Justin Bieber

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Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada and is Christian. He is the son of author Pattie Mallette. ...read more.


He is going to be the one who triggers the fall of the modern world.
Step by step explanation.
1. He produces music designed to be popular to a calculated target group
2. This produces two major groups. Mindless fans and Mindless haters.
3. Everyone caught in the middle is busy watching the two groups fight.
4. Forgot what I was going to write because I'm high. But his music really sucks, and his fans are more annoying than Hitler's fans.

Justin's latest conquest is getting beyond a joke. He just poses naked for young girls, corrupting them into buying his records. He cheated at getting three of his songs to #1 at the charts. That's what posers do, he is a poser. Take a look at some decent singers, Elvis Presley, The Beatles and Michael Jackson. They had successful careers, they put hard work into their business, they respected their fans. Many of their hits went to #1 for sensible reasons. But Bieber, he thinks he can get away with trying to overpower these great musicians with his songs. Well, those songs should be stripped from their honours of topping the charts. Real singers respect their fans, they perform with great success. Justin Bieber doesn't. He is just a sanctimonious cocky little who thinks it's OK to cheat at being #1 at the charts with his vulgar nude shoots. And what's more he's killed way more people than Joseph Stalin with his music. Joseph Stalin is like a baby compared to this. Bieber is by far the ...more

He is a symbol of all that is bad about the present and future. He is tacky, has no talent and generally makes the world a worse place. He is a product and can be likened more to a dildo than a musician. The vast majority of his fans have low intelligence and can't differentiate between something that has been created by computer algorithms, made intentionally catchy to appeal to them on a subconscious level and something that is actually art. They lack insight. It is a terrible time to be a youth.

At first, I think this is a joke. But I slowly rethink and rethink about it, I feel a sign of hatred towards him, true I never listen to him songs, but judging by the comments in the social networking services, especially facebook, I think he(she) is well-deserved to be the most evil people in history of music, this shemale had disgrace the name of music. Grr! Anti-Bieber!

In 2007, evil scientists discovered a virus on the internet. Two years later, they released the virus into the world. The bacteria would come through the ear canal, and into the brain cells. While men showed a lot of immunity to the virus, women everywhere went crazy. They showed symptoms of: Extreme hostility, lack of any common sense, Yandereism, insanity, mind control, and extreme prodigality. Soon, the virus had spread worldwide, and had affected women and children of all kind. It was too big to stop and cure now. They soon named the virus Bieber Fever, and called the cause of the virus Justin Bieber. Almost no victims have been rescued and cured from this virus and have gained back their humanity. We can only hope, that a cure will be made soon...

The cure is just good music to people infected with It daily. I guess - MLPFan

This kid is responsible for millions of spontaneous suicides through poor music. Scientists predict that even as a 40yo Justin will still sound like a 7yo boy who is forced to sing in a kindergarten class. With this info, the entire human race might be wiped out in only 15-20 years. If this wasn't enough, his hair with the lack of style, also caused thousands of people to vomit and pass out. The few people that listens to Justin and have the same hair-do continues to be taken care of... Properly... Which means instant execution for the safety of the human race. Justin Bieber is more evil than the devil ever will be.

Guys, yes he may be a terrible singer and not very nice person, but he should not be put up against people like Adolf Hitler and Osama Bin Laden. He's a untalented, rich, brat. There are plenty of those in the world. The reason he is all over the media is because people actually want to know what's up with him. Justin Bieber is not a great guy for all means, he might even be considered a terrible one, but I can name multiple bratty, ungrateful kids. He is not EVIL - Gatelykatie

The music that people should be remembering from Canada should be Nickelback, Three Days Grace, Finger Eleven, and heck, even Avril Lavigne. But now all they will remember is this retard. WHY Justin? WHY? - alterbridgefan

Honestly I think he shouldn't be on this list. You guys are overhating him and dare to call him evil. Yea yea his music is terrible and stuff but he doesn't kill people. He doesn't do it purposely. His music kills people but that's bizarre death of music. Hitler killed a lot but Justin few Stalin a lot Pol Pot a lot. Going crazy about saying he killed more people than dangerous crimes. Hitler killed thousands but I don't think this all hated 21 year old could kill thousands. You guys have one crazy mind. He NEVER EVER killed at least 100. Only like 10 or more but less than 100. Yes he is arrested before but its not considered evil? I am not a JB fan I'm just annoyed of all these overhating

This evil scumbag simply destroyed music. Millions of people are dead because of this. And he conned those victims of the terrorist attack in France out of making money for himself. He only has one thing on his mind and that is money. He only wanted to win that Halo award because he wanted more drink and more drugs. Well I hope this vile, evil bastard gets stripped of all his honors and one day when somebody kills him, that person will win the true halo award. It was the devil's horns award Justin should have won because he is the devil!

