Top Ten Most Needed School Supplies


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1 Pencil

Pencils are critical for school. Like, I literally had a pack of about 30 pencils, I let people borrow them, and 2 weeks later, there all gone. Never making that mistake again!

You always end up borrowing pencils and it's better to just keep your own

I swear nobody in my classroom never has a pencil and it kills me like come on and the teacher never wants to give you whon - Lilant

A lot of them. I always lost them. - blackflower

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2 Brains

What's a brain? - MrZebra24

If you did not have brains then you would flunk every class

Without this one you would DIE.

How would you even make it to school if you didn't have brains? You wouldn't even be alive. So, I think this is obvious. - The_Personage

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3 Paper

I almost always carry scrap paper along with pencils and tin foil in my pockets.

Hey, I have to survive plus I probably will get stranded on my bike if I get into an accident since my phone don't work and people are often jerks.

I mean you can A) ask a teacher for a piece of paper or B) you can get a whiteboard so you do or don’t need paper

Paper is more important than a pencil. You could just use things like pens and crayons a substitutes. - MrLoser

Of course you need paper. Where else are you going to write at? The desk? - JaysTop10List

4 Folder

Bootiful neat way of keeping stuff organized

5 Backpack

Nobody as had back pack and them girls never have one and they just trying to look cute - Lilant

A backpack is VERY important because if you have to carry a whole bunch of textbooks home with your bare hands, you'll end up very tired. A backpack... all you need to do and put your stuff in and then put the handles on your back. Simple! - JaysTop10List

Backpacks. What else will you carry your stuff in?

I can just carry my stuff, or put it in my bike bags. (I bike to school) seriously caring your own personally book, lunch book, binder and HW folder and phone isn't hard.

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6 Notebooks

Notebooks are essential! No notes mean you can't study... If you can't study you fail, if you fail you don't go to college if you don't go to college your not smart, if your not smart you can't get a job, if you can't get a job you wont have money, if you don't have money you starve, if you starve you get super skinny, if your super skinny you become ugly, if your ugly nobody will love you, if nobody loves you you become sad, if your sad it soon leadd to depression, and depression leads to death!

If you didn't have notebooks, you couldn't write stuff down. And then you couldn't study it, and then you'd fail.

Person below: I don't study, and even if I did I'd have my textbooks or lined paper in my binder.

Come on nah u need dis

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7 Eraser

Well if you don't have erasers then you would have to pay attention

8 Pen

We use these all of the time

9 Scissors

How else can you cut someone? I'm JUST KIDDING

10 Crayons


Crayons are terrible - slocc

Only if you're in elementary school. In middle school, high school, and college, you either use them for projects or your own personal enjoyment.

These are for pre-k

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? Clorox Wipes

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11 Highlighters

High liter are great. I use them for emphasis and just color coding homework titles. Then only cost about a dollar and y'all, they are GREAT😂

12 Markers

Dude I have best markers

13 Text Books

At my school, we don't really use textbooks - MrZebra24

Is good

Text Books are arguably more important than pencils. If pencils didn't exist, we could just use pens or something like that.

You need textbooks for learning without electronics

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14 Glue
15 Calculator
16 Planner

A planner so that you can know what homework you have that night and when you have tests

17 Ruler

I need rulers like crazy but I do not have one I makes me unhappy

I use a protractor because it has the protractor and a ruler too! (Mine Also has a compass too but that's not common.)

18 Computer

Why do you need a textbook if you have a computer? Everything is electronic nowadays.

19 Sharpener
20 Staples
21 Headphones

Lol no one listens to their iPod or Phone in school but you have headphones when you are on a computer sometimes.


22 Mechanical Pencils

They are good.

Why these so low

23 Binder
24 Rubber Bands

Always cause mischief with these!

25 Phone

These are usually banned in schools

26 Combination Lock

'Tis not used in school

27 Sanitizer

Honestly, hand sanitizer is the only thing that gets me through school. Do y'all know how many germs y'all pick up in a day. It is nasty😬 And it only cost like a buck at the dollar market. If you get from Bath and Body Works then it's like 1.75.

28 Four Pen
29 Sticky Notes

They make it so that you can be lazy and don’t have to haul around a planner. Hehehehehehe...

30 Pencil Box

Where do u put your stuff?

31 Composition Book
32 Dividers
33 School Uniform

If you go to a school where you have to wear a school uniform, this might as well be on the list!

By chloe 8 years
if u go to a school in bisd
u no what it is like
and don't people have more regular clothes than uniforms

34 Diary

I wrecking you need a diary to keep track of what’s on

35 Colored Pencils
36 Pencil Holder

I don't get these things. All I need is a gel pen, a pencil, and eraser, a sharpener and maybe some mechanical pencils in case my sharpener brakes. I can ahold stuff.

You need this to keep track of your pencils or else yo lose them!

37 Expo Markers

A lot of teacher go through these fast. They are Greatly appreciated when donated

What Else Would You Use To Wright On The White Board?

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