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Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada and is Christian. He is the son of author Pattie Mallette. ...read more.


"I dream of a brave new world... of a world of righteousness and peace... of a world of truth and sincerity... of a world of love and unity...
I dream of a world where Justin Bieber has a sore throat..."
-Obama, 23rd April 2013, Presidential Address at St. John de Britto University - HezarioSeth

It deeply saddens me that Justin Bieber is rated higher than Hitler. Yes, he's an annoying person who sings silly songs. I don't like him either. But to say that he's worse than Hitler is like saying that an annoying fly is worse than a shark. Do you even know what Hitler did? How many people he killed? How many people were affected? If you know you would not have voted Justin Bieber as the most hated person. Anyone who did should be ashamed of themselves.

Seriously? you think Justin Bieber is more evil than Hitler? You all realize Hitler tortured innocent people and ruined lives of millions. What did Justin do? Make music. Yes everyone makes mistakes. Don't hate on someone innocent just because they made some mistakes. that's not the way to look at people. Look at all of the good he has done, he supports over 10 different charities, makes inspirational music, inspires people to get back up after they have fallen, and have brought smiles to millions of people. Yet Hitler is still in 2nd... This is just disappointing. If you can't realize Justin is an amazing person than your insane. Ever heard the expression Forgive and Forget? Well why don't some of us try that? Hitler should be in fist, Or Bin Landen, people who have genuinely ruined peoples lives forever. Justin did not ruin anyones lives,he didn't kill anyone, its not his fault if you don't like his music. He is trying to remake himself and all people are doing are sending him more ...more

This list is messed up Justin Bieber should not be #1 we should not go this far on the person he may have horrible music but this list is so messed up joseph stalin should be #1 and Hitler should be #2 osama #3 but why put Bieber #1? I do make jokes about him but I do not wish death on him and I hate is a songs but we should not say that that person is stupid because of his voice yeah maybe I make fun of him but I do not think he should be here stalin should be here instead at least he did not kill 6 million Jews like Hitler at least he is not a terrorist at all he just is a little bit misguided and he might have gotten in to prison and did effed up crap but he was not involved in 9/11 like idiot osama and we should not put him as number #1 at all at lest he is a Christian

You know what whoever posted this is really rude.First of all he has never killed anyone! Those people were dumb enough to kill themselves over his music. If you don't like his music don't listen to it and keep your mouth shut. Second of all this isn't even a fact so there is no proof that he is the number one hated man on earth, it's just an opinion made by someone who clearly doesn't like him. Also if you keep scrolling it doesn't even make sense that Hitler is above Stalin or whatever his name is! Stalin killed way more people than Hitler. And to someone's comment that said you don't smile when you go to jail remember this he was drunk! He got pulled over for a reason. To anyone that says that oh she's just saying that because she likes Justin Bieber well yeah I do but if your going to say that he killed way more people than Hitler and Osama because of his music that's really dumb. It's not his fault that everyone doesn't like his music. I'm not even a true belieber I didn't like ...more

His music made my ears bleed. I honestly don't believe how he even got his "Rise To Fame". Sounds like a terrible joke to me, either that or the music companies are running out of singers.

I think it is sad Justin Bieber is even in the list of 10 most hated persons in the world. I have got to admit his music may not always be good music but so what. He made it to the top all thanks to himself. The fact that Adolf Hitler has less votes makes me sick. The guy killed over 50 million people with his stupid war and you guys are voting on a teenager that makes music you think is crappy. Well that right there is pretty sad don't you guys think? Or an other great example, G. W. B., that ass started a war that messed up a whole region killed thousands of innocent civilians and created dozens of radical terrorist groups that.

Even though Mr. Bieber did some stupid things and makes himself look like a fool sometimes you have got to show respect for the kid. You may hate as much as you want, at the end of the day he is on top and your just a jealous nerd behind your computer being jealous at what he has become, is and will be.

Please think twice before you put artists ...more - hatersgottahate

For everyone saying Justin has killed more people than Hitler with his music makes me sick. Justin makes his music to make other people happy and inspire others. His music has also saved A LOT of peoples lives. He has reduced 34% of suicides of teenagers with the songs Be Alright and Believe and that is an actual proven FACT. So for everyone saying he is worse than Hitler please keep your words to yourself and stop spreading hate and negativity.

Guys stop harassing Justin Bieber he saved my life once. I was in a coma and I heard him singing on the radio and I got up and turned it off.

I just voted for Beiber because this is the only thing he excels in. Being bad.

I hate Justin Bieber but this is going way way to far comparing Hitler and Bieber is to far I mean why are you comparing somebody like Justin Bieber Adolf Hitler osama bin laden and joseph stalin this is starting to get ridiculous Bieber might have done bad stuff and got put in jail and makes music everyone hates including me but I mean I am not trying to defend him in anyway but at least he was not involved in 9/11 during the attacks of september 11

Ever since Baby, people have not shut up about how whiny, talentless and annoying he was. At the time, I was pretty neutral on the whole thing. I mean I disliked the song, but I didn't want to be one of the people who constantly bangs on something they hate. Seriously. Travel forward to 2016, and Justin has tons of cool and catchy songs like Cold Water and Let Me Love You. Oh, and one more thing, STOP COMPARING HIM TO HITLER. Hitler's mass murdering of Jews during the WWII period is a very serious topic and should not be compared to JB. I mean, there is a difference between a young boy making a bad song and Nazi leader putting Jews in Gas chambers.

People say he's the next king of pop... Um WRONG! Michael can not be replaced... Justin will NEVER EVER EVER be as good as Michael...

Haha... Justin Bieber is on here... Hilarious! :) I mean you guys have no one else besides him that 5x's worst to put in this position? Come on people, have some sense! :/

Dear Justin Bieber If you think You are genius then put your head in toilet

He brainwashed most of our best friends that are girls and our sisters into liking him. Girls don't care for his songs or his voice but only for his look and he made them hate their friends for hating that twat head.

He ruined music forever, music is my life and many others. If one celebrity ruins millions of peoples lives then he deserves to die. Its the only way.

Justin Bieber is not that bad I don't really like him or his songs but, people hate Justin Bieber more then Adolf Hitler who killed loads of people who did not need to die people and bin laden who knocked down the twin towers and killed mums dads brothers sisters really guys

I'm voting on the most hated people list.. But I'm not sure Justin Bieber should be considered as a human, I still hate him though!

Worse than Stalin, Nice!
This Idiot needs to be killed before he infects the young minds of the new generation!
I call A manhunt! Now!

Everyone loves Justin bieber now - Sausagelover99

I am not a Justin Bieber fan myself, but I have to say the fact that Justin Bieber is more hated than some communist leader that killed 100,000,000 people or somebody who commits one of the worst crimes in American history, is just too much. I mean, respect all the people that died because of the people ranked BELLOW Justin Bieber - wren6

I do not like the things he does or his music but I can't help but feel he's just a stupid kid doing things any other stupid kid would do if they had money and fame. His life is under a microscope because of his fame and because of this people dissect his every single flaw.

This is sad, people hate Justin Bieber more than Hitler and Bin Laden. He did not kill those people he had positive music. Anyone who thinks he is worse than people like Hitler who killed over 50 million Jews for no reason, you are an idiot.

I hate justin bieber, my dog died from his music. And I agree that he is more hated then adolf hitler, and josef stalin joined together