Top 10 Warrior Cats Villains 

The Top Ten
1 Tigerstar Tigerstar is a villain in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Son of Leopardfoot and Pinestar, former mate of Goldenflower and Sasha, and father of Bramblestar, Tawnypelt, Mothwing, Hawkfrost, and Tadpole. This brown tabby cat almost causes the downfall of the clans. But is killed, firstly by Scourge, who strips all his lives away. And then by Firestar, who moves on to StarClan when they meet again during the Great Battle II. Tigerstar is a large, scarred, dark tabby tom with black stripes, bright amber eyes, a scar over his nose, and a nick in his ear. He has long claws, a broad head, massive shoulders, and a long tail.

WOW Tigerstar is an ass. He killed so many cats. His mentor was evil, and Tigerstar then grew to be even worse. the buildup to his battle with Firestar in the Darkest-oh wait edgy cat beat Firestar to it. But then, we get it in The Last Hope. He takes Firestar's final life, and Firestar takes Tigerstar's second life, and frees the forest from him. Tigerstar was a cool character to read about, and he was one of the reasons as to why I love the first series. Not because he was a cold hearted serial killer, but because of how he kept the plot moving. If it weren't for him, none of the first, second, third, or fourth arcs would've happened when you come to think of it. Bluestar would have no reason to let Rusty into the clan, since there wouldn't be a prophecy about Rusty, since there would be no villain. Then Rusty wouldn't become Firestar, Leafpool and Squirrelflight wouldn't be born, and Jay or Lion wouldn't have been born. Cloudtail wouldn't be given to Firestar to become a warrior, ...more

Alright! I have like billions and trillions of reasons why I HATE Tigerstar. Who wouldn't hate him? He killed a bunch of cats! I think Stonefur died in one of the saddest ways. He protected Feathertail and Stormfur. (Tysm Stonefur) Anyways, he also tried manipulating Brambleclaw/star into taking over the forest with Hawkfrost! (Stupid Hawkfrost fell for it right away). I was so happy when Brambleclaw killed Hawkfrost. Hawkfrost was like really REALLY annoying! Tigerstar is TERRIBLE! He killed so many cats I can't even count all because there are so many! Even though Tigerstar died in a bad way, at least he's dead!

Tigerstar is my favorite villain because he's just so enjoying to read on about. A good villain doesn't let you put down the book, and Tigerstar definitely kept me from putting Warriors down. He almost always had the upper hand (or should I saw paw? ); he had the whole Clan and Bluestar on his side, but he turned around and shocked them. Bluestar went insane pretty much for the rest of her leadership. He filled the Clan with fear, and especially intimidated Fireheart. He had knowledge of Graystipe's kits and Bluestar's kits. He tried to kill the Clan using dogs. He used Brindleface as a bribe. He killed Stonefur. He killed Redtail. If Scourge hadn't had his dog claws, Tigerstar probably would've won and beat Scourge. He used Hawkfrost and Brambleclaw for his plans.
Overall, he just always was entertaining. He killed so many cats, he tricked so many cats at the same time. He's the best villain of the Warriors series, in my opinion.

I love the murder mystery in the first few books. I love how his betrayal drives Bluestar insane. I love that he becomes leader of Shadowclan. I love that he starved and released a pack of ravenous dogs into Thunderclan camp. I love the plot twist where he dies at the hands of Scourge. But I also don't really like the twist. Tigerstar was built up over a series of six books causing so much pain and death to his own and other clans only to be suddenly murdered. If you're going to have him die at some point then why build him up as a threat so much? And while I kind of get the lesson of him biting off more than he can chew with recruiting Bloodclan, I was really wanting him to settle his revenge on Firestar. It kind of felt like a plot twist for the sake of a plot twist.

2 Brokenstar Brokenstar is a villain character from the Warrior Cats series. Brokenstar is a matted, dark brown tabby tom with a broad, flat face, a bent tail, and orange eyes. Brokenstar was a former Shadowclan leader and a member of the Dark Forest. His mother is Yellowfang and his father is Raggedstar.

Brokenstar is in my top 5's because of what motivation he had. None. He didn't need a reason to be a horrible cat, he just was one from birth. And maybe you could blame his evilness on cats like Lizardstripe who are bad, but not enough to turn someone into a cold hearted killer

It was evil, what he did. He killed kits in cold blood because he deemed them unworthy for ShadowClan. He murdered his father because he thought his father was unworthy of being leader

Everything he did felt real, and even in the Dark Forest his maliciousness didn't leave. He murdered Beetlewhisker for wanting to stop training in the Dark Forest, everything he did especially was terrifying

Overall, he is an amazing villain

-Sweethoney of ThunderClan (He/they)

Brokenstar was just a villain for the sake of being a villain. He was horrible. He caused the death of MANY kits, children, MANY. He never stopped. He forced the Dark Forest trainees to fight with him. One of them refused to, and he got killed. Brokenstar showed the rest of the trainees that if they didn't kill their family and friends, he would kill them. He got spoiled by his father, he banished his own mother, killed his own nieces and blamed it on his mother, killed Ferncloud who was trying to protect Brightheart and the kits, etc.

He was so cruel! Once during a training session, he took out kits, and they all died. When the queens found out they were horrified, leading to the banish of Yellowfang, Brokenstar's own mother, a medicine cat! He sent out 3 moon old apprentices out into battle, and like half of them died! They included Badgerpaw/Badgerfang, who was about the size of a newborn kit! He tried to destroy ThunderClan, who had sheltered him for a few moons, protecting the evil cat from ShadowClan. Brokenstar even killed the noble Raggedstar, his own father.