Hitler evil! Compared to Bieber he's like a bunny rabbit. If you have actually heard this guys music you would prefer Adolf Hitler putting a bullet in your head

I'd rather listed to Baby 250 times than die. Who would want to die? Unless your suicidal... - cosmo

Human population is increasing incredibly. Hitler, osama, stalin, etc. Did good work by controlling human population. Justin Bieber is not killing but making people deaf. That's even worse.

He is horrible. He is trying to kill everyone with his music. He has a ton of girls who have nothing better to do with their life, that are wanting to kiss him and have kids with him, etc. Someone please assassinate him!

He makes little girls cut their hair for him. This person is evil and should pay for his sins. Once I saw that a 13 year old child committed suicide because of him. And What about the breast pictures of underage girls that wore sent to him... He is an abomination.

He is killing more people than Hitler, Stalin, Polpot, Mussolini, Idi Amin & Premadasa put together, with his Disgusting music! - Nirmal1991USA

Why is this comment -- much less any other comment like this because (unfortunately) I'm sure there's worse -- getting so many likes?! - WonkeyDude98

No wonder why some people think this website is bad. They are including celebrities that nobody cares about on toptens evilest people. Bieber is not evil he is a dude that only has bad music. Get him of of this list now. And also take Miley Cyrus and Charlie sheen off this list too. The only true evil people are like Hitler joseph stalin mao zedong pol pot osama bin laden and genghis khan are evil. Not some random celebrity like Justin Bieber.

The thing is, he can't sing, he's setting a terrible example to the young audience

This is the single most stupidest thing I have ever seen. This has to be a joke! He is a bad singer but he is definitely not like Hitler or Stalin! And why isn't Mao number 1? He killed way more people than anyone else on this list!

You people are absolute morons! Sure his his noise is atrocious but he's Not evil. However Hitler, Stalin and bin laden are three of the most evil people in history. Pick up a damn book for once and stop watching Cartoon Network. I always knew Americans had some sort of mental problem.

Make Stalin, Hitler, Bin Laden, and Hussein look like Catholic school girls. To this day Justin Beiber is corrupting the souls of innocent children and turning their hearts to Lucifer.

Justin Bieber is infinitely evil, and his songs destroy the minds and hearts of young girls, turning them into his demonic slaves. In fact, I'm convinced that he is the one who turned Satan against God. How? Well, have you heard his music? How could someone with that bad music not be the root of all evil?

His genocide is worse than anything Hitler or Stalin could have ever come up with. This guy is a maniac, and he MUST be stopped before it's too late. What an absolute savage.

I would say Hitler is no.2 but this bastard should be number 1... His songs sucks... Why this kinda person release his songs... I think scientists should make a device which could convert the sound wave of a person into sleep inducing drug n I bet a small piece of it is enough to kill millions...

Justin Bieber has just lured Lionel Richie's daughter Sofia into his trap. She was tempted to have sex with that monster on a yacht in Mexico. I know for a fact that he will start cheating on her, being the womanizing, manipulative bastard that he truly is. I hope Lionel Richie is aware of what Bieber's latest conquest is. And not only is he destroying his daughter's life, he's offending his interviewers by stripping naked and wanking himself just to show off.

This young man, Unaware or unconcerned about the influence he has over young naive teenagers is content to smoke illegal barbiturates and act like an obnoxious brat to the media (Pertaining to the "Car Crash/Speeding incident he was involved in) and on top of that, Make the most appallingly generic and infuriating "Music" of all time, Even surpassing Lady Gaga for sheer level of pathetissism.

He must be stop before another generation is destroyed.