Donald Trump

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Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is an American businessman, television personality, politician, and the 45th President of the United States. Born and raised in Queens, New York City, Trump received an economics degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. In 1971, more.


He is basically the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler as he wants Muslims to wear special IDs and to built a wall so the Mexicans can not get in. Of all the other problems the world is facing today (e.g. ISIS) he is solving some tasks of his own instead of listening his people's (American people) wants and needs to have a better future. He is also very disgusting and racist as he calls African-American people "the blacks" and he said that if she wasn't his daughter, he would date her. "Make America Great Again"? Yeah right. More like "Make America Racist and Stupid".

He is a phony with no capabilities to be president, with those around him doing what is necessary FOR him to have him appear to do the job. He is hateful, a bully, sexist and has had many female accusers of physical approach or attack. He doesn't tell the truth and always speaks in grandiose terms, as if that is impressive. He is not kind, warm, authentic or has any positive quality. The only presence he is comfortable with is when he is hollering at a rally to those who adore him, since being outwardly aggressive and boastful is natural for him. He has a negative past altogether, lying, cheating, robbing and controlling others through money. The only reason he became a big cheese is due to how he was raised by someone similar, learning to hide behind wealth, believing he is important, never developing any real, human qualities.

Donald Trump is a businessman and U.S president nominee who is simply harsh to other people. First, he is against Muslims and Mexicans. He wants to ban Muslims from the country. He wants to build a wall on the United States and Mexican border to prevent Mexicans from entering the country. He has made harsh remarks against women. He has no political experience. He has even said his net worth is over 10 billion dollars. Who should brag about having so much money? No one.

Quick recap.

Donald Trump is a man who makes bad remarks towards women, he wants to ban Muslims from the United States, he wants to build a wall on the Mexican and United States border to prevent Mexicans from walking into the country, brags about high wealth, and, in my opinion, ruthless and selfish.

Will put his country back 100 years. This guys is a fake, and terrible at business. He was only in the real estate business because his dad was. His dad was the real genius who made a fortune in real estate. Trump only didn't completely squander his father's fortune. Good on 'ya Trump. They did a study, and he would actually have more money if he wasn't in business and just put his money in a savings account. He is a fake and a fraud. Can you believe that we have a guy that has had multiple bankruptcies in charge of the country. Good luck guys. Goodnight America. We're screwed.

Psycho Don has been hated by so many people, he's been involved in 4,000 law suits. He's an evil bully. Even his own father said (years ago) said that Donny is troublesome...that was right before he got kicked out of (junior) high school for bullying and kicked into a military academy because no other school wanted him. He lies constantly, boasts about how great he is (incessantly). He is not the "healthiest" man in the world, nor the smartest, nor does he have a high IQ. He is a lying showman, with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. He is mentally ill and always will be.

He doesn't even have any political experience and there he is running for president

He should be the first hated person in the world.(He needs a better spray tan)

He's he worst of them all, maybe along with Adolf Hitler, Osama Bin Laden and a few others, but he's the worst one alive. Racist and ignorant aren't even strong enough words to describe him. I don't even live in America but if that's who's going to be ruling them then that is not safe at all. He's a disgrace.

Whenever someone says that they don't like Donald trump its probably because they don't know much about he's actually a very nice guy just ask anyone whose ever worked for him. We may be a nation of immigrants but we are a nation of legal immigrants we have many drugs and crime flooding into our great nation because of illegal immigrants we need to have all immigrants be legal because we can get background checks also there are many jobs that need to be created and we can't create jobs for our citizens if people are running in and taking them.

Donald Trump is a wealthy man who doesn't care about anyone except himself! If he doesn't like someone, then he will force them to leave the country. Be careful though, he can become very powerful!

History will judge Donald Trump but it will not be kind. He has destroyed the US and it will take years to repair the damage he has already done and continues to do. It amazes me that the people in the US support this man even at the low levels they do! The US will need years to recover from his divisive policies and will have a difficult time getting rid of him now that they have elected this dictator into power.

He should be 1. I have not met one person who supports him. He's thinks he is far superior to others because of his "good looks" and money. He is constantly coming up with ridiculous things to say.

He's making the US citizens look like idiots. Everywhere in the world people are wondering why on earth anyone would vote for this little selfish racist immature, sexist annoying brat.

Trump is an abomination to this country and all that it once represented. Trump needs to be stopped. Trumps actions are disgraceful, so full of lies, and reckless. What a comic book presidency Trump has created. Trump is an incompetent, lunatic, and an idiot, including his elected cabinet. The republicans are fools. I will never support any future Republican candidates. Fire the trashy Trump.

God help us. This guy is a slime ball! He cheats, lies, degrades people and doesn't give a damn about anything but his own wealth. I pray he doesn't kill us all. He has many mental issues and I cannot for the life of me believe he is going to bring his family and slime ball friends into the White House to ruin our way of life

Keep thinking he will burn his hand on the Bible at the inauguration, maybe not because he will bring his own. Remember he has an agenda and it's in the Arctic. People stop thinking it's out of goodness that he will make America great again. Malignant Narcissist's are not capable of empathy or any form of decency.

He is rude and acts like a 7 year old. Seriously! Why is he even a possibility for president!?!?

Worst than Barack Obama. How is he not number 1 on this list.

Donald Trump is like Hitler, Stalin, Judas, and Bieber all in one orange duck - 9713524179

He is such a racist person I feel like throwing up. He needs to step out of the race before someone seriously punches him up!

In my opinion Donald Trump is the worst thing that has ever happened to American politics. He is a compulsive liar and offers nothing to the harmony of people in the United States, hopefully he won't make the first 100 days!

Let me tell you why Trump won. The good people of America were sick of the left-wing crap spewing out democrats buts, and knew it was time for a change. Nobody knows anything about politics anymore because everyone watches fake news that will say anything about republicans because they won. Everyone who votes for trump is an uneducated liberal who is the reason why Trump has to make America great again.

Draft dodger. Selfish businessman. His policies are rock solid. Cut aid to the poor so that they die since the poor voted against him. Cut education so we we have less educated people. The educated generally voted against him. Kill all that oppose in a discreet manner so that he may enact policies to make his business, and that of his "friends," thrive.

An idiot, vulgar, racist bully with narcissistic psychopathic personality disorder, who uses his big mouth and power to bully people and get away with things.

He's just going to make us go into a Great Depression