I HATE Brokenstar so so much! He killed innocent kids AND blamed his mother for the death of two of them! He also said one was and "accident". I'm pretty sure one kit cannot kill another by "accident"! He also killed my boy Badgerfang by sending him into battle with full grown warriors! He was like three moons old! I'm so glad his spirit got killed in the Great Battle!

3 Thistleclaw Thistleclaw is a villain in the Warrior Cats series. Thistleclaw is a gray-and-white tabby tom with spiky fur and amber eyes

Listen Thistle haters. You just hate him because of the way Blue felt about him. How would you feel if your mate died, and her sister who was always annoying to you was the only one with her, then takes away his kit. What did he have left in life? Only ambition. He had too or else he would feel ultimate pain. And really people, how many cats are arrogant in the series? A lot! And Mudclaw was ambitious too! And yet somehow people feel sorry for Mudclaw! And then when he is happy in Star clan with his son and mate, he gets chased out and loses them forever. How much would you like Bluestar now? She isn't a angel ya know.

Thistleclaw was the start of evil in Warriors. He made Tigerstar evil with his own bad mentoring and Tigerstar(paw), because of Thistleclaw's encouragement, almost killed Tiny! Even worse, Tiny then became Scourge and tried to kill everyone (for a good reason, I don't think scourge did anything wrong)! When Tigerpaw said to Tiny 'I'll never forget you', scourge never forgot it and then actually killed Tigerstar. This was ALL because of Thistleclaw. He did not deserve to have a good mate like Snowfur or good kits like Whitestorm. Blue star made the right decision to chase him to the dark forest!

Not to undermine Tigerstar or Scourge or any other villains on the list, but Thistleclaw is probably the most important villain on the list. I'd say if Thistleclaw never went insane, a multitude of things would have never took place. Tigerstar might have actually been good and Firestar would have never come. Thistleclaw basically created Firestar's obstacles. He pushed Tigerstar to be his worst and caused Scourge to seek revenge. He also had a tragic backstory of his love interest, Snowfur, dying. His character is really looked into and well developed. His motives are actually understandable and his impact is seen all throughout the series. By far the most impactful villain of Warriors and my personal favorite.

He was the start of everything. After Snowfur died, (actually, it was the fault of those cats that she chased away) he totally snapped and went...well, crazy! He corrupted his apprentice, Tigerpaw, or as you all know him, the infamous Tigerstar, who caused so much death, as well as beating Tiny up, who later became Scourge and started a who battle between LionClan and BloodClan. Then, Hawkfrost came in, me started issues in the New Prophecy. Last but definitely not least, he started the war between the DF and StarClan, causing many to meet their demise, including Firestar, and yes, Spottedleaf, and not to mention, your usual favorite character, Hollyleaf. So, Genetically, all of that dates back to Thistleclaw.

4 Hawkfrost Hawkfrost is a villain character from the Warriors series. Hawkfrost is a dark brown tabby tom with a snow-white underbelly and ice-blue eyes. Hawkfrost was a former Riverclan warrior and member of the Dark Forest. Hawkfrost tried to kill Firestar with a fox trap but was killed by his brother Brambleclaw by his neck being pierced by the stick of the fox trap.

I know all the Hollyleaf fans are going to run towards me with fir and pitchforks but I'm going to be honest. I was glad to have Hollyleaf dead. I just don't like her. But I was sad when Hawkfrost died. He is my favorite villain in ANY book. Hmm. Lets see what he did. He tried to kill Firestar so Brambleclaw could be leader, Plotted with Mudclaw from Wind Clan, Killed Hollyleaf, And used his SISTER as a medicine cat to make up a sign to get rid of Stormfur And Brook. Wow. He tried his best to follow in his fathers footsteps and succeeded. I will always like you Hawkfrost

Sure, yes, I know he tried to kill Firestar. But I have to say that Firestar is just… overrated! Firestar beat Longtail and he was a trained warrior! I don't blame him.

You DO know that Hawkfrost regretted his choice to be evil. But, of course, what could he do once he died? Walk into the camp and be all like, "Yo Brokenstar! Just going to leave now! Hope you're cool with that! "
NO, they would have killed him.

Of course, even if he did go away and try to go to StarClan secretly, they would have never accepted him. And the Dark Forest could have always done a raid on StarClan to find and kill Hawkfrost.

In my opinion, Hawkfrost was not a true villain.

Hawkfrost is cunning. He will use his sister, Mothwing (one of my favorite cats) as she is a medicine cat, to tell a fake prophecy of two cats he wants out. He should be at least third. He's not afraid to use violence, and he is blunt to a fault (in a bad way). Also, he follows in his father's pawprints. Yes, he was murdered by Brambleclaw, but after Brambleclaw came to his senses after a pause D:

5 Scourge Scourge is a villain the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of BloodClan. He was bullied by his siblings, Socks and Ruby, in the past because he was the smallest out of his kin. One of his most notable features is his collar of dog teeth. Scourge is a small black tom with one white paw, ice-blue eyes, glossy fur, and a torn left ear. He has a purple collar studded with teeth from dogs and cats, and claws reinforced with dogs' teeth.

He has a sad backstory. He forced himself into the forest because his sister Ruby, told him he was gonna be thrown in the river. He ran into Tiger(claw)paw and found out he didn't belong there.
He later went into the city and created Bloodclan.

