretty awful state before the revolution. Cuban citizens suffered greatly under the oppressive capitalist rule, and while things are still iffy in Cuba, but what did you really expect? A utopia? The current state of Cuba is greatly ...more

He's just very controversial. When he died just a few months ago, I was actually happy, and it because he's one of the main causes for Cuba's problems, and for why it's now so totalitarian. But let the people have their opinions on him.

I guess only Americans would put Castro (as well as Ho Chi Minh) in this list. Just because they've beaten the Yanks, does not make them evil people. In fact, I'd say it makes them heroes.

Why the hell is he here? Castro may not be perfect, he's done some bad things, but he saved Cuba from the CIA and US rule! He's done a lot of good, so why is the 16th most evil person ever?

23 Peter Gerard Scully

Peter Gerard Scully (born 1964) is an Australian pedophile accused of murder and the sexual abuse of at least eight girls, including an 18-month-old infant.

In 2011, Scully fled Melbourne, Australia to the Philippines after being accused of multiple fraud offenses. From the southern Philippines island of Mindanao he is alleged to have ran an international pedophile ring and offered live pay-per-view video streams of children being tortured and sexually abused.

In February 2015, Scully was arrested in his rented house in Malaybalay City after investigators discovered the remains of a teenaged girl buried under an apartment he previously rented. He allegedly strangled her to death according to police who were led to the apartment by Scully's partner, a 17-year-old Filipino girl, who was also a prior victim of his abuse.

Philippine authorities described the case as horrific and the worst they had ever seen.

This sick excuse for a human being should be above Donald Trump. Even though I loathe Trump, he is nowhere near as bad as this monster.

Hate, abhor, despise, and loathe all combined together multiplied by infinity barely even represents even one billionth of my hatred that I feel for this guy.

Why is he lower than Justin Bieber? He is a child molester and hurt children. I hope this sick freak dies a horrible death.

24 Elizabeth Bathory Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed was a serial killer from the Báthory family of nobility in the Kingdom of Hungary.

A lot of the higher-rankers killed more, but political reasons can at least be strategy, even if it's bad strategy. Bathory bathed in the blood of her victims in order to look younger. There is no way, even in the most demented mind, that her looking younger was going to help more people than it hurt.

She has been labelled the most prolific female serial killer in history and is remembered as the "Blood Countess," though the precise number of victims is debated. The stories of her sadistic serial murders and brutality are verified by the testimony of more than 300 witnesses and survivors as well as physical evidence and the presence of horribly mutilated dead, dying and imprisoned girls found at the time of her arrest. She and four collaborators were accused of torturing and killing hundreds of girls, with one witness attributing to them over 650 victims.

Elizabeth Bathory killed lots of girls by torturing them slicing them and burning them.

At least 650 girls died in her hand. That is a HUGE body count.

25 Reinhard Heydrich

He was the mastermind of the Holocaust...

Hitler called him bad. That means...

This was a guy hitler called the man with an iron heart if hitler calls you bad you've screwed up

Nazi. By default evil.

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