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1 The Crucifixion Of Jesus Christ

Jesus Crist our Lord died on the cross for our sins and three days later he rose again in heaven.

Christ Saved us all from our sins, by His Cross & Resurrection.

This is the best story of the Bible because it explains how Jesus was hit and beaten with sticks just to save us, we are misrable sinners who should be worshiping God every second of our lives. This story helps us understand why he died for us, saved us, and why we will be brought to be with Him in Heaven one day.

Philippians 2:8 - “More than that, when he came as a man, he humbled himself and became obedient to the point of death, yes, death on a torture stake.”
Definition of Torture Stake: “The rendering of the Greek word stau·rosʹ, meaning an upright stake or pole, such as the one on which Jesus was executed. There is no evidence that the Greek word meant a cross, such as the pagans used as a religious symbol for many centuries before Christ.” - MarioNinja101

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2 The Creation of the Heavens and the Earth

It's funny how many people actually believe this mass of contradictions.

How marvelous and wonderful..

I love this bible story! - kittywarrior107

Makes more sense than evolution, it just contains a lot of explosions. How can explosions create something when it’s the opposite of creating? - MarioNinja101

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3 David vs Goliath

LOVE THIS STORY! Honestly I love reading this story over and over again! It is really a good topic on how you can just let go of fears and never listen to people if the try to discourage you. Along with use what makes you happy! I stead of using all the armor and sword he used his speacial sling shot! TRUE STORY! Read it ifyou have a chance! :) God Bless You!

Pretty amazing story and it is true! - moose4life19

The Story of David vs Goliath is a kids favorite bible story I lo this story David grabs five stones and hits Goliath with it and Goliath falls down

The best - Aquastar_of_DewClan

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4 The Resurrecton of Jesus

I think our Lord's resurrection should be at the top. Also that maybe they should be rearranged as in at the top of the list. All stories in the Bible are great, because they are from our Lord. I do however understand the words, most popular stories. You left out Daniel in the Lions Den.

Even though the birth of Christ is widely celebrated, without his suffering, death and subsequent resurrection we would not be saved and eternal punishment is what we would be facing. Because of his overcoming death and resurrection we have eternal life. All we need is faith in Jesus Christ as our savior for our sins. All other accounts point to our need for a savior and faith.

The story of the resurrection of Jesus is by far the most important. It is because of the death burial and resurrection that we have forgiveness for our sin.

its great

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5 Noah and The Ark

I loved this story when I was a kid

I glad to see this story and I used to see this when I was a kid. it remind me my childhood memory.

Why do we tell this story to little kids though? This is probably the most tragic event in human history! - GrimmShady

I like this story but that doesn't mean that it's a true story

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6 The Birth Of Jesus Christ/The Nativity

Jesus is the reason we now have fellowship with the awesome God

Matthew 2:1 Three wise man from the east came to worship the baby-Jesus. They came from India.


What story in all of time could or would ever be better than the birth of our Lord and Savior; NONE.

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7 Adam and Eve

This is such a wonderful story of haow the world was created and its hard to believe that devil decided to use eve as a sample to get them both to do the wrong thing

This is my favorite bible story. I make movies and plays always about this.

First bible story I've heard

I love this story! Was probably the first one I had read! I find that the creation of the world is a mesmerising story. It shows that God still loves us, even when we do the wrong things! I like imagining how the world was created, it's cool.

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8 Jonah and The Whale

This is my favorite story ever since I was a kid

I love the stories of Jesus but this one is good also

This is probably the best story for children, all kids understand.

The best, love it, my sons called Jonah after this

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9 Daniel In the Lion's Den

I love this heroic hero I mean really Daniel prays to The Lord just like God asked him to Darius can't sleep because of his friend Daniel he was shocked Daniel said long live the king God sent his angels to rescue me

It also shows us that our best defense against bad stuff is our one and only saviour from evil, Christ.

This story teaches us about trusting in the Lord Jesus

17 And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.

18 For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:

19 And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

Please, it is for your own good that you stop saying you are Daniel (and don't you dare say you are Jesus! )

#Jaxon.Vanwinkle(only 13 years old)

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10 Joseph and His Brothers

Joseph I like you

The story was sick. Jacob bedded like 3-- no, 4 women-- Leah(Rachel's older sister), 2 handmaids and Rachel just to have those 12 children. I don't know why Jacob agreed to have children with the 2 handmaids, but it was sick

Pretty ok story from the Bible

So i’m an Athiest through and through but I decided that I wanted to find out more about the Christian religion. I’m not really understanding the moral of this story- Jessica Ridley (12)

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11 Joseph And His Amazing Technicolour

Stunning just stunning reminds of Fernandeo Torres

I love the story... even when other people treat you in a negative way, as long as you have Christ in your life... everything will turn out right in time... God never forsake his children...

I just love this story, it is so inspiring. Also I am a sucker for reveal stories, so when Joseph reveals himself in Egypt is definitely my favorite!

Story of my life

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12 Jesus Teaches His Disciples How to Pray

I think that this story is awesome because when I was little I thought that the disciples were Christians and that they should know how to pray.But then I asked myself is it really that hard to pray

Good also for the children. To know how to communicate.