I truly think Scourge's action speak for himself. Who becomes a serial killer just for what? Being mildly bullied? Getting nearly killed, but what lucky enough to survive? I never even saw ONCE Scourge talking to his mama about how his littermate's behaviors affect him. Did he even ask if it was true that unwanted kits are thrown in the river? NO! He then runs away, get scarred by Tigerpaw, and was saved by Bluefur. And then he repays the very cat who saved him by becoming a serial killer and launches attacks to the forest, causing cats, noble like Whitestorm, to die. Really? This is worse than Tigerstar, who had a bad influence in his life.

He is, in my opinion, OK. I guess, WOO HOO for killing Tigerstar (because that evil murderer deserved to die. Seriously, if I was in Warriors and Redtail didn't die, I would have a MAJOR crush on him, so I don't like Tigerstar AT ALL) but he tried to kill Firestar and take over the forest... so, yeah, he's cool, but should probably be lower on the list. He isn't all that special. I mean, he only appears in ONE book (not including mangas, super editions, novellas, and field guides), so I guess he's just a low profile. Meh. He's a brutal killer, because he tried to kill Barley's sister Violet! (Luckily, she survived. But what surprised me was that it was Barley's brothers that had joined BloodClan were ordered to do it and didn't even PROTEST! Like, dudes, she's your SISTER, for crying out loud! ) But, just to be clear, he's definitely a villain, and TOTALLY deserves to be on this list. Just saying'.

How come Scourge is so high on this list!? I mean, I know he took one of Firestar's lives. But, like, come on! Don't you mouse-brains know how much his mom and siblings hated him when he was a kit?! And even if you don't care how he was treated as a kit, like, he at least killed Tigerstar! You gotta give him that! Plus, It wasn't even Scourge's idea to take over the forest! It was TIGERSTAR'S! I really don't get why you people hate him so much! Just blame Ruby, Socks, and Tigerstar! Its there fault he created BloodClan and tried to take over the forest!

6 Mapleshade Mapleshade is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Mapleshade is a large, tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat, with a scarred white muzzle, and white patches throughout her pelt. She is thick-furred, and her pelt is ragged, patched, and scarred. Her fur is thick around her neck, like a mane, and she has a broad muzzle and face. She has amber eyes. she is mistakenly described as ginger-and-white.

Oh come on! Why is Tigerstar first! You guys are forgetting the point! Mapleshade was the ONE who turned Tigerstar evil. She manipulated Tigerstar turning him evil. Mapleshade also kind of made Tigerstar fight Scourge so viciously. Making Scourge determined to defeat Tigerstar, creating another villain. Tigerstar visited Hawkfrost in his dreams and Tigerstar was already a villain and what do some villains do? Make more cats evil. Then what? BOOM! Another villain named Hawkfrost. Thistleclaw. Now about him, Grief. What did Mapleshade feel? Grief. Now the books never say anything about finding him, but this is what I think happened. Mapleshade relates to Thistleclaw, so she might of found him in the dark forest. Mapleshade lost her kits and mate, and Thistlelclaw lost his mate too, and technically lost his kit, because he never bonded with Whitekit, calling him weak like his mother. Losing his kits love just like Mapleshade lost her kits and the love of her life. Brokenstar isn't a big ...more

To be honest Mapleshade is just heartbroken because her mate betrayed her, she lost all her kits, she was exiled from thunder clan , and she was rejected from river clan. And being so heartbroken caused her to go crazy so she ended up killing raven wing apple dusk and caused the death of freckle wish. I don't really see her as evil I see her as a heartbroken she cat trying to get revenge

Mapleshade is just the queen! like, people call her evil when she lost her kits, was betrayed by her mate, exiled by her clan, being refused by riverclan, and then when she died her kits abandoned her too, imagine if you went through that and after your kits died you just began hallucinating about them? you would go crazy! and desperate to get revenge, she is heartbroken not evil, and she is the best villain in my opinion! screw Appledusk!

I look at her and see heartbroken revenge not evil kit murder or power-hungry destroyer. She's my favorite villain and she's super smart she never trusted Ivypool and she ended up being correct so pretty much a cat out for revenge not a killer for fun

7 Sol

Sol was an interesting villain because he rarely ever needed to use his claws. He used information he was given and manipulation tactics to get what he wanted, and it worked! He was a very interesting cat and I hope he returns one day

-Sweethoney of ThunderClan (He/they)

Okay so first what the heck was he thinking when he hid three kits away from the gorge thinking that he'd be made a warrior? Then turning WindClan and ThunderClan into his play-things just... wow.

I LOVE Sol! At least, I DID before he tried to convince Leafpool's kits to take over the forest. Then he became another Tigerstar. Sol was unique before the last 10 chapters of Sunrise. He was the way I play Plague Inc.: Start harmless until I've infected everyone, then strike! Sol could have harmed nobody until he was an influence, then bend their judgements to make his life better. Still, if not for the turnaround, I'd wish he wasn't on the list, because I agree largely with what he says. "Why should dead cats control the living? Why can't all cats learn to use herbs? Why can't you choose your own destiny? " And he's completely right. He was so interesting because he was in my head too. I knew he was a villain because I spoil things for myself, but I believed him and what he said. He also raised the questions of "Is he really a villain? " He was best as a villain who caused destruction to others around him, but used his hypnotic voice to keep cats bending over backwards for him. He ...more

Sol is a non-warrior, but a lobbyist. He "kills" Blackstar by using his mouth and brain. By the way, if you have read SkyClan and the Stranger, you will know why Sol wants to kill Warrior Code and the Clans. He is a selfish cat too. He wants to kill the Warrior Code, all because he wants to be a warrior. How selfish he is! Anyway, in his case, we learn one thing: Beware the people who tries to persuade you, because they might have plans to beat you without fighting. Non warriors are more dangerous than warriors.

