Most Famous Ahl al-Hadith

Ahl al Hadis also Ahle Hadees is movement of islam.

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41 Moulana Ajaz Ahmed Nadvi

Amazing speaker and superb speeches masha allah

He is one of the best ahle hadith. May allah bless him.

I love her lectutes..Mind Blowing..

42 Allama Ehsan Elahi Zaheer

Allama Zaheer was an exceptional speaker and writer and his command on speech and writing is marvellous. He brought thousands of people to teachings of Quran and Sunnah

Writer Orator Great scholar, Brave

One of the greatest

One of the Great Scholars of era. With complete command over arabic urdu speches

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43 Bashir Ahmad Nehami Almadni
44 Shaikh Razaullah Abdul Karim Madni

His speech is very clear and understandable. He is a good orator OF Hades and after hearing, we fee and makes us to follow by which we hope Allah will for give us and showers his blessing on us. The most important is, he all ways quote with the reference of our Holy Prophet (Sal) saying, which makes us to obey his saying. His lecture carries peace, unity, love among the Muslim's and other brother hoods. May Allah bless him good health and live long. Aameen. em.

Very good scholar is a renowned Islamic the'ee, orator and Hadeeth expert with extra-ordinary command over Urdu and Arabic languages. He is also a famous speaker of Peace T.V. Urdu and Zee Salaam.

45 Kari Shoaib Ahmad
46 Farooq Khan Razvi

Great scholars of Islam

Biddat maulana...

Biddti maulana... jahil

He challenged most Gair Mukallid scholars like Jarjis and Tauseef who are the puppets of Saud Family on their payroll. Openly challenged them with debate on who is lying and deceiving Muslims. He proved that these two so called scholars twist and fabricate Quran and Hadith to their desires. Farooq Khan Razvi also answered their Shirk labels from quoting Quran, Hadith and from the works of their own Scholars who they go against. They have simply sold their religion. If they are on truth they would have debated long time ago.

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47 Sheikh. Sohaib Ahmed Mir Mohammadi
48 Sheikh Abu Muhammad Aminullah Al-Peshawarai Hafizahullah

No doubt he is a great person, I listen his fatwas I will say he has a great knowledge, may Allah give him janatul firdos for his great work..

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49 Dr. Yasir Qadhi
50 Maulana Mohammad Maqbool Akhrani (Hafiz-Ul-Allah)

BedRock of Ahl Ul Haddeetth
In South Kashmir (Indian Occupied)

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51 Mushtaq Ahmad Veeri

He is the Best Elocutionist of Kashmir (Indian Occupied State).

Most popular and famous SALAFI scholar of kashmir...(SALAFI LION OF OUR KASHMIR)...
Popularly known as VEERI SHAB... Because of its great lectures...

52 Shaikh Mohammah Yahya Salfi
53 Hafiz Muhammad Gondalvi

Hafiz of Quran and Hadith taught Bukharee and books of hadith for more than 70 Years. All renowned scholars of hadith in Pakistan are directly or indirectly his students.

54 Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza

I like his explanation of hadith

Most neutral person you will find in terms of comparative IslamIC RESEARCH...

My 2nd most favorite scholar after Moulana Muhammad Ishaq Madni - SuperSoul

55 Zammeer Akhtar
56 Dr. Abdul Lateef Alkandi Almadni

Allah swt bless him

The real Kashmiri Salafi hero...

57 Rahmatullah Rahmat

Islam is the only religion which is most natural of all religions. All human beings are bound to accept it. Make haste, time is limited, try to attach yourself with Allah following the way of Prophet Mohammad pbuh.

Rahmtullah Rahmat of Jharkhand state is a devoted the'ee of Salafiyyat. He is also working among non Muslims and Muslims.
He is also known as Ghazi Rahmatullah Rahmat Alhindi

58 Shaikh Najeeb Bakali
59 Dr. Fazl Elahi


Dr Fazal Elahi has deep insight of Quran and Sunnah. He remained professor in Riyadh univetsity for decades and wrote 40 outstsnding books on Islam

60 Dr. Hatem al Haj
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