I believe that praying is the important form of communication between man and God. I also believe it is imperative that we all learn to pray,so that we will have a connection to the Father.

This story is inspiring as it could teach young students/children how to listen and obey olders.

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13 The Parable of the Good Samaritan

You God is good all the time sometimes I can't even the kind of love He has for us., The love He has for us is too deep Hm God forgive us when we sin


love it...

Gtreat book 10/9 would recoomend to people who were killed in 911

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14 Jesus Walks On Water

It literally shows us that we can move mountains with just the faith of a mustard seed.

It is just a cool story

I love this story

It’s good

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15 The Good Samaritan

a bril story and yet true

Amazing way to teach others to be good. It shows what helping others can really bring you blessings. We must not only think of our self and walk away but instead lend a helping hand. In doing so you shall receive a blessing.

Luke 22! The Lord revealed that to me today

One of the best and most universal stories than can teach troubled young people to improve their lives, communities, and personalities without forcing their religions on unexpecting others.

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16 The Last Supper

This historical event is to remind the world of Christ' Love for His disciples and mankind. This final event He had with His disciples is a clear indication that God's plan would be fulfilled through Him.

Jesus was feeding them the most satisfying bread of all, him, he is all we need, just him and his divine blood.
#Jaxon.Vanwinkle(13 years old)

17 The Prodigal Son

He was in the worst place he could have been (the hog pen) and found God there.

This is one of my favorite parables as it shows how even if someone steals, cheats, and sins upon God, God is always welcoming them back if they return. - ethanmeinster

This story gives hope to both the person caught up in the sin, and to those who are praying/hoping for them to come to their senses.

18 King David's Confession

I don't know this story so can someone tell me please


I think it is when David looked and took a woman that was not his, the husband died, so David confessed to God what he had done.
#Jaxon. Vanwinkle (13 tears old)

19 Abraham and Isaac

This is a very great story because of the unfailing faith of the father, Abraham, to God and the obedience of the son to the Father. Nowadays, there are lots of family problems in every family in every conner of the world and it mostly happens when the parents are not faithful to God and to each other then, they cannot have any respect from their children, and when the children are not obedient to their parents. Most of us today tend to forget that God is in the centre of our family life.

20 Moses

I think that this story is a fabulous and amazing story. It just has a so much in common with me. I don't know why but I love this story as I was A kid. It made me feel sorry for others and helped me understand others feelings. It also made me a very good friend.

All humans were born to be free! 3500 years after and this story still resonates to the very foundations of humanity.

The Exodus is without a doubt, the best story. Very heartwarming and an interesting story.

Moses is an Egyptian prince who turned out to be a Hebrew who wanted to let other Hebrews/Israelites free from slavery. It's awesome to see that he make the Sea turned in to half and walk to Promise Land. I guess the so-called Pharoah taught his lesson about his cruelty.

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21 Passover

Painted crosses on doors using sheeps blood so young boys would not be killed

22 Samson and Delilah

I like this story because I can relate to it...

I'm not even religious, and I love this story.

23 Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego

Just read and it touched my heart again

Another miracle performed from God! The boys get thrown into the fire but they stay faithful to Him and He rescues them from the fire!

I love this story! Talk about some powerful power and deliverance! Now who wouldn't like this story it talks about Gods powerful hand to protect his Children!

I 💕 This story so much Even the VeggieTales could retell the story of the boys in the Fire! Who wouldn't want to see the VeggieTales version of the Bible story?

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24 Jesus Changes Water to Wine

This story shows so much on what jesus can do

25 Moses Receives the Ten Commandments
26 Ezekiel's Sighting
27 Ananias and Sapphira
28 The 3 Wise Men
29 The Parable of the Sower

powerful mirror as to what life can throw at us, and by continuing, eventually our seed will fall onto the good ground.

30 Ruth

Ruth's story is really great. It really shows you what it means to be a good servant of Christ

31 Saul (Paul) Begins His First Missionary Journey

I wants to learn how to understand the importance of the story

I love it so much

32 The Wisdom of Solomon
33 Boaz and Ruth
34 Cain and Abel
35 Peter's Denial from Jesus Christ
36 Esther and Mordechai

An interesting story.

37 Saul's Conversion
38 Job

Worst story ever!? God says to the devil his enemy fine do what you want to him but don't kill him Satan takes everything away from Job his children his cattle his sheep everything! God should've not done that God is the nice guy love kind good power helpful and those other names we call God but God lets Satan his evil enemy Do bad stuff to Job

I love when Jobs friends say to him God is punishing you because you did wrong Job said he didn't do anything wrong to deserve it but his friends say you should curse God and die but Job tells his friends that he is so innocent

Best. Story. Ever!

I love JOB... gives perspective of what true faith in God means and what testing is actually like!

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39 Saul Meets Jesus
40 Samson and the Lion
41 Jesus Gives Zacchaeus a New Life
42 Jesus Chooses the 12 Disciples
43 Nebuchadnezzar's Dream
44 Jesus Calms the Storm
45 Pentecost
46 Lot's Escape
47 Moses and Pharaoh
48 Elijah on Mount Carmel
49 Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah
50 Jesus Talks About Caesar and God
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