8 Ashfur Ashfur is a character created by Erin Hunter for the book series named Warrior Cats. Ashfur is a muscular pale gray tom with darker flecks and dark blue eyes. He has short, thick fur, and a torn ear.

Ashfur is one of my favorite villains and for a good reason. His reasons for doing what he did just feel so real. His obsession with Squirrelflight override his better judgement and morphed him into a monster.

His betrayal in Long Shadows was shocking as well. I did think that he wasn't over Squirrelflight because of his attitude toward Lionpaw during training but I never expected him to go out and try to kill everything she loved!

And then the Broken Code. It's crazy how much power an emotionally unstable StarClan cat can hold. I have a theory that the reason cats are sent to the Dark Forest was because of the power StarClan cats held. Especially when their emotions are haywire, it can create chaos! Yellowfang thought that Ashfur had learned his lesson and let him in, not knowing he wasn't done with his obsession over winning Squirrelflight's love

Everything he did was because of his obsession with Squirrelflight. It was honestly scary to read about and I think ...more

A) "his only fault was to attempt murder too much"
B) I would be upset if my crush dumped me for someone else. But I wouldn't try to murder their family. And it doesn't count as being dumped if they were never together. Squirrelflight thought they were just friends. She told him that.
C) to those of you saying he didn't kill any of the cats he tried to: Would he be more evil if Brambleclaw didn't dig the stick out of the ground? Would he be more evil if he was stronger and Lionblaze wasn't invincible? Would he be more evil if Squirrelflight didn't confesse that they weren't her kits? Other cats actions shouldn't affect how evil he is.

Tried to kill the Three, tried to reveal The Three's heritage, blah, blah, blah. Look, he tried to do those things. He almost sucseeded at destroying StarClan. That's pure evil. (R.I.P Brislefrost and Graystripe)

He is my favorite villain, not because I think he doesn't deserve hate, not because I think he did the right thing, but because the scenes with him in it were so INTERESTING. The infamous fire scene is definitely my favorite, but he also plotted with Hawkfrost to kill Firestar, took over Bramblestar's body, and kidnapped Squirrelflight to the dark forest, as well as many other things. I really hope the truth about what he did when cats called him clanmate comes to light soon, and he gets an interesting and suspenseful death.

9 Darkstripe

Traitor! Mean to Firestar when he arrived. Knows about Tigerstar's plan to destroy ThunderClan and doesn't do anything. Takes Bramblestar and Tawnypelt to meet Tigerstar. Tries to take Bramblestar and Tawnypelt to ShadowClan while the dogs attack. Meets up with Blackstar and feeds Sorreltail deathberries. Exiled and happily tries to kill Stonefur. Blackfoot helps him. Volunteers eagerly to kill Feathertail and Stormfur. Is ashamed when Tigerstar refuses, claiming that he was so nearly beaten by a prisoner. He's ashamed by that. When a cat is going to kill Firestar, he throws the tortoiseshell she-cat off and told Firestar that he wouldn't let him get killed by her, and that he wanted to kill him. Attacks with the Dark Forest in the Last Hope.

I love Darkstripe, he should be higher on the list. In my opinion he was an evil cat who just failed at everything. I really liked how he was different from every power hungry cat wanting to become leader (excluding Mapleshade).

Darkstripe wasn't looking for power. He didn't want to become leader. He wanted Tigerclaw to. I like how he dose everything for Tigerstar, he just wants him to notice him. It's so different and it makes me ship TigerclawxDarkstripe.

This guy is not a villain, but a perverted creep. He acts all perverted and like a pedo, and is always saying, "Oooh, no one can beat Hawkfrost, ooh," as if he's a sexual predator eating to pounce. He is alway tailing under Tigerstar's paws, listening to everything he says, and seems happy when Tigerstar's scolds him! He also lacks any taste of possible loyalty nor morality! He left ThunderClan for TigerClan, and right after Tigerstar became slaughtered by Scourge, he just went ahead and joined BloodClan. He also says creepy things in a lusty way, towards Hawkfrost and Tigerstar! No wonder they yell at him do much! He creeps the poor guys out! Plus, he fed and kit DEATHBERRIES just because he was caught PLOTTING with Blackfoot, a ShadowClan warrior! Ugh, it's just something about this guy that gives me the creeps. He just has BLIND loyalty, and follows anyone who offers an invitation.

Ok, I don't think Darkstripe is evil or anything, he is just my favorite villain. I liked him before I knew he was evil. He should have been good, that way he could have lived longer and have proved to be one of the best warriors. Lastly, according to YouTube, he's not a half bad looking cat either. laugh out loud. "spoiler Alert" he's my second fave cat, totally Ravenpaw. To bad he had to move away. Stupid, or mouse brained Tigerstar. We'll Tigerstar now.

10 Clawface

Honestly, I don't care for him. He was only killing Spottedleaf either out of leader's orders, or because he WAS under Brokenstar's influence. And, if he was following orders, that's fine. Killing, yes it's a crime, but according to the code, leader's word is law, and you have to follow it. Besides, he never came back and murdered even more cats, RIGHT? I just think he might've been following orders, which is fine. End of story.

Can people quit voting for him because he killed Spottedleaf. He did other stuff to. Just because he killed her doesn't mean he is instantly the most evil cat ever. Think about it. If she never died then she wouldn't have been able to appear in Firestar's dreams and give him prophecies and stuff.

