I don't think Judas should be on this list. Why? Let me explain:

We all sin. We all make mistakes. (I should know) Yes Judas betrayed Jesus for 27 pieces of silver. It was greedy. It was wrong. It was evil. But Judas HUNG himself because he felt so bad. Now he will burn in hell. He will never know the truth of God's love and forgiveness. But we can. All of us on this page can learn from Judas's mistakes and be closer to God because of it. It doesn't matter what you did, God still loves you and will forgive you. I myself make so many stupid mistakes that I frustrate myself because I want to live the way God wants. I understand your hate, because I feel it too. I hope you have an amazing day and feel God's love. Don't worry if your not a Christian, I respect you just for reading this and I hope you have a wonderful day.

-A sinner

He is the reason our Lord is dead, he is one of the reasons everyone hates Jews

No... Read the bible... I'm not Christian but I like to study religions and he died for all Jew's sins... So I believe he would have died no matter what.

Jesus died to save us from our sins... Read the new testament carefully...

This is all a part of Gods plan of redemption. If Jesus didn't die than your sins wouldn't be forgiven. Judas also ended up killing himself out of shame. These top comments are about as ignorant as it gets saying "He is the reason our Lord is dead." That is false. I don't know what Lord you worship but my Lord is eternal.

If Jesus was god, how could he be killed? Can a mortal person kill a god? If only Judas could kill Jesus, then maybe people have been worshipping the wrong person and people should be worshipping Judas?
Maybe people are really worshipping the wrong person. Maybe it's God the Father they should only be worshipping?

I have one thing to say. Jesus was made to die for our sins. So even if Judas didn't betrayed him, he would've died anyway. It's not very nice to come on here and say that your not Christian or you don't believe in God. I am a Christian so this kind of offends me.

He may have betrayed Jesus, but he realised what he did and committed suicide. Sure, what he did was terrible, and I am not taking his side, but it was a huge mistake. There is even a story about Peter confronting Judas before Jesus' crucifixion. That is why he killed himself.

As an Atheist-Agnostic I think that this list should be kept religion-neutral and yes, I do know what Judas did and I think that he should be on this list because he betrayed an innocent man to the law enforcement guys, not because that guy was Jesus.

Well I guess Hitler wasn't a bad guy, either. Because we're all put on this earth to die anyways, right? Just like how that justifies Judas' betrayal, it also justifies the genocide of 6 million Jews.

Judas isn't evil... Think about it... Without Judas Jesus wouldn't have give us everlasting life. Judas wanted the Lord to show the Romans, who were prosecuting Jews and Christians, that he was the Messiah and to defeat the Romans... But he didn't know the Lord wasn't like that... By the way, Judas and Jesus were
Jewish so how could he hate Jews

Pretty sure this list is based on factual people, not fictional people. If that were the case, I hate Bowser from Mario Bros. Your a total jerk Bowser!

Didn't expect him to be here, but yeah. He's monster

Well he shows an example of a turnover, and he had to do it because God said he would be betrayed - Wudzer

Jesus was supposed to die anyway. But if it wasn't for him he would have died a different way.

New information suggests he was one of Jesus' most devoted followers. Besides, Jesus was sent to die and his death was PRE-ORDAINED.

He is the main reason that why jews are so hated along the history. From the ancient Rome to the Holocaust.

Ever Beiber has some redeeming qualities, put this guy at number one. Even undiscovered tribes hate the Judas followers.

Did we really seriously bring someone from the BIBLE into this list?!

He's a traitor to our one and only saviour from all evil yet, he should be forgiven. Wait, should he?

He killed our saviour. Who knows what this world might have been had he lived longer

Damn Judas. If he hadn't betrayed Jesus, we would have been spared the martyrdom bull.

He was pretty stupid. Scratch that, he's the definition of stupid. Betraying Jesus for a bag of silver, really?

Jesus went to the cross on his own. Are you getting mad at the actions of our savior? (And I mean God, not Judas.

Jesus is awesome! If it weren't for Judas I'd be all up in the lord's grill right now asking for an autograph!

In my Bible, he rose again, died for everyone's sins, and is not dead. Just saying'...

It was pre-ordained that Jesus die and rise again. Judas was god's instrument.