I personally feel terrible for him. He didn't have a chance for character redemption unlike Blackstar, and is the only villain I'd consider "Good". He's not a horrible cat unlike Brokenstar, he just did everything his leader did. He was actually really good in Tigerclaw's fury and Yellowfang's secret

Clawface and Ashfur are THE Worst cats ever. (Well Close, anyway) Spottedleaf is a wonderful cat, and Ashfur is just heartless. I laughed when he died. HA! Good riddance. But I think Hollyleaf should be like 12th. She ruined Squirrelflight and Leafpool's lives! But I'm glad she killed Ashfur. As for Clawface, thank you Graystripe. (:

The Contenders
11 Bone

I don't really like Bone. However, we can say he's very strong to live a life eating garbage and fighting other cats and dogs for the territory. He was killed by apprentices, but they were a lot of apprentices. And when everybody jumps on you, what do you do? You fall down on the ground, while the apprentices try to kill you. Yes. Apprentices. It's a bit embarrassing, but Bone was strong enough to kill Whitestorm, a senior warrior.

I don't care for Bone. Like I said on the Clawface one, he was just following orders. Put yourself in the character's shoes (more like paws) and see why they do what they do. Bone killed under clear instructions from his leader, and there was a war going on between the clans, so it would be understandable if you had to resort to killing.

Ew Bone. I don't care about him. He was following his leader's orders, or he was Scourge influence. Well, he killed one cat as far as I know.

His death was one of the most amusing moments in the books and I'm glad he's dead, as he killed Whitestorm. I can vividly imagine the apprentices charging him, while Firestar simply watched in disbelief. When Bone died, the apprentices chanted "Bone is dead, bone is dead, bone is dead". Before that, one of the apprentices, Sootpaw (or Sootfur), who happened to be Bone's son, said, "Hello! My name is Sootpaw, you killed my father, prepare to die!" (I know he was still a kit, but I couldn't remember his name, so I went with Sootfur/paw).

12 Sharptooth

Guys, I personally do not think of Sharptooth as a villain. He was merely a mountain lion trying to survive. Mountain lions count cats as prey and what do the warriors do when they see prey? They catch it for their clan. It's no different for Sharptooth; put yourself in the character's shoes and think of why they do the things they do.

Think of it this way: In the mountains, Sharptooth was the warrior cat. The Tribe was the rabbits, birds, mice, voles, etc. Prey. Fine, let's try roleplay. You are a mountain lion. You see a huge group of prey, just waiting to be eaten. They have flesh and fur. They're prey. Merely prey, who puts up a small struggle but nonetheless prey. Then, there's a bunch of tiny, miserable excuses for life. What do you choose? That's what I thought. Technically, Sharptooth is not a villain- just a larger version of the warrior cats! What else can he do, take pity on his own food, plain as a fish out of water, practically on his dinner plate!
-Silverfrost of RiverClan

Sharptooth is a mountain lion. He is trying to survive, just like the Tribe. In this case, Sharpy is the predator. The Tribe were, how we'd say this in scientific terms, outcompeted. Sharptooth won, until he was outcompeted. He's not a villain. He's trying to survive, like the Tribe, like the Clans, like you and me.

I don't give a fudgesicle about him/her. If you were in his/her shoes, and you NEEDED food, and the closest options were cats, I think you would choose to eat first. It's just survival. Sure he did "kill" Feathertail, but she did it out of protecting the tribe. Isn't that enough? I know, I know, most of you support Featherpaw or Crowtail or whatever it is, but like I said, SURVIVAL. You need food, or you die. Period.

13 Hawkheart Hawkheart is a stone-gray tom with flecks of darker brown fur, yellow eyes, and graying whiskers. Hawkheart was a WindClan medicine cat under Heatherstar’s leadership in the forest territories. He originally served as a warrior before becoming a medicine cat. He was said to have an unusually strong and rough personality. During an attack on WindClan's camp, Hawkheart violently defended his herbs from Moonflower and killed her. He mentored Barkpaw as his apprentice, who he later named Barkface, and passed away later on.

Hawkheart is rude and horrible! Stealing herbs is not enough bad to die! Young Bluepaw was so upset, watching her mother die infront of her. Also, if Hawkheart is villan, Goosefeather should be here, too.

Why is Hawkheart on here? He isn't a villain. You probably think he is a rude jerk and you would be right. But Jayfeather isn't considered a villain? And it may be because he killed Moonflower? It was defense. He was defending himself and his herbs. If anything he did everyone a FAVOR. Moonflower was horrible and I hated her. Thanks, Hawkheart ❤

Ok, I know, I know he is not necessarily a real villain. But he is evil, I think anyone who kills a cat is evil. He didn't even have a good reason it was just because she was stealing his herbs... which the whole clan was trying to do What are you going to do now Hawkheart, kill all of ThunderClan? Also, I know you could argue that Gray Wing killed Fox, Tall Shadow killed Fircone, Jackdaw's Cry, and Falling Feather both killed each other and all of that, but they weren't trying to kill each other they were just either trying to defend themselves or someone else. Also, I hate how Hawkheart kills Moonflower right in front of poor Bluestar/Bluepaw and he didn't even care...

My god! Remember when Lionblaze killed Russetfur? Her death was just as brutal as Moonflower's! I know Lionblaze didn't mean to kill her, but still! You just ignore that Lionblaze killed a cat in a brutal way AND in a fight that was made up but you cannot do the same for Hawkheart? Hawkheart probably didn't mean to kill her. He was defending his herbs. Without those herbs, the clan could have suffered. It irritates me when people go around saying "I hate him! " without giving much thought in why he did what he did. Would you have cared if he killed Swiftbreeze? Or Patchpelt? Or any side character? Hawkheart was a loyal medicine cat that doesn't deserve to be called a villain. Apart from MothFlight, I consider him one of my other favorite medicine cats.

14 Darktail

Honestly, I sympathize with Darktail for what happened to him. His father abandoned him for no reason (this is a Onestar hate club) and his mother died when he was relatively young. He was driven to madness by what Onestar did and in the end so many cats died

Besides sympathizing, he was a good villain. The perfect combination between manipulative, smart, and ferociousness. I personally love him and wished that there was more of him shown

-Sweethoney of ThunderClan (He/they)

Darktail is probably one of my favorite cats for absolutely no reason! For example, some cats he killed are Bouncefire and Sharpclaw. His mother was a kittypet named Smoke though, which is kinda cool.

I don't understand why Darktail is so low! He's manipulative, abusive, and he drowned Needletail! He DROVE OUT SkyClan, RiverClan, AND ShadowClan! He killed so so many cats and he treated elders, queens, kits, and ill cats very unfairly. He deserved to drown, the fox-heart he is! He should be above many villains. (why is Clawface higher than Darktail?!)

How the heck is Darktail this low on the list? He is such a brat and all he wants is revenge AND he killed so many cats INCLUDING Amy FAVORITE character Needletail. She, and all the other cats did not deserve to die like that; seeing his ugly butt-face and his minions as their last sight.

15 Breezepelt

If I had to describe Diseasepelt in five words, this is what they would be; Arrogant piece of fox dung. Done. Don't even try to make me change my mind by saying "Oh it's Crowfeather's fault!" or "Oh it's all Crowfeather!" Because it's NOT! Diseasepelt thinks it's okay to try and kill his half-siblings AND a pregnant she-cat AND betray his Clan all because his father hates him. What sense does that make? Killing Crowfeather would make sense, but Hollyleaf? Jayfeather, Lionblaze, Poppyfrost? Not okay, Diseasepelt. Third worst cat in Warriors.

Breezepelt was easily manipulated by the Dark Forest cats because can you really blame him? Crowfeather was being a terrible father to him and to make things worst, he finds out that he has half-siblings in ThunderClan. I actually like him and I kinda wish that he would get along with his half-brothers in the next series (wish is very unlikely to happen) and I wish that Crowfeather would become a much better father.

I feel sorry for Breezepelt! Personally, I think it's all Crowfeather's fault! He becomes mates with Nightcloud, doesn't love her but still stays with her?! That makes her suffer! And he established such hatred between Breezepelt and his Half-siblings! I'm sorry that Breezepelt had to live THIS life. His Father could have at least pretended to love him!

I like Breezepelt, mainly because he tried to kill Jayfeather (I REALLY don't like him), but also because of his past. I love villains like these, because it gives understandable backstories that show why they became what they are. Crowfeather chose to hate him, thus Breezie (that's his name from now on don't judge me) tries to impress him, probably at no matter the costs. I personally think that the reason he is what he is is because of a father that loathes his very existance. He is a very interesting character to me, with a not too over-the-top story (*cough cough Mapleshade cough cough*) and that's why I like him. Also, I know he trained with Brokenstar, but look at it like this: what he wanted was to make his CLAN strong and not underestimated by the other clans again. To me, that isn't a sin.

16 Willie

He betrayed Ravenpaw and Barley so sad. At first I thought he was going to be a nice character and live with Ravenpaw and Barley.And guess what he's a part of.. BloodClan.

I hate this horrible, ruthless, heartless cat with all of my soul and essence. He deserves to be number one, no amount of good deeds will ever make up for his horrible, treacherous and diabolical sins. This son of a naked mole rat doesn't deserve to live, no, he doesn't deserve to die. This pathetic, arrogant and vile degenerate deserves to have their entrails ripped out of their body, and scattered along the forest, and his eyes, gouged out and bleeding. His teeth, ripped out of his mouth, one by one, slowly and painfully, and his tounge sliced off. This detestable terrorist deserved to get his limbs chopped off by a rusty axe, his ears ripped off for display, his non-existent heart ripped right out of his chest, jagged, rusty nails to impale him from every possible angle, his tendons ripped out of his body. His defiled corpse thrown in the trash, where he belongs, and he deserves for this gruesome process to be repeated every day, for all till the end of time. This isn't horrible, ...more

He killed those poor baby chicks, made Ravenpaw and Barley, leave the game, took advantage of their generosity, and was just a rude, traitor after all.

He set the Twolegs against Barley and Ravenpaw when they were trying to help! He brought some of BloodClan into the farm, while posing as a helpless loner!

17 Blackstar

Why was he aloud to become leader? Kills 2 cats, Rosetail and Stonefur, I agree he was following orders but still he doesn't feel sympathy till his novella YEARS later

Guys. Are characters not allowed to develop over time? When he killed Stonefur, he was acting under orders, and I seriously doubt Tigerstar would have cared if Blackfoot had objections. He probably would have been killed himself if he had objected. If you're going to hate him for killing a cat, then you may as well hate Firestar or Graystripe too, because they've killed cats. You CANNOT ignore the fact that when Blackstar became leader of Shadowclan, they had given up all hope. He made them great again. He made them strong again. He wasn't the first cat to be manipulated by Sol, nor the last. Don't forget, the clans still thought Sol had predicted the eclipse, something not even Starclan had forseen. It was a poor judgement to let him into Shadowclan, but Blackstar realized his mistakes, and he helped to drive Sol out upon realizing the clans had been tricked. He certainly isn't evil, and he belongs in Starclan.

Okay, Blackfoot WAS bad before, killing Stonefur. But can you really blame him? He was appointed deputy by Brokenstar only to be exiled by following his leader's orders (not Brokenstar's fault that his father chose him as deputy). Then again, he was following orders when killing Stonefur but that was either out of loyalty or out of cowardice.
But later on in the series, he changes and actually becomes a great leader in the end.

Blackfoot killed cats in cold blood, became a rogue for a short amount of time, and got tricked out of his beliefs by a loner who he barely knew, yet despite all this, he's my favorite tied with Whiestorm. While he isn't completely justified, he has legit character development and assisted Firestar in many ways. Who knows what would've happened to ThunderClan hadn't he decided to help them against WindClan and RiverClan? He is also extremely loyal to his clan. Did Tallstar not develop after learning his mistakes? Did Bluestar? Honestly, you people look at the bad much more often than the good. He is the guy who restored ShadowClan. He is the guy who saved ThunderClan's hide from WindClan. HE is the guy who killed Redwillow. Without him, who knows what would've happened to ShadowClan and ThunderClan? He was a bit persistent, and a bit aggressive, but nowhere near evil. He has legit redemption, which is something I allow with open arm- paws and nowhere near as bad as many take him for.

18 Rainflower

I do think Rainflower's actions were bad, but she was different. She was trying to stop loving Crookedstar, so that if he died, it wouldn't affect her. She changed his name so she'd forget about Stormkit. It's not that she didn't love him, she was just trying to prevent being hurt(Emotionally). If she were emotionally hurt, it could lead to WORSE things. Such as Ashfur, since he didn't get the love he was looking for, and every other cat was out of his age ranks, he threatened to kill many cats, leading the Hollyleaf leaving, and Lioblaze and Jayfeather hating Leafpool and Squirrelflight, but that's beside the point. The truth is that she was trying to shelter herself from the pain that would've been inflicted. - Whitesplash

I can't believe how horrible of a mother she was. It wasn't really Crookedstar's fault that the river current was so strong and he fell off a slipper stone. She decided HER OWN KIT was ugly and never was a good mother to him just because he broke his jaw.

Well...Yes, she's one of the worst parents in the series and I do not feel any sympathy for her. Literally, she said THIS: "Who cares? He will never be better than you." (Rainflower to Oakheart about Crookedjaw)
Only a horrible, cruel mother says that. Die, Rainflower!

Most evilwarrior cat on earth, should be number one Rainflower, number 2 Mapleshade, then number three Tigerstar. She is officially the worst cat in the history of warriors why is she so low down on the chart, they even have a rabbit before Rainflower

19 Clear Sky

I'm going to get so much hate for this. But fluff it. Clear Sky is a really good villain because of the fact that he left multiple cats to die, rejected his son twice, and basically killed Micah. But the biggest thing of all is his relationship with Gray Wing. It's so heartbreaking to watch because it feels so genuine. Also, we got to see everything happening in his mind and he suffered a lot of trauma. His sister died when she was a kit, and Watched his own brother and mother die. He was rejected by many of his Clanmates, so it feels so genuine. After book 3, we're at the Blazing Star. He is taking in cats he doesn't realize because he is traumatized by what he did in the Great Battle. He is thinking he needs all the support he can get. And after One Eye, he is desperately trying to prove himself to the other Clans by coming up with ideas that made sense the more you think about it. But his decisions ended up in pure chaos. So he became self conscious and began being defensive. This ...more

Clear Sky is an arrogant selfish stupid lying bossy ruthless pushy mean cruel nasty fox-hearted mouse-brained irresponsible BRAT! He killed Misty, pushed out Jagged Peak, left Frost to DIE, and the two worst things he did; He killed Rainswept Flower and rejected Thunder TWICE! Not only did I love both of those cats, but Thunder is his SON! He loves his litter with Star Flower SO MUCH, but Storm and two of his first litter die and he's just like "Oh, well my son might die just like the rest of the cats I care about but he reminds of me of my dead mate so I'm sending him off to my brother who I also hate because I don't want to take care of him!" And then a few moons later he kills Rainswept Flower because she... oh wait, she did NOTHING! He's completely lost his mind, and I will always hate him, nothing he does will make me change my mind.

This cat was such a whiny baby brat before he lost Tiny Branch. His orders KILLED Micah, and he didn't even seemed phased by it! And he broke Windstar's leg and didn't even say sorry or help her or anything! I'd say Honey Pelt taught him something after he adopted him, cause he changed after that because g time.

He was mean and rejected his son 2 times, In the end he was sorry but at first he was extremely mean and evil even rejecting his own brother when he was hurt.

20 Goosefeather

Listen guys, Goosefeather was misunderstood by his Clanmates, and because of his stupid curse, everyone hated him. Goosefeather isn't evil! He didn't even go to the Dark Forest.

How was Goosefeather evil? Is it because he had that omen that ended up killing Moonflower? No, that was unexpected. Goosefeather didn't know Moonflower was going to die, and he didn't even kill her. Hawkheart did. If you read Goosefeather's Curse, you'll see why the way he acts. He's pretty underrated, honestly. He seems like an interesting character. His novella explains that he had a special gift to connect with other Starclan cats in the past, seeming like it's a curse. Sorry, but he shouldn't be here.

Goosefeather was CURSED! That's why the book is called Goosefeather's Curse. Cloudberry took him in as her apprentice. Hawkheart killed Moonflower, not Goosefeather's. He isn't the type of cat that would kill his good littermate. (Brambleclaw is a totally different story) Goosefeather tried to help his clan when he KNEW they would starve. He even told Doestar about the kittypets attacking Squirrelwhisker's patrol. He also knew that Swiftpaw (later Swiftbreeze) was over by the sunningrocks when she went missing. How does that make him evil?

How is this cat evil? He had no reason to be on here. He interrupted an omen wrong but so did every other cat. The fourth cat prophecy was interrupted wrong. The three though it might be Hollylead or Ivypool. they didn't find out Firestar was the fourth cat until he died saving his clan, does that make Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Dovewing evil? No! Of course not.

Goosefeather was never intended to be evil and never will be.

21 Stormtail

I don't like him. Moonflower loved him when she was a KIT. Then, they have kits and he's all " forget what's-her-face and my kits! I'm gonna go hang with Dappletail."
When Moonflower dies: "wait, who are you? Oh, you're my kit! Wait what's-her-face died? Oh well, sorry. "
In star clan: " I'm so sorry my precious Bluestar! I should've protected your mother! I never loved Dappletail" then she comes: "hi my love... No I was just thinking of you... No they mean nothing to me! "
See, he's a no-good, lying jerk-face!

Stormtail was a terrible father (much more than Crowfeather), a terrible mate (much more than Crowfeather), and a cheater (much more than Crowfeather. Why am I comparing him to Crowfeather? I have no idea) but he was loyal to his clan and was (kinda) there for Bluestar when Snowfur died (KINDA).

To be honest I like stormtail. He was head over heels for moonflower, then realized a little too late that she wasn't the one for him. I don't think he's a total jerk, I mean he was pretty ignorant but he didn't know what to do because he loved dappletail. I feel bad that the fandom shows him pure hatred.

He didn't exactly like his own kits, and he liked another she-cat when he already had Moonflower! I don't like him! You'd think he should have a t least noticed when Moonflower died!

22 Snowtuft

Hey! Don't call him evil! Sure, he went to the Dark Forest, but that just isn't good enough! He actually realized his mistakes and tried to redeem himself, which is the most you can expect from a Dark Forest cat! When Shadowsight arrived there, Snowtuft gave him information and led him to Ashfur, while not listening to that fox-heart! Then, when Rootspring almost drowned, Snowtuft helped him. When they got captured, instead of ripping Rootspring's head off, he attacked Ash-dung, allowing Rootspring, Shadowsight, and Brislefrost to escape! If Ashpoop didn't kill him, he should have gotten a place in StarClan!

This cat is evil because he is in the Darkforest, isn't a good argument. We don't even know why he's their, which is sad because we can say he was their for killing one cat like every other cat who is alive/was alive.

Snowtuft is in the Dark Forest so that makes him a villain. Some other non-Dark Forest'ers are villains higher than Snowtuft here so I'm wondering why he's all the way down here.

I really wish we could've seen more of Snowtuft! There was only on or two scenes with him and they didn't even list him in the clans when he was alive! I need more snowtuft

23 Ruby

She's not a villain, yes she bullied scourge as a kit but that's not some horrible malicious deed, she was young at the time she isn't evil?

Technically, if she didn't do what she did, Scrouge would've never formed BloodClan and some other cat would have to kill Tigerstar nine times because the forest cats don't have dog teeth as claws to rip out nine lives at once. So, she indirectly saved the forest.

You terror! You changed poor tiny/scourge's life!
Look at it this way.
If Ruby hadn't left him out, made him want to prove himself, then tell him that unwanted kits get thrown in the river, scourge/tiny would have been a kittypet, and nothing bad concerning Scourge would have ever happened!

This is the cat that invented scourge! If she had just been nice to him, Tiny would not have become SCOURGE the evil tom, but he would have stayed as Tiny, the nice kit!

24 Shredtail

He was so mean to thistleclaw in his training and that made thistleclaw turn his anger on tigerclaw and that really turned tigerclaw to the dark side and we all know how evil tigerclaw is. (Actually, I can name 5 cats more evil than him, One Eye, Dark Tail, Scourge, Broken Star, and maple shade)

People underrate him SO MUCH! He was one of the leaders of the Dark Forest. I know there wasn't much to be said about him, but the books made it clear that he killed several cats. I don't know why he's number 25.

He was in the Dark Forest which is bad enough!

He and Silverhawk trained Thistleclaw.Thistleclaw turned Tigerclaw evil.It wasn't Mapleshade who created the evil chain it was Shredtail and Silverhawk!

25 Foxheart

I don't think Foxheart is necessarily evil, but yeah she was mean. She was mean to Yellowfang, and was all over Raggedstar, but that doesn't mean she's evil.

I wouldn't really call her evil. Sure she was mean to Yellowfang and tried to steal Raggedstar away from her but just shows a jealous she-cat.

Raggedpelt said, "Foxheart is nothing to me, Yellowfang." Foxheart truly deserves that name.

While she isn't evil, She's definitely a jerk and my most hated cat of all time. The way she treated Yellowfang was cruel, and even before Yellowfang loved Raggedpelt! I'm so glad her brother, Wolfstep, never followed in her pawsteps, and became a great, loyal, ShadowClan cat.

Oh and she becomes deputy! WHAT THE HELL RAGGEDSTAR, WHAT THE HELL?

I laughed when she died.

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